NutriSystem Reviews

Has anyone tried NutriSystem?

A few of my friends swear by it, but it seems expensive, especially if you still have to cook

separately for your family. I have ordered some NutriSystem stuff from e-Bay to try it out.


I do like the idea that it makes it easy to plan meals and the high protein/low glycemic index

might really work.

I lost 30 pounds last summer from using the Dance Dance Revolution program on our

Playstation 2. That was definitely worth the investment. I would still like to lose 5-10


SusannL from St. Cloud, FL


NutriSystem Reviews

I use DDR for my workouts as well. Beats going to the gym. I have two friends that are on

NutriSystem and it works well for them. They have both lost lots of weight on it, but I would

never spend the money.
I went to a nutritionist instead. I get to eat regular foods, I just have to watch carb and

fat content. She even gave me a booklet of nutrition facts for several fast food joints. I

would suggest a nutritionist visit over a diet plan any day. I have been eating under her

suggestions for a month and have already lost nearly 10 lbs.
Good luck. (03/25/2007)

By Erin

NutriSystem Reviews

Anything that is a prescribed as "only eat our food" diet, is bound to fail. You can't eat


their food all the time, it's expensive and not really feasible. With a sensible eating plan

you can eat anything you want, just in moderation, heck you can eat at McD's if you want.


By Michawn

NutriSystem Reviews

I'll tell you what, I love it. I have been on it for a week (plus one day) and can honestly

tell you it's exactly what I have been looking for. Anyone who isn't full after a meal from

NS, really should attempt to talk to someone because after eating 5 or 6 different types of

food per meal, I really feel fulfilled.

It's perfect for me because my main problem was portioning out food. NS does it for me. I

chose my own food instead of letting NS pick and so far the foods that have been really good

are the cheese tortellini, pizza, ham, oatmeal cookie, granola bars, and grilled chicken.

Those are some off the top of my head. The only food I have regretted buying is the scrambled


eggs, not very good. The cereal is fine, same goes for the chocolate drink. That is pretty

much all I have had in 8 days.(maybe forgetting a few things)

As for buying additional food, this is the stuff that a normal person should have on their

shelves in the first place if they want to live a healthy life so I don't see what's the big

deal about having stuff like peanut butter, bread, salad, fruits, spinach, cheese, etc.

And the time is the best part, another perk for a lazy college student like me. It's a

little pricey, but consider this I have followed the diet for 8 days and am working out daily

and I have about 400 percent more energy and have dropped 11 of the 25 pounds I hope to lose


I'm serious, this could be exactly what you are looking for if you have some cash to spend.


By roy

NutriSystem Reviews

I just began the NS vegetarian plan, I started out by trying the 2 week food plan from QVC. I

actually enjoyed all of the food except for the ravioli. I was impressed by the high protein


content, the taste, and the wholesome ingredients. I just ordered the full delivery package

and am excited to get serious.

I have never been full in my life, and can eat tons of pasta. Lately, I can hardly finish

the "small" NS portions. A nice salad and the meal is surprisingly filling. Hope I lose

weight. (09/12/2007)

By Lisa

NutriSystem Reviews

The food is awful. Save your money and just buy Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine at the grocery

store. It is much better and has a better nutritional balance. I wish I had listened to the

naysayers before I wasted my money.

Also, beware. Nutrisystem substitutes in your order so much, you get very little of what you

actually chose. (10/12/2007)

By sorryIordered


Nutrisystem is a matter of taste. If you have ever had frozen entrees or a protein bar from

your local supermarket, well, that is exactly what you should expect. It is also a matter of


convenience and cost. If you're used to dining out every single day, this program will cut you

budget in half and of course it is all in the comfort or your own home. Although, I would

agree on some things mentioned by other people.

If you decide to join, make sure that you clearly specify which foods you like and which

foods you don't. Nutrisystem, tends to ship you some items that you did not order. Next, keep

in mind that all the foods have a high sodium level (salt). Make sure you check with your

doctor, before you proceed with this program.

Remember, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it's all about a matter of taste,

convenience, and saving money.

Good luck to all.

Neil, Vancouver, BC (10/29/2007)

By Neil from Vancouver, BC

NutriSystem Reviews

I've tried it, and currently have two cupboards full of food that hasn't been eaten. I just

didn't like the food. I find that Weightwatchers is better because on the points system you

eat whatever you want, just stay within a points range. Therefore, you don't have to buy a


bunch of food, and your family can often eat the same food you're eating. Also, if you know

you want to splurge for some special event, you can save up points for it, because you get 35

weekly points on top of your daily points, and you can save them up for one day if you want.

WW teaches you how to eat real food. They also have a separate "core" plan if you don't

like the points, under which you can eat certain healthy foods until you are satisfied, for

those who don't like counting points. All you pay if you choose the monthly program is about

40 bucks a month, and that covers meetings and access to the online site where you can keep

track of your points and exercise and find recipes, points values, etc. That beats hundreds

per month for Nutrisystem food that I didn't want to eat half of the time.

The only foods I liked of the Nutrisystem offerings were the Italian style foods, as it's

tough to mess up tomato sauce. The tuna tasted like cat food, and the Thai food was atrocious.

Most of the lunches were like cup a soup, where you add water and wait for dehydrated noodles

to get soft. The pizza is tiny, the burgers and chicken dehydrated, and you add boiling water.

I did lose some weight fast on NS, because you are eating so few calories, but ultimately, I

couldn't eat that food for long, so it was pretty much a waste of time. (01/03/2008)

By Minamu

NutriSystem Reviews

I know there are some mixed feelings about the diet, but this is the first diet that I have

actually enjoyed being on. I am a huge fast food, meat and potatoes girl, so Atkins and

Southbeach were not for me. Most of the food is really good, you just should order what you

think you will enjoy and not take too many risks.

I love:

  • cheese pizza, I add spinach and tomato
  • rotini with meatballs
  • macaroni, I add a cup of broccoli
  • pasta Parmesan with broccoli, I add a cup of broccoli
  • cheesy homestyle potatoes
  • fudge graham bar
  • granola bars
  • cereals, small, so eat fruit with it
  • spinach and cheese ravioli
  • soy chips

I am never craving something more, I am always full and find that I can't eat everything I

am supposed to in a day. I have a hard time getting over 900 calories, because I get full.

But, I eat a lot of veggies and some fat free cheese. The one hard part is the no alcohol,

but that is how it is with any diet. I would definitely recommend this diet to anyone that

usually loves junk food, because you can still eat cheesy pasta and potatoes, chocolate, etc.

Here is a sample day in the life of my diet:


  • blueberry muffin (NS)
  • coffee with fat free cream and Splenda
  • a few raspberries


  • pasta Parmesan with broccoli (NS)
  • steamed broccoli, mix in with pasta and a little extra reduced fat Parmesan
  • lots of water


  • apple or Soy chips (NS)


  • cheese pizza (NS) with steamed spinach and two tomato slices
  • asparagus with lemon juice
  • tomato (the rest of what I didn't use on pizza)


  • usually I am too full for dessert, so I usually have a bite or two of one of the chocolate

    peanut butter bars

Keep in mind, this is barely 850 calories, so in theory you need to add more fats to this

plan, but I am having a hard time. (01/12/2008)

By Lindsay

NutriSystem Reviews

I tried Nutrisystem 2 weeks ago. One day into it, I broke out in a rash and gained 5 pounds

within the next few days. The sodium content is so high, it caused edema for me. I quit the

program and went back to my previous weight. Now I am doing Weight Watchers, eating healthier,

and I feel great. Nutrisystem is an extremely expensive, salt enriched, program. Not good for

people with high blood pressure. (01/20/2008)

By Carrie

NutriSystem Reviews

I have always been a very healthy eater who sought guidance with respect to portion control

and balancing protein, fat and carbohydrates. Prior to NS, thoughts of food would consume me

at times. In retrospect, I would attribute these thoughts to the fact that I was not eating

balanced portions (too small, too large, not enough fat, too many carbs, etc.). Often I'd have

too much of one (protein or carbs) and not enough of the other in my diet.

Nutrisystem was an attractive choice for me. I thought this program would help me achieve

balance and train my eye to recognize proper portions. As a busy professional, I find the

meals to be convenient and satisfying when supplemented with the suggested vegetables/fruits.

I'm very satiated after every meal (likely due to the fibre, protein and fat), and find the

fruit and dairy servings tide me over until the next meal. This is quite a feat for someone who

felt hungry all of the time.

I wonder about those persons who say the food tastes very bad it makes me curious about

what you normally eat on a daily basis. I eat dinner out only about 5 times per year. I'm not

a fast-foodie.

I've lost just about 2 pounds in 4 days on the plan. That's not much, I know, but I've been

trying to do this for months. I do know this plan is right for me.

Best Regards.

By No Longer Ravenous in Saskatoon, SK

NutriSystem Reviews

I have been on NS for a little over a week now. Two days ago, I ended up in the ER for kidney

problems because of the high protein levels. Yes, it may work, but is it really worth the

possibility of having more serious health problems along the way? I have decided to go another

route. It doesn't hurt to try, but don't say we didn't warn you. (09/27/2008)

By not important

NutriSystem Reviews

I've been on Nutrisystem for a little over 5 weeks and so far I've lost 9 lbs. I started at

141. I like the program because it's simple and convenient. If you're confused about what and

how much to eat, it eliminates the guessing. I once went on the Atkins diet for approximately

a year and compared to that, this is heaven. There's carbohydrates and small amounts of sugar.

Just enough to keep my sanity. There are also "chocolate" deserts and cookies that aren't half


It also allows caffeine and diet soda which was never aloud on Atkins. If I continue to

lose weight as I have been, then this may be a diet for life for me. Oh and consequently, I'm

saving money because I don't eat out. It seems expensive, but compared to Chili's and the

Olive Garden about 10 times a month, it's alright. (10/22/2008)

By Monrie

NutriSystem Reviews

After losing 15 pounds on Nutrisystem, I have gained all plus five back. The diet was OK,

food ranged from decent to inedible. The pictures on the website and TV are inaccurate. They

are very small portions and require salad and other side dishes to complement to get full

enough. But the real problem was the absolutely inept people that worked for Nutrisystem and

dealt with the almost constant problems I had getting the food I ordered. They were constantly

out of things and would just send substitutions.

Even though I took the survey about what I can and can't eat, they would send beef when I

said I don't eat beef, things with nuts, which I am allergic to. They were good about

switching out the mistakes, but that always meant sending their food back and waiting. Also,

they choose the free week's food and you must take what they send you whether you like it or

not. Yes, you can often exchange for something better, but the phone operators would take my

order and then disregard most of what I ordered and send me the wrong items again.

It is very expensive, and the individual entrees and 5 and up are double in-store diet

entrees. It's a great scam, but like any diet, if you eat less and exercise, it works.

Bottom line, if you eat a controlled diet, when you switch back to normal eating, your old

habits kick right back in and you fail. If you can change your old habits, with a program

like Weightwatchers, your chances for success are immeasurably improved.

Just one side note, Nutrisystem sponsors a review page, but it is impossible to access and

write your own review. (12/31/2008)

By Michael

NutriSystem Reviews

There is only one guaranteed to lose weight. Reduce caloric intake and increase calories

burned. If you do those things you are guaranteed to lose weight. Any program that helps you

do that is a good program. With regards to sodium, it does not affect everyone the same

way.And if you want to taste cat or dog food, try the military's MRE's (Meals Rejected by


And last but not least, people have issues with buying fresh fruits and

vegetables, saying it is "extra". News Flash: any decent program will advice you to do that

anyway. If not, you do not want to be associated with it (01/15/2009)

By papa

NutriSystem Reviews

I did Nutrisystem a little over three years ago and lost almost 40 pounds in three months. I

did it in combination with an exercise program. I found the food good, and was never hungry. I

found the cost reasonable, even with the added fruit and veggies.

Over the last year, with some stressful personal circumstances that included two moves and a

job change, I fell out of the habit of exercising. Last night I stepped on the scale and I

have gained 17 pounds.

So, today I went online and ordered Nutrisystem again. The decision

to order is the motivation I need, so tonight I will begin regular exercise and I will be

ready to lose the weight when my Nutrisystem arrives in a few days. I am confident that I will

be back at my slim weight within two months.

I recommend Nutrisystem. Some of us need the motivation that committing to purchase a diet

system brings. (02/18/2009)

By Bergie

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