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Remedies for Insomnia

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Lying awake, unable to get to or go back to sleep is frustrating, as well as, potentially detrimental to your health over time. This is a page about remedies for insomnia.


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January 19, 2011

If you are having trouble sleeping at night or getting to sleep, don't fight it. Get up and do the cleaning job around the house you hate the most to completion.

By Debra Jean from Rio Rancho, NM

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April 5, 2016

I am no sleep expert, but I have had insomnia for years. I have discovered if I get out of bed (usually around midnight for me) and organize my desk, or a closet or a room, I can get back to sleep easily.

Don't start a project that takes a lot of thought, or is frustrating. Do something that you can stop anytime without leaving as mess behind. Do not start something that has time constraints or is very important to finish. This has to be easy with no stress. Stress causes adrenaline and adrenaline will keep you awake for sure!

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July 25, 2019

I think not many adults will be having before bedtime snacks of peanut butter. You might want to keep it in mind though if you have children, who like me, sometimes don't easily associate cause and effect.


This may be common knowledge. I had never heard of it. It took me a while to get it accepted by my brain, but it finally did and it did the hard way.

Years back, I was visiting a friend. During our conversation, I kept yawning. I apologized and said. 'You know, I didn't sleep very well last night and I think maybe a peanut butter snack was the cause'.

He said, 'Well, I can tell you this. A lot of times when I'm out making deliveries, I'll start to get sleepy over in the afternoon. And when I do, I'll stop at some convenience store and get snack crackers with peanut butter. Soon, I'm wide awake and make it fine the rest of the afternoon'.

A couple of times since then, I've had restless nights that I halfheartedly attributed to peanut butter. Then I forgot all about it.

I wont forget last night any time soon. I ate very little all day yesterday. I tried to stay busy and burn a few extra calories. I'm at least 20 pounds over my ideal weight. (My GP has started putting my BMI ((Body Mass Index)) on the 'This Visit's Summary' I get every time I see him. I do think he's trying to tell me something).

Well, late last night my stomach started growling. Without remembering or giving any thought to the consequences, I helped myself to a couple of small slices of French bread topped with one of my favorite sweet tooth goodies; a spread made of crunchy peanut butter and orange marmalade.

Later, I was having trouble getting to sleep and blamed it on the peanut butter. I thought, 'Not to worry, I'll drift off in half an hour or so'. Well, People, it didn't work quite that way.

I was awake at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 o'clock. And in between, I had some of the most bizarre and most vivid dreams I've ever had. I don't remember dreaming in years. The only good thing to come of this is, at least I know I can still dream.

I wont be burning any extra calories, today. I'll be lucky if I can keep my fat carcass out of the bed. I feel like... well, let's just say, 'woe is me'.

I've learned a lesson the hard way, one I'm not likely to forget for a long time. No peanut butter after 5:00 PM.

Am I alone in this, or have you experienced something similar, or at least heard about it? One thing's for sure, while I'm not likely to have great, great nieces and nephews staying over for a night; If I did, and if they wanted a late snack, they'd get a cookie and a cup of milk. Never Peanut Butter.

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Can't sleep? Instead of taking a sleeping pill, try counting fifty ways you've saved money this year. It's great mental exercise, and it challenges you to come up with more money saving ideas.

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July 8, 2009

I am 73 years old and have had problems with sleep most of my life. My doctor has put me on sleeping pills as he says my health depends on getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night. I have tried every remedy given for sleep prep and also tried many herbs but none of this has ever helped me.


I do not have problems on my mind as my life is pretty good and I have a wonderful church and close family. So worry is not the problem. I just cannot sleep. Sometimes I may only sleep 1 or 2 hours a night. Medication has helped but I only sleep about 4 hours and then cannot go back to sleep. Has anyone ever tried the meditation tapes? Or the "hypnotic" tapes? Are there any religious sleep tapes? I am ready to try anything to get away from pills.

By cybergrannie from FL


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The 3 things that I would suggest is warm milk before bed, a cool or warm cloth over your eyes, and a fan or some kind of "white noise" going in the room. These are some of the things that help me the most when I cannot sleep. Hope it helps.

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July 9, 20090 found this helpful

Hi: You are not alone, guess we got our clocks set when going to work or getting up with babies & etc. have done like you, tried lot of things. I find that going for long walks (I walk at least a mile every day, sometimes 2 miles) during the day.


I also have a veggie garden & lot of flowers, get your body tired, I sleep a little better doing the above. I feel better without pills, good luck.

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July 10, 20090 found this helpful

Louise Hay has tapes that have helped me at times, but I also find her irritating, so don't buy unless you can preview (try library or ask at your health food store. They are meditation tapes that take you back to your childhood, not my favorite place, but they have helped sometimes. That's the thing. Nothing works for long. I have a couple of prescription, sometimes works. Benedryl and ibuprofin, sometimes works. Cereal with milk and herbal tea (skullcap) sometimes works. Sometimes I just don't sleep. Exercise during the day sometimes helps but when you have a history of insomnia, I wish you well. I don't have an answer.

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July 10, 20090 found this helpful

Hi - and thanks to all. I will try these things and see if any will help.


I had hip surgery so I am just getting back to walking. I hope this will help too. Thanks again

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February 12, 2014

I am only 14 years old, but I have really bad insomnia. I can never fall asleep at night and usually find myself lying awake for hours. I am only getting around 2 hours of sleep a night. I am usually ok because I am used to not sleeping. It's easy to stay awake during the day, but I tend to get sick after 5 or more nights of no sleep.

I don't want to take any drugs or prescriptions because I don't even like taking aspirin when I'm sore. I can't even think about taking medicine every night just to sleep. Any suggestions?

By Triss


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Best Answer

You may want to talk to a doctor about this as it can be the sign of all kinds of issues. That being saidn there dozens of "good sleep hygiene" lists online that teach you ways to program yourself to sleep.


Cutting out caffeine after 2pm
Always going to bed and waking up at same time
Not having any lights on or sounds..including phones and movies or music
Simple ear plugs can help as you cut out all sounds but your own heart and beathing.
Making sure to do only relaxing things two to three hours before bed

There are natural non habit forming pills to help you sleep. Melatonin is the main natural chemical your brain releases for sleep it doesn't drug you or keep you from waking up in the morning its available in an over the counter pill but isnt a drug (no prescription ... you can find it anywhere you find herbs at stores) .

Also there is "calms forte" another natural sleep aid also non habit forming just lets you natually relax and sleep both have no side effects what so ever. It has several things like melatonin and chamomile

Also write or keep a journal by your bed with bed times, wake times and write down anything that may be stressing you out into insomnia.
There are many "bed time" teas that have natural herbs to help you sleep like chamomile and many other things like that.

I have had sleep issues most of my life starting at twelve. I am now much much older and found out I have suffered from a condition called sleep apnea. You actually stop breathing for one reason or another when sleeping which causes you to wake up often. I don't have to have drugs but a machine hooked to my face, that keeps me breathing at night. I am not saying you have this but sleep issues start to ruin your whole life. You remain tired confused, bad memory, loss of interest, depression, and get sick a lot.

Sometimes it can be as easy as an adrenal gland issue. A naturalpathic doc could help you if nothing else above does. There are many alternatives to having to take pills or see what is called a "western meds doctor". Which is what we are all used too in the USA. Eastern medicine like accupuncture and herbal meds work more with your body instead of against it. They dont use harmful addictiing medicine to treat patients.

Good luck!

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March 16, 2006


I wondered if anyone had any ideas for Insomnia? I cannot seem to get any sleep at all and I wondered if there was something that I could do to help this? I don't drink coffee or have caffeine any time near bed time and sometimes not all day.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

katieandjeffy from Pennsylvania


By Jill from Iowa (Guest Post)
March 16, 20060 found this helpful

I was just listening to a sleep expert on this subject.
He said that the most important thing to do was to

2. Give yourself a couple of hours of downtime before bed. Do not do work or even work on the computer.
3. Go to bed when tired, not necessarily the same time every night. If you go to bed wide awake, your mind will start thinking about things and stay in an alert state.

When I wake and can't get back to sleep, I go do something mindless, like watch a really boring TV show/movie. When I start to doze, I go straight back to bed.

I have also heard that warm milk actually does help to make you tired!

Hope it helps!

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By alma (Guest Post)
March 16, 20060 found this helpful

Read a book that has a topic you find boring.

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By Heidi (Guest Post)
March 16, 20060 found this helpful

I use Melatonin 3MG, 1 tab to 3 tabs 1 hr. before bedtime, I've used this for years now and family as well as friends are WOWED by the calm effect and your refreshed in the morning with a clear mind. You get it at walmart by the vitamins. Let me know how it works.PS you can never take too much- the only thing is you'll be relaxed and refreshed.

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By Mary (Guest Post)
March 16, 20060 found this helpful

Here are some things that I do.

1. Establish a nightime routine (lock up, lights out, warm bath, read) that prepares you every night to know that its time to sleep and try to go to bed every night, even weekends, at the same time.

2. Get out of the habit of watching television in bed in order to fall asleep. It's usually too stimulating.

3. Use a sound machine (white noise) to tune outside noises out.

4. Keep your bedroom dark and cool.

5. Sprinkle lavender essential oil on your pillow. You can buy this at a health food store or order online if there isn't one nearby. You can also add a couple of drops to your bath.

6. Take valerian root. It has an awful smell, but it sure works for me!

7. Don't exercise before bedtime and be careful about what you eat later in the evening. Exercise too close to bedtime is too stimulating and your digestive system needs a rest too! If its working on digesting food, this activity could interfere with sleep.

8. Wear loose comfortable sleep clothes. Nothing too tight or restricting. I pretty much have to wear 100% cotton gowns these days to keep cool during the night.

That's about all I can think of now ... hope some of it helps!

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By Nicky (Guest Post)
March 16, 20060 found this helpful

Here's a website that might help you - . My problem was falling asleep. It would take up to 2 hours every night. I now have a nightly routine which works very well. One hour before bedtime I get completely ready for bed - turn down bed covers, wash up, teeth brushed, in PJ's. I turn off the lights in the living room & watch TV (favorite program)-not the news!. Because the room is dark I start getting sleepy while watching TV. I often miss some parts of the program. When the program is done, I go DIRECTLY to bed. I fall asleep within 15 - 30 min. I do not suggest watching TV in the bedroom. Also, no phone calls or conversations during that last hour - this just stimulates the mind.

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By Carol (Guest Post)
March 17, 20060 found this helpful

I take 50 mg of Trazodone at bedtime for sleep. You may want to try time-released melatonin first to see if that helps you as its over the counter hormone.

Dont forget good sleep hygiene. That means go to bed and awake at the same time each day. Also, no tv in the bedroom..

Best of luck.

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By Roberta (Guest Post)
March 17, 20060 found this helpful

I too suffer from insomnia. I read a remedy in a health magazine and have been using it ever since. I take 1 tbl. of honey in 1 cup of milk. I pop it into the microwave for about 40 seconds, warm but not boiling, and drink that. Within minutes you can then get to sleep. I had to use that remedy just last night as a matter of fact.

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March 17, 20060 found this helpful

I can't use the honey, but a cup of warm milk usually does the trick, if not, I have a prescription for Ambien. I don't take a whole pill, as I don't get to sleep a full straight 8 hours, except on weekends. Weeknights I usually break one of the pills into thirds or in half. I just take one of the portions. It's enough to make me sleepy in just about 10 minutes. It's not habit forming.

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By Julia from UK (Guest Post)
March 17, 20060 found this helpful

Sitting in front of your computer screen for more than 2 hours without a break is supposed to cause insomnia. Hope this helps.

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By Diana (Guest Post)
March 17, 20060 found this helpful

I count my blessing starting with the letter A

Also, I am a worrier so I imagine me placing the task in a big beautiful gift box. I hand to over to God and tell him I'll pick-it up in the morning if I need to! It REALLY works for me!

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March 17, 20060 found this helpful

I also use Valerian, a homeopathic remedy called CALMS FORTE, another one called RESCUE REMEDY, melatonin and kava kave - alternating them off so I don't get too acustomed to any one. (sometimes I will take one & add Rescue Remedy.)Also have a sleep routine. Seems to help if I have soaked in a hot tub/taken a hot bath/exercised. No caffeine after dinner. I have a prescription for Ambien, but I use it rarely, only when I have a drastic change in sleep routine and have to get up much earlier than usual (I have a tendency to be a night owl left to my own devices unless my schedule dictates otherwise.)
I have a pile of easy-going mysteries by the bed to read before I go to sleep, nothing too disturbing. My husband like to sleep with the classical radio on and sometimes I just lie there and listen to the music. Also, I can mediate to calm my thought when I am agitated by reciting a "mantra" (you can choose any word meaningful to you) over and over and over. I suppose that's the point behind the classical ploy of counting sheep.

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By 91chevy (Guest Post)
March 17, 20060 found this helpful

I've been using this technique for years, almost 10, and it works well. Listen to books on CD using a portable CD player or clock radio with CD player in it. I put the portable player on the lowest possible volume and use little earbuds in my ear. It takes about 3 tracks to put me to sleep. Then the next night I listen to the next 3 tracks. Check these out from the library but it does take forever to get through a 10 disk book. If I wake up in the middle of the night, in go the earplugs, now somewhere under me in bed, and a few tracks later I'm back to sleep. It works because it's now become a Pavlov's response - hear narration on CD, fall asleep. I've gone through hundreds of books this way (slowly), all checked out from the library. Right now I'm listening to the History of the Supreme Court. :)

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By Sherry (Guest Post)
March 18, 20060 found this helpful

Here are some things I do to combat insomnia:

This is an old fashioned remedy that really works: drink 1 TBS honey + 1 TBS apple cider vinegar in a coffee mug of hot water just before bedtime. It relaxes & promotes sleep & works great for me!

Also, try to remove or completely unplug all electronics from your sleeping area at night. If you need an alarm clock, move it as far from your bed as you can.

Take a warm bath before bedtime. Use lavender bath salts, potpurri, candles or some other relaxing aroma therapy that you enjoy.

Hope some of these ideas help you.

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April 6, 20060 found this helpful

Hello! I just wanted to thank everyone very much for the sleeping ideas you all took the time to post! I went to Walmart and did buy the Melatonin and I only have to take one of them at night (I think they are 300 mcg). They started working the very first night! I couldn't believe it!!! Thank you! I am feeling great in the morning and feel refreshed because I am finally sleeping at night!

The other ideas work very well to relax me too! So, now that I am on a routine, things are working very well!

Thank you again for taking the time to post such wonderful ideas!!!!!

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March 13, 20060 found this helpful

I have had insomnia for over ten years using medication. Has anyone received hypotism for this ailment? Did it work?



By Paula (Guest Post)
March 14, 20060 found this helpful

I have depression and one of the things that helps me sleep is Melatonin. It is an over the counter drug that our body makes naturally.

If your body does not produce enough melatonin, then you have insomnia.

You can buy this at most any store. I get mine from Wal-Mart. Buy the 1 mg and cut in half. You try .3-.5 mg first to see how you respond. You may have to take the whole tablet. However, more is not necessarily better. If you take more than your body needs, it actually works against you! Start small then get gradually bigger.

Read some info here:

http://www.well  n_melatonin_.htm

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