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Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I think my puppy has parvo. I have read some of the articles on this website and he has the symptoms. He seemed to be fine this morning but when I went outside this afternoon he was a different dog. He is very lethargic and has lost weight very quickly. He will lap water occasionally but refuses all food. He is also vomiting the water back up.

I had some Gatorade here and some chicken broth. I have been giving him a 3 cc syringe of Gatorade and then another syringe of chicken broth mixed with a little high calorie vitamin paste I have here for my dogs. I tried the paste alone but it makes him throw up immediately. I have seen one loose stool, normal in color, no visible blood. Unfortunately, I have no way of getting Tater to the vet because it is Easter weekend and we live in a very rural area and cannot find one open.

Of course, I have separated him from the other dogs and he is inside with me. If anyone has any ideas please post a reply. I don't want to lose him. He was an orphan and I kept him out of a litter of 9 that my husband found while hunting in the woods. We found homes for the others but he was "begging" us to keep him. He was the runt and stole our hearts. This is breaking my heart.



Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

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There isn't much else to do for a parvo dog than what your vet is already doing. It's a matter of trying to keep the dog hydrated and not vomiting until the disease has run its course. My husband is a veterinarian and I have been his office manager/tech/kennel person, etc. for 23 years so I have seen more than my share of parvo.

Surely you see now that vaccinating (even with that many dogs) is much cheaper than this. It's truly a horrible way to die. (03/25/2008)

By ThriftyFun

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

You need to take him to the vet immediately. My dog was just as happy as he was any regular day. Then one morning I went to get him and he couldn't walk, he had lock jaw and try as he might, he couldn't eat anything. I gave him water and soupy food through a syringe. I rushed him into the vet's office and unfortunately there was nothing the vet could do because I didn't know earlier. Time makes a difference!


Good luck & god bless. (03/25/2008)

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Kindly stop feeding him with stew and other stuff. Just start giving him some glucose about 0.5 Ml each time at an interval of half an hour. Continue this even if he is vomiting the stuff back. Set up a few ice cubes and allow him to lick them. Consult your vet and do organize for a saline treatment at the earliest. I am sure he would get well soon.(03/26/2008)

By Indian

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I don't know of what you are going through, cause I never had a dog that had parvo. I would imagine it is like having a sick child. But I would think by contacting North Shore Animal League of America, or that they would be able to help you out.

Best of Luck for you and your little puppy.
Jerry (03/26/2008)

By JerrySchach

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My advice would be the same as dpinney.

I am horrified to read that an entire litter who may be affected are out possibly spreading this horrible disease. Please contact the eight other adopters and let them know that their pup may be infected. Hopefully they have already gotten their new pups their shots.

Bleach anywhere this pup has pooped in your home with strong bleach solution. Dig out the poop spots in the yard where s/he has pooped. The virus is concentrated in this poo. At minimum, triple bag it for the trash; the virus will be alive for six months. If you've taken pup to an off-leash or park, please post signs advising others of this disease. Hopefully others who have not vaccinated their pets will do so.

The prevention is way cheaper than the cure (or the attempt at the cure). (03/26/2008)

By Janet

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I just got a foster puppy est. to be 8-10 weeks old. Yesterday he was fine, this morning very listless, would eat, or hardly drink, I was up with him at 5 am. We got him in to the vet this morning, and after a stool sample it was confirmed he had parvo. He was given some shots, and something oral probably to knock out the temp., he had 104. I was told to keep Gatorade down him as much as possible, don't worry too much about food if he wouldn't eat, by the time I got home this little fellow was doing good, was playful again on and off.

He was eating a little, we gave him some baby food; beef and beef gravy mixed with his puppy food. He ate it up and wanted more (this may be a rarity or it was just caught early I can't say). But he will continue his meds and get Gatorade and as much water as he wants. He hasn't thrown up anymore but some of the meds he is taking helps that. I am keeping a diary of his progress. He may be all yucky again tomorrow, I don't know. But hydrate hydrate hydrate. Antibiotics are good too so they don't get a bacterial infection, from the virus. My vet bill was only 120.00 and some vets will work with you. I have 3 other dogs and they have all been vaccinated.


By annalee65

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I saved 4 dogs with parvo, in 3 days. All of them in perfect health. Parvoguard - is the best! It will cost you less than $100. With vet bills -$1000. After 3 days with Parvoguard, I gave dogs herb tea with honey for another 3-4 days every 2-3 hours. My friends - it worked every time. Vet didn't save my dog, with all his meds, I had a huge bill and a dead dog. But she infected my other pups. So, I didn't trust vets anymore, found Parvoguard. It work for me. Saved 4 dogs with Parvoguard and lost 1 dog with a vet. Think about it. Good luck. (03/30/2008)

By Slava

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I just bought a puppy. And the very next morning I took her to the vet to be checked and get her shots. The breeder told me he had done his own vaccinations called 3 in one. So I had no proof. We did see the puppy had worms so my vet wormed her. We get home and with in 2 hours, she was running a fever. And just became lifeless. Then came the vomiting and then the foul stool. So I took her back to the vet and she tested positive for parvo. I had to leave my new baby at the vet 3 days now. And have cried for days. I called the breeder and he acted like he was in shock. But I could tell by his voice he knew. And all he could say is if something happens to the pup I'll get you one out of my next litter. I'm sorry I do not want another one of his pups.


I guess I am wondering if there is anything I can do to go after the breeder. I feel like he should pay my vet bill at least. My vet did say she has a good chance. She was not so badly dehydrated. And in the mornings she would be happy then as the day would go she would get lifeless again. I pray my little Dane will pull through this. My heart is broken. This man knowingly sold me a sick dog. I contacted AKC just to ask if any of the littler had been registered and was told no, not a one. This man knew. Could he be so desperate to have a few bucks that he doesn't care? I want him to lose his rights to sell a registered dog with AKC ever again. Any advise for me "Sad in Texas" Pray for my Annie
texastea_65 AT (04/03/2008)

By sad in texas

RE: Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Did some searching and found a recipe that cured her within hours. 1 quart of Gatorade with 1/2 teaspoon of chlorine bleach. Gave her 1/2 an ounce, it stayed down. Gave her a 2nd dose an hour later and also some plain Gatorade. 3 hours later, she is playing, wagging her tail and barking! I was so scared to try this, but it worked! I have never seen a dog recover so fast.

It really does help. I found this quote in amazon and I tried it out on both my 7 and 8 week old puppies. The first one got well right after, and the second one took 2 hours. But both of them started eating, wagging their tails, and started playing again like they were never sick.


By khatart

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Step by step article on how to save your puppy from parvo here:

I am the author of the article as well as the author of, "Guide To Ethical Dog Breeding". (04/25/2008)

By Janet

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Go to your local store and get tobacco, Top or any kind you can get. Give him a little bit at a time, a whole cig. a day. My puppy is just getting over parvo and that is what I gave him. He is gaining weight back and eating. I gave it to him 2 days ago and he started eating the next day. Good luck with your puppy, I know how hard this can be and hope he gets better. (05/04/2008)

By Chrystal

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

We just found out that our jack-rat puppy, who is a few months old has parvo. We don't have the money to take her to the vet. We are giving her Gatorade every so often. Her mother had parvo & almost died, so we know why she has it. Please pray that she survives. (05/26/2008)

By Cortney

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Please do not feed your dog tobacco. Go to yahoo search and type in "Parade, 20 things you should never feed your pet". This will take you to and an article written by a doctor giving 20 forbidden food groups. Tobacco is included. (05/30/2008)

By Dog Lover

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

We have a really sick pup and at first we didn't know what it was. The pups sister was sick for a day or two then his other sister got it and she is feeling better too, but this little guy has taken a turn for the worst and we feel really bad. We are trying the Gatorade and bleach thing that I read above and we pray to GOD that it works because it is my little sister's dog. He is so sick, we doubt he will make it through the night but we will try and see. Thank you for the suggestions and please pray for our little puppy. THANK YOU! (06/16/2008)

By Lauren.

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My family and I have 8 dogs, 7 dogs are litter mate and the other dog is their father. We did have 15 until the mother of the dogs died along with her two other puppies. So heart broken, we bottle-raised the other 9 pups which are now 10 mos. old.

They were all happy and looking 100% up to this Sunday when we found one of the dogs under the porch dead. Not knowing what killed him, we buried him and hoped the best for the other dogs. The other 8 were fine until Tuesday when we found one almost dead under the porch. He wouldn't come out and we had no choice but to drag him out. We poured some water down his mouth and rubbed his neck so he would swallow it. We then rushed him to the animal hospital, which was about 30 min. away, he died on the way there. The next day, we got a call from the vet saying he died from parvo and we assumed that is what happened to the other dog also.

On the last dog we saw some of the yellow vomit and the really smelly stool. Today we were going to take another to the vet, but because they only have a 50/50 chance of living and they were not showing any signs, we didn't. Now all the other dogs are great today! They're playing, drinking, and eating great. Only 2 have a small amount of diarrhea coming out, which isn't much at all. However, if another dog happens to get parvo I need some tips and advice on what to do for them. Please keep my other dogs in your prayers, thank you!


By meagan

RE: Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I have a puppy with parvo as I speak. This is the second time one of my dogs got parvo. The first one I took to the vet. The vet told me that she should really stay overnight with IV drip, so I did. The next morning I called the vet to see how my dog was doing, and they told me she didn't make it through the night she had died! I was so upset, but even worse when the vet gave me my bill. It was $568.56 and I had a dead dog.

So this time I'm taking matters in my own hands, my puppy has parvo, she's only 3 months old. Well at the first sign she was not feeling good (not eating or drinking and vomiting and bloody poo), I immediately got some big syringes and I started hydrating her under the skin in back of neck with 10cc of filtered water (that's all I had at the time). I had some amoxicilin pills (I opened the pill and poured the powder in 1/4 cup of water and mixed. Then with a syringe (no needle) I forced it down her throat 1 time daily.

Well, 6 days now and she's eating. No fever or blood in stool and she's becoming more active (she's still real skinny but I think she's kicked it). Do not try to feed first few days, they will just vomit, just hydrate and penicillin. It's working for me, and so far so good. Her stool is hardening up now also, I will never take another dog to vet for parvo again. You can do just as much for them at home as they can. Good luck and remember plenty of hydration is the key. (06/27/2008)

By bam

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My 3 month old St. Bernard puppy just came down with parvo even though she is up to date on all of her shots. It was on a weekend when she got sick and my vet is not open on Sunday. I took her in first thing Monday and the test came back positive for parvo. She gave me antibiotics and sent me home because I didn't have the $200 down payment for keeping her overnight or the $100 a day. I asked about arranging a payment plan, but was told that they don't accept that. However, I could apply for an animal care card but I would be denied since I have bad credit because of a divorce.

Anyway, I have brought her home and have put a water bowl out for her. I give her pedialyte with a syringe, and beef broth. She seems to be doing better, but is there something else that I can do that I am missing? (07/01/2008)

By mandy

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

We adopted two 10wk old puppies from the local shelter. 6 days later one came down with parvo, we took him to the vet. The next day the other got it. 4 days, 2 puppies at the vet $2600 later. We took them home. The vomit would not stop.
Then we found Parvaid online by ambertec. Luckily there is a store close by that had it. $100 worth of "treat at home" and 6 hours later, the sickest of the two is eating, 14 hours later playing and back to chewing everything in the house. The 2nd became dehydrated, and I did not read the entire book at home yet, so we took him back to the vet for an IV, just to hydrate. 24 hours later, we took him home, 4 hours into it now, no vomit.

READ everything they have available at the site, it's a free online book. If you can not get parvaid, order it online (they will overnight it) with the Viral plus (both our dogs also have parasites, we just figured that out yesterday). This is very common, it treats other problems we miss under parvo symptoms. They have a temporary tea recipe to make at home, that does stop the vomiting/ dehydration. Any questions e-mail me, parvo is so sad. I wish I would have found alternative medicine at home first, but found it in time to keep them alive. e-mail at; snotface3 AT Warning; caring at home is very trying and messy, but so worth their life, and saving the cost of vets. Best of luck!


By brandy

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

We had a rottweiler that had parvo and vets said that he was on stage 2 and the next stage was death. What we did was took pedialtye, mixed half water and half pedialtye, then we fed him baby food with a syringe. We stayed up feeding him small amounts every five seconds and he lived. He hadn't had anything to eat in about 5-6 days and the baby food method worked. Then we disinfected the yard with boiling hot water with bleach in it, which is what the vet said to do. He got it from flies, so if you have an outdoor dog then you might wanna watch out for them, because they carry some pretty nasty things that can infect your dog. (07/18/2008)

By Jessica

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I just found out my 4 month old puppy has parvo. She contacted the virus in my yard from another dogs droppings. I am doing everything in my power to keep her alive. She was doing well but now is going down hill again. I am keeping her fed with Ensure (the vanilla kind) which is the best bet. Just keep her in your thoughts. I am afraid her mother will come down with it now, seeing she is under 2 yrs old. This is a horrible virus. It's sad we have to go through this. (07/21/2008)

By Andrea

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My little puppy which, is 4 months old, just got Parvo about a day ago. We cannot afford to take her to the vet right now. A family friend told us to give her a parvo shot and watch over her. But could that kill her? I am really scared, she is drinking a little water but throwing it back up. Would Gatorade help? I don't know what to do, please help. (07/24/2008)


Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Well, for anyone reading this, sorry. I don't really know if my dog has parvo, and can't afford to find out. He does have a lot of the symptoms though. I did a lot of research. First thing you should do is find a store that sells antibiotics for cows, horses, and dogs. Tractor Supply, Quality Farm, and Fleet, etc. Antibiotics are the key for any virus. If your dog isn't drinking, then get a dehydration fluid with electrolytes, and FORCE it.

Don't force your dog to eat for a couple days, let the stomach and organs heal. Food will make the organs work to digest and they need to heal so your dog won't lose blood. Let your dog relax, but still give it attention so it knows you care. Keep it calm and away from other dogs, so they don't get it, and excitement can make matters worse for the infected dog. Remember fluids, antibiotics, rest (indoors), and love. Good Luck. (09/03/2008)

By Chris

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My dog has parvo right now. She's a 10 week old pit bull and she got it from our yard because my other dog had it. We didn't know it could spread like that. So we went to the vet and we couldn't afford the 1200 dollars to keep her for three days, so we got the iv and antibiotics at home. It's been five days and now she finally seems a bit better. What should we do? (09/14/2008)


By Christina

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Pepto-bismol! I promise that vets do not want you to know this secret. It worked for our pup. "Breah cow", is a med size dog (nothing nice about pouring a liquid down a dog's throat). Do it. You are saving a pup's life. She's 7 years old now. Breah was 100% better after 3 days of pepto-bismol. (09/18/2008)

By michelle

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My son and I decided to expand our family by adopting two 10 week old sister puppies. One of my puppies (Kloey) began throwing up uncontrollably last Wednesday and I got her in to see a vet right away at Banfield Pet Hospital. He told me that she had an obstruction and after $500 worth of x-rays and blood work, recommended $2400 worth of exploratory surgery, I rushed her to the emergency hospital hoping for a better price or a referral to somebody that would work out a payment arrangement. I was surprised when the vet looked at her x-rays and blood work, and then came in with 1 last test. When he returned to tell me he would never do exploratory surgery on a puppy with Parvo, I was shocked and dismayed. He said that she not only tested positive but had a "very high positive". Having just spent $500 on unnecessary tests at Banfield Pet Hospital in San Bernardino, CA, I couldn't afford to hospitalize her and couldn't take her home to treat since I had her seemingly healthy sister there.

I had to make the heart breaking decision to let her go. It wasn't until Saturday that her sister (karly) began showing the same symptoms. When I contacted Banfield to let them know that unless obstruction is contagious they were completely wrong and took advantage of my desire to save my loved one, the basic response that I got was...sorry for your luck. I am now trying to treat my 2nd puppy at home since I have spent $900 in the last week in vet bills. I firmly believe that Banfield Pet Hospital was completely underhanded and has no concern for the safety and well being of any animals that they may treat. I am a single mother that struggles as it is, and to have someone take advantage of my heartbreak, I'm disgusted. I can only hope that we can, with our love and medication, pull Karly through. I am determined that Parvo will not win this battle. (09/23/2008)

By stacy1979

RE: Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

All you need to do is give your dog pedialtye at least every half an hour, and after every time they throw up or go to the bathroom, also give them small amounts of cheese. You will lose a couple days of sleep but your dog will not die.
Bleach is used to clean your house and yard after your dog gets better. Trust me I've grown up around dogs all my life and we've had at least 4 dogs with the virus, and all of them lived! (10/05/2008)

By Joseph R

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My 6 month old puppy got really sick and I thought it was just worms so we gave her over the counter worm medicine, come to find out today that she has parvo. The stupid vet told me and said she needed a 400.00 iv. I told them I couldn't afford that and he sent me home with a shot and told me to give her pedialyte. Well, 2 hours later she was worse and almost near death now.

She is spending a few days at the vets office hopefully to recover fully. Please keep her in your thoughts. I'm sick with grief. Does anyone know if the vet says the parvo is only showing up a little positive on the test, is this a good thing? Does this mean she can come back from this? (10/18/2008)

By robin

RE: Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

my puppy has parvo

My Yellow lab has parvo. I noticed a serious irregular change in his personality. It started when he threw up about 30 minutes after he ate his dinner last night. He then threw up two more times before I decided to go to the CVS and get him some pedialyte. Between his vomiting I was researching the Parvo virus and that was a recommendation.

After I gave him the pedialyte he threw up again. I go to school at Texas A&M and we have a 24 hour emergency hospital for small animals, so I gave them a call. I decided that there was no after hours price to put on my 16 week best friend, and I took him for immediate attention. They ran the test and he tested positive for Parvo.

Any dog can get it no matter what age or breed if not properly vaccinated. They can get it through a number of ways from fecal contact to someone bringing in on their shoes to his room/kennel. The Dr. told me that I did the right thing and that it was the earliest diagnosis she has made on a dog.

I chose to do the "at home" method of treatment which included an IV that I give him twice a day to keep him hydrated. At one of those sessions I give him an anti-vomit medicine in his IV. Along with that I give him 2 tablespoons of pedialyte ever hour to keep his electrolyte level up. The biggest killer of dogs infected with parvo are dehydration and secondary infections.

The dehydration is taken care of with the pedialyte and the IV I give him. The secondary infections are taken care of with antibiotics. The Dr. also gave me de-worming oral injections once a day because parvo kills the white blood cells and opens up the "flood gates" to other viruses/infections.

My boy Weston is fantastic in every way just as any puppy is to their new owner. Not everyone can financially support immediate medical attention or the proper vaccines, but that comes with owning a dog. I have evaluated all the costs of owning a pet and have accepted them. Do NOT let the symptoms of parvo persist which include excessive vomiting, a fever, sometimes bloody diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

There is no cure for the virus but you can fight the symptoms and let the dog fight it off for his/herself with the proper care. I am now almost 24 hours into his treatment and he is doing great. I gained so much knowledge in only a couple hours of research that the Dr. couldn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

She was amazed at how informed and how accurate my information was. Texas A&M has the best Vet school in the nation and for her to tell me that shocked me. Self educate. Good luck to every pooch and owner who are suffering this horrendous illness. (10/23/2008)


my puppy has parvo

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I think it needs to be said here that it is a fact that many pups that get parvo have good owners and do get their pups shots. This is my case. My pups had only one shot to go. Many pups react to the shot by getting the virus. My vet doesn't know why but she has seen it in more vaccinated than un vaccinated. Also a pup is more likely to survive parvo with proper supportive care.

Here on the net I've seen 80 % or better make it. My vet says it's rare for them to loose a parvo pup and she quoted 90 to 98 % survival. This doesn't mean they won't get very very sick. After one night of IV treatment in the hospital my pup is recovering, eating and waiting to come home. As a precaution he will stay one more night. Don't give up on a pup with parvo. They have such a good chance of recovery. (10/26/2008)

By Remy

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I lost my puppy to Parvo this morning. I got him only 3 days ago from the pound. I took him to the vet yesterday and today, and he went downhill fast - constant vomiting and diarrhea, and finally, no appetite and lethargy. After talking to my vet and researching, I opted to have him put down - he was a strong positive.

Even with a full recovery, the heart can be compromised and you won't know for years. Also they are more prone to illness later on. From what I read, there is no real cure. No telling how many pups at the pound were infected - terribly sad.

I wish you all the best, may your outcomes be better than mine. It's heartbreaking. I had to do what was best for my pup, given the information I had. He was only 8 weeks old. (10/30/2008)

By Karen

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I am in the first 30 hours. Its' not easy and I am not sure if my baby girl is getting any benefit from the shots the vet gave her, and I am doing the pedialyte and pepto at present time. She looks really thin and has had her first accident with diarrhea. Pray for us! (10/31/2008)

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My baby pup also has Parvo. Hes' had it for about 5 days now, and it seems he's getting better. What you need to do first if you have other dogs around him is immediately remove your pup from them. Give your pup baby Pedialyte about 4 or 5 times a day. Your pup will throw it up the first couple times, but don't stop giving it to them. It's the only thing that's cleaning the puppies system. Disinfect everything around your puppy with bleach, it's the only thing that kills Parvo. Parvo can live in your grass for up to two years. If you have your pup sleeping in a blanket (or puppy bedding area), make sure to wash it every two days or so (with bleach). Then take your pup to to the vet for treatment. Keep your pup as clean as you can. (11/03/2008)

By mel

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

We have a Boxer/Pitbull mix. His name is Chaos and is 3 months old. I'm not sure if he has Parvo or not. He was sick one day, vomiting and couldn't eat. The second day he had energy and ate and started drinking again. Then the third day, he's back to not eating but still drinking and has the smelly diarrhea. He is drinking lots of water and it stays down. Can anyone tell me if it's Parvo? (11/18/2008)

By Christine in NC

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Thursday morning our 6 month old puppy "King" started acting strange. We called around and kept hearing that he could have parvo. That entire evening my husband and I called every vet around to find somewhere to help us by letting us make payments so we could get him help. Finally around 1am that night we got lucky! Once at the vet they gave him the test and told us it was parvo.

It was $300 upfront just so they would take him to start treatment! They hooked him up to an iv with antibiotics and to keep him hydrated. He stayed there all day Friday and we were able to bring him home today (Saturday). He still is not himself. He's very weak, depressed, and not eating or drinking. So we went and got baby food and we're trying to keep him hydrated with Pedialyte. He's not really vomiting or having diarrhea that often. His stool isn't as watery as it was the first day. I hope we're doing everything we can to help him get through this. I also agree, when your dog has parvo definitely give them a lot of love and let them know your there for them. But you also have to make sure you let them get their rest.

We have our puppy in a big cage. He has a nice comfy blanket to rest on and we keep checking on him. We let him out so we can cuddle and love him every hour, and give him 4 tbsp. of pedialyte. He takes his meds every 8 hours. We probably won't be able to sleep tonight. But he's part of our family so we have to get him through this. This is such a serious illness. I think something needs to be started were you can get your dogs vaccinated for FREE. Then this would quit happening to these wonderful animals.

Pray for our puppy "King". We are so regretful it was not easier to get him his shots. So now we just gotta "know" he's gonna make it.

-King's worried family-
Lorain, Ohio (12/20/2008)

By Jackie M.

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

We just bought a puppy a few weeks ago and after two days of having him, he started to throw up and so we had to take him to a 24 hr emergency vet and they tested him and turns out it was parvo. We took him home and he just kept getting worse and just that night he lost a pound and a half and he only weighed 7.5 lbs. We didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on this puppy we just got because they say it can get expensive. The first thing we had to do was separate him from our other dogs and then go through our entire house and bleach everything clothes, shoes, all dog toys, dog blankets everything that he came in contact with.

We tried to keep him hydrated with everything that we read online like Pedialyte, Gatorade, etc. He just kept getting worse and we were going to put him down because I had become so attached to him and didn't want him to suffer. We had already spend over $400 on vet bills from the 24 hr emergency vet and didn't want to spend anymore but we knew he was family now and we wanted to try everything before we would let him go so we went back to the vet. He stayed at the vet all day and had an IV and pills for the vomiting and diarrhea and when we went to pick him up they gave us his extra medicine that he didn't use and taught us how to use it.

Over the next few days we were giving him pills, Gatorade, pedialyte and nutri- cal and we could see changes in him right away. They tell you not to feed him and let his stomach take a rest and heal. Well turns out he made it and he's a healthy and happy puppy, we updated his shots and now he's playing with the other dogs.

We are extremely happy we didn't put him down and chose to fight instead. Some signs to look for in a parvo puppy are diarrhea (bloody or not), dehydration (to test if he's dehydrated, pull the skin between his shoulders and if it's tight he's dehydrated and if it's loose he's not), vomiting, lethargy, foul smelling feces, fever, depression, sleeping a lot, and stop eating. I know how it feels to not have the money to pay for vet bills but taking him was the best thing for our puppy and probably what saved his life. Some things to try to help the puppy get better are Gatorade, pedialyte, boiled hamburger or chicken with no skin, plain pasta or rice, yogurt (which the doctor said was good to feed him).

I would NOT recommend feeding him raw eggs. I know the only way to know for sure if a puppy has parvo is to get it tested, but if I could help anyone with suggestions or what we did to help cure Rocky I would love to help. My email address is: amanda59937 AT (12/26/2008)


RE: Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

We have a beautiful 12 week old Chocolate Lab who is at the vet with Parvo. She is much better today, but has been very very sick. Today is her eighth day at the vets and the cost is going to be outrageous, but I had to make sure she had the very best care.

Mocha went in for her third set of the parvo vaccine and the bordetella vaccine on a Wed. morning. She took a long nap and seemed tired and did not run to her bowl at feeding time. This was on Christmas Eve and the vet had closed early so I called the Emergency Animal Hospital. I was told to watch her and they would be opened all night.

Later Mocha spit up and later had diarrhea, I gave her Pepto and she seemed better. Christmas day she slept a lot and had some diarrhea but still some what playful. I never dreamed she might have Parvo since she had been vaccinated, thought she might have had a reaction to the bordetella vaccine. By Friday she could not get up.

We took her in to the Emergency Animal Clinic where she tested positive for Parvo. I.V. was started with antibiotics for secondary infections. Early Monday morning we picked her up to transfer her to our vets. Mocha continued to spit up and have diarrhea until yesterday her seventh day.

Our vet calls us morning and evening with updates and we visited her often. This virus is heart breaking, but we continue to have faith that she will be ok. Horse serum has been ordered but has not yet arrived. I have been online trying to research this method (not sure it will be needed now).

Mocha continues to get better although it has been very slow, she is a very special puppy and I can't wait for her to come home and be a "puppy" again. We have bleached everything and feel confident that she is getting the very best care and that she will grow up to be healthy. (01/03/2009)

By Lisa

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

Our 11 week old white shepherd is in the vet hospital with parvo. She had received two parvo vaccinations prior to her symptoms. She was playful all day on Saturday and then that evening she wouldn't eat or drink and was lethargic. She ran fever all night and on Sunday she had perked up a bit and even seemed playful and ate a small amount of food and was drinking really well.

Monday morning she wouldn't eat or drink. We took her to the vet and they tested her for parvo and it was positive. They immediately started her on IV fluids and medication. During the IV process she vomited three times; however, she has not vomited since nor has she had and diarrhea.

This morning we received a good report. She was alert, no more vomiting, still no diarrhea and she had urine output. We lost a puppy to parvo five years ago and thought we had done all we could to prevent Dumplin from getting it. Her vaccines came from a local feed store and we know the owner very well and he keeps the vaccines refrigerated. We will never know how or why Dumplin got sick, but I can tell you one thing in the future we will get ALL her vaccines from our vet.

She isn't out of the woods yet. I have read that if a puppy survives they are usually weak and can have poor health for the rest of their life. I sure hope not! Dumplin is the best dog we've ever had and is so smart and her training was going so well. I can't stress enough how important it is to listen to your vet, pay a few dollars more to insure your dogs good health.


Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

My boyfriend's parents got a puppy on Saturday morning as playful as can be until Tuesday. Now the puppy has had severe bloody diarrhea and has thrown up electrolyte water. It has no desire to eat and is very skinny. Every hour we give it 2 oz of the water but the puppy is still very dehydrated. Sometimes it won't even swallow the water. We are praying for it, but we do not know if Hope is going to live. She has seemed to have given up on the will to live. Please pray for her, we can't afford vet hospital bills, but she did get some shots and pills. Thank you, and have a good life. (01/13/2009)

By jessica

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo

I have a three month old Saint Bernard puppy. He's just adorable as can be, and about six days ago my boyfriend and I noticed that he was acting really lethargic and wasn't eating. That night he ran a high temperature and seemed really thirsty but wouldn't drink water. I was forcing water down his throat hoping it would help, every hour or so. He continued to get sicker and around midnight we rushed him to an emergency clinic, was diagnosed with parvo, and was given several injections with fluids.

He seemed great the next day but we took him to a closer vet in town, who again gave him fluid injections with anti vomiting meds and antibiotics. He wasn't getting any worse but definitely wasn't getting better.

Finally on the fourth day we had to take him back to the emergency clinic who immediately insisted we hospitalize him, he would surely die if not given constant treatment, so we went with it. The next day we went to pick him up and were informed that he must be immediately be transferred to another hospital to continue hospitalization. He was a complete wreck. He was very dazed, panting heavily, he looked on the verge of death.

He has since then been hospitalized here in town and they say he's not showing much improvement and at this point they don't know how long he will need to be in there. We have spent over 1,500 dollars keeping him alive in less than a week, and we don't even know how much longer it will be. I miss my baby and I want him home. It's in my experience that giving our puppy fluid injections isn't healing him. I'm going to pick him up tomorrow and we're going to try parvaid and pepto and pedialyte to see if we can fix it ourselves, those sound like much more effective procedures and much less expensive.

I hope we don't have to re hospitalize him, but I think good old fashioned home doctoring will be enough. Good luck to all of you searching for answers to save your puppies lives, it's a devastating disease and I hope you all cure your dogs. (01/20/2009)

By Scarlett

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