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Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

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It is pretty common knowledge that most dogs love peanut butter, but many pet owners wonder if it is OK to feed it to them. This is a guide about "Is peanut butter okay for dogs?".


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April 4, 2011

Is roasted honey nut peanut butter OK for my German Shepherd to eat?

By Millie from Yucaipa, CA


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Best Answer

Yes, peanut butter is fine for dogs. As long as (as some of these people have said) the dog has no allergies to it or its ingredients. Also I wouldn't give him a whole lot of it. I used to have a Golden Retriever and he got no more than one full teaspoon a day. I used it to give him his arthritis and vitamin pills. I now have 2 Dachsies and they each get no more than 1/4 teaspoon a day. But for them it's not every day since they take their pills easily without it. I use it as an "extra special" treat.

You didn't ask, but I'll say I also give it to my cat, no more than 1/8 teaspoon a day. Again, for my cat it's only used as an "extra special" treat.


The SPCA lists several things that are perfectly OK for dogs, as long as it's given only in small amounts and/or only occasionally.

Garlic is one thing. Most of us down here in the south have discovered the benefits of giving our dogs and cats a small amount of garlic in their food daily because it keeps the fleas and ticks off them.

So the main thing is, contact several agencies and people including vets in your area. Make sure they are in your part of the country because some of the advice will change depending on where you live. But don't depend on just one source either. Contact many sources, and then use your own best judgment.

One thing tho you do need to check on is what plants, both indoor and outdoor that are toxic to pets. Don't forget that!

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September 7, 20120 found this helpful

Are peanuts good for small dogs like a Chihuahua?

By AVI from Bethesda, MD


September 9, 20120 found this helpful

Just one now and then would probably be okay but peanuts (including peanut butter) can potentially cause bladder problems in dogs. If you do treat your fur baby with a couple please make sure they are unsalted. Same thing with cashews.

A huge word of caution about nuts is to never feed dogs walnuts or macadamia's because they are toxic.

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September 10, 20120 found this helpful

Peanuts might be a choking hazard. Most dogs like peanut butter and a little is OK for them.

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August 9, 20120 found this helpful

Is honey peanut butter OK to feed to my adult dogs as a treat? I would give no more than 1 tablespoon of it.

By Kathleen


August 10, 20120 found this helpful

Yes, peanut butter is fine for your dog as a treat now and then. I have found crunchy the best for hiding medicine. The dog doesn't notice the difference between a peanut or a pill. The only drawback is whenever I open the jar, my dogs come running.

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August 10, 20120 found this helpful

I would say yes! My 9 year old loves pb & honey... sparingly, as you said. I alternate his treats. He loves a variety!

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December 11, 20061 found this helpful

Is it OK to put peanut butter in my dog's food? It's the only way she eats it and if I don't put it in she won't eat for days, so I usually give in. Is this unhealthy and is there anyway to make her eat food without peanut butter?

PS. I've tried changing the type of dog food but the same problem occurs.



Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

I put PB on my dogs medicine every day and the doc says that is fine. No harm done. (09/03/2005)


Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

I don't think it will hurt them, but if you're going to feed it everyday I would look for natural peanut butter. All the added salt and sugar in commercial peanut butters aren't good for anybody. (09/04/2005)


By Heidi

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

Lots of dog treats have PB in them, but the calories will add up and you don't want your pet to become overweight. I would suggest that if you want to wean her off PB try putting in gradually less and less over about 2 weeks, and, if she is hungry she will eat food without PB. (09/06/2005)

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

Peanut butter is a high value treat for my dogs! I stuff Kong toys or sterilized bones with it. Freeze the stuffed toy and it keeps the dogs busy for a while getting all the peanut butter out. Since it is so fatty, however, it is a once a week or so treat.
Try mixing plain yogurt or 100% pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling) with food. My dogs especially love the pumpkin. Both are high in fiber and low fat. (09/07/2005)

By Sharon

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

Does this happen with more than 1 kind of food? Maybe she doesn't like the food. Make sure you buy a good quality one without chemicals, unnatural preservatives, & no byproducts or meal. It should contain all whole ingredients. Good food costs more but if it keeps the dog healthy with fewer trips to the vet it's worth it. I also give my dogs frozen pb Kongs as an occasional treat. (09/07/2005)

By Me

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

I feed it to my dogs with no problems. Peanut butter is a favorite snack of my dogs and my ferret.

TerryfromChilliOH (09/07/2005)

By terdralynn

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

Funny, I called my vet yesterday to ask if it was OK to give the doggies some peanuts. I was eating some peanuts and they went nuts and looked so
pitiful. The receptionist said it was the first time anyone had asked her that so she checked with doc and he said, yes it was fine. Also that most people
give them peanut butter. I sometimes put creamy peanut butter inbetween a couple of mini-bones for a snack. And yes they are spoiled, but they are
my babies. I watch the fats though. (09/12/2005)

By meoowmom

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

My dogs, Husky and Trailer Park love peanuts, is it OK to feed them (5-6 each) these or should I for go this process (12/24/2005)


Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

I also give my dog meds on a spoonful of peanut butter. It not only makes him take his meds, but it also makes his coat very shiney. (06/08/2006)

By Megan

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

OMG Yah, I feed my dog it all of the time.

I wonder if it's healthy? I only give it to them cause I wanna fatten them up. (08/05/2006)

By sheerah

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

If you put it in the dog's food, get Adams All Natural Peanut butter (less sugar) because sugar is bad for their kidneys! (08/05/2006)

By camo_angels

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April 4, 20110 found this helpful

Is it alright for a Lab dog to have peanut butter?

By Sandra from West Monroe, NY


Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

Yes it is! Tons of benefits come from it, and plus(+), dogs love it. I've done research on it, and a dog trainer mentioned it. (01/20/2011)

By Pate18

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

One teaspoon a day would be okay, but I would make sure it's sugar free peanut butter because animals can get diabetes just like humans and actually are more prone to it. (01/20/2011)

By Deeli

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January 15, 20110 found this helpful

How much peanut butter can I feed my Chihuahua on a regular basis?

By Pilla from MO


Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

A lot of humans have allergies, some deadly to peanuts and peanut products, but I have yet to learn of a dog that is allergic to such. (Please don't take my word for this and do your own research with web sites, vets, and vet hospitals.) That said, my dogs love peanut butter! And choosy (skin) mom's choose Jif peanut butter for their (fur) babies! (I prefer the name brands as, in recent years, they seem to avoid recall issues that the slightly less expensive brands have faced, but that's just my personal experience.)

My dogs are English Mastiffs: their heads, alone, are at least twice as big as your Chihuahua so I'm overly hesitant to suggest amounts. None-the-less, assuming there are no allergy issues, I can't imagine a teaspoon or so of such a day would harm your pup. Again, do talk to your vet about this before you proceed. One of our dogs needs daily medication and a pill coated with peanut butter goes down smoothly!

Seriously, dogs that can tolerate peanut butter truly love the stuff! But just like humans, too much of a good food can cause unwanted weight gain for dogs, so proceed with caution. Good luck! (12/11/2010)

By KansasCindy

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

I would not feed any pets peanut butter, but for a professional opinion I would contact a vet. (12/11/2010)

By foxrun41

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

We have used it for years both as a treat and as a way to get our dogs to take their pills! Peanut butter on 2 graham crackers with the pill in between, one happy dog! And our cat loved to lick the peanut butter from around the edges, she still does. (12/13/2010)

By Lisbet

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

Always everything in moderation! As was mentioned already maybe one small teaspoon a day, but I would make sure it's sugar free peanut butter because animals can get diabetes just like humans and actually are more prone to it. (12/13/2010)

By Deeli

Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?

I have a really easy peanut butter dog teat recipe. If you would like it contact me. (12/18/2010)

By leekelly

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December 11, 20100 found this helpful

Is processed peanut butter good for dogs?

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April 4, 20100 found this helpful

There are so many people telling me that peanut butter is great for dogs. Are you saying that that isn't true?

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