Making Old Marble Shine


I have marble tiles in my bathroom, and those in the shower have lost their shine. How can I clean and restore them so that they match the shiny tiles in the rest of the bathroom? I suspect that hard water was the cause of the problem, but cleaning them gently has not resulted in bringing them to their original appearance.

Jennifer from Stamford, CT



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By falldowngobump 1 50 07/21/2008

I'm really not sure what would work but the stuff that's used to clean ceramic and glass stove tops might do the trick. It does a great job buffing out stains and making my cooktop shine. Good luck and let us know.

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By Graycrab (Guest Post) 07/21/2008

I have had good results using Clean and Shine on my marble table tops.

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By D 1 11 07/23/2008

Clean it and let it dry. Apply a thin coat of turtle wax (used for cars) let the wax dry and then buff like crazy. Once your desired shine is achived, just be sure to dry every time it is wet. Good luck.


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By Gisele Beaulieu 09/28/2008

Dear Sir or Madam, How can I get the shine back on my marble table top. I put some warm pies on there, and they left a ring? Help! Gisele B.

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I have an antique dry sink with a marble top. Is there an inexpensive way to get the old marble to have some shine?

Karen from Port Clinton OH

RE: Making Old Marble Shine

Don't know if any of these would work but I would try polishing compound (the kind you buy for autos) buff in a little. I would think this would work, to buff out to a brilliant shine. Then I would follow up with Orange Glo. I use this on all my surfaces to make them sparkle. (you need to buff it in though or it will sit on the surface as an oily residue). (01/12/2006)

By bobmarbj

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