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Grease Stains on Clothes

I work in a cafe, any clothes I wear get covered in grease. How can I get the grease out of my clothes?

Karen from LA


Grease Stains on Clothes

I just wanted to let you know that after reading it here, I tried the "Greased Lightning" on several shirts with all kinds of stains (armpit stains - yuck, food grease stains, food stains), and it worked. I mean I was about to throw these clothes in the trash, and they are like new again. I have a "mystery stain" I'm going to try it on next. Thanks.


By Guest

Grease Stains on Clothes

The best thing, that is also very fast to take out grease stains is a liberal spray of a cleaning substance called Mean Green. You can get it at most general stores and such. All you need to do is spray the spot with the Mean Green and then throw it in the wash. If it does not come out the first time try spraying and then making a paste with some laundry detergent and water and rub it on the spot and throw it in the wash.

By Andrew

Grease Stains on Clothes

I also have clothes that get mystery stains. And a little boy who is just a typical boy when it comes to stains. My daughter surprised me with a great book, "Talking Dirty with the Queen of Laundry", by Linda Cobb. It is a terrific book and deals with all kinds of stains and remedies. I highly recommend it. I am sure this book will have the answers you need.


Grease Stains on Clothes

I noticed that someone mentioned using Dawn dish detergent on a stain. Remember that Dawn has ammonia in the solution. Using ammonia is something I use regularly in my wash, unless I use Clorox. I figure it can't hurt.

Syd from Dunkirk, MD

Grease Stains on Clothes

I just recently found a product my mother used to use when I worked in a potato chip factory. The product is Lestoil and I found mine at K-Mart. Beware that it has a gasoline type smell. I washed my items a couple of extra times to get rid of that smell, but no more grease stains. I'd cooked bacon with no splatter screen and my favorite t-shirt looked like my front had been rained on. Good Luck.

By Leigh Ann

Grease Stains on Clothes

I too am a very messy but avid cook. I use the Shout Spray gel. Spray a little on and then let set for a few hours or day or so and then wash. This has even worked for me after a garment has been washed and dried with the stain on it. I am a true fan of Shout spray gel for my family of four.

By Jana from Cedar Hill

Grease Stains on Clothes

I had the same problem until I saw it on Oprah, she had the Queen of Clean on, who recommended spraying the grease stain with WD40 to regenerate it and then clean with some dish detergent and launder as usual. I've tried everything else and this works each and every time. Make sure you use a good quality dish detergent such as Ivory, otherwise you may be left with a yellowish stain where the grease spot used to be. On other types of messy stains such as chocolate, ink marks and finger paint, waterless hand cleaner works wonders.

By Franca from Canada

Grease Stains on Clothes

I have tried lots of different things and sometimes they work and other times they don't. I bought a bucket and Clorox powder for colors. You fill the bucket with water and Clorox and soak them for a day or till you do laundry next. Sometimes you have to rub the stain and then soak it longer. Another thing you can try is Oxy Clean. I mix it in a bottle and put it directly on the stain and let it sit for awhile then if I need to add more I will and maybe rub the stain a little bit. Good Luck.


Grease Stains on Clothes

The first thing, is be aware of a stain when it occurs and pre-treat the spot with a laundry "stain stick" immediately or as soon as possible. Catch the stain before it gets set. I like to put a cup of ammonia in the wash water (not if you use Clorox) and I think this wards off grease stains. Dawn liquid detergent has ammonia in it to cut grease. You can also create your own "Dawn" clone by adding ammonia to your other dish detergents. When you have know stains and pre-treat don't put them in the dryer, let them air dry then you will know for sure if the "grease" came out. A dryer will surely set the stain for life.

By Syd from Dunkirk, Md.

Grease Stains on Clothes

The best thing that I have found is "Goop" hand cleaner, or any similar product . It is a greasy cream cleaner that comes in a tub. You can get it for $1.00 at the Dollar General stores (think it is called a different name and may be located in the laundry supplies rather than the hand cleaners). Just smear it on and sort of rub it in, let the garment set for 15 minutes to an hour, or even overnight, then wash in warm to hot water. Good stuff. (02/22/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Grease Stains on Clothes

Linda Cobb recommends shampoo. It works. Get the book. Linda Cobb, "The Queen of Clean". (02/21/2006)

By Juanita

Grease Stains on Clothes

I have a Lacoste that I don't want destroyed, so will any of these methods destroy or bleach the shirt?

Editor's note: First, consider whether it is food grease or petroleum grease. If it is food grease, rubbing some regular Dawn dishwashing liquid into the stain with some warm water, should be all you need. Then launder as usual. Any dishwashing liquid will do, but Dawn does very well with grease.

If it is petroleum grease or car grease, try some WD-40 followed by Dawn. Neither of these should bleach or destroy the shirt. (03/04/2006)

By Mark

Grease Stains on Clothes

Talcum powder sprinkled on to the stain and then washed usually works very well. (03/16/2006)

Grease Stains on Clothes


For grease, the best thing is to get it out of the fabric before it sets, use powder or soft chalk to absorb the grease and then brush it off. Continue re-applying until the grease is all absorbed. They used to make a good stain-removing chalk, but I use my mother's old one and haven't seen one around in a while. (Maybe children's sidewalk chalk would work.) Even face powder will do in a pinch.

I am also messy and carry around Shout wipes in my purse for immediate spills. Remember, with any stain, being quick on the draw is vital. They have that "modern" spot cleaner (I don't know the name of the ingredient) that you also can get more cheaply in spray cans for home use. Use it and then blot with water. For knits, I use an old toothbrush to get the stain from all of the fabric. For grease stains on dark fabric a liquid spot remover is better, we used to use lighter fluid and there is one available in fabric stores. Polyester blends spot with grease, but if you pre-treat before you put it in the wash or sometimes, even use powder on the spot after wards, you can get the greasy spot out eventually. Careful, most stains set with hot water so try to remove/treat before putting in the regular wash. That's especially true of protein stains, like egg or blood, which have to be removed with cold water. (03/16/2006)

By pamphyila

blood stains

Let peroxide soak on blood stains then wash. You may have to do it once or twice but it does work the best honestly. (03/23/2006)

By Dawnita

Grease Stains on Clothes

My husband is a mechanic. When he comes home, he is covered in grease. I found that what works the best for his clothes is to spray them with Shout. When I go to wash his clothes, I will add a 1/2 cup to 1 cup (depends on how bad the stains are) of table salt and a can of Coca Cola to the wash cycle. This has helped tremendously to remove new stains and after a few washes, a lot of the old stains are gone as well. (07/15/2006)

By MarlenaD.

Grease Stains on Clothes

This may sound odd, but try staining the entire shirt.

If the stains are shadowy, say from greasy food or something. Seriously, I just soaked a bunch of shirts in vegetable oil and hot water in the bath tub, then let them sit for a few days. I washed them three times, and done. The color becomes a bit darker because now the entire shirt is one big stain, but no worse for wear. I wouldn't recommend doing this with really nice fabrics, but if nothing else works, what have you got to lose? It worked for me. (10/16/2007)

By stain it all

Grease Stains on Clothes

I have always used Goo Gone on my oil and grease stained clothes, mainly cotton clothing. It has worked wonders for me. I just spray a little on the stain and rub it off with a toothbrush, then wash it with water. The only bad thing is that after washing and drying my clothes it sometimes leaves a ring from the Goo Gone, but that is easily solved with another wash cycle. Hope this helps. (08/15/2008)

By Maggie

Grease Stains on Clothes

I swear by this stuff called Carbona for fat and grease stains. I get it from Walmart or the grocery store. (09/16/2008)

By elma23

RE: Grease Stains on Clothes

Grease Stains on Clothes

The best way to clean black engine grease from jeans is to rub butter on the stain before washing. (02/08/2009)


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