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Wholesale Scratch and Dent Groceries

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I am trying to find out if anyone knows where I can get Scratch and Dent groceries by the pallet. If anyone has information please help me.

By Amanda from Sarasota, FL


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By Michael Burt - RCI03/09/2015

Hi Amanda,

We are the largest wholesaler of Salvage Grocery in the region and are the primary vendor for almost all of the bent and dent / discount grocery stores. We are family owned, in business for 30 years. Our warehouses are in St Paul, MN and we ship across the country. We sell mixed loads of Dry Grocery, Frozen Grocery and Fresh Grocery- by the case or by the pallet.

Give me a call as we would like to explore doing business together.

Michael Burt
Reclaim Center Inc
Email- michael (at) reclaimcenter (dot) com

By vanessa07/05/2009

I am trying to find out if there are any in or around Nashville, TN?

By Nickle03/27/2009

Hi, I don't have the link available, but do a search on this site for Salvage Groceries/Grocery Stores. I recently read a topic with the info you requested.

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