Front Loader Won't Spin


I have a Frigidaire Affinity washer, model number ATF6500FG0. It will not go into the spin cycle. The washer does everything else, but won't go into the spin cycle.

By Cliff from Cochrane AB Canada


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By Dee 3 142 11/11/2010

Not sure about yours, but my front loader had a built in filter and it got clogged and wouldn't spin, opened the a little door on the front cleaned it out and works like new. I hope this helps, try calling the company and asking them what the problem could be. It could be minor and they might tell you over the phone.

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Archive: Front Loader Won't Spin

My washer is only about 5 years old. It's been great until last week, when it stopped spinning. It fills and the motor engages like it's trying to spin, but nothing happens. It still goes through the cycle and drains at the end as though it's done its job, but I'm left with a pile of sopping wet clothes.

It's a Frigidaire Gallery Series front loading washer.

Thanks in advance.

By Jody from Greater Seattle Area

RE: Front Loader Won't Spin

Call in a professional to service your washing machine. (05/08/2010)


RE: Front Loader Won't Spin

Same thing happened to my whirlpool front loader. Did not spin, then would not fill with water. Repair man said it was the computer. Ordered a part, tried to put it in, and it didn't work so they have to order a new one. Probably will have to buy a new washer! (05/11/2010)

By jataiea

Archive: Front Loader Won't Spin

I have a Frigidaire Gallery front loading washing machine model FWT449GFS2. It will not go into the spin cycle. It washes and does everything, except it won't spin. Can anyone tell me what the possible causes can be?

By Don

RE: Front Loader Won't Spin

My guess would be the belt that drives the spin cycle has either slipped or broken. Depending on how old the machine is, it might be covered under the warranty. Do you have a book for it somewhere? (09/04/2010)

By grammy v

RE: Front Loader Won't Spin

Is it too full? Might be causing it to malfunction, but sounds like a belt problem. There are usually two belts on a washing machine; one that agitates, and one that comes into use in the spin cycle, they may be started by a timer so maybe the time has gone bad. (09/04/2010)

By grammy v

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