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Dawn for Soap Scum Removal

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For soap scum removal I've never found anything that works better than Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. A little bit on a wet rag is all it takes. For shower doors, follow with a rinse and a quick swipe of a squeegee (you can find one at the dollar store). For everything else just rinse and wipe dry.

By Celinda from Pittsburgh, PA



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By (Guest Post)08/22/2007

I work in a hospital and we also use dawn to clean up blood. It really works great to get dried blood out of hair.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]07/16/2007

I never would use Dawn on my car!

Northern Virginia

By (Guest Post)07/16/2007

don't use dawn on a regular basis on your car. If you do be sure to wax after as it removes any wax that was already on the surface. It pulls out all of the important oils on your paint causing it to dry out and eventually flake off.

By Syd (Guest Post)04/06/2006

Dawn has ammonia in it, that is why it probably works.

Just a suggestion, try some other quality detergent & add some ammonia and see if you get similiar results.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]04/06/2006

Wow, thanks for the tip! I have always used Dawn, but did not realize it could remove soap scum, the price is right also!

Northrn Virginia

By (Guest Post)04/06/2006

I also use dawn dishwash to remover bugs & tar from my car . I let it soak for a few minutes then rub with wet cloth....

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