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BBQ Pork for 100 People

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How much Pork BBQ do I need to serve 100 people?

Tina from Harrisonville, PA


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By U*u*U (Guest Post)03/21/2008

Sorry Paula Jo, I can't imagine any 15 - 40 year old guy daintily taking a 4 ounce sandwich. I agree with Lynda. Better to have a few pounds left over than to run out midway. Much depends on what you are serving with your barbeque.

By Lynda (Guest Post)10/06/2006

If you are having all the trimmings, you can figure 3 people per pound. I had a BBQ restuarant at one time.
Lynda in OK

By Paula Jo Carr (Guest Post)10/06/2006

I would suggest 25 pounds. This allows each sandwhich to have right at 4 ounces of meat on it.

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