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Removing Leg Wax From Couch


My daughter was using a waxing kit for her legs and it got all over the place. I can not get it off my couch. Any suggestions?

Tanya from Hanover



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By Sarah Leach 10 150 11/15/2008

The hardest part is not destroying the colour of your couch! Firstly, I'd harden the wax and scrape off as much as possible. Next, place a brown paper bag over the stain and using a hot iron and changing position of the bag a LOT, Iron the bag over the spot so that as the heat of the iron melts the wax the brown paper soaks it up.

Once you've gotten as much out of the fabric as you can, try a chemical called GoofOff. Pour a little on a paper towel, and blot working from the outside to the inside so as not to spread the stain if you can help it. Then you'll need a bar of face soap, a nail- or tooth-brush, a bowl of warm water, washcloth, and towels that won't transfer dye.

Wet the brush and soap it up... again, working from the outside of the stain inward, scrub it well though gently. Then use the washcloth soake din the water and wrung out to blot the soap, as usual from the outside in. Afterward, lay a folded towel over the wet spot and pound it turn it over and pound again and repeat with the other towel until you're sure you've gotten as much of the water out as you can. That should take care of the wax totally. Hopefully it won't hurt the colour.

Good luck!!

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I know this sounds silly, but: My roommate was waxing her legs, and managed to spill the wax on the floor. Before she could get it cleaned up, her dog walked through it, and then proceeded to walk across my brand new couch. I am afraid to use the same harsh chemicals that took it off of the kitchen floor, on the couch. The couch is a suede like material that is 100% micro denier polyester fiber, and is a very dark Merlot color. I have contacted the manufacturer, but they were really no help. Does anyone have any suggestions?



RE: Removing Leg Wax From Couch

Hi you can try a couple of things. I learn this from the "queen of clean".

1) Put Ice on it and make it really really hard.

2) Scrape off as much as you can with an old credit card or grocery store card.

3) Take a plain paper bag with no writing on it. Place it on the wax area, warm up the bag with your hair dryer. The wax residue will go into the bag.

You can look up tips on under queen of clean (05/01/2005)

By Chella

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