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Polecat (Calico Crowder) Peas

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I would like to know where to buy the old time Polecat peas? They have a pink eye, we planted them when I was young, before I married. Maybe they changed the name of them. If you can help, please let me know. Thanks very much.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By kffrmw88 from Dothan, AL


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By kathleen williams [23]08/16/2009

Yes I want to plant some Polecat peas. I will makes some calls next week to try to find some, thanks very much, good luck.

By kathleen williams [23]08/16/2009

Thanks very much Kaelle for the info on peas, good luck.

By KL [3]08/15/2009

Do you want seeds for planting? This site below was one of the only ones that weren't sold out.

Besides Calico Crowder or Polecat Peas they also go by the name Hereford Pea. ... p;screen=PROD&product_code=16101

They were listed as one of the "dissappearing foods":

Pic: ... n%20pics/calico%20crowder%20418.html

Also sometimes you can get info on where to find from your local county extension office or even at Farmer's Markets or Natural Foods Co-ops.

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