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Puppy Will Not Poop on Training Pads

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Mattie uses her pad to pee, but refuses to use it to do do. What is the answer? She is a very excited animal and seems to do the do do bit for spite, when she doesn't get her own way. She is a miniature Schnauzer. She is 8 months old and a very lovable and good companion.

By Misty from OH


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By Suzieq775 [2]08/31/2010

This may be because dogs like to turn a lot before picking a spot. My dog did the same thing. We put down a larger area of pee pads and as she became use to it we removed them one at a time until she could hit her target. However, we still had to always keep two down at all times, because even though she is a small dog, she makes big turns before picking her spot.

By Anonymous [848]08/30/2010

Perhaps try having a second pad for the poopy in a separate spot? My thought would be to not put it down until she has pooped once and then put that poopy on it as a hint that this is her poopy pad?

Oh and once she realizes it's for pooping be sure and keep the poop picked up because poochies don't like to step on their poop any more than humans do ;-)


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Archive: Puppy Will Not Poop on Training Pads

I got a puppy two days ago and I keep him on the back porch. He is only three months old. I bought him some dog pads to train him so that he will not go on the the floor. He will pee on the pads but not poop, why?

Nikky from Waycross, GA

RE: Puppy Will Not Poop on Training Pads

Oh please! Whatever you do don't rub your pup's nose in it if he has an accident or get really upset. I've been told by numerous people that once you do that to your puppy, you confuse them and scare them, so they start hiding little "presents" around the house (since they're scared you'll get mad if they have an accident). Just thought I'd put that out there. Happy training :) and congrats on the new addition. (01/14/2009)

By stephanieee

RE: Puppy Will Not Poop on Training Pads

Your dog needs to be trained to go outside. Like the child you want to potty train, they will not till you remove the diapers and place them in the bathroom.

Your pup will not soil their sleeping/keeping area. In 1 week we trained our 6 week pup that "outside" was the only place of elimination. She was kept in her pup carrier (to the dismay of the children) and they carried it to the door in the morning, opened it on the step, put the leash on her and walked to the designated spot. She would be held, played with, but if she were to be left alone, she was back in the carrier. Oh, she loved the masters of music, so she always had Mozart or Beethoven on.

If you don't train her for outdoors, your dog would not be acceptable company to go visit with. It would be like having a teenager in diapers peeing on your floor. Not acceptable. It is natural for a dog to go outside to eliminate. If you can't, invest in a good carpet cleaner and disinfectant. Poor manners from the dog is not a happy dog either. Our dog comes to "tell you" when it is time to go out. She even jumps on the bed when I sleep, looks me face to face, and does her "Pee, right now!" cry. (01/14/2009)

By T&T Grandma

RE: Puppy Will Not Poop on Training Pads

I noticed that by smearing a tiny bit of his poo on his training pad, he'll understand that's where he should go. I have had my Boxer puppy Hendrix for 2 weeks (he's about 9 weeks now) and it's worked well for him! He's great with peeing on the pads, but I still have to monitor him and bring him back to his training pads as a reminder. I watch while he goes poo to make sure it's in the right place (aka not all over my house! Haha) and he's catching on quickly :)

Another thing I notice is he doesn't go in the same spot. I laid out 5 training pads and he tends to go pee on one end and poo on the other. It might just be him, not all pups, but who knows! I hope that helps you a little. (01/14/2009)

By stephanieee

RE: Puppy Will Not Poop on Training Pads

Your dog will not poop where he sleeps. Most pups will usually poop right after they eat. After feeding him, put him in a cardboard box that has just enough room for him to lie down and for the "poop" pad. Since he won't poop on his sleep area, he will poop on the pad. Praise him every time he poops on the pad. After 2-3 days use a larger cardboard box. Still praise him when he uses the pad.

After a while he will realize that the pad is the place to poop and all you have to do is show him where the poop pad is in the house. Show him where it is after feeding him and that's all you have to do. Good luck. (01/16/2009)

By Wes W.

RE: Puppy Will Not Poop on Training Pads

I agree wholeheartedly with T&T Grandma. When my hubby brought our Tigger home, he was a maybe-six-week-old stray. Within three days, Tigger understood that outside was the place to eliminate. Since then, he runs back and forth to the door and whines to go out. Princess, on the other hand, will scratch and vocalize, something between a whine and a growl. Hubby trained her the same way, in the same time.

To make a long story short, patience and consistency are key. Getting upset and yelling or (even worse) hitting your pup will only frighten him. Show him the "boo-boo", say "no" in a firm but calm voice, and take him outdoors. Immediate praise and consequences both help. "Catch" him in the act either way, and you have a "teachable moment". (01/17/2009)

By JustPlainJo

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