Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower enclosure.

Properly cleaning your glass shower doors will keep your shower looking nice. It can be difficult to remove the build up and streaks on them though. This is a guide about cleaning glass shower doors.


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Tip: Glass Stovetop Cleaner for Shower Doors

I found the best way to clean water spots from shower doors. I tried vinegar soaked on paper towels and left it on there for forty minutes. It didn't work and I now smell like vinegar. I tried Comet with a scrub pad, it didn't work. Then with little effort and no smell, I used glass cook top cleaner. It worked like a charm. My shower door looks brand new. Don't waste your time trying all the other stuff.

By HAPPYNOW from San Antonio, TX

Tip: Razor Blade to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Soap scum just flakes off into a powder by removing it with a single edge razor. Very simple. After years of spending money on chemicals for my shower doors, they are now clean!

    By frgarden [1]

    Tip: WD-40 and Razor Blade to Clean Shower Doors

    Well water, soap, and age had left a permanent fog on the shower doors. There was also a cruddy hard substance at the bottoms of each door. Nothing would remove this cement-like crud. Nothing would remove the fog. As a last ditch effort before purchasing new doors I tried something I've not found anyone mention.

    First I removed the doors to the yard and leaned them up against a wall. I sprayed them with WD40 and let em sit. An hour later I rinsed. There was a gooey fatty substance on the glass now. But the cement crud was releasing it's hold. With help of a razor blade I got it off.

    Now I needed to deal with the goo on the glass. You must have gloves for this step. I laid down the door on the tailgate of my truck. I took liquid Cascade dishwasher detergent and a 000 piece of steel wool (non-soap kind). I added generous amounts of Cascade to the glass and scrubbed. The soap will turn yucky the more you scrub. I added a little water as needed. I let it sit for about 3 minutes then I rinsed and turned over the doors repeating the process. As they dried I could now see what I had missed so I repeated the process and armed with the razor blade was able to get the remaining stuck on crud on the edges off.

    They look beautiful. I saved myself the cost of new doors. It probably cost me five dollars all together in product and took a couple hours of work. It was well worth the effort.

    By Bluemoonq from New Mexico

    Tip: Rain-X for Clean Shower Doors

    Spraying Rain-X on your shower doors will make the water bounce right off and will also reduce the build up of soap scum.

      By Janette [91]

      Tip: Skin-So-Soft on Shower Doors

      I use Avon's skin-so-soft in a spray bottle on my glass shower doors. Spray on doors and wipe off with a paper towel, your doors will be clean and the bathroom will have that fresh scent of skin-so-soft, repeat about once a week.

      By Donna

      Tip: Minimize Lime Spots On Glass Shower Doors

      I hung a patterned shower curtain which I bought at the Dollar store, just inside the shower doors. It has a pretty design and adds privacy. Best of all, it saves me from having to remove lime build up on the doors. I occasionally have to de-lime the bottom of doors, but hey, that's not a major chore.
      By Gladys H.

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      Here are questions related to Cleaning Glass Shower Doors.

      Question: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      My husband and I use a squeegee every time we use the shower, but it leaves rubber marks on the glass that are hard to get off. This is a brand new squeegee. What are we doing wrong and what is the best daily way to keep the shower door clean?

      By Debbie


      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [6]09/09/2011

      Get a new squeegee that is specifically for showers. I have had several - none have left marks.

      Question: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      Does anyone out there have any suggestions for cleaning glass shower doors? I have tried about everything under the sun, but have found nothing that works without using a lot of elbow grease. Please help.

      By Wilma from Jacksonville, NC


      Most Recent Answer

      By Jacob W08/03/2015

      Just use Goo gone, works like a charm with no harm.

      Question: Neglected Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

      What cleaning products will bring back a 20 year neglected clear glass shower enclosure with beige tile walls and floors with grout?

      Diane from Gig Harbor, WA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Jackie Wilde (Guest Post)08/25/2008

      I use Kaboom spray & love how my shower looks after I use it! Not too much elbow grease after spraying on either! Give it a try!

      Question: Cleaning Between Glass Shower Doors

      What tool do you use to clean BETWEEN glass shower doors where soap, shampoo and shaving cream get caught?

      Most Recent Answer

      By DEBY [18]01/12/2010

      Use CLR and use a drinking glass cleaner for your kitchen. The kind with the plastic handle and soft sponge head. This fits nicely between the doors and the CLR works magic

      Question: Cleaning a Glass Shower Door

      Can you tell me what to use to keep, my shower door sparkly clean? Thanks.

      By Brenda M.

      Most Recent Answer

      By hopeful [26]09/20/2011

      One sure way to keep it shiny once you are successful in cleaning it to your satisfaction is to dry it down after every shower. You can keep an old towel handy for the job, or use your bath towel after you dry yourself. I use a squeegee first, then dry the glass. I actually use this method all over the shower every time. It doesn't take as much time as you would think. Your shower always sparkles doing these few steps.

      Question: Cleaning Stained Shower Doors

      My glass shower doors are stained. I have tried all types of cleaning products, but nothing has worked so far. Can someone out there help?

      By Elena

      Most Recent Answer

      By LisaFaye04/15/2012

      Glasstastic is the miracle product. I had 20 years of hard water stains and cement-like residue on my glass shower doors. Nothing helped. Except Glasstastic. It is a phenomenal product. My shower looks like brand new. It is a professional product that works!

      Question: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      How do you get glass shower doors to sparkle?

      By Peggy

      Most Recent Answer

      By tajaburns03/03/2014

      To remove heavy build-up without all the chemicals and scrubbing, I like to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It's available in many different types and can be used on all surfaces of your tub or shower to remove the build-up, I've even been able to remove rust from razors or shaving cans.

      Once clean I recommend using a shower squeegee to prevent build-up, wipe the squeegee clean before each swipe as though you are cleaning your car windshield. This will prevent streaks on the glass surfaces. If you have a family that doesn't keep up with the squeegee, there are great after shower sprays for the shower and tub surfaces that keep the water from sticking to surfaces or you can make your own.

      Friends of mine have heard of skin so soft by Avon (avoid the floor of the shower to prevent falling), Rain-X for your car, and of coarse always test in a small area to see how it works with your shower material and for safety. Happy Cleaning!

      Question: Cleaning Frosted Shower Doors

      I have frosted glass shower doors. I use Scrubbing Bubbles on the inside which works great. When I used it on the frosted side it looks like the spray is still there. Can anyone help me get this off?

      By Christine from Sanford, ME

      Most Recent Answer

      By Michele03/06/2011

      Best way is to keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the shower and wipe it down before you get out and dry it. This keeps it from the build up. Also I found a great product called Greased Lightning very cheap and works great on everything! Walmart yellow spray bottle! I clean houses for a living and I make sure all my customers have this on hand!

      Question: The Best Cleaner for Shower Doors

      What is the secret to cleaning and shinning glass doors for a shower? I clean and do not get to squeegee them after a shower. I have tried the stuff you use on car windshields, oiled them to repel the water, etc. Help.

      By Terri from Dallas, TX

      Most Recent Answer

      By Kadi Dulude [3]01/25/2011

      Use soft scrub! Put a little soft scrub paste on a regular dishwashing sponge and gently scrub it all over the door. Then I let it dry up and rub it off with dry paper towels. Then just use regular windex to give the glass a final shine!

      Question: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      My shower doors are old and the glass gets grimy even when I have scrubbed it clean with ammonia. Then I tried using a dryer sheet which kept it clean for a little while, but now it is back to looking terrible. I tried Turtle wax, but again with hot water and a lot of use (5 people in the family), this does not work for long either.

      By Maggie T. from Fraser, MI

      Most Recent Answer

      By ccschultz09/13/2013

      Try using Bar Keepers Friend. It is located near other cleansers but there is a liquid version of this product which I use. The results are great- clear glass doors like the day they were installed!

      Question: Removing Hard Water Stains in the Shower

      How do you get hard water stains off the shower and keep the stains from sticking in the future?

      By Julie C.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [6]08/01/2011

      Hard water stains should be removable with vinegar; if that isn't strong enough, go for CLR or some other acidic product. I find that the best method for prevention of hard water build up, is to squeegee or swab with a towel after every shower. I have heard of people using car polish on the shower walls to prevent water stain build up. It might be worth a try.

      Question: Cleaing Shower Doors

      I live in an apartment and the previous tenants didn't ever clean the shower doors. They are extremely stained. I have tried lemon juice, vinegar, and Lime Away, but nothing seems to work. Please help!

      By Rick B.

      Question: Putting Protectant on Shower Stalls

      I have a new shower enclosure. What can be put on it to make it clean easier? I have heard car wax and also Rain-X. Are any of these suitable?

      By jean


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      Does anyone have a tip on cleaning glass shower doors?



      Cleaning Lime Deposits and Soap Scum off Shower Doors

      We bought a used home and the shower doors were caked with lime and soap scum. We couldn't afford to replace them right away and Lime Away didn't get all the scum off. I borrowed my husbands razor scraper from the garage and ran it over the scale and it all came off. Make sure to use new razor blades or you'll scratch the glass. They look like new.

      By Sharon from Bonita Springs, FL

      Meguiar's Wax Cleaner and Meguiar's Wax

      Thankfully, when my shower was installed I was told to use Meguiar's Wax Cleaner and Meguiar's Wax to keep the shower glass doors looking good. It has kept everything beautiful since then. It is for automobiles so you will find it in the automotive department at most discount stores. It makes cleaning a lot more fun.

      Post by M

      Lemon Oil

      My grandmother always cleaned her glass doors with lemon oil. It really cleans the soap residue. Put a little on a cleaning cloth and wipe the doors. Do not get any in the bottom of the tub (it will be too slippery!).

      Post by Betty Lynn


      Buy a window squeegee and after each shower squeegee off the tile and shower doors. They will always be clean this way.

      Post by Suzie

      Tilex Soapscum Remover

      If you have a lot of water marks or soap scum on the glass, spray Tilex soap scum remover and take a wet brillo pad and scrub the entire door, rinse well and dry with clean cloth. Works every time! MUST BE GLASS or it may scratch doors. Test in a hidden area.

      Post by Melissa.

      Baby Oil

      After you clean the door, rub baby oil over it and it keeps the build up down for about 3 months.

      Post by mrs533fd

      Archive: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      Use a little lemon juice on a sponge to clean off the residue on the shower glass doors and rinse. It will leave them sparkling clean removing any scum.

      By Mary Ann Kieffer from Lawrence, KS

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      Those plastic credit cards you receive in the mail with offers are great to use instead of razor blades. You won't have to worry about scratches and you can save your fingers too. I've used these many times to scrape the doors. I've also used them on the kitchen and bathroom floors, and counters, to clean up anything that doesn't come up easily. No matter what type of cleaner you use, they sure save on elbow grease. They're disposable and you'll certainly get more in the mail to replace the ones you've had to discard. (03/16/2006)

      By Lady Claire

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      If you decide to use a razor type scraper, be sure to use liquid cleaner or water to the surface to act as a lubricant so you dont scratch the surface. I use a white (non scratching) scubber sponge and glass cleaner. (03/17/2006)

      By Carol

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      This is definitely a last resort method! I bought a house with hard water spots that were so bad nothing worked. I tried every hint here except scraping. I stood in the fumes with "Powerhouse" cleaner and CLR. I tried vinegar, borax, water softener, soft scrub, you name it.

      After figuring they were just not coming clean anyway I decided to use a pumice stone. They can be found at almost any supermarket. It worked instantly! Be very careful with this method. It will take some time and keep it wet. There are also some very hard veins in the stone that WILL scratch the glass. So far though I have been able to avoid that. If all else fails try this. It beats standing there with chemicals dripping down your arms and it's a very cheap solution. This also works in the toilet too, but be very careful not to scratch the surface. It made them sparkle like new. Not the best way to spend the day, but it beats buying new toilets and glass.

      I haven't tried it yet, I was reading another posting, but the brillo and Tilex sounds like it would also work well and won't scratch the glass. Definitely try that first. If they are too stubborn for even that, then try the pumice. (03/31/2006)

      By Crazy with Hard Water

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      As crazy as this may sound, try using furniture polish! It works. Spray it heavy on the rag not on the glass, work the rag in a circular motion (pressing) then use a dry rag to shine it up, try it you will be amazed. It also works on ceramic tile around sinks, tubs etc. the soap scum slides off. (03/31/2006)

      By Ariela

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      Ok, Here is the latest on my shower door dilema. The pumice works, but was born out of desperation. I have since tried a brand new razor blade and that sort of worked, but not that well. Went out and got Brillo and Tilex. This is by far the best! Anyone with absolute nightmare hard water spots on their shower doors, take comfort that there is a solution. Thanks for the great suggestion. WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!! I'm so happy. I'll be using it from now on. YEAH (-: (03/31/2006)

      By Crazy with Hard Water

      Archive: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      Tips for cleaning glass shower doors. Post your ideas.


      Archive: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      I have been trying for years to find a product or something to clean glass shower doors. Anybody got any ideas?


      Archive: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      How do I clean a glass shower door?

      By Angela

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      Try white vinegar, a nonstick nylon pan scrubber and a lot of gentle rubbing. Once you have it clean again squeegee it dry each time you use it to help prevent build up. (01/28/2010)

      By mrs christmas

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      I just cleaned mine with liquid toilet bowl cleaner. Just squeezed it on, let it drip down and used my broom to "spread" it around. Then I just hosed it off. It worked wonders even on the stained tub! (01/31/2010)

      By HalfWhit

      RE: Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

      Try WD-40. Spray on, let sit for awhile, then remove. Easy! When cleaned, spray on again, wipe excess off. Now you have a nice barrier. (02/01/2010)

      By simplify