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Stinky Feet

Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop, or reduce stinky feet? My dh's feet smell really bad, and he said he has used baby powder and baking soda in his shoes but it dries his feet out too much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

jmz2005 from illinois


Stinky Feet

Stinky feet is usually caused by a mold or fungus, which can be killed by a fungus killer. By a spray can of Ting or other fungus killer from Walmart, about $3. Spray on feet AND INSIDE SHOES daily.

Fungus thrives in wet conditions. Does your hubby do a lot of sports which would make his feet sweat? Then he might invest in a pair of socks which wick moisture away from the feet, available from large sporting goods stores.

It is also important to keep the feet, and shoes/boots, dry. When he is home he should take off his shoes and socks and let his feet and shoes air out.

Talc will absorb moisture, and baking soda will neutralize SOME odors, but they do not address the root problem of a live fungus.

By Chuck R.

Stinky Feet

Have him take zinc. It will help. Really!!! (01/11/2006)

By Robin

Stinky Feet

I have used Lotrimin spray for several years. It is for athlete's foot but works very well for sweaty, stinky feet. (01/11/2006)


By LHegs

Stinky Feet

Hello all! I have had this problem most of my life. What has worked for me, besides changing shoes often etc. is to soak my feet in a foot bath with tea tree oil, then when I bathe I scrub my feet with antibacterial soap. Be sure to dry them well also. The tree tea oil is a very good antibacterial agent kills off alot of the bacterial to start. Since I wear tennis shoes I wash them occasionally too. This has helped a great deal. (01/11/2006)

By PrairieLady

Stinky Feet

Try vinegar and water to soak your feet. Half and half. (01/11/2006)

By william

Stinky Feet

Just take a cotton ball and wipe between your toes everyday with rubbing alcohol. It will clear any fungus and mold that are causing the odor and most people all ready have it around the house. I would suggest buying a new pair of shoes and starting this routine to make sure you don't get re-infected by old shoes. (01/11/2006)


By Cheryl from Missouri

Stinky Feet

Spray deodorants work well. Wash with anti-bacterial soaps, dry well,spray deodorant. Use this morning, afternoon and night. More than likely he has a fungus. Be sure and tell him this is more common than he would think. Try using fungus spray, Tinactin-etc. There are many to choose from. Foot powders don't cure. Fungus spray will help fungus and deodorant spray will help smell. Your feet are similar to your armpits. Be sure that he rotates shoes. At least three so minimum sweating occurs. Change socks frequently. Good Luck. If you don't find results I wouldn't hesitate seeking a foot specialist. Might need something stronger. (01/12/2006)

By Jennifer,CA

Stinky Feet

There is a bubble bath called 'milk and honey'. Make a foot bath with this to soak feet. It is my understanding that the milk and honey is good for body odor. Also try vinegar. (01/12/2006)



Stinky Feet

My stepdad had stinky feet and my mom told him to soak his feet in Peroxide and that did the trick.
Use any cheap kind and it really works.....or at least it did for him.

Teresa From Va. (01/12/2006)

By Teresa

Stinky Feet

Put fem. hygiene powder in his shoes. Specifically the kind with vinegar. I've been told this is an infection in the sweat glands of the feet and the vinegar is an antibacterial as well as antifungal agent. (01/19/2006)

By acesnanna

Stinky Feet SOLUTION!

Go to she has a guest named Dr. OZ come on once a month. Anyways he had a woman soak her feet for 30 minutes for a week in a tea...I can't remember the name of it but the woman said it REALLY WORKED! And it didn't dry her feet out either. It shrinks the pores on the bottom of your feet so they are able to become a little more callused and so bacteria don't grow as easily. Seriously the woman's college roommate thanked her...A LOT!!! Good luck (05/30/2007)


By Samantha

Stinky Feet

BLEACH! Buy ONLY white socks & BLEACH them each & EVERY time you wash them! This really WORKS! ...My ex-husband had the WORST, smelliest feet in the world! (in fact you could smell them across the room, & I'm NOT kidding!)... That's the truth! We tried EVERYTHING, but nothing worked. We bought new shoes, charcoal insoles, socks guaranteed not to smell etc. But the only thing that worked each & every time was BLEACH!

---> If you continue to use dark socks he will always have a problem because of the dyes. If he just HAS to wear dark socks that can't be bleached to work etc. have him take the dark socks off as soon as he can & change into freshly bleached white socks. Line dry all dark socks, as the UV rays in the sunshine kills most bacteria & viruses.


---> If he has smelly old shoes that can be washed, have him wash them in detergent with bleach. But if you can, start off with new shoes.. & ALWAYS bleach his socks! EVERY TIME you wash them. Unfortunately, you will go through socks faster than usual because of the harshness of the bleach, but, believe me when I say it's well worth it!

---> If you'd like to, you can do what we did. At the end of the day, or before he showers, have him soak his feet for about 10 min or so in a dishpan of water (from the dollar store) and add about one or 2 teaspoons of bleach to this water... if you like you can also add a bit of soap too. You will only need to do this for a week or less, because the bleached white socks will start making the difference within that week.

*** Bleaching socks also has the added benefit of killing any nasty lingering funguses, like athletes foot etc. The smell is caused by bacteria & the bleach works by killing that bacteria... If any of you get "Jock itch" make sure to also bleach your underwear too! (but if you can't bleach them, turn them inside out & hang them on the clothesline outside until TOTALLY dry)

* Let me know how this works for you, I swear it works wonders! I didn't think we could EVER get rid of that nasty smell... but after bleaching his socks regularly & only wearing white socks... This finally worked! And, what a BIG difference it makes! No more embarrassment... (05/30/2007)

By Cyinda

Stinky Feet

I did the white sock vs dark sock thing 30 years ago.
I changed from the then current, standard military issue, black cotton sock. Since my feet were in combat boots all day, nobody saw them anyway. The simple change to white cotton socks took care of the odor, much to everyone's delight.
I've never worn dark socks again, nor have ever had odor problems since. (09/03/2007)

By Stink No More

Stinky Feet

Wash them....wash them daily. Change socks several times a day and never wear the same shoes twice in a row. Change your diet, but most importantly, wash your feet daily. Wash the top; bottom and between your toes. (12/24/2007)

By Dr. Stink

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