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Value of Noritake China

Determining the Value of Noritake China?Noritake china has been manufactured for decades and some of the older pieces have retained their value while others are worth little. This is a page about determining the value of Noritake china.


Value of a Vintage CorningWare Covered Dish

Finding the Value of Vintage CorningWare?This page is about finding the value of vintage CorningWare. This tempered glass cookware has been common throughout the US for many years.


A collection of vintage china cups.

Determining the Value of ChinaThis is a page about determining the value of china. Whether you have a full set of china or just a few prized pieces, it can be hard to figure out how much it is worth. Often it's worth more to you than in monetary value, but some china can also be very valuable.


Vintage Jukebox

Finding the Value of a Vintage JukeboxThis is a page about finding the value of a vintage jukebox. Many collectors have interest in vintage jukeboxes. The age and condition of the jukebox factor into its value.


Antique Lawn Mower

Finding the Value of Antique Lawn Mowers?This is a page about finding the value of antique lawn mowers. There seems to be a collector for almost every type of antique or vintage tool.


China tea cups

Selling Fine China?This is a page about selling fine china. Fine china is great to have around for particular occasions but may not get used daily in many households. Your fine china may be valuable enough that it's worth selling.


Value of Bone China - bottom of plate with info

Finding the Value of English Bone ChinaFinding a reputable appraiser is one of the better ways to determine the value of your bone china. This is a page about finding the value of English bone china.


Silver Tray

Determining the Value of a Silver TraySilver trays, if well made and the smith is identifiable, can be quite valuable. This is a page about determining the value of a silver tray.


old sewing machine

Determining the Value of an Older Sewing...Some vintage and antique sewing machines have value to collectors. This is a page about determining the value of an older sewing machine.



Information on Figurine - girl standing on a box to keep away from a mouse

Finding the Value of a Giuseppe Armani Figurine?The value of a precious figurine can be found more easily since the internet has emerged as a great searching tool. This is a page about finding the value of a Giuseppe Armani figurine.


ceramic dish

Identifying Vintage Ceramic FigurinesThis is a page about identifying vintage ceramic figurines. Determining when and where an old ceramic piece was produced can be a challenge.


Value of a Console Stereo Radio and Record Player

Value of a Vintage General Electric Console Stereo System?These stereo consoles hark back to the days when they were "the" in home entertainment centers. Fitted with a radio, turntable, and perhaps a tape deck, depending on the timeframe, they were also a piece of home decor. This is a page about finding the value of a vintage General Electric console stereo system.


Vintage White Rotary Electric Sewing Machine - old black sewing machine in a mahogany cabient

Finding the Value of a Vintage White Sewing Machine?Research on sites such as eBay can help determine the recent asking and selling price of these sewing machines. This is a page about finding the value of a vintage White sewing machine.


silver tea pot

Determining Silver Plate vs. Sterling SilverThis is a page about determining silver plate vs. sterling silver. There are marks on the bottom of silver pieces that with the help of the internet, can tell you whether it is sterling or not.


an array of porcelain dolls

Finding the Current Value of Porcelain DollsThere are many collectors of porcelain dolls. This page is about determining the current value of porcelain dolls.


Chinese ceramic vase and bowls.

Finding the Value of Chinese Pottery?Determining the value of Asian pottery can be tricky without the aid of either a reputable website or an expert appraiser. This is a page about finding the value of Chinese pottery. The markings are helpful, but you need to be able to either translate them or find a source for using them to identify your pieces.


Closeup of a record player.

Finding the Value of a Capehart Record Player?This is a page about finding the value of a Capehart record player. Capehart record players date back before the Depression and forward several decades. The value of any individual player will depend on age, condition, and rarity.


Drinking Glasses

Identifying Vintage Drinking GlassesThis is a page about identifying vintage drinking glasses. To know the value of any antique, it is important to know it's origin.


Stack of records on a wooden floor

Finding the Value of Rolling Stones Records?This is a page about finding the value of Rolling Stones records. Vintage albums by popular rock groups may have value to collectors or fans. Just how much will depend on a number of considerations. Finding the value of your collection will require some research.


Identifying Reel Mower and Its Value

Identifying an Old Reel Mower?Determining manufacturer and the history of an old push lawn mower can help you determine if it has any value. This is a page about identifying an old reel mower.


Old Cigar Box

Does an Old Cigar Box Have Any Value?Depending on the brand, age and condition of a cigar box, it can have value to the right person. This is a page about does an old cigar box have any value?


Old Violin

Information and Value of Old Fiddles (Violins)This is a page about information and value of old fiddles (violins). It can be a challenge to determine the value of an old musical instrument without professional advice.


Value of a Vintage Majestic Radio with Record Player - upright cabinet radio and record player

Value of a Vintage Majestic Radio with Record Player?I need some help with this Majestic vintage tube driven radio with record player. I've looked and can't find what model this is or its value. I could get it for $75, but not sure.


Determining the Age of an Old Sewing Machine - ornate antique sewing machine

Determining the Age of an Old Sewing Machine?To determine the age of an old sewing machine you will need either the serial number or the model number. This page contains some tips for determining the age of your older sewing machine.



Value and Info of a Scott's Electric Lawn Mower - aluminum colored vintage electric mower

Value of Scott's Electric Lawn Mower?Finding information on an older electric lawnmower may a challenge. This is a page about value of a Scott's electric lawn mower.


Old Magazines

Finding the Value of Old Magazines?This is a page about finding the value of old magazines. Someone else may be interested in these periodicals for their articles and illustrations.


Value of an Old Lowes Yard Tractor by Dynamark - front end of a blue lawn tractor

Value of an Old Lowes Yard Tractor by Dynamark?I need help identifying this lawn tractor. I have searched all over the internet and have came across nothing for this yard tractor. It's a Lowes 1134 by Dynmark with an 11 hp Briggs Stratton motor.


Records in a row, one in front.

Finding the Value of Old Vinyl RecordsWhether 45, 78 or 33 1/3 records, they may have value to the right person or they can be reused for some interesting crafts. This is a page about finding the value of old vinyl records.


a collection of Asian Soup Bowls and Spoons

Value of Asian Soup Bowls and Spoons?Determining the value of older Asian soup bowls and spoons typically requires library or internet research. This is a page about finding the value of Asian soup bowls and spoons.


Value of Mersman Side Tables - two side or end tables

Value of Mersman Side Tables?I purchased 2 Mersman 7377 side tables at a yard sale. I am just wondering about the value. They have the original finish and are in good condition. There is an ink well stain on top of one table.


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Value of Seeburg 100 Select-O-Matic?I have a Seeburg 100 Select-O-Matic, Ser#1761181, model # HF100R-D. What is it worth?


Value of a 1985 Snapper LT11 Mower - bright red vintage riding mower

Value of a 1985 Snapper LT11 Mower?I have got this 1985 Snapper LT11, in mint shape, and it's too nice to just sell to as a lawnmower. Is there a market for vintage mowers and how do I get to it if there is?


Selling Vinyl Records

Selling Vinyl RecordsThis is a page about selling vinyl records. If you have a collection of old vinyl records, you may have some really valuable recordings.


Value of House of Lloyd Easter Bunny Figurines - two ruffled fur bunny figurines

Value of House of Lloyd Figurines?Millions of House of Lloyd figurines have been made to enjoy. Generally even if still boxed, they seldom generate more than 10 dollars in value.


Value of Elizabeth Arden Porcelain Collectibles - decorated pitcher

Value of Elizabeth Arden Porcelain Collectibles?This well-known beauty company has also offered collectible porcelain pieces over the years. This is a page about value of Elizabeth Arden porcelain collectibles.


Silver tea set on tray

How Can I Tell If Something is Made of...When shopping thrift stores and garage sales, it is nice to be able to recognize if an item is made of silver. This is a page about, "How can I tell if something is made of silver?".


A marking on Lawrence fine bone china made in England.

Value of a China Tea Set?Old bone china pieces can have a range of values. The maker, age, and rarity of the piece all play a part.


A round metal wheel with teeth.

What is This?What is this? Found on the site of an old farm in NW Pennsylvania, it's about 18 inches in diameter and very heavy.


A metal piece of farm equipment.

Identifying Antique Farm Equipment?Looking to sell this antique farm equipment. Think it might be a cultivator?



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Information on D.H. Deshay company In Elysburg, PA?I just bought a single bottom horse-drawn plow made by (what appears to be) the D.H. Deshay company in Elysburg, PA. I will have photos soon, but does anyone have background on the Deshay farm equipment or forge? The plow is a typical heavy iron C-shaped frame, but sadly the rear mounted wooden 'handles' for steering have been lost to the ravages of time.


A rusty iron piece found in a farm.

Iron Farm Piece?Hello, can anyone identify this iron piece found on farm?


An old metal tool.

What Is This Old Tool?This tool is made out of cast iron and is about 60cm long. My neighbour has recently acquired this tool and would like to know what it would be used for.


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Pricing Metal Items?Please send suggestions on how to price antiques like brass items and silverware. Ebay isn't really a help as the items are different.


Identifying Metal Items?

Identifying Metal Items?These were in my steamer trunk! What are they?I have no idea what these could have been used for! If anyone can help out that would be awesome! Thank you in advance!!


A vintage Burroughs adding machine.

Value of Burroughs Adding Machine?Hello, how much could I sell this Burroughs adding machine for? Thank you!


A set of brass fireplace tools.

Value of Antique Brass Fireplace Tool?How much might these antique solid (and they are heavy) brass (I think) fireplace tools worth? They were left to me by my grandparents.


A set of Corningware Ivy Patterned Utensils?

Corningware Ivy Patterned Utensils?I have these four Corningware Callaway Ivy kitchen utensils. The spatula has been cracked and repaired at some point. Can you tell me what they are worth?


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Determining the Value of a Vintage Tractor?I have a old John Deere tractor that I want to know how much it is worth? Help. Where do I start? I can't find a number. No pictures that I have looked at, look like it. It is in the shed and the tires are dry rotted. I have no way of getting it out.


An old thresher.

Value of Oliver Red River Special Thresher?Oliver red river special thresher, I would like to know value as is or restored.


A small trailer with wheels.

Value of Cargopro Trailer?Does anyone have any idea what this trailer should sell for? Apparently they don't make them anymore and I can't seem to find a price for them. It is a 2017 4 foot x 6 foot x 2.5 foot cargo pro trailer


Steel Dragon Samurai Sword Set?

Steel Dragon Samurai Sword Set?Can anyone tell me anything about these swords. I've had them stored away for several years. They were given to me by a friend. They are gorgeous and heavy. I cannot find a name/maker. Thought perhaps the markings in the photos would be helpful. I just do not know enough about them. Thanks in advance for any insight. '


A small metal container with a tiny scoop.

Identifying a Metal Container?I got this at a swap meet. It appears to be metal and has engravings. The lid lifts up and inside was a tiny scoop. Maybe it is some kind of sugar container?


A brass hand bell used in school.

Value of Old School Bell?Trying to find out how old this school bell is and how much it might be worth. Thank you.


A cast iron frying pan.

Information on Griswold No 5 Skillet?Looking for information on this Griswold No. 5 skillet. All I really know is that it predates 1960 because it is not marked "Made in USA". I've not seen any like it on the WEB


A decorative tassel.

Identifying a Tassel?This was a gift to my mother from my aunt, but not sure what it is or what it is for? Does anybody know anything about this?


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Crafts Made with Old Western Style Boot?How do I craft a six shooter holster using an old western style boot


A red plow.

Information About Monroe Plow?I have a MONROE Type: NSSB16 Single Bottom Moldboard Plow (Serial # 1407). I got this information from the ID tag attached to it. I can not find any information online about this plow. I would like to know who manufactured this plow, when and where it was made. I would love to have an operating and parts manual for it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


A decorative "Gone Fishing" music box.

Power for Gone Fishing Music Box?Does anybody know if batteries go in this or just a plug?


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Value of 1921 Football Medal?Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me about the silver markings on this 1921 football medal please. Can you tell me if it has a value?


Two green glass insulators.

Value of Glass Insulators?I'm just curious. What these are worth, if anything?


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Is This Genuine Magnalite?Is this genuine Magnalite or a what? No picture but it looks like a Magnalite roaster, very heavy, mark on bottom says "Magna" in deeply etched letters. Only other markings are "USA" - maybe just "SA" and ??quarts (barely legible). I couldn't find anything helpful on the internet. Thank you in advance.


An old token for Oxydol.

Value of Oxydol Token?I have a token for 1 package oxydol ( medium size) for free or 1 package of oxydol (large size) for .14c. Is this worth anything? Thanks.


A silver serving tray.

Information About Silver Serving Meat Tray?This piece was my grandmother's who is no longer alive. We pulled out and cleaned it up using a "speedy plate" with washing soda. There seems to be some discoloring and spots on it. There are no markings on the bottom at all. Magnets do not stick to it. I'm just curious if anyone knows its origins, what it might be made of, what it might be worth if anything. Thanks!


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Finding Value of Silverware?I have two sets of silver plated silverware in their cases of my mother's to sell.


An open wooden box.

How Old Is This Box?We would like to know how old this box is. My husband loves wood and saw this box and just had to have it. It looks vintage. It is 18" X 11"X 6 1/2". Can you tell us how old it is and is it worth anything except for a nice wooden box?


An old woven rug.

Identifying The Age of Woven Rugs?Hand woven carpets and rugs which are almost 100 yrs old, defines their values and besides the size. How to comprehend the technical aspects of the rugs and know if it was made in bulk or on-demand.


An old whale's tooth on a wood surface.

1800s Whales Tooth ValueHello everyone! This whale's tooth has been passed down to me by my father, which was given to him by his uncle in the 1950s. My dad's uncle's father was a whaler in the late 1800s and I am wondering if anyone knows the value of the tooth. I am not looking to sell it, I would just like to know if someone may know the value of this. My guess is that it is from a sperm whale since they were very popular during the whaling era. The tooth measure 6 inches in length.


Identifying a Shallow Cast Iron Dish? - inside

Identifying a Shallow Cast Iron Dish?A friend gave my husband this container that she had been using as a kitty food bowl. We have been unable to determine its original purpose. Can anyone help?


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Is this Brass?I love this piece, does anybody know if it's brass or bronze? Have literally no idea, it is kind of heavy. Know anything more about this piece? Thanks !!!


A console bench with a stereo inside.

Value of Motorola Console/Bench?Does anyone know the approximate value of this old Motorola stereo and radio console. It has a padded bench top and I have not seen any others like it.


Value of Electrohome Black and White TV - vintage console TV

Value of Electrohome Black and White TV?I am looking for the value of this Electrohome cabinet - black and white TV. It is in working order.


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Value of a Western Auto Wizard Push Mower?What is value of my 1959 Western Auto Wizard push mower with Clinton engine? It is an 18" cut and pull rope start, in excellent original condition.


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Finding the Value of Bombay ChinaI have about 6 sets of Bombay China Company blue/white teacup/plate sets with silver looking trim. There are 6 large plates and 6 medium sized plates with the Bombay name stamped on the bottom of all of them. The pattern is tile or fanned. I'm just curious as to what the value of these things are?


Value of Snappin Turtle Mower Model 6st27

Value of Snappin Turtle Mower Model 6st27?I am seeking the value of my antique Snappin Turtle mower. It is like new. It was never used and I have the original owner's manual.


An old white refrigerator.

International Harvester Fridge?I have this refridgerator and I've done countless searches, bought THE BOOK on them and can't find it anywhere. The model number normally on these fridges is L100D. This one is L103S and it's no where to be found anywhere in existence. Is it a scrapped model? Pre production model? I don't know but it's a 53. There are hundreds of the other model but none of these. When I search this model number, the 53 truck comes up.


Value of a Vintage Collapsible Wooden Potty Seat? - old potty seat that sat on toilet seat

Value of a Vintage Collapsible Wooden Potty Seat?I believe this was my husband's potty chair and he is now 72 years old. It attaches to a toilet seat and is collapsable to about 6 inches high. The label says Sturdi-tot. Could you tell me the value?


A caliper in a box.

Value of Caliper?Would this be worth anything?


Information on an Ovenex Purse? - bakeware purse

Information on an Ovenex Purse?I am looking for any information on this item. It appears to be from around the 1940s and is an Ovenex creation. It was possibly an advertising item.


A decorative cast iron handle.

Cast Iron Handle?Has anyone any idea of what this is used for? It is cast iron. My wife said it could be a coffin handle!


The sign on a vintage Pennsylvania reel mower.

Value of a Pennsylvania Reel Mower?Reel mowers and other equipment were manufactured by the Pennsylvania Lawn Products in the mid 20th century. These vintage machines can be valuable, depending on condition.


A brightly colored piece of Japanese porcelain.

Value of Japanese PorcelainAlthough "china" has become a catchall term for ceramics produced around the world, Japan has a proud history of beautiful porcelain pieces. During World Wars I and II, sailors brought back dinnerware, vases, and other decorative pieces for their families and some of these can be valuable, depending on the condition and rarity.


An ornate copper platter.

Value of Copper PlatterThis platter is made of copper with the initials YGH on back. The width is 25 inches and top to bottom is 18 inches. Has age to it. Interested in what it may be worth or if anyone has any information about it. Thank you.


Value of a Vintage Drinking Glass - tall glass with white pattern of woman with umbrella perhaps in a garden

Value of a Vintage Drinking Glass?What is this drinking glass and how much is it worth?


Identifying a Kitchen Tool? - tool similar to tongs

Identifying a Kitchen Tool?What is this? It's about 7" long. Although it looks somewhat like tongs, it can't be opened up wide. There's a lip at the left edge of the flat plate, which prevents you from separating the two sides. Does the etching of a chicken in its nest mean that it's used with chicken or eggs?


A console stereo with a record player.

Value of a Delmonico Console Stereo?So I was helping a friend clean out a storage unit of his late parents and for my help I could have whatever I wanted. Besides the few old dolls, plates, and some silverware I wrestled this heavy beast into my truck. It's in pretty good condition, I'll check soon if it works, but on the back it says it's a Delmonico (made in Italy) model #40SBR801 UX?


A woman holding an antique vase.

Finding the Value of a VaseVases are a popular item for antique and vintage collectors. They can be made of glass, crystal, porcelain or even metal and have been used for flower arranging all across the world.


Identifying an Old Mower - old gas mower

Identifying an Old Gas MowerI have this lawnmower and would like to make it look good; it is still running (Wisconsin BKND). Can anyone can tell me which model it is? I also have the selky that attaches to it so I can sit while doing the lawn. I believe it is 31 inch wide. Is it perhaps a Toro?


Identifying a Piece of Pottery

Identifying a Piece of PotteryPottery can be manufactured in bulk or can be hand created by artists. Most has a unique mark or signature on the bottom that can help identify the creator.


Value of a Wrigley's Chewing Gum 5 Cent Display? - old metal display bin

Value of a Wrigley's Chewing Gum 5 Cent Display?I am looking for a price to sell this item. There is no rust. It is in great condition with only a tiny bend on one of the arms. I saw one for sale that was very rusted for $165. Any help would be appreciated.


A wooden ladder with a handle on the side.

What is this Ladder?This is very long with some type of handle mounted to the side of it?


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Replacement Vintage Seyfert's Pretzel Jar Lid?I have a Seyfert's butter pretzel glass jar with a broken glass lid. Do you know where I can get a replacement? The lid has the round glass pull handle on top. The jar measures 5.600" on the inside of flared opening.


Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA.

Value of Olympic Game Memorabilia?The value of memorabilia from past Olympic Games varies quite a bit. A thorough search on the internet can help narrow down the market for the specific items, such as pins, that you might have.


A ceramic vase with marking from Portugal.

Value of Ceramic Vases?Determining the value of your ceramic vases can be an internet adventure. First you will need to try to identify the maker, age, etc. Then with that information you can research sites for their possible value.


An old baseball on a black background.

Value of Collectible Baseballs?Depending on the condition and where it was used determine the value of a baseball. Whether it was used in an important game, signed by a famous player or just your favorite team can make it valuable to a buyer.


Identifying an Old Piece of Equipment - vintage piece of metal equipment, sort of a table

Identifying an Old Piece of Equipment?Trying to identify an old piece of equipment completely out of its environment can be a daunting task. Internet searches and sharing photos on-line may help you discover its original use.


Value of a Vintage Silvertone Recorder

Value of a Vintage Silvertone Recorder?This vintage Silverstone record player and recorder combination was likely sold by Sears. Establishing a value will be dependent on condition of the exterior and whether it still works. On-line research, including sites that offer this type of item for sale will help in you task.


A collection of antique tools.

Identifying Vintage and Antique Tools and HardwareVintage and antique tools and hardware are collectibles sought after by some as rustic decor or garden decorations. Identifying the items is a part of the process and perhaps one of the most fun phases.


Identifying a Clock Frame - molded plastic clock frame

Identifying a Plastic Lion Wall Hanging with Clock?I have a 16x32 lion and roses cast clock frame. Does anyone know what this is? It's made of heavy plastic, gold. The paint has flaked in some areas. The top circle had a battery operated clock in it with, JH TAIWAN, which I think is just for the clock itself. The bottom oval was empty and the whole backing was missing. I found this in a thrift store.


Manufacture's information on RCA Victor Radio.

Value of a Vintage RCA Victor Radio?The value of vintage RCA Victor radios depends quite a bit on the condition of the cabinet and whether the radio is in good working order. This page contains some ideas on determining the value of these radios.


An old tractor covered in red flowers.

Value of Old Farm Equipment as Yard Art?Old farm equipment, including parts, often has value as yard art. Determining the value and finding a buyer may take time. This page offers some ideas on setting a potential value.


Value of an Antique Piercy's Patent Tortoise Shell Thimble - antique thimble

Value of an Antique Piercy's Patent Tortoise Shell Thimble?I have an 1800s gold and silver tortoise shell Piercy's Patent thimble. I was wanting to know about what the value of one was?


Value of a Vintage Zenith TV - bug eye TV

Value of a Vintage Zenith TV?I have a Zenith bug eye with the owners manual. It is from 1955. The serial number is 5400204 and the model number is Z1814R. It came with a lot of extra parts. I recently inherited it from my grandfather. I was wondering what it's worth.


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A marking on a piece of silverware.

Identifying William A Rodgers Pattern?I need help identifying this William A Rodgers pattern.


A decorative bit for a horse.

Value of Gus Goldberg Bit?I would like to know the value of my bit. Trying to sell this bit, 1923 Gus Goldberg John Estrada. I have an appraisal done before but not sure on price they gave me.


A vintage Burroughs adding machine.

Value of Burroughs Adding Machine?Hello, how much could I sell this Burroughs adding machine for? Thank you!


A piece of old farm equipment.

Unknown Farm Equipment?This appears to be horse drawn since there is a seat on the front. I'm not sure what it is or what it is used for. Perhaps harvesting? Does anybody have an idea? I've included a recent picture as well as one from the 1950s. Thanks!


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Market for Thimble Lots?I will eventually post a photo, but I'd like to see if there's a market for a large thimble collection? I have about 400 thimbles in many shapes and sizes, porcelain, lead crystal, wood, and from famous china companies around the world.


A collection of leather hand farm tools.

Identifying Farm Tools?I bought a box on an auction and these items were in it. I believe some are hand corn shucking tools, but not sure about the rest. One strap is all leather and one is leather and canvas and not dirty like a hog slapper would be. Thank you.


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