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Can I Use Lysol On Dogs?

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Can you use Lysol on dogs?

Maranda from Swink, OK

Editor's Note: Household Product Database says that it could be a skin irritant.

Basically because this is a household cleaning product, not a pet bathing product, it is never advisable to use something like this on a pet.



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By spectorhiroki09/18/2012

Yes! also, use windex when giving your dog a bath :D -spector


Holy Cow !!! Lysol does not kill fleas unless the dog is drowned in it along with them :-0 This simply must be a sick joke :-(

By Kim Churchman [3]06/10/2008

Use whatever you would use on a baby's butt!

By mandygail (Guest Post)06/10/2008

I really didn't think that it would be safe but just asked because my aunt had used it before on her dogs for fleas

By Sherri (Guest Post)06/09/2008

NO! I work for a Veterinarian and I asked him and he asked me if I was serious. Your dog can have a very bad reaction. Please NO!

By Ariela [33]06/09/2008

Don't even think about it! If you don't believe all the people here, call a Vet and ask.

By Terri [6]06/09/2008

Please tell me you are joking...NO, no, no

By Robin (Guest Post)06/09/2008

Absolutely not!

By (Guest Post)06/09/2008


By Candy [1]06/05/2008


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