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Place to Donate Campbell's Soup Labels and More

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My mother has kept the labels off of Campbell soup cans for months. She would send them somewhere to help out needy children on an Indian reservation. This last time she collected all her labels together, she discovered she lost the address to send them to. I was going to post a request on ThriftyFun to see if anyone had the address and while waiting for the site to load, I did a search and found it and a whole lot more.

There are several ways to contribute and this website lists many. Simple things that you don't even think about. Check it out here:

The address I discovered for BACN is:

Bel Air Church of the Nazarene
2430 Conowingo Road
Bel Air, Maryland 21015
United States

By suntydt from Tazewell, TN


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By Pastor Jim04/29/2014

Our church collects then labels, we will use them to help purchase a van for our missionaries in Panama. If your local church does not collect them, we would love to have them. Please send to Jim Wright 404 SE 2nd street, Knox City Texas 79529. Thanks and God Bless. Jim

By Marisha08/07/2010

You can also donate them to your local schools.
Many collect them or possibly your church Sunday school program or preschool.

By Heather Krucker [10]08/02/2010

Our local church collects them and they are used to benefit missionaries. So, you could check with your/other local churches or schools and then you wouldn't have to mail them anywhere unless you have established a favorite charity.

By Jonnie Shambarger [2]07/30/2010

The link you gave wouldn't work.

By susan [33]07/30/2010

Go to the campbells website:; to see what other labels you can collect for back to school points.

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