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Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

I need help organizing my room! I have a lot of stuff and I need it all. I have little storage, but a lot of clothes. I have tried every organizing tip I have heard, like throwing away or getting rid of stuff I don't need. I do it every month and my room is still messy and unorganized. I can never find anything.


I have a small desk with 3 large and deep shelves, a 6 foot long and 4 feet wide closet, 4 shelves, a night stand with no shelves or drawers (just a big opening), a 3 drawer dresser and 3 drawers underneath my bed. I would like the organizing ideas to be cute and fun.

help from MI


Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

If you put something back after you take it out and decide not to use it, you will never create any mess.

Something they tell executives when having to go through their mail is to do something useful with the letter while it is still in the hand. The minute you put it down, you create piles.

Don't buy any more clothing until you grow! (11/20/2005)

By cookwie

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

Cute boxes or whatever would keep it from looking cluttered. Look around at garage sales and get some that are covered and you could stack them. Could you hang a coordinating curtain of some kind over the front of your nightstand so you could use it for unseen storage? Or just put some cute boxes/baskets there to hold things. Not really original ideas I have, but hope you find a solution that works for you. (11/20/2005)


By Dede

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

There are hangers that hold 5 or 6 pairs of pants or skirts which should save some closet space. For all of the little things you can get a shelf system and use baskets on the shelves to hold things, add a curtain if you want to hide the baskets. Cookwie is right, everything should have a home, if it doesn't then it is clutter. has some great ideas on how to handle clutter.

Love and prayers.

Linda (11/20/2005)

By lindaljh1

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

Boxes laid on their sides are great for keeping your room neat, but stll being able to get at everything easily and quickly. Whenever you or your parents receive something in a sturdy box, either cover the inside and outside of the box in wrapping paper or paint the inside and outside. As you get more, stack them in fun ways. You'll have lots of great cubbies of different sizes and no more complaints from the parents about a messy room! (11/22/2005)


By Connie

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

My room's a mess too and the best way to clean it is start with the clothes and then the trash! (10/09/2007)

By Same here

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

I had the exact same problem! What I did is I took a bunch of my stuff and put it into my attic, that way if I ever need any of it I can just go in the attic and get it out! Then I put shelves up behind my clothes in my closet to put stuffed animals, books, etc. on. I rearranged my room to where I can have lots of room for other storage if needed. I also made sure I always clean up my room! Hope this helps! (11/07/2007)

By Pretty_In_Pink

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

All you have to do is put on some music and get to work. It was make it seem like a breeze. (01/13/2008)


Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

I have the same problem. I am constantly organizing, but my room is never organized! Plus, during the week, I don't have enough time to keep up with the mess that builds up. Anyway, I have some tips. First, I would suggest rearranging your closet often so that stuff never builds up in piles without you knowing. Also, set off specific areas of your room for homework stuff, music stuff, clothing stuff, jewelry, etc. Use creative boxes for things. Put pencils in jars, and repaint old things for new purposes. (02/03/2008)

By I know how you feel

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

I used to have that problem. First you ask your parents if you can go to Target or like Kmart and buy a lot of cute boxes small to big. Then invite some of your good friends to come and help you reorganize your room and decorate it. This is a fun and social way to do things and I hope it works. You can buy an organizer at Target for your closet which really helped in my room. I mean it! Hope it works. (02/17/2008)


By Kirsten

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

Every year do a major clean. Empty the room completely, clean everything, sort everything, and get new boxes and organizing tools from the department store. Play music too, it really does help the time pass. It takes a while, but it's worth it then do smaller cleans throughout the year. I do it every December. It's always feels nice to start a new year with a clean room. (03/25/2008)

By blank_canvas

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

My parents say- just clean it! I know how you feel, though even cranking up some tunes can get boring. Instead, I have a reward. If you want, go out and get yourself a reward, and make a game to go along. If you make a list of everything in your room, not like every little detail, but clothes, writing utensils, paper, that stuff, and then as you clean, write "two points" or whatever next to it. In the end, add up your points, and give yourself that many of the prize, whether the prize is candies or even organizing boxes and baskets. Remember, cleaning can't always be fun, but it sure is worth it! This way you can pass time, and your parents won't yell at you for having it be messy. Good luck! (04/06/2008)


By Mercedes

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

Hey, I know exactly what you are going through. I feel like I have so much stuff that it won't all fit in my room, but I need to keep most of it. Even though I'm sure you've heard some of these here's a list of my best tips:

  1. First of all, get rid of clothes or things you don't need. They'll just get in the way as you organize everything else.

  2. Put all of your winter clothes away for the summer and vice versa. This will save you closet space.

  3. Hang up an over-the-door purse rack to keep the space in your closet open. Store your shoes either under your bed or in another over-the-door rack.

  4. If you have books in your room, organize them by color on your desk shelves. The books make your work space look serious while the color gives the area some pop.
  5. For your nightstand, shelves, and dresser-top display things like picture frames, trinkets, trophies, etc. Keep things like CDs, electronics, and other non-decorative things stored in your closet in neat, labeled bins. That way you can still find them with easy access, but they won't take up your surface space in your room. That area is for decorating!
  6. Finally, personalize your room as much as possible. If you need some color on your walls, buy a couple of blank canvases at a craft store and paint them to match your room. Hang wood letters spelling out your name with ribbon above your dresser or bed. That serves as a dramatic center for the room. Write your name on home-made posters, on your organizing bins, tack it up on cork boards. Do anything to make your room your own.

Good luck. (04/13/2008)

By Chelsea

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room THE BEST TIPS EV

Okay! So your room is: messy, unorganized, boring, too dark, dull, too kiddish, too mature, sad, been the same forever, no room, doesn't fit you, ugly, smells bad, or just looks like a tornado crashed through your room! I have the answers!

It looks like a lot, but not really. Just pick your category.

Editor's Note: Destiny's feedback was so detailed and wonderful, we decided to make it a separate entry. For her advice, follow this link: (04/25/2008)

By Destiny

RE: Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room THE BEST TIPS EV

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

One thing I have learned is that clothes are one of the main problems people have in their bedrooms. So here are some tips:

  1. If you haven't worn it then you probably ain't gonna wear it. So put it in the give away pile.

  2. If it doesn't fit you then don't save it and say I'll lose weight and be able to wear it, because you probably won't. Put it in the give away pile also.

  3. Don't just throw your clothes on the floor when you get something out and don't wear it. Hang it back up. And when you take your clothes off at the end of the day either hang them up or if dirty put in a dirty clothes basket.

  4. Have a dirty clothes basket in your room. Take it to the laundry one once or twice a week. However much you need to.
Hope this helps! (06/05/2008)

By ambi

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

This is not really cleaning, but I take any junk around my room (you know, small things) and I put them in shoe boxes and I put the shoe boxes under my bed. Sometimes I write on the lid what's inside so I can take a box and check the list to see if what I want is inside. (06/23/2008)

By Maggie

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

I had to clear out my room tons because we are moving to a whole different state!
So, I made five piles.

  1. stuff to keep
  2. stuff to give away
  3. stuff to give to my friend if she wants it
  4. stuff to store until the next season
  5. stuff to ask mum about because I cannot decide.

Obviously you can ignore the fifth one, ha ha. It was easy. I was dreading it so much, but it was easy, and so worth it!
(Things I didn't give to my friends I gave to Goodwill.) (07/02/2010)

By justcallmemeggy

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