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Can I Use Hair Conditioner as a Fabric Softener?

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I have 4 gallons of hair conditioner (from a sale at the beauty supply store) and 1 gallon of fabric softener. Can I dilute the hair conditioner and use it in place of fabric softener? Thanks for your help.



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By Rose B.04/03/2013

I have been using hair conditioner as a fabric softener for awhile now. It is much thicker than regular commercial softener, cheaper, and smells much nicer!

Here's the easiest way to use: choose a bright wash cloth for this purpose only. I use a colorful cloth so I can easily recognize it in the dryer. I apply a thick glop of hair conditioner to the dry cloth and just throw in the dryer; I do this every third drying or so.

I use the least expensive conditioner which happens to be VO5. I will experiment with other conditioners when I run out.

Your clothes will have a heavenly scent! :)

By Cyinda [214]06/21/2007

When you wash wool fabric or yarn. Remember wool is actually hair, so rinse it with hair conditioner. It will be so soft and you'll be glad you did!

And don't for get that angora and mohair are also made from hair. So remember to rinse these with an inexpensive hair conditioner added to the water too!

By Vi Johnson [231]10/02/2006

I have used Flex hair conditioner for my handwashing for years. I like the fragrance and it makes my nylons/pantyhose less likely to snag. I suggest that you try it on a small load of not so good towels, just in case...Good luck.
Great Granny Vi

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By nikki (Guest Post)01/22/2009

BTW been using hair conditioner instead of fabric softener is amazing! But dont put in too much. No more than half a pint! Nikki

By JO DEAN11/24/2008

Where can i find the large bottles of conditioner to use for fabric softner.

By miss jena (Guest Post)10/22/2008

You don't need fabric softener at all if you use those blue plastic spiky dryer balls, or better yet, throw a clean tennis shoe in the dryer with the clothes. Your clothes will come out fluffier.

By char (Guest Post)10/10/2008

I used a softener flakes in my cloths. Are softener flakes a raw material for the hair conditioner or not?

By jenny (Guest Post)11/09/2007

I am going to try this using hair conditioner for a fabric softer I'm sure it will work and I have some great home made laundry recipes if any one wants to try it. Thanks. Jenny

By Ro (Guest Post)09/29/2006

You could use the conditioner for the fabric softner, about 1/15 ratio should do it. REvise as necessary. However, at no time, do the reverse. Fabric softner contains trace minerals that, if you color or perm your hair, the chemicals can actually melt the hair.

By Michawn [16]09/27/2006

Yes! I've seen the Queen of Clean talk about this, wait one sec...Her book Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean says to use conditioner instead of softner, but she doesn't give the dilutions. Try looking on her website or googling hair conditioner as fabric softner, I know you'll find the right "recipe" out there.

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