Tiny Black Bugs in Kitchen?

I live in northeast Ohio and for the last couple of days we have had these small black bugs in our kitchen. They are mainly on the floor around the baseboards. There are a lot of them. Anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them?


By Mary H.

Tiny black bugs next to a penny for scale.

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August 5, 20116 found this helpful
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I have had these same bugs. I am not sure of the name but I consider them flour weevels. they come in all flour and if you have flour around long enough, they hatch. If you have some old flour, get rid of it, and clean up well.

January 10, 20172 found this helpful

I just found them in noodles and beans I've seen weevels these have wings

August 1, 20174 found this helpful

Omg I am having a huge problem with these little black bugs I am going insane I went and bought different kinds of bug spray that says it treats the area for 12 months I sprayed my entire house when the kids and pets were in bed they were gone for a few days then bam they were again!!! I don't know what to do I am a clean freak and it makes me feel disgusted that they r in my house help me get rid of them!!!!

September 17, 20181 found this helpful

Do they fly as well?

June 9, 20193 found this helpful

These are cereal bugs They live in rice flour and cereal only want to get rid of them is clean out all your kitchen cabinets take everything out clean the bugs out and then put everything back

June 22, 20191 found this helpful

If you look at a box with flour, bread crumbs something like that in it, look for tiny holes in the box these little bugs eat through the cardboard. When I opened the top there were hundreds of them.

July 10, 20190 found this helpful

I just need to know are these black bugs dangerous are they bad for your health I dont know if they are entering my vital organs when I sleep at night they look like they are coming from outside the window

September 26, 20200 found this helpful

The ones we're getting invaded with do fly. I've been finding them around my white blinds on my patio door, and white curtains over my kitchen sink. (((HELP)))

October 9, 20200 found this helpful

If theses bugs bite u do u have seek medical advice I've bin bitten and I'm frezzing cold my eye gone blood shot I really feel run down ivy bin bite few times and one on my neck but stuck there I've tried pick it but stuck now hot scab and can still see black bug my legs arms keep gting electric shocks threw them it's like I'm gting bitten and in so itchy and it hurts pany body help me some advice please

June 9, 20210 found this helpful

Just a suggestion I keep my flour in the freezer. I dont use flour very often and it lasts no bugs.

August 14, 20210 found this helpful

sI have little black bugs in my house how do I get rid of them?

March 15, 20220 found this helpful

I have them also and other kinds of things. mostly they sting me and get inside my body. The sad thing is, if it's not in a medical book the incompetent doctors say it does not exist. How can I be when I see them and everybody else does also? I have to clean there's a lot of people that seem to help us and some people are afraid to admit it because they're afraid of being out there. But the thing is I have low immunity and all kinds of mites and everything is attracted to me.


And there's a whole community out there that has them too and I don't know what the hell they are. On the website for Kleen green, there's a whole bunch of stories of people just like me and being accused of having the disorder of Magellan's. Well whatever it is I have an outrageous big infestation.

October 19, 20220 found this helpful

I don't know if your symptoms are from the bites, but as a nurse with all that going on you need to see your doctor or emergency room as soon as possible.

August 6, 201110 found this helpful
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They are two different types of pantry pests, usually infest old food. Don't forget about old doggie treats. Getting rid of the source and anything they may have infested and thorough cleaning is all that is needed to rid them.



June 3, 20182 found this helpful

I have done all of the above he found them infesting our pantry inside the boxes that were not even open yet they had made holes in some of the boxes and got inside through plastic even now I am finding they are flying and went from being around just the baseboards and on the floor to being in our furniture! I have cleaned with bleach I have used Ortho Home Defense insect killer kills all common household bugs up to 12 month protection non-staining order free dries fast long lasting Bug Barrier and you can use it on carpets and upholstery this has not worked they are literally like unkillable unless I squish them myself. I pulled the cushions off of my couch, where I have been sleeping lately because my daughter is sick, and I found to my surprise the whole entire couch had them embedded into the fabric. Last night I cleaned very heavily along the baseboards brushed out and vacuumed the entire couch and got rid of all of the cushions and put them into the garage except for the three obviously I had to sleep on. I covered the whole entire couch with three layers of fabric including a thick comforter and two sheets. One being a fitted sheet because I thought that they would not be able to get through if I had missed any this morning I woke up to a whole different situation in general the little black beetle looking bugs that are tinier than my two-year-old daughter's pinky fingernail we're gone but are still in the kitchen and on the couch there was a type of worm Ashley I still there I can't afford an exterminator.


I'm going to enclose a picture of the worm type bugs that popped up on my sheet and comforter and my whole entire back of my couch and wall I am hoping someone can identify what both of these bugs are the small black bugs and the worms so I can find the proper way to go about killing them. Thank you to anyone who has an answer we have had to start storing everything in our refrigerator because not even Ziploc bags will keep them out I have cleaned everything even in between the stove and the countertops the dishwasher behind the dishwasher and all of the cabinets and this has been becoming quite a chore, not only do I sweep and mop the floors every day with a mixture of bleach water to the point where my eyes burn but I am spraying the perimeter and window frames of my house with bugl)1spray and daily and it's nothing is getting rid of these bugs and now"'

March 25, 20201 found this helpful

I was just thinking that maby these Blk. bugs are from the pantry....Thank You So Much I will report what Happens.... Will fhey spread threw the home and Live In carpet....

March 25, 20200 found this helpful

Oh My Gosh it's getting to the point that I am going a little nuts....Im calling my Bug Lady and.I will ask her what someone who can't afford an exterminator what. Can they do......Some one had a name of bug Its One of these articals maby the 4th of 5th one......

August 17, 20200 found this helpful

What should I clean the area with

November 6, 20200 found this helpful

But how do you get rid of them? What kills them?

August 31, 201717 found this helpful
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I know this post is old, but wanted to comment because it lead me to what my problem was. Cigarette Beetles! The name is misleading, and I assure you I do not smoke. These beetles will eat any type of food. They also will play dead for a few seconds when disturbed. Their heads are rather small giving them a round, dome shape. They are brownish/reddish upon inspecting more closely. They can also fly.


I believe we got them from bring produce home from the farmers market.

October 27, 20183 found this helpful

I think You might be right that they come from fruit, veggies. I firtst saw them under the litter pan mat when I picked it up to clean it. now I see them by the light switch between my kitchenette and dinette on the wall. I think they came from the banana's I cut in half and one I forgot about and it turned black as it rotted and hardened up. I also have seen a small tiny knat size thing flying around. no more fruit for me. I keep my veggies in my refrigerator and my flour in the refrigerator. I don't know what else it could be?

June 4, 20190 found this helpful

You Wouldn't by any chance know what their called?

January 8, 20200 found this helpful

To me, the bug in the right looks different, from the ones on left. I have bad eyesight though.

March 11, 20200 found this helpful

I know this post is old, but you discribed exactly what's in my house and I'm wondering how you got rid of it? Also, they're in the bathrooms as well... do you know what these are?

June 28, 20200 found this helpful

Thank you for posting , how did you get rid of them ? I have the same problem now .

September 1, 20230 found this helpful

Mine look like this but always around sink and I've never seen one fly

September 1, 20230 found this helpful

Mine look like this but always around sink and I've never seen one fly

September 18, 20230 found this helpful

Yes we have the same my husband usually rolls his own and they are In the loose tobacco and regular cigarettes by the pack..I also believe mine came from the grocery store I find them In all produce...frozen foods and on plastic mild jugs black lint like...Thank You

September 18, 20230 found this helpful

Same for me....


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August 5, 20111 found this helpful

If they are weevils, the best advice I found to get rid of them was on Even after I got rid of all the food the darned things were around for a long time.


I managed to get rid of them just before I decided to give up and call an exterminator. Ehow saved me a lot of money!

July 31, 20164 found this helpful

the little black bugs I have hang aroundthe light under my kitchen stove and my lamp shade light in the living room when you squeeze them they disappear like ashes

March 23, 20172 found this helpful

please share how you got rid of them?

September 9, 20174 found this helpful

You can buy stuff out amazon to get rid of them personally i use salt i luke warm water and wait to disolf x spray gun spray it on the floor boards or wer you get them x then i wash floor with bleach remove animal food every night not eaten b4 bed time will stop them lookin to re produce

April 11, 20164 found this helpful

Had the same problem. Went digging through the cupboard they seemed to be coming from and found them all through a bag of those pill sized dog treats my spouse didn't secure the twist tie on. Threw those out and cleaned, hopefully they're gone.

February 11, 20174 found this helpful

Thank you so much!!! I started listing things people said on this thread to my husband when he asked where they might be coming from. Dog biscuits! We forgot all about a box we put up in the pantry. They were eaten through like termites in wood! WOW!!

May 7, 20171 found this helpful

I checked several opened dog treat bags and I had been feeding them for months! So glad I looked this up today.

August 3, 20174 found this helpful

Omg thanks so much! I had so many of these bugs and had no clue where they were coming from. Then after reading one of this posts I remember I had bought oatmeal, went directly to the pantry and voila: that's where they were all coming from!

September 17, 20171 found this helpful

Thank you!!! These have been driving me nuts for a week or so. I thought they were sluggish fruit flies. After reading this I realize a neighbor had given me a large box of dog treats a week ago, it was on a shelf in my kitchen- opened it and found the source of the bugs! I have taken it to the garbage and am heavily cleaning all surrounding areas.

June 20, 20165 found this helpful

I have the same thing. They are near the baseboard but most are in the kitchen on the window seal. I have seen a few flying but are mostly dead.

April 21, 20173 found this helpful

Can verify that - yep - they chew little holes in old pancake mix boxes, and they were having a big ol' party in the old oatmeal container. Wasted $10 on insecticide thinking they were coming through the window frame. Giving cupboard an overdue cleaning right now. Thanks for your answers. Very helpful.

August 17, 20172 found this helpful

Checked all my dog biscuits, yup Milk Bone dog biscuits were hatching the little buggers. Always happens in the summer and I could never pin it down until the dog treat comment. The look on my dog's face was of desperation when I tossed them. Flour weevils maybe freezing them in the box before opening might help.

September 17, 20181 found this helpful

These look exactly like the one's I've been seeing in my cabinet, and on the counters. Now I've learned that they chewed through my craker package. I took everything out of the cabinet, they're even in the salt shaker ! They don't fly though. But they are disgusting ! How can I get rid of them ?

September 17, 20181 found this helpful

That's them ! Next to the penny. What are they ? How can I get rid of them ? I've lived here 21/2 yrs and this is the first time seeing them. They get in boxes. And chew through paper. They're disgusting ! They don't fly.

June 25, 20192 found this helpful

I just found out my Kerug where you put your coffee mug on there is a drain pan every time coffee drips into this pan it collects coffee water and if you do not empty the pan it becomes standing water over some time the coffee water is subjected to growth and becomes a larve where these Little critters are formed out of what looks like a some what a slime so check your coffee machine ! Good luck

March 25, 20200 found this helpful

Thank You So Much I'm so Grateful to all of you, I also picked a Wonderful Day to visit.... I wish you all luck and I will be back to report on my situation...Wish Me Luck!!!!Time to clean....I also noticed they love grease I think they like everything...I also feel that they came from the Stores around where I live Nd Yes Produce...My Husband rolls his own cigarettes and I have seen them all around and In tobacco....

April 21, 20201 found this helpful

I have these bugs every year. Thy are behind my stove and start crawling out the minute the weather gets cold and the first sign is the larvae. as the weather warms up they hatch into these little black petty bugs. They will eat the glue of of the bottom of dog food bags and carry the food back to the source. I hate them but have decided I can't truly get rid of them so I sweep the floor several times

September 22, 20200 found this helpful



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