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Removing Paint Stains from Clothing

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Photo of a man painting his house.

Paint stains can be difficult to remove, especially if they are allowed to dry. Depending on the type of paint stain, you will want to use different stain removal methods. This is a guide about removing paint stains from clothing.


Solutions: Removing Paint Stains from Clothing

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Tip: Use Margarine to Remove Oil Based Paint

To remove oil based paint off clothing spread margarine on spot and scrub with a toothbrush. I was amazed!

Source: Parent from work

By Darlene from Keswick, Ontario

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Here are questions related to Removing Paint Stains from Clothing.

Question: Tempera Paint Stain Removal

I am a therapist that works with children and have ruined clothes due to the children painting with tempera paint. The children also have ruined clothes. Is there a way to remove the dried paint from clothes?

Alice from Cleburne, TX


Best Answers

By (Guest Post)09/14/2006

Before I get the paint out, I put on a smock. The kids wear smocks, too. Liquid soap added to the paint does help, but isn't foolproof. I ruined a lot of good clothes in the classroom before I became consistent with wearing a smock!

Best Answers

By reva09/14/2006

When my husband was getting his undergraduate degree he worked at the campus daycare. What they did was add dish soap to the liquid tempura it would come right out. I think baby laundry soap added to it would work as well.

Question: Removing Paint Stain on Sweatshirt

How do you get pink paint out of a blue sweatshirt?

By Holly G.


Best Answers

By coville123 [326]12/25/2011

If it was oil based paint, sponge turpentine on it. Blot with clean rag to prevent paint from spreading. For water based paint scrape off excess wash in hottest water possible.

Best Answers

By TheThreadLady [1]12/11/2011

Chances are you can't get the stain out. Unless it was textile paint that sets with heat. Any other kind of paint is permanent. Don't throw the sweatshirt away though, find a great applique at your local craft store and put it over the stain. If that looks off-center, add more stuff to the sweatshirt to make it look trendy. You can find all kinds of books in the library on re-making clothes. Also, there are lots of books on making sweatshirts into jackets.

Even if you don't sew, use the iron-on appliques you find and you can add lots of other embellishments by using products such as Steam-a-Seam 2 that permanently bond fabric to fabric. It also will bond appliques that aren't iron-on. One book I saw for non-sewers uses a glue gun to put on the embellishments. It even uses it to keep seams together if you don't have a sewing machine.

In most of the other questions about grease stains, nacho cheese stains, orange stain, salad dressing the answer is the same. I have successfully removed stains using a product that is made to take grease off car mechanics hands. One of the ones I have used is called Go-Jo, but there are lots of others. You find those in the car department at Wal-Mart or Target and you can find them at your local car parts store. I have even found them in the dollar store. I use this product often to get the stains around my husband's shirt collars off. You just rub it in thoroughly and then throw it in the wash with the rest of the laundry. Don't put it on and let it sit, put the article in the washer immediately. There are lots of books about cleaning that mention this product.

Question: Removing Paint on Clothing

I have a good sweat shirt that I got paint on. What is a good remedy for removal? The shirt is white and the paint black.

By Linda L. from St. Cloud, MN

Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/04/2011

If the paint is wet, you may be able to get it off with water (latex or acrylic paint) or paint thinner (oil based). If it is dry, there is nothing that I know of that will remove either kind of paint. Paint is made to be non-removable. If it came off, we wouldn't use it on our walls or paintings.

Question: Removing Dried Paint from Clothing

I had my favorite white t-shirt on and I got some blue paint on my collar. I then by mistake put it with the laundry and I'm not too sure how to get it off, does anybody know how? Thanks.

By William

Best Answer

By Spacecase [11]04/09/2012

Normally everyone will tell you it can not be taken out and for the most part that is the way it is, except for this one little product that has been around for over one hundred years. It is called," Sav-a-Brush" made by Red Devil Paint. It is no longer sold in stores and must be ordered directly.

It is a powder you add to water and soak your clothes in. Made for painters when throwing away drop cloths or painter's overalls were just plain not done. It costs about $2.99 Order at Red Devil or call 1 800-423-3845 ext 3036

Question: Removing Paint from Clothing

I got green matte emulsion paint on my best white interview blouse. I've tried bleaching it several times but it won't wash out. Any suggestions?

By Jackie

Best Answer

By Shelly Elsner [2]09/03/2011

Soak the blouse in white vinegar for several hours. Then use the back of a "butter" knife to scratch off the paint. If there's still paint residue, repeat process. My husband got white latex paint on his favorite Camo shirt and let it dry before he told me about it. I couldn't believe it when this method got it out. Good luck!

Question: Removing Paint from Clothing

I just would like to know how I can get white paint off of a black work shirt and pants. I have been told that I can use laundry soap, but I would really like to know. I hope that you can help me.

By ladyhawk13 from Guelph, Ontario

Best Answer

By Carol [4]08/16/2011

Hi, I do not know how wide and thick the paint stain is. I usually get mine off with cut-zit or any paste paint remover for furniture and wood. I use a very small round scrubber paint brush. I paint it on and wait about 10-15 minutes and go and use a plastic spoon or stainless and scrape it off. I do this a number of times.

Only thing black can look very worn looking when you do this over and over. However if the paint stain is real heavy (I mean thick) and wide it may not be worth it, but when I have small paint stains I test the fabric and do this. I have never bleached the fabric with it. Even black jeans can look worn in a spot you rub and rub to get out oily spots. Hope this helps.

Question: Removing Dried Masonary Paint From Clothing

I got white masonry paint on my partner's black t-shirt. Could somebody please advice me on how to remove it? Advice much appreciated.

By Claire from Scotland

Best Answer

By Elaine S. [39]06/08/2012

Is it a latex paint? If it is, you might stand a chance by going to a home improvement store and asking for a product that removes paint when you have painted walls at home and got some on the woodwork. It might work the same on clothing. I cannot remember the exact name of it right now but if you tell them what I just said, they will probably know. If it is an oil paint, I think there probably would not be much luck in getting it out.

Question: Removing Latex Paint from Clothing

I got white latex paint on my favorite blue crop pants. I tried scrubbing with several stain removal products. It still is in the fabric. Is there any hope left? The pants are still wet from scrubbing if that helps any.

By urban farm girl

Best Answer

By PENNY K [15]06/06/2012

Try plain, clear ammonia. Not the cleaners "containing" ammonia. Pour on spot, wait a minute, scrub with old toothbrush. Best done outdoors of course.

Question: Removing Paint Stains from Spandex

I got dried paint and a mud splatter on my spandex bike pants and don't know how to get it out.

By Grace R.

Best Answer

By pam munro [447]05/03/2012

The best way to get rid of paint spatter is to try to carefully scrape off the paint from the spandex, trying to avoid snagging the fabric. The mud should soften if you soak it in water.

Question: Removing Paint from an Under Armor Jacket

I was helping my friend paint his room, then I got paint all over my Under Armor Jacket. Does anyone have a solution to get the paint stain off?

By Bob

Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/19/2011

I do not know of any product that removes house paint from clothing. Sorry. If you tackle it before it dries, sometimes you have a chance, but otherwise, I think you will now have a very nice Under Armor paint jacket.

Question: Removing Tempera Paint from a Jersey

I got some tempera paint on my Rodgers jersey in art, how can I get it out? Any suggestions?

By Kaitie

Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/16/2011

Tempera paint is a water based paint. It should wash out in the regular laundry, I'd think.

Question: Removing Paint from a Jacket

How do I get dry latex paint off a cotton jacket?

By Dawn

Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/09/2011

Ordinarily, I would have said you can't. However, I have seen a product advertised called Motsenbocker's Lift Off for artist's acrylic paint, which should work as well on latex -- very similar stuff. I haven't tried it. Here is the website

Question: Removing Paint from Jeans

I wore my favorite jeans when helping my girlfriend paint her front room bright yellow. I got paint all down my pant legs. How do I get it out? Please help.

By Mia

Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]