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Removing Printer Ink From Skin

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Printer ink on a hand.

When filling an ink cartridge it is easy to get some on your hands. This guide is about removing printer ink from skin.



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Question: Removing Ink From Your Hands

How do I get ink cartridge ink off my hands?

By Ron from Princeton, ON


Best Answers

By jean leiner [14]03/23/2010

Try scrubbing your hands with white toothpaste and a nail brush. Works for me.

Best Answers

By OliveOyl03/23/2010

Try hairspray, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Best Answers

By Lisa (Guest Post)11/26/2008

I used Milton! Worked a treat :-)

Best Answers

By Jackie Baynes (Guest Post)09/02/2008

Many Blesssings! I had cartridge ink on my hands. I tried rubbing alcohol it didn't work. Bleach took it off instantly. Make sure you dilute and wash hands afterwards. Thanks again. 9/1/08

Question: Printer Ink on Skin

I got a lot of black printer ink on my hands. The only household cleaner that removed it was Shout Stain Remover. It removed the ink completely with 3 applications.

By DaniGirl from New Windsor, NY


Best Answers

By gem [150]04/08/2011

Baby wipes are another item that removes almost anything. Just scrub down with a baby wipe and you are as good as new. I use them all the time in crafting. I really think they are great.

Best Answers

By Karen Kwaak [2]04/07/2011

I use hand sanitizer to take out ink. The alchol in the sanitizer is what does the trick.

Best Answers

By carolcoen [1]08/12/2009

Lava soap and/or cleanser like Comet worked for me.

Solutions: Removing Printer Ink From Skin

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