Remedy For Burnt Soup?


I made a huge pot of vegetable soup and the bottom scorched. I removed the soup, cleaned the pot and put the soup back in, but it tastes like burnt soup. How do I get rid of that taste?

By April from Connersville, IN


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By Betty 14 78 12/05/2010

Do not stir, but pour all loose soup in to another container. Do not scrape bottom burnt part. I did this just a few weeks ago and the soup had no burnt taste. Mine was scorched so badly, it was difficult for me to scrape off the pan after soaking for a day with dish soap. But every bit of soup was enjoyed without anyone knowing, but me.

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By yield2queen 1 01/13/2015

Thanks for the advice ladies. I just followed your advice and It saved my soup. I reheated the soup that my mother in law made. She took her time since last night and she finished early this morning. Oops I didn't mean it. I was in a big trouble few minutes ago. Only my 25 months old baby and you guys know about it ;) I gave up and I prayed about it.

Thank God for you. You really were an answer to my prayers.
Next time that it happens to any of you, and you scratch the pot unintentionally just change the pot anyway and put apple cider or vinegar until the flavor and smell disappear. It reallyworks ;) xo

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By Aileen S. 1 02/13/2015

I was making split pea soup. The flame must have been a bit too high and bottom of pot got scorched. Soup smelled and tasted burnt. I used the cinnamon solution and it took away the burnt smell and taste. You need to keep adding it until soup tastes normal. Thank you!

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I fell asleep, the barley cooked to the bottom of the pot and the soup tastes burnt. Is there a remedy for this?



RE: Remedy For Burnt Soup?

I used the remedy suggested for burnt spaghetti sauce; peanut butter, about 3 tsp. for a quart of soup. I did it with homemade chicken vegetable soup I accidentally had burned when re-heating. I poured off the top soup, stuck it in another pan, and used the peanut butter remedy. It surprisingly worked. I figured I had nothing to lose. My soup was thick though, not a real liquid based chicken soup. (10/13/2007)

By shannon

RE: Remedy For Burnt Soup?

This just happened to me this evening with a big pot of Vegetable Beef Soup. I added 1/4 to 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and then 1/2 cup of sugar to balance out the tart taste. Surprisingly the burnt taste was gone, and I just started over adding the seasonings. It is now simmering away in the crock pot. (04/07/2008)

By Sherry

RE: Remedy For Burnt Soup?

I scorched the bottom of a huge pot of chili. It's still edible, but does have that scorched taste/smell. I called a friend who has been a professional chef and he said to use a little cumin or cinnamon. I had cinnamon open, so sprinkled a little in there. Fantastic! It did away completely with the burnt taste and odor, but I didn't taste the cinnamon. He said that this works on most beef/pork dishes. (12/05/2008)


RE: Remedy For Burnt Soup?

Thank you so much. The cinnamon really really worked! I put a lot of time into some chicken and dumpling soup last night after making a whole fryer chicken for dinner. I went to heat it today for lunch, got on the phone, and forgot about it. It was tonight's dinner and I cannot afford to waste food. After the cinnamon I added a little garlic dill to balance, and it tastes even better! (12/08/2008)

By Jani-Bannani

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