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Planning a 13th Birthday Party

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It can be lots of fun planning an event for young busy, active teenagers. This is a page about planning a 13th birthday party.


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March 20, 2011

My daughter is turning 13 in May and we are trying to plan something without relying on the weather cause we don't have an undercover area and our house is small. There are 20 girls and we were going to do a campout sleepover watching an outdoor movie, toasting marshmallows, pizza, movie food, etc. Any other suggestions for this amount of girls or does this sound good?

By Nikki from Sydney, Australia


March 21, 20110 found this helpful

It sounds like plenty to me. Actually it is more than I would ever do for any birthday party.

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March 22, 20110 found this helpful

That sounds awesome! I wouldn't plan to much more because at that age, girls just like to gossip about boys and school, so you need to leave room for that!

I would suggest a classic movie, like "Now and Then". I think I watched that movie for the first time in Jr High and it is still a favorite!

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March 24, 20110 found this helpful

It sounds like plenty but you can incorporate a few games.

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May 18, 20110 found this helpful

You could get some campfire songs and sing them or get games you can play round the campfire. :)

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January 14, 20160 found this helpful

You could try going to the cinema or going bowling though your idea is great!!

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January 27, 20160 found this helpful

This sounds great, they will love the camp out n time to chat n be silly! My 12 yr old turns 13 end of Feb and wants a camp out party....not sure bout our weather tho!


Hayley from England

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May 6, 2018

My daughter is turning 13 this year and I'm having trouble planning a birthday party for her. I'm trying to figure out the theme and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for one? It is in winter and we don't have a lot of grass in our backyard because of our pool taking up all of the space. Although we do have a large driveway for some activities. She has 9-12 friends coming over for her party. but I'm not sure what to do with them all.

Please help!

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November 23, 20130 found this helpful

I'm trying to plan a surprise party for my best friend. Her little sisters (there's three of them) get a birthday party every year and, by the time it comes to her birthday, her mum and dad can't afford a birthday party for her.


I've only known her a year, but we're already like sisters, so I want to throw her the best party ever. I've decided to make the party chocolate/baking theme (she loves both), but I don't know how to do it. It can't be at her house, I might be able to do it at my house. She also loves Olly Murs, swimming, singing, and playing the violin (we get lessons together).

Thankful for any suggestions!

P.S I'm in Scotland so I can't do anything that would be in America!



October 28, 20140 found this helpful

Last year I had a chocolate party. I made chocolates with these chocolate people. But you could probably find out how to do it on YouTube. Whilst the chocolate set we played chocolate games e.g guess the chocolate, chocolate quiz, etc. Then for food we had a cold buffet.

Hope this helped.

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March 20, 20110 found this helpful

I'm having a 13th birthday party for my sister. What theme should her party be and where should she have it at?

By Aleeyah from Baltimore, MD



Planning a 13th Birthday Party

It depends on what she likes and what would be appropriate (regarding place). Think of what her interests really are and focus on one of them as a theme. (02/01/2011)

By Suntydt

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Have a salon party, you can do nails, facials, hair, and have kiddie cocktails in some nice glasses. (02/02/2011)

By Lee

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February 1, 20110 found this helpful

I'm turning 13 in only a few days, and I'm having a small party (3 boys and 4 girls), but I don't know how to entertain. I have a low budget and I don't want it to be too kiddish. So far I have movies and a scavenger hunt. Hope people can help.


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June 4, 20090 found this helpful

I'm turning 13 in only a few days, and I'm having a small party (3 boys,4 girls) but I don`t know how to entertain. I have a low budget and I don`t want it to be too kiddish. So far I have movies and a scavenger hunt. Hope people can help.




Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hi, Christy!

You didn't mention the time limit for your party. Won't movies and a scavenger hunt take up most of the alloted time? or are these just suggestions at this point?

You'll probably also have something to eat, right? What about having 'movie food' (like sodas and popcorn) after you have the scavenger hunt. It sounds like that would take up nearly 4-5 hours. You don't want to try to squeeze in too much.

You could start off by giving each guest a scavenger-game list of items to find as each arrives. There will be some sort of time limit, I'd guess -- then everyone would assemble in your central spot (like the living room) to show off what they'd found on their hunt. You should have small prizes for this (like big Hershey bars or something similar).

Then you'd be ready to make the popcorn for the movie -- have some big bowls ready, or give each person an individual microwaved bag of popcorn -- and be prepared to make extras! It would be fun to have a cartoon before your 'main attraction' movie, too -- your library might have some classic Looney Toons or Bugs Bunny.


I hope one of the party-goers will be a good friend who will arrive early to help you set up and stay later to help you clean up.

If you can afford to, have someone take some pictures of all of you (maybe if some of the attendees have digital cameras?) -- at least have your parents take a group picture. If you don't have a camera, you can buy a disposable one for about $6. If a friend asks what you'd like for a gift, you could say 'a disposible camera and picture processing!'

Have a great time -- will you come back and tell us about your party?

Nancy in Florida


By Nancy from Florida

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hi Christy - the key to being a natural hostess is thinking of things the guests are going to want. So first, hang a sign saying "bathrooms -->". Next, food and drinks should be available all the time for nibbles even if you're going to serve a meal. Next, something to do for people who aren't talking to each other, like a TV going and some good music, with magazines around that they might like. A deck of cards and board games sitting around might get picked up and used, so leave them out. Musical instruments too. Don't leave video games available because people aren't part of the party when they are wiggling a controller. The first ones to arrive will need to be put to work, just say "Oh hi! you can help me cut these fruit things up!" or something. Then as the others arrive, you can keep people talking by telling them things about each other. You see a person just looking around, you walk right up and say "So Dave, did you know that Mike here is into motocross too?" so that you spend the first hour helping people find out things about each other that they can talk about. Once they get to talking, you skip away and work on the next non-talker. You don't want to start the scavenger hunt or movies until a good party feeling is well established and people are smiling a lot.
Be sure to invite a totally far-ranging mix of people, who are very different but whom you know some things about. Avoid inviting people who will be really negative and say downer things all the time. Good luck, and remember that you are doing this party to GIVE OTHER PEOPLE A GOOD TIME!! this is the way to make sure you yourself have a good time from seeing them smile! Good for you for even thinking of having a party! It's going to be so memorable! (11/05/2007)

By Kim Churchman

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

sharades would be fun and a good time filler. (11/09/2007)

By Julie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

i am also having problems thinking of ideas 4 my 13th b-day party. i was thinking about a murder mystery party but i thought that it was too labor intensive. i am inviting 12 girls & the allotted time is 3-4 hours help! I need ideas!! (11/12/2007)

By aub

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

This is the last time that you'll be a child, so do something kiddish. Have a Blue's Clues birthday party. It sounds kiddish and something that no one would like, but you'd be surprised at how much fun this could be. I did it last year on my 13th birthday and it was a big hit. I had a Blue's Clues clue hunt and then we figured out what blue wanted!!! It was a blast, especially since the invitations were Blue's paw print. -Jessica (12/02/2007)

By Jessica

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I'm having My 13th soon and I am giving it a Disney theme. The best thing to do. I had no idea what to do so I decided to look on the internet and I found lots of things. Fancy dress was one of them its a great conversation starter and will get people talking. I have twisted traditional party games to fit my theme like pass the parcel becomes pass the glass slipper. Apple dunking is another great party game. As your becoming a teen now there are lots of funny games like suck and blow you and your friends might find fun. Suck and blow is where you get a slip of paper and you have to pass it from person to person using nothing but your mouth. When your party is just beginning you will want music on and food available. Punch is always a great way to provide drink. Non alcoholic is obviously the best. And as your on a tight budget you should only provide little things or make your own finger food.i also got a friend to help me plan my party
Hope that helps it certainly helped me:)
x (12/04/2007)

By Lounarr

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

um well im having my 13th birthday party on friday... 3 days from now. cant wait.
dance party, black and white theme.
im having music really loud and its gona be indoor and outdoor... the pool porch is gona be open and people can just walk out to the drink table and get stuff to drink and things.
and were gona have omg... its just gona be fun. xD
night walk...sharades maybe idk...volleyball...lotsaaa stuff.
HUGGING GAME... created by ashley. haha. okay yeah i duno if i helped at all. but yeah :Dquote) (12/04/2007)

By ashy ;]

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I was also having the same problems as all of you guys and girls are having my 13th bday is soon I didn't know what to do but then I thought about having a little kiddie party because that's the last time I'll be a kid but then I thought about having a fluro party because that's the in theme. You can never have a bad party if you have a pool but I didnt have a pool so me mum and dad said I should hire a jumping castle and water slip so dats what I'm going but I don't know if I should have a disco theme or a fluro theme which ever one. I choose I know it will be fun. Just think about a party theme that you will like and your friends I am having lots of friends at mine. I hope my party theme help =)

By Ashleigh

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

omg my 13th bday is comin up in the beginnin of january. my party is gonna b on a saturday, perfect time to set up, get the guests here, and have the girls sleep over. im not gonna go through the whole "huge theme thing" cuz it would cost some money to get all the decorations, and then try to make some of the games and activities related. im probly gonna do a night theme. just put up some of my art work or somethin. im gonna start out with everyone in the basement gettin settled and listening to music while waiting for everyone to arrive. i usualy have the girls come earlier..usualy 30 minutes before the boys. that gives us some "planning and discussing" time. just to make sure nothing sounds too weird to be doing with the boys. then we just kinda chill and have snacks handy for anyone who needs em. some people dont know when they will be eating dinner, so they dont eat too much bfor they come. so make sure u defenitaly have snacks and pop, to keep the party pumpin. cameras are a good thing too, take some pictures of everyone, you're most likely going to wish you had pics after the party. trust me, been there, done that. if your going to try to play spin the bottle, and your away from parental supervision, dont get realy quiet. the parents will soon come down suspicious. keep conversations going as your playing the game, otherwise no more spinning. if people just dont seem to listen to you, get like..ur two best friends or something to get everyone to listen. or you could pretend to cry. haha. dont do that. try to make sure all of your guests want to do the activity your doing. my best friend that isnt by bff anymore, she was always really bummed, and it kinda made me go to her and see wats wrong. guests sometimes feel jealous wen one of them seems "favored" by the host. also, it cuts back time. once it gets around...8 oclock, you should probly throw in a movie and relax, have fun, and...sit nezt to the guy you like. haha. thats what i always did. now its your turn to make your party truly special. invite some really funny people. omgsh, my party would b so boring without them. and remember, have FUN!

kaytay (12/13/2007)

By Katie from Illinois.

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Heyy! I have some awesome ideas if ya wanna throw a cool and FUN party!
........For favors, stop by the dollar store. My b-day is right after christmas, so I get all the sales! LOL. plus, use wrappin paper to wrap gifts for like a scavenger hunt or sumthin.
........Pick ur own food... Also, some cool games are the balloon game, mad libs, scavengering, now u have it now u dont, and sum more (LOOK BELOW)
~balloon game--- blow up a ton of balloons and keep em in one room. give a foot or so of ribbon to each player. They have 2 pick a balloon and tie it to the balloon and tie that to their ankle. jump around to pop other peoples balloonz. dont get urs popped! last one standing wins. Hint- to win, pretend urs is already popped and blend it in wit the others. at the end, just jump out and say u won!

~mad libs---- good for a sleepover. this takes a lot of time tho. type some stories up on ur cp and put blanks with small letters under them like "verb ending in -ing." be more specific [ex. "person like teacher, mom, dad..."] it makes it funner. Take turns with a few buds and have sum Laughs!

~scavengering--- be creative. u know how to do this!

~now u have it now u dont---- wrap as many gifts as guests. write a list of #'s and a slip of paper matchin the #. Give each person a few numbers (about 5 is good) and keep the list. (this means u may have to make up to 30-sum #'s) Randomly call the #'s. when theirs is called, they get a gift. after all the gifts are chosen, if sumone has a gift u want, you may take it from them. Make sure each person ends up with at least 1 gift but no more than 3--make it fair. open gifts when done.

Some places to go are movies, golf/go kart (summer), skating (ice, roller, etc...) and a hotel. Some of these can be costly, so try to keep ur parties under $100. Ur parents will trust u more and let u have more parties year-round. So, you will not just have a big party in cold autumn, but maybe u can have an end-of-skool-year bash!

The most important part to a party is GOOD FRIENDS. they make the party, not your stuff. Hope I helped. G2G- lex(b)(/b) (12/19/2007)

By Lexxi

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Skip the scavenger hunt! they get boring fast, if u already have bought the materials for it, they can quickly translate in to nice goody bag stuffers.
Instead, base the whole party around movies, get the scariest you can find! I suggest renting IT or MISERY by Stephan king. Provide lots of popcorn, pizza, soda, cookies, confetti, balloons and cake.
to save more money, visit a dollar store to find cheaper stuff or scope out sales at a local party store.
Even try making a few banners with paper and markers, google a way to make a pinata and you'll have the best party and cheap!
All you have to do is get crafty! HAVE FUN! ~Sophie (12/29/2007)

By Sophie.

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I think you should skip the scavenger hunt and base it on a Hollywood movie premier. Stop by a dollar store and you could probably find paper popcorn holders and put popcorn in them turn all the lights down and put the film on. Get a table and put drinks and paper cups and straws and cup lids so everyone can help themselves. Once the film has ended turn the telly off and start a popcorn fight. Make sure you don't knock any drinks over. (01/01/2008)

By hollie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

my 13 is in a month i need help
soo HELP (01/04/2008)

By Kelli

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

maybe you should just invite friends and family have music everybody will enjoy and let only your closest friends sleepover it will be loads of fun enjoy Miley

By SmileyMiley

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hey just think of what kind of party you would want to go to! Don't worry about what everyone thinks it's your party Have fun Chica! (01/06/2008)

By Beautiful .

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

For my 13th I am renting a HUGE limo and getting a personal Driver and shopping in New York City !!! (01/08/2008)

By Nikki

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My b'day in 2 months and I don't know what 2 do on the day (what games 2 play and what games not 2 play) please please HELP! ME! (01/12/2008)

By gabriella

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I'm having a huge party and inviting the whole class plus my friends 2 my house! The party has to be cool, and it's boy/girl. My bff had a huge party last year and made it dance theme but I don't like to dance so I can't do the same! HELP! What do I do? (01/12/2008)

By Ella

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

we are best friends planning a 13th birthday party together... wee want to invitee boys and girls, maybe have a hall;; but what would we do at the hall, maybe rent a limo but where should we go.. have any fun boy girl game ideas in mind? ahah we rlly have nothing in mind>> lol... (b)(/b)PLEASE HELP US ASAP..>thee party must be big, with great things to do for boys or girls. any suggestions would be great!
thanks- kellie<3 (01/13/2008)

<p class="art">By Kellie &amp;+ Brenna

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

well i am having a lot of problems deciding what i wanna do as well. but i have some ideas.

-laser tag?
-midnight bowling?
-the classic sleepover and have boys but they wont stay, go toilet papering, be loud, dance and have funn
-the ymca? i had mine there one year. it was pretty fun.
-last year my friend rented out a hotel and we had a BLAST.
-scavenger hunt...always fun(:
-go to the mall with your friends, get makeovers or something, and try on clothes &amp;&amp; take pics(:
-LAST YEAR I RENTED OUT A CHURCH GYM AND HAD A LOCK IN. SUPER DUPER FUN! it was from 8 at night to 8 in the morning and we stayed up dancing, watching movies on my zoombox, and i got a fondue fountain(: my uncle thought up some fun games for boys and girls like the toothpick game. idk if u know what tht is though.
-pool party..

(b)(/b)(b)(/b) (01/16/2008)

By abby

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

i think you should have limo/hotel party. invite about 10 friends and fly to New York. have a driver drive you in a limo to the fanciest hotel in town. i did it for my 13th party and it was a blast. i live in California and there is like nothing to do in march. my cousin Jessie Mcartney did this for his 13th party and suggested it to me. its super fun and super inexpensive.

My parents thought i should do something more high class. like go to Paris or the Bahamas. but i already did that for my 9 bday. the flight was to long and the limo driver only spoke French. no way am i doing that again. so take my advice and have a blast. oh and don't forget to wear your jimmy shou heals and Ralph lauren mini dress. get the dress in aqua blue and the shoes should half nude and half aqua blue. black stelleto heals will also work. lov ya (01/17/2008)

By Delaney

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

have fun my bday is coming up too.:) (01/20/2008)

By justine

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Ohio is the place to have the best birthday ever! It sure beats Paris and New York! I think that Ohio is a great place to have your 13th birthday party because you can put your boots on, and hike in the woods and find lots of bugs instead of putting on your jimmy shou heals and Ralph lauren mini dress!

I like piling my friends in my Dad's old pickup truck and riding through the field. Then for food we light a big old fire and cook up some deer hot dogs that my Dad hunted last week, I went with him. For games we see how many worms we can pile on our hair,it is fun! Hope these ideas help. (01/20/2008)

By Misty

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Look I'm Having a party In 11 Months on the 28th of November and i'm planning ahead it's just going oto be small (4 girls 3 boys) but i dont know what theme to do can you help miu? (01/21/2008)

By Aroha

Make ur Own Hotel

You could make your own hotel. You would have to reserve some time before to set up, but you could make the playroom a guest room and your room could be a guest room. You could have a dinner buffet set up at night in your kitchen where your guests can go around and pick out all sorts of different little appetizer snacks. or you could just go out to eat. You could have a breakfast buffet, same thing with different foods. then the party favors could be in bags that say something like "thank you for staying at the your name Plaza" or "we hope you enjoyed your stay... plz come again." (01/25/2008)

By Bailey

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

lol um it's jimmy chou!!
but whatevs..have funn!(b)(/b) (01/25/2008)

By Lilahh

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

ello, Im turning 13 on march 1st and am trying to plan the best b-day party eva. At my party i plan on having ddr(dance, dance, revolution) Its really fun.Just to let you know no affence or anything but take it from me if you dont want it to be kiddish dont do a scavenger hunt it is so two years ago. But just dance and have a good time and dont forget, as long as your having fun, thats all that matters (01/26/2008)

By katie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I'm older than you and I just played a bunch of games at my birthday and gave out prizes. (01/26/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

for my 13th b-day i think i am going to invite some of my friend to go in a lime to a habatchi place then for my party i want to go to nyc and SHOP then stay the night i think it will be a blast maybe u could do that to (01/26/2008)

By tigletgirl

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My kids party is coming up!shes turning 13! She's having a club theme with black lights and glow sticks every where! They are going to dance and have fun! (01/27/2008)

By kathy


If I were you I would rent a dance club thing for the night and invite 20-40 peeps and just have foods and stuff!
ya digg~ (01/27/2008)

By Julie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

i am inviting a lot of girls from school and baseball for my b-day (13th) its almost February and I want to start asking my mom about ideas but she says not to worry. That's why I'm here so I'll know in advance. (01/27/2008)

By Kelly

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

It's going to be my 13th b-day in April and I was thinking about a dress up party but, how many people should I have?
What could we do except gossip and dance and sing karaoke? (01/28/2008)

By x.xHeatherx.x

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Think of what you would like to do. It's your party right? So shouldn't it be about your hobbies and interests? Make a list of stuff that you like. Then you could play "(your name here) Trivia." Good luck and happy birthday! (02/01/2008)

By Abby B.

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

im like trying to plan my 13th bday to and im trying to throw an over the top one.
i usually throw huge parties and my friends are expecting something big.
i was thinking of something like going to paris with like 5-6 of my friends and going shopping
or maybe going to LA and rent a limo to take us all around to like the beaches and to the malls and go shopping there
i think im going with the paris thing though

-Megan<3 (02/02/2008)

<p class="art">By Megan

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

What about a mall scavenger hunt? Maybe talk to the owner of the mall about after hours, and you can go find things @ the stores that will be available. (02/03/2008)

By Unknown Monkey


Well you could have it at a pool. Play truth or dare and a whole bunch of other great fun games for both boys and girls. (02/05/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hi Christy,
Most of these suggestions are for large budgets i.e shopping in Paris &amp; flying to Barbados.(I think some people might be showing off!)
My daughter will be 13 soon and she is only inviting her close friends.They will have food and music,they will be that busy gossiping they wont need games. Then they will watch their movie &amp; eat popcorn &amp; sweets. we will make up party bags with make-up &amp; girly things. If u invite boys then you will have to think of what to put in their bags, maybe joke stuff!
Just be yourself and have fun. Happy Birthday xx (02/06/2008)

By mandy

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I am trying to plan my 13th birthday but i have no idea how to plan it i just want to have a big party with maybe a floral theme, but I need some help with how to start! (02/16/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My Birthday is in July so Its In the Summer Holiday Plus I have a lot of time to plan I have no idea what to do. We don't have a lot of money to spend so I want a party that's not expensive but I don't want the basic sleepover. I was thinking quasar but then what if you have any other fab ideas reply remember (NOT EXPENSIVE) E.g. Limo's party buses or themed night that are expensive! x (02/17/2008)

By Emma

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My birthday is on the 1st of March, and i want to have a birthday party. im turning 13 by the way, and im not sure what to do? i was thinking about hiring a little club thing, and im just gonna have food and music and have my whole class and sum other friends there and just dance and sing all night. Then have a sleep over afterwards, and watch movies, and sleep outside or something and just snack out! (02/20/2008)

By kass


for my 13th i went shopping in london x (02/21/2008)


A 13th B-day

Ok, so all most of my friends have our birthdays in March, so I was thinking just to combine our birthdays together. Also, I was probably planning on just watching a movie in my basement, eat, play some video games [so the guys wont be left out] and just hang around.

And I'll just turn on some music, and tell people to bring their Ipods, so we can have more song choices to hook to the speakers. (02/23/2008)

By Anela S

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Well, I am planning my son's 13th birthday party and I am going to take him to a paint ball park. That may be a great idea for you girls against the boys. Just a thought but it is kinda pricey. Another idea is a swim park or somewhere to have a go cart race. I don't know what else. Hope this helped a little. (02/29/2008)

By Mother of an almost 13th year old

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My b-day is in like 12 days (March 13th and I'm turning 13) I'm having a skating party and I don't know what to do for games. Help me please! Should I do board games or arts and crafts? What should I do? (03/01/2008)

By Shannon

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

hi need to have some ideas for my 13th bday! I cant include my friends in this. For particular reasons so I can only include my family. My bday is in March 20th what shall I do? (03/03/2008)

By someone who really needs help!

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

HELP! I'm turning 13 on March 25th and im having my party on the 29th. I am renting out the dance studio i go to but i have no idea what to do for the 3 hours we are renting it out for. I was thinking maybe a Under the Sea theme or maybe Black and White but i have no idea how to entertain. HELP! (03/04/2008)

By Mickeymouse

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

heey guys,
my 13 is coming up in 2 weeks , i'm inviting my 4 closest friends and then expanding the rest of my birthday later into the night. one of my older friends gave me a really good idea for it. a project runway model theme, to kick it off each guest gets to pick a bag. each bag has a blank plain t-shirt, scissors, a marker, hair products, and all the makeup required. plus each have a different theme
ny fashionista
canadian idol
everybody gets 20 minutes to create themselves to look like their theme. then walk down a fake runway and video tape your fashion show, you guys will laugh over and over again! later i am having a couple more people over and we are going to have a bond fire, me and my 5 girls are going to go to it all dressed up in our model looks!
after the extra few leave we will go inside , wash our faces and do some pretty cool facials. pop in some movies and chill. it will be a awesome party. i hope i helped! (03/06/2008)

By Millzstar21*

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

well cristy wat you could do is play some games like the chocolate game that good for all ages or you could play pass the passel thats all so good for all ages well i dont know wat other thing but i hope i helped you (03/16/2008)

By holly

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Honey a skate party sounds fab, really great, but the games that you could do is you could do races or seeing who can do the best trick or something like that. (03/16/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hey, just for starters hun, I know how you feel. I'm turning 13 tomorrow, and i know everything is so limited on time. Do like movie trivia, create questions based on a few movies you watched and then give out prizes to the person who got the most questions right. One time I did a makeup scavenger hunt where people had to fine different makeup items, and once they found it all, they had to put it on a girl. It would be fun with boys because they have no idea how to put on makeup! Definitely have some good music, pizza, and dessert. ice cream sundae contest? Who can make the beastliest sundae? You can do so much with just ideas like that. Have a great 13th birthday! (03/23/2008)

By 13 tomorrow

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Can someone plz help me! Its my kid bro's birthday. He is turning 13 and I have no idea where to have a party for him. Any ideas? BESIDES bowling and paint ball n park lol (04/02/2008)

By Annet

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My birthday is in 16 days and I have no idea what to do! There isn't really a budget but my parents aren't gonna go for shopping in Paris like some of you (I think your lying and it's sad this is your only way to find attention) so please help, I'm open for any ideas! :-)
-Julia (04/10/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I am having a party in August and I have noooo idea of what to do! I am thinking of having a pool party, but i am second guessing the idea. (04/14/2008)

By Lexie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My 13th birthday is coming up in May. I have no idea what to do for it. I don't want to spend to much money. I mean...I want it to be really fun. My best friends had a dance party, &amp; a pool party. i don't want to take their ideas. If anybody has any ideas? StRaMaRa OmG x3
Thanks so much! bye (04/22/2008)

By Katie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My b-day is in 31 days and I haven't a clue what a theme could be but I'm viping 12 people but some at the sleepover and some at the party the next day. Hope that helps out. Peace (04/23/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

OMG, I still don't know what to do. It's in 15 days and I'm thinking of doing something like paint ball. Then I take them out to a nice dinner. What do you guys think? Please respond! (05/01/2008)

By nate

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

hey. my bday is on may 20th and idk what i should do for it. im gonna have like about 20 ppl. one if my friends told me it would be great to make a pool party but thats like kinda overused by a lot of ppl and i want my bday to be unforgettable. i don't want it to be childish cuz like i also look older than 13yo. i really need ur help! plz!

crissy (05/02/2008)

By crissy.

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I went to a great party FIRST WE PLAYED THE CHOCOLATE GAME then we played plant the kiss on the celeb and u put lipstick on and was blindfolded and had to kiss da lips! Then we played truth dare and love. Soon we ordered a pizza and went downstairs we watched 3 films and played loads more games! We didn't go sleep at all! Woo an all niter! Hope dis helped bii x (05/05/2008)

By sarah

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I'm having my 13 birthday party on 13th June - my birthday.
I'm having 8 girls coming to my house but i don't know what to do to entertain them. My auntie is making it a crazy party which is going to be really funny. But I need some ideas to do. Plz Helpp!

By Bethan

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I need big help, I want a movie theme for my party but how can I make it a movie theme? Please help me. (05/29/2008)

By penny

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Penny, pick hollywood....... get it from

type in movie night (06/03/2008)

By Braxton

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

some ideas are
(u)take them 2 a mall(/u) (06/09/2008)

By Emma

13th birthday

Help, my birthday coming up soon and I wanna do something good but then is everyone talking bout big party and going to Paris or to London. Like I wanna do something at home but I don't know what, help me? (06/09/2008)

By amanda

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hi, I am going to be turning 13 in 2009. I know it is extremely early but I wanna do a makeover party. Any ideas? (06/10/2008)

By Emili

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I need help 2, i dont turn 13 til august but im trying to get a theme together and other things before i go on vacation so please help me i have some ideas but i dont know what to do with them! i dont want to make mi parents spend thousands of dollars 4 me to go to paris but i do want to do something my friends have never done and i want it to be a party that will be remembered forever! please help-thanks (06/16/2008)

By olivia

I need help for my 13th! :)

my 13th bday is on july 22 and i dont know what to do. shud i have a joint bday with my friend whose bday is on da 15th? were friends but idk whut to do cause im friends with a lot of peeps shes not. IDK! (06/17/2008)

By dreee74

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I want my 13th birthday party in a a normal medium sized hall with toilets. I want to have a small disco with lots of friends but I can't find one! (06/22/2008)

By susie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Don't do foolish things such as toilet-papering someone's home; it isn't funny and it shows your immaturity if you and your friends think it is. It's never right or funny to vandalize property.

Fun and celebrating do not need to cost your parents a lot of money. Frugal is the way to be. Have homemade cake, homemade decorations. There have been a lot of great ideas posted here. Have your parents, an aunt, uncle or older sibling take lots of candid photos. Be yourself and think of others first, you'll be a great hostess if you do. Be sure to send thank you notes for the gifts and thank your parents and others that have helped to make your day a special one. (06/22/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My birthday is in like 25 days and I'm gonna have a sleepover party! but I don't really know what stuff to do! Please give some ideas! (06/29/2008)

By Steph

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My birthday is in August and I need help and I'm TURNING 13! I'm a very picky girl and I don't like spas and sleepovers. I was going to rent a hall and have a dance party but I cant find one. Please help me! (07/14/2008)



OMG! my 13th birthday is in September but i want to have in before school starts and i have absolutely no ideas on what to do .i wanted to go to the spa but idk if that such a good idea i just need help does any one have ideas? It would help A LOT! =) (07/26/2008)

By kaykay

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

OK Ive got some ideas 4 a 13th b-day party...try lazer tag or try a blacklight party..I hope i helped a little (07/29/2008)

By paiden

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My birthday is in 2009 in March. I know why am I planning it so soon that's cuz I want every thing to be perfect when my b-day comes along. Also dat nobody can backout cuz dats what people did before so if I tell them way in advance like 3 mths frm my b-day they can't say anything. I was thinking I could have a sleepover w/ my closest girlfriends and da next day I have a pool/dance party.I haven't decided yet.Once the place is secure just need to find da perfect swimsuit now dats a problem.

Hope I was off some help to someone. Just keep it simple with music, food, fun and games. No need for people to show off. Could someone also tell me if I should have homemade decorations and also if I should have a pool or dance party I could have both but it's March but also I do live in Florida. Whatever. Bye. (07/30/2008)

By Solace

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

ok so my b-day is in 6-days i was thinking of having a sleep over with like 6 of my friends but some of my friends cant come cus their parents wont let them sooo yeah i need help (07/30/2008)

By hanna

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I know having a 13th birthday is a good deal. So here are some of my ideas......

1. Have a carnival/sleepover. You could rent a moon bounce and even maybe a cotton candy machine.

2. Luau
3. Hollywood
4. 70's

Hope that this helped! (08/01/2008)

By girl

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hi! So my 13th b-day is in like a few months, so are my friends! what you could do is if you have friends who's birthday is in the same month as yours, you could think of throwing like a dance party with 20 people at a club house or somewhere roomy enough for everyone to fit. A good party could be to 3 hours long..themes you could have is a Luau! that's the best idea if your b-day is in da summer or spring! or hav a swimming party! (08/05/2008)

By Charley

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

What is the chocolate game? It sounds really good. (08/09/2008)

By Ellie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

It is my bday in 5 days but haven't a clue wot 2 do it is from 12 to 5. Help me! (08/09/2008)

By Ellie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I want my birthday party in a few weeks when I come back from holiday but one of my mates has backed out already. I'm having a major crisis because I don't know what to do. I want something special because I'm going to be 13. I need help and soon. (08/15/2008)

By rachel

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

welll my 13th birthday is in septtember and im throwing this HUGE party with 100 of my closest friends and its gonna rock out loud but idk what i should do neon /glow or hollywood? HELP ME (08/23/2008)

By Jesss

HELP (please!)

My party is this Saturday! I am 13! What should I do? HELP (please!) (09/03/2008)

By Katie

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

My birthday is in a month, and I really need some help. I usuallly have crazy parties that none of my other friends have, but this year I'm coming up blank. i don't really want to have a sleepover, my mom and I were thinking maybe go kart racing, but I'm not sure. Please give me some ideas. Nothing that includes flying to some place, or fancy hotels. (09/06/2008)

By rei

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hey, I think a great idea for your 13th b-day for a smaller group would be to have a luau type thing. You could have up to 8 ppl sleepover and you could have fun with an awesome backyard water party! You could buy a slip n slide and some other small things. For a bigger group the hotel idea is very good. You could have a more people like maybe a max. of 50 and you could all spend the night @ the hotel of you choice . You could all have fun @ the pool. Have a hotel scavenger hunt. And wake up the next day and order room service! Well, these are a few ideas I had in mind for mine! (09/14/2008)

By Nancy

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Hi! I am turning 13 VERY soon. I have some cool ideas for a party, and I also want some advice on other stuff you guys may have, like some cool games or crafts to do with your girlfriends.
Here are some ideas of a cool girly girl party.
1. Get lots of pillows, and watch several movies, and have fun snackies.
2. Have some spa/girl stuff. Like nail polish, face masks, hair stuff, etc. and go into the largest bathroom in your house and do each other nails and hair and stuff. I only suggest this is it is a girls party only. lol.
3. You could also get or buy a tent and go sleep and hang out, outside, if you are more adventurous.
4. Really you all just hang out and have fun with each other. You could do a fun craft, and play lots of games. I find, that if you are with people you like, you will always have something to do. Hope this helps all of ya'!! (09/21/2008)

By Kristina

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I`m turning 13.Soon *tear*.But I cant seem to keep my party plans the same. I keep changing them because I`m worried what other people will think. The girl friends just want to go shopping all the time.Its like confusing because my friends are my life and I don't want to lose them be cause of a lame birthday.It started out by wanting to have this girls night out on the town.Get a limo to pick us up from school on a Friday and go to the mall and shop and talk, and walk. Drop of people who cant stay for the sleepover at hotel.But every things changing.

Now it lets go to that fancy restaurant called"tru lucks"and eat there and just go to the hotel for the sleepover.Gosh give some organization advice?Tell me which idea you like better?If you dont like either one send me an idea that doesn't invite staying at home. Thanks (09/24/2008)


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

Sometimes picking a theme as simple as a color/colors.

I was really worried too because my birthday was in three weeks and i had nothing planned, and usually i have things planned months ahead. So i stated thinking and really liked the idea of a scavenger hunt, and because i always have a very low budget on my parties, i thought it would be perfect.
Okay so i had scavenger hunt... what else could i do? I continuously Google searched 'birthday party ideas' and there was a couple of good things, but nothing that was WOW, nothing that was ME!

So i started thinking again and brain storming and started thinking about i school dance i had recently had, it's was themed black &amp; white... i thought it was soo cute. So i went w/ it. I bought b &amp; w streamers and balloons, plates and napkins, EVERYTHING! even the cake was vanilla and chocolate.

I had so much fun!


Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I am thinking of a few things to do, but I don't know if they're too childish. Should I do pool party/ slumber party or... spa day/ slumber party or...
bonfire and roast marsh mellows and have smores/ slumber party but no matter what i am doing a slumber party because i have never done a slumber party before! (10/01/2008)

By sydney

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I have an idea. I'm already 13 but for my party we had a "13 going on 30" party and everyone came as what their dream to be at 30 was. Well we had it at community center and everyone had lots of fun. I went as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and this idea is not kiddish at all. Afterwards I had a sleepover. And also we gave a prize to the person wearing the coolest costume! It was lots of FUN! (10/09/2008)

By Kaila


My Bday party is 2 days! It was originally Sept. 14.
I'm inviting 6 girls to sleepover. What should we do? (10/11/2008)

By Manon

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I have no idea what to do for my 13th party? I have been thinking about going into town with a few of my mates or go swimming.
Help me please! (10/19/2008)

By Caitlin

Planning a 13th Birthday Party

I have read what you all have said and all these ideas sound great! But I thought of an even better one! If you have a large budget you could go to a photoshoot room and have a photoshoot with your closest buddies! And there small gift could be an album with all the great photos you took! (01/31/2009)

By Libby


I have an awesome idea of having a makeover party, but I have no clue what my friends would thank of it because some are tomboys. Should stick with it or give it up? The theme is going to be a night in New York so I have no clue. Help (02/09/2009)

By Samantha

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