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Home Remedies for Dog Joint Pain


Are there any home remedies for dog joint pain?



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By Me (Guest Post) 01/11/2008 Flag

I don't know about home remedies but this is what I give my 14 yr. old w/advanced joint arthritis: ... cfm?c=3307+58+14068&pcatid=14068

I give it to her twice a day & you wouldn't even know she has it. She stills sprints up & down the stairs & jumps on the bed. She has no pain so it's completely worth it to me. There are different strengths depending on what your dog needs. I would rather spend it on my dogs to keep them healthy & happy than myself. I will do without something. Although so far I haven't had to but they are still the priority.

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By Becki from Missouri (Guest Post) 01/11/2008 Flag

My hubby's knees used to hurt all the time. He now takes omega 3 pills and almost never has pain. I guess it would depend on what is causing the pain though. But at least it won't harm your dog in any way. Hope you find something that works! God bless you.

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 01/11/2008 Flag

You can give dogs childrens strength ibprofin. This helps our girl. I also give her Purina One Adult dog food that has glucosimine in it. It helped her tremendously.

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By (Guest Post) 01/12/2008 Flag

We've had good luck with glucosamine/chondroitin supplements for arthritis and have friends who are giving their dogs a supplement, with good results also. She's 10, just under 60 lb. and we're giving her 1 double-strength pill a day. Our vet says the canine version is probably better because it's formulated specifically for dogs, usually according to weight, but it is also more expensive, and the 'human' version should be fine.

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By Janice C. 18 710 01/13/2008 Flag

Glucosamine/chondroitin helped my dog right away. Walgreen's brand is one of the least expensive and comes in gelatin capsules (check the label), so you can just open it and sprinkle it on the dog's food. It has a sweet and salty taste, not bad. I used one capsule a day for a 20-pound dog.

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By Harlean 141 426 01/14/2008 Flag

I don't know about home remedies, but I have an inexpensive treatment that we use for our 3 Rat Terriers. Two of them are 14 years old and the other one is 11 years old. We give them each a baby aspirin (easily done if you wrap it in a bit of cheese. Wal Mart has a package of cheese that has 16 slices for 96¢ and I cut a slice in thirds). They also have a liquid Glucosamine - Chondroitin with MSM. It is a 16 oz bottle, and the price is about $12.00. Our Terriers weigh between 12 and 15 pounds, and we give them each a teaspoonful each evening. One bottle lasts about a month. It is Berry Flavor, and they like it....they lick it right up. It really does help. Our oldest male dog was getting so bad that he was afraid to jump down off the couch because it hurt, but when he is on the medications, he doesn't have that problem.
Harlean from Arkansas

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By Kim (Guest Post) 02/23/2008 Flag

I strongly recommend that you avoid giving ibuprofen to your dog without first discussing it with your vet. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be toxic to dogs, causing gastric irritation and kidney damage. If you feel you know best and don't need to take this precaution, please consider the weight of your dog compared to the milligrams of the medicine. A 200 pound human would typically take 400 mgs, therefore, you would not want to give a 20 lb dog more than about 40 mgs without your veterinarian's approval. Even then, it is probably best not to use it on a daily basis.

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By Elaine. (Guest Post) 02/23/2008 Flag

I just came from the Vets office and I have a 66 lb. Sheltie. I know that is a lot but he has a thyroid problem. Anyway, he has arthritis and he said to start by giving him 1500 mg a day of glucosamine chondroitin and also 3 aspirin a day. I was only giving him 500 a day because I didn't want to overdo it. So hopefully, if I start increasing it I can see a dif. Just wanted to let you know for those of you who were wondering how many milligrams to give, that this is what my vet recommended. And here is my baby.

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By TimDee 2 11/30/2009 Flag

You also want to rule out the possibility that the joint pain is due to hip dysplasia.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are a good start to help with the pain. Hopefully it is not full blown dysplasia as there really is not a "cure" for that other than active pain management. My Shepard is 13 and has dysplasia and it is just a miserable situation for the poor old guy.

My vet recommended swim therapy which we are able to do every now and than and he seems to like that. You might try that as a way to get some exercise without putting too much impact on his or her joints.

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By Jenoelle 1 08/25/2014 Flag

I found a totally natural way to help my pet at I started these a couple months ago and my Dixie went from barely getting up to go potty to now she runs up the stairs! She even doesn't realize she is get something to help her she just sits up and begs for her little treats every morning! We were at the point where the vet suggested surgery or the Rainbow Highway and I wasn't prepared for either :( But I've never been so glad to find a supplement.

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By Linda Riddle 5 1 07/09/2011 Flag

I give my lab pedigree healty bones and joints canned food and it really does seem to help him, I can tell a difference if he doesn't get it with his dry food. It costs about 1.15 a can and is well worth it.

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