Determining the Value of an Older Sewing Machine

February 27, 2019

Finding Attachments for a Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine - machine in a wood cabinetJust want to share this pic of my sewing machine. I want to know if attachments are hard to come by. The model number is 117-959. Any idea of resale value also?


Finding Attachments for a Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine


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There are some sellers on eBay who have the machine + accessories. You could always ask them to break up the set and sell you the accessories separately. Some are willing because a "bid" i the and is worth two in the bush (to misquote the famous saying of a bird in the hand). Here are today's listings:

As for the value, it depends on if it is working, you have the book, and the overall condition of the cabinet.

Right now on eBay all of the machines that were listed are unsold (so the value is nothing until they sell):


You may want to watch the active sales from the first link to get SOLD prices and that will give you today's value--as long as you see an apples to apples match.

Post back what you decide! This machine is a work horse and can last you forever if well cared for!!

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You will have to do a lot of checking generic vintage Kenmore accessories/parts to find items that fit your machine as many sellers will not show the numbers their items fit.

  • You do not have a complete number for your model so I would recommend that you contact Sears Parts and find out more about this machine before looking for accessories as the more information you have the easier it will be to locate items for this particular machine.
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  • I believe that model is a White machine but Sears can tell you for sure and what White models will also fit your machine. They can tell you the full model number and year it was made (some parts can be found with just the 117-959) and may also have some items for you to purchase.
  • Here is a link that has their contact information.
  • Here is a machine that has been listed for a while that is maybe the same model (but may not be the same year) and has a lot of accessories listed. The cabinet seems to be a little more elaborate than yours (larger cabinet with larger drawers and a double open top) but the overall machine looks to be in good condition.
  • They are asking $100 with "pick up only" and it has not sold. It is possible the location is the reason it has not sold and if listed in a different location the value may be higher.
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  • Usually the same accessories/parts will fit several different models and sometime the seller has no idea as to what machine their items will fit but if they have correct information, they will list the model numbers in their description.
  • Here is a link that will explain what I mean. There are several listings for Kenmore accessories/parts but not many have a model number showing. You will have to check each link to see if it matches yours or if it is even still available. This is how some people do "research" and can be very time consuming but may also be very productive.
  • If you wish to sell your machine, I would suggest listing it on your local Craigslist, USA4Sale, Nextdoor or any site that has pick up only as these machine are very costly to ship.
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  • You could start your price high ($300 even) and just lower it if no one shows an interest.
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May 12, 2021

This is a 1969 Sears Maruzen sewing machine (I believe from my research.) Model# 158.17540. It still works like a charm! It has tons of extras with it.A vintage sewing machine.


I just want to know how much this is potentially worth.

Thank you in advance!

A vintage sewing machine.
Sewing machine parts.
Tools stored inside a sewing machine.
Accessories for a sewing machine.
The serial number on a sewing machine.
The foot pedal for a sewing machine.
A flyer that came with a sewing machine.
Sewing machine instruction cards.


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You have a very nice Sears Kenmore model 1754 from 1969. From your photos, it has many extras indeed. I only saw 1 of the green cams that goes in the top for different stitches. Are there more?


I have a 1969 Kenmore also. It is a model 158.960 (booklet calls it a model 96). My parents gave it to me for college graduation in 1976, and it came in a nice wooden cabinet. It's button holer is a bit different than yours, and mine came with 14 of those green cams for all kinds of decorative and utility stitches.

Those older machines like yours and mine, are almost all metal and real work horses. I can even sew thinner leather with mine, and repairing heavy blue jeans doesn't even slow it down !!! I still have mine after 44 years of use, and all I've ever done to it other than cleaning and oiling it, was replacing a couple of belts and light bulbs, and of course needles don't last forever. It is the only sewing machine I have or ever want. You couldn't PAY me to own one of the new computerized machines. They are VERY pricey to buy and to repair, and there isn't one out there that will last as long as a good old Kenmore like ours.

I found a couple of Kenmores very similar to yours on Ebay, with an asking price of $80.00. But, I've also found SOLD listings for them for between $175 and $300, depending on condition and extra goodies for the machines. So, I hope that gives you an idea of value. But in my mind, these old all-metal sewing machines are worth their weight in gold...and they are pretty heavy !!!!!

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The first Kenmore sewing machine appeared in 1913. Sears had a lot of different companies manufacturer their Kenmore sewing machines. In the early years the company producing them was American. White was based in Massachusetts and moved to Cleveland later on. Sears tried a German company and then Japanese. Their most recent sewing machines were produced by the same Japanese company that made Singer sewing machines. Sears stopped selling the Kenmore sewing machines years ago and went to selling Singer, Brother and Janome.

The best way to find out when your Kenmore sewing machine was made, is to find the model number.
Your model 17540 (158.17540) was made in 1969-70 in Japan

The price depends on the make, model and year it was made. Here is a model like yours 17540 was sold at auction for $ 30 Model 17530 was recently sold for $ 75, and the price of similar models is $ 140 You can try to auction your sewing machine like here:

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September 9, 2022

I have a Seamstress Vibrator in a cabinet. This model's serial number is 3169909. I am wondering the year it is made. It Has a Hamilton Beach motor and a wood knee lever on the left side.

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June 7, 2021

I have a New Home sewing machine. Can you tell me something about it? It is in the original cabinet along with the manual. Please see the attached photos with serial number.

Thanks! What is it worth-ball park, and what year manufactured?

A New Home sewing machine.
The marking on the back of a New Home sewing machine.


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Someone will be able to provide some information about your New Home machine but if you wish to obtain information about value you should add/post pictures of your machine itself and also pictures that include the cabinet.
Also; supply information as to the overall cosmetic condition and more about the working condition.
By cabinet; do you mean portable case/cabinet or desk/cabinet or treadle?

Remember; these machines are very heavy and shipping would be very expensive so that usually means the area where machine is located will determine the final value as these machines are usually marked as 'pick up only'. How your area takes to vintage sewing machines could be good (some interest) or 'bad' (free on the curb).
Only listing for sale with 'trial' prices can tell you about your area unless you have found that your area buys these occasionally.

Many thrift stores have vintage machines for sale but most are sold in the $25-$65 range and are usually slow sellers.

Usually an older machine like this will only bring 'big' money if it is wanted by a collector and since there were so many made collectors generally have a choice of machines and they want top condition or very low prices for restoration.

Here is a link to the history of New Home machines:
New Home name has been around since (you have to do the math to find this year) 1882 although the machine itself was started in 1877.
The company went through several changes/transitions over the years until it was purchased by Janome 1954.

From the serial number it appears that your machine was made between 1883-1885.

I did find a similar machine listed for sale on eBay; asking price $40. How similar? No way to know.. You can place a watch on this listing to see if it sells.
asking $50:

Since you know what type of machine/cabinet you have you can search for antique/vintage online and maybe be able to find a sold machine like yours and that would give you some sort of value for a beginning.
You can also post questions and pictures on this site and someone may be able to help you further:

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Your photo clearly shows that your sewing machine was made by the National Sewing Machine Company / NSMCO and that you have a model A.

The National Sewing Machine Company was one of the few early sewing machine companies to have a factory outside of New England. The company was based in Belvidere, Illinois, where it produced sewing machines, bicycles, washing machines and other items and employed hundreds of skilled workers.
This company was formed in 1890 by the merger of the Eldredge Sewing Machine Company (est. 1869) and the June Manufacturing Company (est. 1881).
The National Sewing Machine Company appears to have specialized in producing badged machines for retailers. In 1953 it merged with Free Sewing Machine Co. but was unable to compete with imported models and the National Sewing Machine Company closed in 1957.

This company produced dozens of different National sewing machine models over the years, some with the National name (Model A, Rotary B, Rotary 110, Rotary 1120, Eldredge and other) and some for other brands (Velox, Harris, Detroit, Texas Advocate, New Home, Montgomery Ward, General Electric).
As I understand it, the name New Home is written on the side of your sewing machine. This means that your sewing machine was made by the National Sewing Machine Company for the New Home brand.

cybergrannie has identified the wrong year of manufacture for this sewing machine (1883-1885), since the National Sewing Machine Company had not yet appeared in those years. The Model A was introduced in 1910, this is a rotary machine with automatic thread tension.

The price of most National sewing machines is about $ 100-500. The price depends on condition (if all its parts of the machine in working condition, if exist paint loss, damage), rarity (certain models are more desirable because there are fewer of them on the market for examples the oldest models made by Eldredge) and if the sewing machine has its original cabinet. To clarify the price, please add a photo of your sewing machine in full and of the original cabinet.
Here the model A is made by the National Sewing Machine Company under the name SEAMSTRESS, the price is $ 100. But selling vintage sewing machines is not easy due to their weight (high shipping costs).

So, you have Vintage New Home made by National Sewing Machine Company, Model A.

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October 8, 2021

Rehoming this family heirloom and have no information on its 'story'. Interested to find out about the cabinet and the year of this model.

Needs new wiring. Possible price point?

An antique sewing machine.
An antique sewing machine on a wooden stand.
The Hamilton Beach manufacturer's plate on a sewing machine.


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Eldridge machines were manufactured shorty after the Civil War, and eventually consolidated with the National Sewing Machine Co. Interesting history; see Seems the owner used several manufacturers (thus the Hamilton Beach tag).
There is an "Elridge "E" model listing on ebay for $119 USD.
I'm sure the box base increases the value, but how much - I'm sorry to say I have no idea.

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May 22, 2020

What is the value of a White sewing machine Serial # 1718081. Patent # 799331 -- 9/12/1905 2nd patent# -- 1036569 8/27/1912?

Note: no photo provided by member.


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I have seen a large variety of white sewing machines listed on eBay for sale. Some start as low as $65 and go all the way up to $345. The exact machine that you have would determine the value of the machine. It is a bit hard to find a machine by just the numbers. If you post an image that sure would help.

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November 5, 2019

I have a New Home Light Running electric sewing machine with a knee pedal. Under the slide cover by the needle was # 3561827, though the 8 looked as it could be # 2. The motor label has 8F & 115v-60w, AC or DC. The top of the wooden cabinet folds open and then the front cover opens to lift the machine out. Then you close the front cover so machine rests on it. Greist Tucker is engraved on the machine with a box of attachments which read Greist Tucker-New Haven USA. I am interested in the manufacture date and its value.Value of a New Home Sewing Machine


Would you happen to know where I can get a new electrical plug which goes between the sewing machine and the knee pedal. It has a unique male plug coming out of the knee pedal that has round prongs and plugs into the female end of cord with round inserts that are coming from the sewing machine.

Value of a New Home Sewing Machine
Value of a New Home Sewing Machine
Value of a New Home Sewing Machine
Value of a New Home Sewing Machine


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November 7, 20190 found this helpful
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The machine was made in 1914. The number you are referring to is the serial number on the machne. You can also look these numbers up on the website to find out the age of the machine. Here is the link - The value of the machine is right around $200. If you want to sell the machine, it is best you sell it locally because it is way to heavy to ship to anyone.

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February 13, 2019

Is this machine worth $100 or more? It was made in Japan.


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February 13, 20191 found this helpful

I cannot find that model on eBay but I found this one and they are asking $229.!11791!US!-1

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August 3, 2021

Hello, I bought this machine, but I dont know anything about it.
There's a code (in one of the pictures) but I dont know how to look for it.Information On For Ever Sewing Machine?


I would like to know which year is this machine and how much does it cost.


An old fashioned sewing machine.
An old fashioned sewing machine.
A serial number on a sewing machine.


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August 8, 20210 found this helpful
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In the past, many sewing machine manufacturers made machines for different companies and did not use their brand name but used whatever name the purchasing company desired; these machines were called 'clones'. A prime example of this is the 'Kenmore machine' that was sold by Sears.

I have never heard of 'The Forever Sewing machine' but maybe another member will be able to help you.

You can ask your question on some of the sewing machine forums and I'm sure someone will be able to answer your questions.
You will have to join each group to be able to post your pictures/questions (free).
The problem here is your pictures may not be sufficient for some posters to fully provide answers.
Although you can use these pictures here are some suggestions:
Your full machine picture is 'good' but the clutter behind the machine head almost obscures the features of the machine (perhaps a full picture with a blank wall behind it - if that is possible).
Also, your 'code' is a serial number so that needs to be very clear (maybe write the number out).
You should have a side view so the base features can be seen.
A full picture of the head only so the decals can be seen.
Write down any numbers that can be found or any indication of where it was made (Japan?).

These are very good sites for answers and maybe finding a generic manual.

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