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Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

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I just bought some new drapes, they are grommeted at the top, and made of 100% cotton and are lined. The directions say to iron very little or not at all on the fabric side. They arrived in a very wrinkled state. Can I use a fabric steamer on them or would that cause shrinkage? I have never used a steamer before.

By Marcie from Prairie du Sac, WI


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By Jennifer [33]03/28/2011

They will most likely "iron" themselves out by hanging. You can put some water in a spray bottle and spray until damp. Smooth out with clean hands and let gravity do the rest.

By Cricket [205]03/26/2011

The best way to remove the wrinkles would not be to iron them. It sounds like you could very easily ruin them. Instead get some fishing weights, Take an old nylon and put the weights inside. Spread them out evenly along the length of the nylon and tie a knot between each to keep them separated. Then safety pin the nylon to the back side hem of the curtain, putting a safety pin at each weight.

Then hang the curtains as usual and take a steamer and steam the curtains till they are good and damp as if they had just come out of the spin cycle from the washer. Let them hang that way till dry. The weights will pull the wrinkles out.

If you don't have a steamer you can take a spray bottle and spray them till they are good and damp. Again, spray till they are damp like they had just come out of the spin cycle.


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Archive: Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

How do I remove wrinkles from my new chenille drapes. I know I can steam the wrinkles out, but this is very time consuming. The drapes are 50 inches wide by 95 inches long. Can they be ironed on the wrong side?

Sharon from southern IL

RE: Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

I have put drapes in the dryer on low heat just long enough to get the wrinkles out and then just hung them on the windows eliminating the need to iron them except for maybe a wrinkle here and there. I've done this with all sorts of fabrics. (11/02/2005)

By Cindy S.

RE: Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

How about giving them a spray with a spray bottle to dampen them up. Sometimes just hanging them will get out the wrinkles, or throw them in the dryer for a few minutes. (11/03/2005)

By carolb

RE: Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

Don't iron, you'll flatten the nap. Toss in dryer with a damp towel for 10 minutes or so, then hang up immediately. (11/03/2005)

RE: Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

How about spraying Wrinkle Release on them while they are hanging. That stuff is great! (11/06/2005)

RE: Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

I have had good luck putting silk in a bathroom then turning on the hot water for a few minutes. (06/16/2007)

By me

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