My Husband Has Bad Breath

My husband has horrible breath. Within the last several months I have noticed that his breath has progressively become worse. Let me first say that my husband is a smoker and also uses snuff.


At first when my husband brushed his teeth it was gone. Now brushing isn't helping. When we are in the car it is disgusting (at times I can't tell if he has passed gas or if it is his breath). I have just recently had family members say something to me about it.

I have researched some of the connections with people who suffer from halitosis and use tobacco products. Let me also mention that he suffers on occasion from indigestion and has always had problems with his sinuses. This is something else I have discovered that may also be contributing to his bad breath.

Am I missing something here? I am really concerned for his health but cannot bear to hurt his feelings. How can I tell him in a tactful manner because it is really becoming unbearable?

By Worriedwife from LA

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It's the smoking. After someone has smoked for a number of years, mouthwash and toothpaste don't take away the ashtray breath. My husband was a smoker and even when he was breathing through his nose it still smelled bad. The only cure is to quit smoking.

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Your husbands bad breath could be caused by tooth decay, a sinus infection or digestive problems. A visit to your family doctor might be in order.

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Definately have him checked out for a bad gallbladder. I know that sounds wacky but even though I only had an upset stomach every now and then for the past 20 years when my gallbladder got really bad I had really bad breathe the same way that you are describing... sorry but it smelled like I was breathing out a fart.

I would just try to be frank with him because yes it could be a multitude of things and see if he is having any other symptoms like drainage, a cough, more indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain anywhere, etc... and present that to your doc.

Good luck

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SEE A DENTIST. My sweetie had bad breath and it turned out his wisdom teeth were rotting. Once they were removed, the smell went away. Good luck!

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Has your husband ever tried mixing peroxide and baking soda to brush his teeth with? Many years ago a dentist told me to use that combination and my teeth and gums would always stay healthy. Make small amounts, enough for one time use. You can make it as thick or as thin as you like. Also he can brush his tongue with it. Also, if he likes vinegar, try mixing up a batch of cucumbers, onion, tomatoes with equal parts of vinegar and sugar. You wouldn't need to use that must sugar as it's the vinegar part that helps the stomach. Keep it in the frig, to munch on as often as he likes. It may help fight infection from the inside out. In my opinion, both peroxide and vinegar are good home remedies for many things, but only when used individually. I wouldn't try mixing vinegar with peroxide. I'm not sure what would happen but it sounds like it might make one foam at the mouth. Yikes! Imagine that!

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Taking vitamin C has helped with bad breath and body odors.

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I know you don't want to hurt his feelings, but if he's anything like mine, he'd sooo much rather hear it from you! He should know you love him, and want the best for him.

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Bad breath can be a cause of dental problems, stomach problems or bacteria on the back of the tongue.

You can buy a tongue scraper. Take the tongue scraper and reach as far in on the tongue as possible and scrape forward.

Another good thing to try is Betaine Hcl... This is a supplement that is taken with the last bite of each meal, it adds extra stomach acid and contrary to popular belief, it will prevent ulcers such as H.pylori, not cause them as ulcers are caused by low stomach acid which allows bacteria to flourish and they can cause bad breath. I started with one capsule with the last bite of each meal and worked up to 3 capsules. If at any time you experience an acidic stomach, drop back by one capsule. Proper stomach acid will kill foreign (bad) bacteria and Candida in the stomach and prevent it from going into the rest of the digestive system ... aine-HCI-650-mg-180-Tablets/970?at=0 ... djustable-1-Tongue-Cleaner/9167?at=0

If you buy from the links above for the first time, try using code MIT939, it is worth $5.

Best always,

Jim in Jax

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Get your husband to a doctor and have him checked out! My father had this problem and his breath was worse than diarhea! He let it go for months until my mother couldn't take it any longer. She made him go to the doctor and come to find out, he had an ulcer so bad that they ended up removing 3/4 of his stomach. After the surgery, the bad breath never returned. And, by the way, he was and still is a smoker. That had nothing to do with his bad breath.

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My husband is also suffering with bad breath and I just don't know what else to say to him that will sink in. His breath could knock a buzzard off of a shit wagon, I kid you not - but it's under very odd circumstances.

If we have to go somewhere at night: a concert my son is performing in, a play his son is performing in, the movies, somewhere where we usually don't go, his breath goes into some sort of spastic overload. I've told him a few times but I do not any more because he acts like he didn't hear me tell him or tells me "no thank you" when I offer him a breath mint. This is extremely embarassing when we are at a function and he sees someone he knows, because he gets right up and talks face to face and I want to grab him by the seat of his pants and tell him to back off. He does not smoke, his breath just smells like busted ass. I don't know what to do anymore :-(

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He should have a physical. Could be ulcers, chronic bronchitis, or a lung problem.

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There is a product called Smart Mouth that is really good for bad breath. It is a liquid that you gargle with and it can be bought at Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc.

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Hi! My husband gets really bad breath pretty much every day. I feel bad for telling him that too because he knows it already and is embarrassed. He has tried mouthwash, tongue scraper, gum, etc. He thinks it is Halitosis (bad breath disease). Does this mean he needs to be medically treated for it?

Hubby Bad Breath!

Hi there! Does your hubby floss his teeth daily and does he have any dental problems? That could be one'd be amazed how bad the food that gets stuck between teeth smells. Another thing, does he still have his tonsils and, if so, does he get white spots on them? My daughter had a breath problem but she also had white spots on her tonsils. When her tonsils were removed (she was in her 20s), that took care of the constant bad breath. Your hubby may, indeed, need to see a doctor just to be sure he's healthy :) God bless you both. (06/28/2005)

By Luvyabye

Hubby Bad Breath!

Does your husband have any stomach problems? Sometimes acid reflux can cause bad breath also.

By Connie H.

Hubby Bad Breath!

My DH also had bad breath and he visits a dentist regularly and flosses every day. I found a product called tooth soap and since he's been using it there is no more bad breath. It comes in shreds or liquid and it works.

By Annie

Hubby Bad Breath!

My father had this same issue and the problem was bad cavities. Once the "offending" teeth were pulled, things improved significantly. Whatever the cause, he really needs to have this professionally checked out since it could be something serious (but easily treated). (06/28/2005)

By LD4935

Hubby Bad Breath!

I agree with everyone here that flossing daily or even twice daily is super important in eliminating bad breath. Hopefully your husband is not a smoker, but if he is, that combined with not flossing could be the problem. As other posters have said, rotten teeth and tonsil problems may be causing it. Do see a doctor if flossing doesn't work. It could be the signal of a more serious health problem. (06/28/2005)

By Mary

Hubby Bad Breath!

My husband had the same problem. Went to the dentist, flossed regularly. Finally he began using Biotene. There is a mouthwash and toothpaste. You can buy it at Walmart. It's a little expensive but 100% worth it. (06/29/2005)

By keligator

Hubby Bad Breath!

I don't know what it's called because I don't suffer from this problem (or at least no one's ever told me, lol), but I saw at my dentist's office a display for a product that helps what it called "malodor", or something like that. Has he contacted his dentist specifically for this problem? Maybe they have something that could help. (06/29/2005)

By washburn6394

Hubby Bad Breath!

Also, people on low carb diets get bad breath, I've read. I don't know why that is. Also, sinus problems can cause bad breath. If it continues, even after trying some of the suggestions on here, I'd go to the Dr. to see what he or she says. (06/29/2005)

By badwater

Hubby Bad Breath!

Could be several factors. Would be interesting to keep a food diary for a couple of weeks to assess if that's the culprit, whether certain foods make the condition worse. If you find that he complains of heartburn, chest discomfort, hoarseness or sore throat a lot, especially after meals, then acid reflux may be the problem and he should visit the doctor for work-up.

In the meantime, I agree with the suggestion to use Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. It has agents that minimize the development of bacteria in the mouth, which is typically the role of saliva. Biotene is recommended for use in head and neck cancer patients because their ability to produce saliva decreases due to radiation treatment, etc., maybe your husband needs to use a saliva substitute also. Does he complain of dry mouth a lot? The Biotene toothpaste doesn't foam like regular toothpaste but it works and makes a noticeable difference in how clean the teeth and mouth feel. I use it because I like how fresh it makes my mouth feel. Make sure he continues to brush teeth and tongue (at least twice a day), floss, and drink plenty of water. Rinse mouth vigorously with water if not able to brush after a meal.

A Pharmacist Point of View (10/25/2006)


Hubby Bad Breath!

I have braces. So lately everybody has been telling me that I have really bad breath. They describe it to me as all of these disgusting smells mixed together. I recently had 2 back teeth pulled out. I think I brush really well but I don't know. I guess your hubby can drink more water, gargle salt water, and brush a lot! Stop using mouthwash with alcohol. My teacher said it is because the alcohol in the mouthwash kills the good bacteria also and makes the breath worse. That, or eat a lot of mint . (12/31/2008)

By b.d.

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