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Getting Rid of Warts

I am 17 years old. Recently when I went and stayed with my best friend I noticed that I started getting a wart on my big toe. So of course I picked at it. She is the only person I've been around that has warts, but she said hers were "viral".


I've tried the whole 9 yards with the freeze off product; it doesn't work. I now have that one on my big toe, I have another on my 3rd toe and also one between my big and second toe. I believe they're seed warts, but I'm not sure.

I want to get rid of them. Help me, please. They are so annoying, big time. If you have any suggestions I would really like to know. Thanks.

By Ashley from Tifton, GA


Getting Rid of Warts

You need to see a podiatrist because they can only be removed by surgery or acid treatment which requires several treatments to remove the warts. These type of warts spread and become quite painful when left to grow bigger. They are contagious and you should wear socks on your feet and don't go barefoot as someone else can get it.

When I was in high school I came in contact with the wart after gym session and having to shower. I went barefoot and it wasn't long thereafter they showed up. So, keep the tub and shower cleaned after you use it. (08/07/2009)

By Lorelei

Getting Rid of Warts

Try duck tape, no joke. Rap the tape around your wart and reapply it every time you shower or in the morning. I had gotten warts from my older brother and I used duck tape, and they went away in about a month. (08/07/2009)

By sweetpeadtg

Getting Rid of Warts

Does your family have medical insurance? If so go into a dermatologist. I had mine frozen off. The doctor did it right in his office, then and there and they were gone for good. It doesn't hurt at all.

If you have no health insurance, get out the phone book and look up "Dermatologists" and call each of them and talk to the receptionist and tell her that you have 3 warts between your toes you need removed (or whatever) and tell her you have no insurance, then ask her how much it will cost. Each doctor charges a different price (that's why you should call around). It will cost you somewhere between $50 - $100, but it will be well worth the money, believe me! Sometimes doctors charge people with insurance more.


My father had planter's warts and they grow deep into his feet and had to be removed surgically. Have your warts treated as soon as you can just in case they are this type and so you won't spread them to others. Some warts are contagious and some aren't. "Seed" warts can sometimes be passed from one person to another or from one body part to another. Always wash your hands really good after you touch them.

As far as "do it yourself" wart removals, you have already tried the best product on the market. If I were you, I'd try it again. If your warts weren't between your toes, I would recommend you try duct tape. Some say it works, and some say it doesn't. Google "duct tape warts cure" and you'll get all kinds of responses. No one knows for sure why Duct Tape works for some people, some say it's the glue in the tape, others say it's because it prevents air from getting to it. But It might be pretty hard to get the tape to stick between your toes!

Remember, your warts may be contagious, always wear flip-flops or sandals when ever you go into someone's shower or a gym or swimming pool. This way you'll not spread them. Also, so you don't get any fungus or other nasty things always wear flip-flops whenever you go where others go barefoot (like pools or gym showers). (08/07/2009)

By Cyinda

Getting Rid of Warts

Talk with your pharmacist at a drug store. They may have an over the counter wart compound or something. (08/08/2009)

By lorraina

Getting Rid of Warts

I agree with seeing the podiatrist. Warts can spread all over your body and are nothing to fool around with. (08/11/2009)

By Tigertame4

Getting Rid of Warts

My question is, "Have you told your parents, and if so why haven't they taken you to a doctor?" and especially since you mention that they have spread :-( Your family doctor can easily 'properly freeze' them and they will be gone so there really is no need to spend extra for a specialist, but if you or your parents feel the need for a specialist you should see a dermatologist because it is a skin virus and not a foot virus requiring a podiatrist. And, I hope, your friend's parents take or have taken her to the doctor, too! (08/11/2009)

By Deeli

Getting Rid of Warts

Two of my daughters had their plantar warts burned off by a doctor, the warts came right back and they did never want to go back to the doctor, so I told them to rub lavender oil on the warts several times each day. Then one of the girls spent a day at the beach and lost all her warts! So the other one took several (3?) foot baths with Epsom salts and followed with the lavender oil and that was that for her warts! (08/11/2009)

By Reginainqc

Getting Rid of Warts

I had developed a wart on the side of the bridge of my nose, very near my eye, so couldn't use any over-the-counter remedies. Believe it or not, I found the vinegar/duct tape treatment online and tried it. Pulled a little cotton off the end of a Q-Tip, dipped it in vinegar and secured it on the side of my nose with a small piece of clear duct tape. I changed it daily, but kept it on 24/7. Yes, it looked strange, but I swear it worked. Took about three weeks, and not only is the wart gone, but I don't even have a scar. This was a couple of years ago, and it never came back. Try it! (08/11/2009)

By Bobbie9395

Getting Rid of Warts

I would second the vinegar, but use "organic" vinegar with the "mother" in it, which can be purchased at a health food store. Soak a tiny piece of cotton ball, put it on the wart covered by a Band-aid, and leave it on overnight. Do it nightly. Good luck. (08/11/2009)

By minnabird

Getting Rid of Warts

Ashley: After trying every product on the market, I finally searched the Internet and learned about using apple cider vinegar on the wart...and it worked! Simply apply Vaseline around the wart with a Q-tip, so the vinegar won't be applied anywhere but where you want it. Then use a tiny piece of gauze or cotton square or even a tiny piece of cotton. Saturate it with the vinegar and apply with a Band-Aid. Re-apply as necessary (I usually did it twice a day). Just keep doing it, and it will work!


Jan from Florida (08/11/2009)

By jcolinger

Getting Rid of Warts

Squeeze the juice from an eggplant on it, then cover it with a band aid. Do this once a day after bathing and it should be gone in a week. (08/11/2009)

By AmnesiaWes

Getting Rid of Warts

I had warts on my feet for over 6 yrs. I tried everything. Banana peels, aspirin, over the counter remedies, duct tape, and anything I found on the net that I thought might work (nothing worked).

I then started to see a doctor who would burn them with a laser. In conjunction with the laser burning and liquid nitrogen treatments, and a year of weekly visits, no luck there either. I finally stopped going for treatments and did nothing to the warts. They went away finally by themselves.

Try whatever you think, but in the end, they go when they are good and ready. (08/12/2009)

By Karyn01

Getting Rid of Warts

The doc actually needs to remove the 'mother' wart (the first one) and the rest may go away (based on experience).
Considering the fact that you have warts, please know that you do not have an inborn immunity and need to find out what to do to prevent re-occurrence. (08/12/2009)

By cookwie

Getting Rid of Warts

Try using duct tape. It cuts off the air to the wart and it will kill it. Make sure that no air can get to the wart and replace the tape if it gets wet or the seal is broken (08/13/2009)


Getting Rid of Warts

My husband had warts really bad on his hands and feet. His grandmother told him to rub castor oil on his hands and feet 1 time a day for 3 wks, then 1 time a day for 2wks. Then just forget about it. He did and the warts were gone. I think a lot of the stress on warts is the thinking about them. Don't stress so much and I hope it helps you. Bless the home remedies. (08/16/2009)

By Jim1966DD

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