What to do About Armpit Odor

How can I get rid of really bad arm pit smell?



What to do About Armpit Odor

What about the special pads they used to make called dress shields? The idea was to absorb all moisture so no bacteria could grow. I would think any homemade version would work, like folding a washcloth, or paper towels, or whatever. You are looking for anything to keep skin from touching skin. (06/05/2007)


By Kim Ch

What to do About Armpit Odor

Try antibiotic ointment. (06/09/2007)

By Red

What to do About Armpit Odor

I have solved the problem. I wash with a antibacterial soap, then when I get out of the shower I scrub my underarms with alcohol and or hydrogen peroxide. Then I dry with a blow dryer to make sure there is no moisture.

Then I put on this crystal deodorant. It's a little more expensive around $6 but lasts a really long time and has no aluminum in it. It keeps me fresh all day. If its hot out and I sweat then I carry some alcohol soaked pads and rub under my arms if needed to feel fresh.

Try this and maybe it could help. When I put on the deodorant I also dry it with the dryer to make sure I have no moisture under my arms. Good luck. (06/09/2007)


By butterphly

What to do About Armpit Odor

I have tried tons of products including rubbing alcohol, anti-bacterial gels, baking soda--even Lysol to no avail. The only thing that works for me is iodine. It is used to protect cuts and scrapes. I use a cotton ball to swab it on. I am careful to get in all nooks & crannies. I let dry and put deodorant on top. Yes, my armpits can get discolored since the iodine is colored. At least I do not smell anymore. (06/11/2007)

By Lisa

What to do About Armpit Odor

When you wash you can use some baking soda. Make it into a paste, dry the under arm and rub some on your skin. It will help with the odor. Good luck. (06/13/2007)

By butterphly

What to do About Armpit Odor

My boyfriend says that I should use bleach on my armpits, is this a good idea?
Editor's Note: No, this is not a good idea. Bleach is very caustic, has fumes and not good for the skin. (06/28/2007)


By sherry

What to do About Armpit Odor

I am so glad to see this question. I thought that I was the only one with this shameful problem that takes over my social life. I have had this problem from age 17. I am now 24, that's 7 years of pain and suffering. I have tried every thing: Dove, Secret, Mitchum, Speed Stick, and every store brand. They all work for a day or two then I am wet and stinky again. Certain Dry, Maxim and B-Drier all leave me red under my arm, not to mention the pain.

I am so embarrased by this feeling it has taken over my whole life. I am scared to go out not to mention dating. I also tried changing my diet. It did not work. The situation got worse ,waking up in the morning I am so stinky. In the winter I sweat and summer is here it will get even worse.


I think about what might be causing the smelly problem and it might be the way we eat. But, the wetness, I don't have a clue. Limes or lemons take away the smell, but not the wetness.

K (07/09/2007)

By k

What to do About Armpit Odor

Thank you, people, for the idea! I never had to use a deodorant until about a year ago when my armpits started to smell. Even with a cologne I still smelled worse than a dog to a point that I was thinking about it all the time, especially when I had to fly people as a commercial pilot.

After I read your feedbacks, I realized that the odor is caused by a bacteria and has nothing to do with a stress or food. I started a war against bacteria.

  1. I shaved.
  2. Put on a sulfur soap that my doctor prescribed me to get rid off white spots on my skin a couple of years ago. Had it on for like 30 minutes. Then I washed it off.

  3. Rubbed in vinegar. After ~30 minutes on top of the vinegar I applied Unforgivable deodorant and let it stay for the whole day.

In the evening I just used sulfur soap again for ~30 minutes and washed it off. Got up in the morning and for the first time since I forget when, I did not smell at all.
Thanks again and I wish all of you good luck too! (07/11/2007)

By Atlas

What to do About Armpit Odor

Taking Zinc supplements is a great helper for body odor. Zinc also helps with bad breath too!


I wanted to let you guys know what happened to me: I'm one of those unfortunate people that tend to sweat a lot. I tried everything in the way of antiperspirants, the stronger, the better. But years ago, I noticed that after I used an antiperspirant I would really start sweating, in fact, I would sweat twice as bad! So, to make a long story short, I found out that my body was rebelling from all that antiperspirant. So I started using only deodorant with no antiperspirant in it.


This has stopped all of my excess sweating and made all the difference. I just read the ingredients, if it has anything with the word "Aluminum" in it, don't use it. If you're like me, you'll probably say: "But I HAVE to use an antiperspirant, deodorants without antiperspirants don't work!" All I can say is: Try it!. It'll only cost you $2 to give it a try!

Any deodorant will work, but I've found that "TOM's (of Maine) Natural Deodorant (with Lichen & Coriander) works best. I like the Unscented kind myself. Tom's brand of products are available anywhere they sell Health Food products.

If you really MUST use an antiperspirant, I've found that those Deodorant "Crystals" work amazingly well, and they don't make my body rebel and go into "sweat-overdrive"! Buy it in it's "Rock" form. This usually has no added ingredients. If I'm going out, I will use the Rock Crystal after taking my shower (while still damp) then, apply my Tom's deodorant afterwards. But for every-day use, I just use the deodorant by itself.

One more thing: If it's really hot out, I fill a small bottle with rubbing alcohol. I take this with me, along with my deodorant. If I start really sweating alot, I'll either use a paper towel and wipe the rubbing alcohol on my pits or I'll just poor a capful of alcohol into my other hand and "Splash" the alcohol on. This kills any bacteria. Then I re-use the deodorant again.

If you use rubbing alcohol after shaving, it will hurt, but this will close your pores & you'll have much less chance of getting those red "Shaving Bumps".

After using antiperspirants for a while, you will develop a "film" on your arm pits where bacteria can breed. This film can be hard to get off. Take a wash cloth and some rubbing alcohol and really scrub. OR use some salt or sugar mixed with a bit of shampoo and scrub with this while in the shower. Do this about once a week. (07/11/2007)

By Cyinda

What to do About Armpit Odor

Do not use rubbing alcohol as a deodorant! After posting my previous question here asking about the safety of rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol (since everything applied to the skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream), I did a bunch of research on my own. I found out that continual absoption through the skin (like your arm pits) can result in acute poisoning. I've felt kinda weird lately, dizzy, nauseous, etc. and couldn't figure out what was doing it. The only thing different is I've been using rubbing alcohol every day (sometimes twice a day) as my deodorant. There may be a connection here. Check out Wikipedia under "Isopropyl Alcohol" and read the warnings. (07/11/2007)

By CeCe

What to do About Armpit Odor

A doctor told me to wash armpits with shampoo, because it is oil-based, whereas soap is not. The sweat released from apocrine glands contains lipids. (07/27/2007)


What to do About Armpit Odor

Take a close look at the clothes you are wearing, I've found that particular types of fabric, (also certain styles, probably too tight clothing) can make me sweat, or worse smell like the bottom of a pond.

Also, make sure to clean out the filter in the washing machine often, today's detergents build up something horrid, and need to be cleaned at least once a month. And hang your clothes to dry outside in the sun if possible (turn them inside out to stop fading) - this kills some bacteria that could be hiding out in your clothes (even after you wash them). (08/02/2007)

By guest

What to do About Armpit Odor

There are couple of things which really help to control your armpit odor. Below are the details.

  1. Shave your armpits on weekly basis. Especially on Sundays, as you are ready to go to work.
  2. Take a bath and really scrub your armpit with soap, make sure that there is no soap residue left once you cleanse it with water.
  3. Dry with clean towels. Wash towel on bi-weekly basis.
  4. Apply a thin layer of deodorant. Do not put too much.
  5. Wear 100% cotton clothes and do not wear too much fitted clothing.

By Khan

What to do About Armpit Odor

'K' mentioned a problem with horrible armpit odor.

I relate - there was a time in my life when nothing worked. I went to the dermatologist who gave me soap to help with the wetness element. What I tried, and what worked for me are apple cider tablets. They're available at any drug store or health food store. I usually take two, three times per day. I can't remember the mg, but really I don't even take that into consideration, I just take whatever I can find - 2 tabs, three times a day.

The only thing I can think of about the apple cider tabs is that apple cider vinegar eliminates the acidity in the blood. Viruses cannot live in a neutral, non acid state - bacteria and viruses thrive in the acid state. When I think I'm getting sick I start taking apple cider vinegar tabs. Certain foods will cause acid state in the blood - I'm not an expert, but you can read about it on the web. Good luck. Also try eliminating garlic, onions, strong spices from your diet - all of these smells, residuals come thru the skin eventually. (08/27/2007)


What to do About Armpit Odor

I am 40 and have had an issue with my deodorants failing me everyday for about a year. It was beyond embarrassing. Now when I shower I wash with a deodorant soap and follow with antibacterial soap. After I am out of the shower I dry my arm pits and spray them with white vinegar. It stings like mad after I shave which is daily but I have not had an odor problem since! (08/29/2007)

By Laura

What to do About Armpit Odor

Wow! I thought I was the only one really bothered by this problem. The order was much stronger under my right arm. Couldn't explain it but I would come out the shower and it was there. The odor would get in my clothes. I even noticed it when taking them out the washer. I thought I had found the answer after switching deodorants. Smelling fresh and happy! After about 6 months it started again. I shower, put on deodorant and as soon as I would sweat the odor was there and in my clothes. It was extremely worse in my suits that I wore to church. Finally I switched my deodorant (this time with my daughter's brand that I bought her from the dollar store). It's been about 3 months and I'm fresh all the time. I'm thinking I'll just have to change deodorants every few months. Hopes this helps someone. (10/03/2007)

By Geraldine

What to do About Armpit Odor


I went through all of the supposed solutions. Deodorant, rubbing alcohol, diet changes, vitamins etc. Some worked temporarily, but my BO seemed to "adapt" and came back.

I recently tried running a couple of miles several times a week and it works. I think I sweat/breathe out the source of the problem or maybe it is an immune system response? I don't really know how it works, but a good hard run eliminates my BO for 2-3 days. (11/17/2007)

By Brad

What to do About Armpit Odor

I heard Botox injections will stop odors. (11/30/2007)

By Franchesca

What to do About Armpit Odor

Look closely at your armpits. If you have large pores you might find that squeezing them will produce a long skinny white "nurdle" of really stinky perspiration material. I do that every few months to my left armpit. (my right is OK.) Then, I use Clinique antiperspirant or a crystal (12/10/2007)

By Sally

What to do About Armpit Odor

Drysol is a bit extreme for just odour, as it will completely stop the sweating. If you do not suffer from over active sweat glands in your armpits then I would not recommend using it. I get a very slight burn (just a tingling feeling, no redness or rash) from it but I have read people talk about it being much worse on sensitive armpits.

If you like commercial scented antiperspirants I would suggest Arm and Hammer Clear Solid. It comes in some pretty nice scents, also unscented and actually controlled my sweating better than anything else (besides the drysol, which pretty much ceased all my sweating). (12/27/2007)

By sweaty dude

What to do About Armpit Odor

I had a terrible problem with excessive sweating a few years ago, and I think it was stress triggered. I had to carry deodorant and baby wipes around everywhere in order to freshen up my pits every day. Eventually I started going to therapy and trying stress relieving breathing excersizes. Since I've finally gotten better at controlling my stress, and I have taken steps to keep my commitments to a level I can handle, the excessive sweating has disappeared. I know its hard to relax when your pits are sweating like no one's business, but I honestly think working on your stress can be a really good solution. (01/06/2008)

By hime

What to do About Armpit Odor

I am amazed how many people have a problem with underarm odor and sweating! Mine started about 2 years ago. I never use to sweat! I wore the same deodorant for over 15 years, then all of a sudden one day it just stopped working. Over the past 2 years, I've purchased and used every type of deodorant made for men and women and nothing helps! Well, Certain Dri helps me out a lot, but only on the weekends! I can go without any deodorant on the weekends and I don't sweat at all. On Friday's I scrub my armpits with a sugar scrub and it helps a lot! My armpits are smooth and nice smelling afterwards! If I have to wear a little deodorant, I also use Mitchum Unscented.

One thing that I discovered is that I only have my sweating problem while at work. My right arm is worst than my left. I think that my sweat comes from sitting at my keyboard for hours with my armpits closed! I figure that because my armpits are in a locked position while typing and no air is flowing, it causes my underarms to sweat a lot and then comes the odor! The stress from sitting here waiting on the sweat/odor to start doesn't help either!

I find myself going to the bathroom 3 or 4 times a day to clean my armpits with Safeguard soap and dry paper towels when I start sweating, then I take a little walk or go outside to let some fresh air hit my armpits. Certain Dri (sold at Walgreens & Wal-Mart) normally last for 3 days or so! I'm thinking about getting Botox shots in a couple of months, but before I do that, I'm going to try Drysol to see if that helps. Thanks for your time and Good Luck Everyone! (01/10/2008)

By Redd

What to do About Armpit Odor

To Jalissa, I would only use a thin layer of Arrid Exta-Dry Cream only. Be sure to only wear cotton shirts and stay away from Acrylic's any kind of sweaters. I tried a method over the weekend and it worked over the entire weekend and it seems to be working today too! I mixed vinegar and baking soda together (more baking soda than vinegar) and I got a hard toothbrush and I scrubbed my entire armpit area with the mixture for about 5 minutes each arm. Then I applied a little more baking soda to the mixture to make a paste. I let it sit under my entire armpit area for about an half an hour and I wipe it off with a towel and clear water.

You won't believe how smooth my armpits are. I swear I didn't have to wear any deodorant from Friday night until Monday morning, even after taking a bath each night. I purchased some Arrid Extra Dry Cream from Wal-Mart and I applied a small amount under my armpits this morning and even though I've been sweating very little today, I don't have the odor like I usually have. (01/14/2008)

By Redd

What to do About Armpit Odor

Hi Butterphly,

I hate this problem. I recently bought Secret Clinical Strength deodorant/antiperspirant. So far, really good luck with it. I sometimes would just get out of the shower, put deodorant/antiperspirant on and ten minutes later, have armpit odor.

Also, I find that taking apple cider vinegar tablets really helps me too. I buy them at the drug store such as, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, any place like this. I live in Houston, Texas, USA and they're easy to find here.

Or, take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water three times a day.

Good luck to you.

By metroplex

What to do About Armpit Odor

My armpit odor was a result of my body's chemical interaction with the fragrance used in scented deodorants - kind of like how perfume doesn't smell the same on everyone. Switching to an unscented deodorant solved the problem.(b)(/b) (02/09/2008)

By Julie

What to do About Armpit Odor

I had the same problem that was considered as one of the diseases originated inside the body with irregular digestion. I don't have it now when I treat it with the herb of the ancient Mekong River. It's name is "K Seaweed". It is the Great Mekong River seaweed enriched with Selenium, the anti-free radical and chlorophyll with the excellent property for absorbing all kinds of smell. (02/24/2008)

By starman1972

Try these for armpit odours

I think everyone has a problem on the armpit odor. I also had the odor in spite of taking baths but, just try these things out.

  1. Wax the underarms area. It definitely removes the white clogged dirt inside the underarms along with the hair. The black shadow gets lightened after a few waxing sessions.
  2. Try steaming your underarms and applying a face pack onto it. Grind some neem leaves and apply it also helps
  3. Wear cotton clothing only. Other material content clothing does not allow fresh air to enter and this makes the harmful bacteria grow in our body.
  4. If possible, apply coconut / gingelly / olive oil onto the armpit area, possibly full body. This would definitely bring down the heat effects due to which body odour may be high. Finally scrub it with an herbal scrub and there you are, feeling fresh and happy.
  5. Avoid eating garlic, onions, red meat and alcohol. Rather eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  6. Using a deodarant or an anti-perspirant would definitely clog down the pores, making it worse. Try doing some good physical activity like cycling or playing or walking. This would open up the pores and would remove the excess toxins in the system which causes bad odour.
  7. Finally after a bath, put some coconut oil onto the armpits without using a deodorant.
  8. After all these, if the body odour does not decrease, I would feel that you should consult a dermatologist who would ask you to take a blood test to rule out other problems. In case of any fungal / bacterial infections, the dermatologist is the best remedy.

By ami

What to do About Armpit Odor

I also had a problem with armpit odour. Even after washing my armpits there would still be a faint smell. My tips is to not spray your armpits with Anti-perspirant or deodorant and instead dust your amrpits with baking soda for 10 days (this is what worked for me) Then I picked up a pump spray deodorant called Bionsen. It works by 'neutralising the bacteria that causes odours' and it is gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive of skin. I haven't felt or smelled this fresh in years. However if excessive sweating is a problem for you then this won't help you as it does not prevent perspiration. (03/31/2008)

By Dahl

What to do About Armpit Odor

OK, I have to say that botox is not the answer for most people, and it has nothing to do with curbing the funk that comes out of the pits! The reason why I say this, is because I suffered from CHRONIC sweating called hiperhydrosis and I tried every single thing under the sun to make it stop. Bleach, prescription strength Aluminum Chloride, electric shock to the hands, feet, pits, Botox, etc., not to mention every deodorant imaginable.

I had no idea what was up and I couldn't find a doctor who could do anything about it, or even care. Most of them called it a superficial condition and said that I shouldn't worry about it. So, one day I saw on the TODAY SHOW a woman who said that she had a surgery to get rid of the problem. I didn't remember what the name of the condition was, so it took me years to figure it out. When I finally found out that it is called hiperhydrosis and that I needed to go to a thoracic surgeon I was so relieved!

I made an appointment, told him all of the things that I had tried with no success and told him that I was sick of it. He told me that it wasn't a problem to at least try to help and he submitted the request to my insurance company. I was in surgery in less than two weeks. My main problem was with my hands and feet, the armpits were secondary. After I got the surgery I pretty much stopped sweating. Of course you still sweat a little bit from the places where we don't like, but that is natural and it would be terrible for the body not to. The surgery that is performed is called a SYMPATHECTOMY, and I recommend that anybody who sweats a lot consistently.

The reason why I don't like the botox is because

  1. It only sort of works.
  2. It's really expensive. It takes more sessions to freeze the sweat glands than it does to freeze your face. I spent over $4000.00 and the effects only lasted for 5 months. Plus, insurance doesn't cover the cost.
  3. It hurts to get the shots. I'm not a pansy to pain and I hated it.
  4. The insurance pays for it as long as you say that you have tried everything and the doctor submits it that way. Make a list and take it to him/her so they can document it.

Now, just so you know, this doesn't relieve the funk that comes from the pits. That is a bacteria thing and I have issues with that still. If you are constantly using deodorant or antiperspirant you are never going to get rid of the smell because it is clogging the pores and never giving it time to breathe or clean out. I have done everything I can to stop using it, but it still freaks me out because I totally reek. I am glad to hear about the vinegar. I have been trying Witch Hazel for the past two weeks and it only works for a while until it starts to smell again. I have found that carrying saturated cotton balls in a ziploc bag, and then using them when the smell comes back has worked to pacify the stench for a short time. I think that I am going to graduate to vinegar cotton balls.

One more thing, antifreeze may work, but I sure wouldn't put that on my skin. Your skin is the largest organ you have and antifreeze is SUPER TOXIC! Why jack up your insides by allowing poison to penetrate it? All your body is going to want to do is sweat it out to eliminate it, Plus, if it doesn't come out in your sweat, your body is going to want to urinate it out and that means that it has to go through the liver, kidneys, and such. That can literally shut your organs down. Please be smart, there are better ways other than petroleum based or manufactured chemicals I am sure of it. (06/23/2008)

By Natalie

What to do About Armpit Odor

First off, I cannot believe people will use antifreeze or Clorox on their bodies. I've always been a "sweater", and I stink when I sweat. I've been using a spritz of alcohol after my shower, followed by Jason's Tea Tree deodorant. It works fine for me. I realize this may not work for everyone. But I noticed I had to go through a detox period, after giving up anti-perspirants. About 2 weeks or so, my body adjusted, and I do not sweat like I did before. It's amazing. I'm truly surprised. I gave up anti-perspirants because of the cancer risk. (06/29/2008)

By Wendi

What to do About Armpit Odor

I don't sweat but about 3 hours after I shower and use deodorant, I start to smell BO. I am a very clean person. I was not sure if it was hormones or what. I was carrying wipes and deodorant in my purse very embarrassing. Then I tried Mitchum for Women, it has 20% aluminum. It works, I don't have armpit odor it last all day. I bought it at Walmart. (06/30/2008)

By By Sara

What to do About Armpit Odor

My husband has very little BO, he showed me it was his diet; no cooked foods, only fruits and raw eggs/fish; also most people don't scrub hard enough under the shower. Remember, it is fatty acids degradation, it is oily, it doesn't go away with a simple soap wash. Bacteria still remains and that starts the odor. Look up for aluminum toxicity on internet before you smear any more poison under those arms. (08/13/2008)

By Rox

What to do About Armpit Odor

The solution to the problem of having underarm odor is to scrub a bit harder in the shower.
Then, use a deodorant that'll work. I would recomend Secret. Secret Flawless works great!
Or, else, you could have a medical condition. Its also caused by bacteria and certain foods.
You could change your diet. Hope this helps. (08/13/2008)

By Enter your nameLeslie

What to do About Armpit Odor

I also have terrible underarm smell. I was reading my doctors column in the local newspaper and he says to use milk of magnesia. So, for the last week I have been, it seems to be working so far. I just shower in the morning and wash very well with Dial gold soap, antibacterial, then take a small cotton ball and put milk of magnesia on it and rub it into my arm pits, let dry then get dressed. I too, believe it is from the deodorants we use. I am also trying to detox them at night using a simple paste of flour and water. I put them on a plastic gauze and tape them to my armpit. I ll let you know if that starts to work. (09/05/2008)

By leenas56

What to do About Armpit Odor

Buy the new clinical strength deodorants in the supermarket. They work perfectly. (09/07/2008)


What to do About Armpit Odor

I went to a Fiipino store and look for tawas. I tried it the following day and to my surprise, my armpit didn't sweat at all. It's been 2 months now that I haven't had an odor. Soleil (09/13/2008)

By soleil

What to do About Armpit Odor

I can sympathize with all of you. I'm an active 21 year old male in college and I've been a sweater since I came out of the womb Socially, it's an embarrassing problem that unfortunately a lot of people have to deal with on a day to day basis. I myself have never stopped looking for that panacea because I refuse to just "live" with the problem. In this day and age I think there's something for everybody.

Now my experience with deordorants has been quite a bad one. I've found that most of the time they do not control my perspiration and furthermore tend to stain my clothes! We can't have that. Now here about a couple of months ago I saw this antiperspirant on the shelf at Wal-mart that I thought I'd give a go at and to my surprise it has absolutely saved my life! I can finally go out without having to worry about huge sweat stains under my pits or ruining all of my nice clothes with these big ol' stains! What a relief! The product is called Certain Dri. It comes in a little white box with a roll-on applicator containing 1.2FL OZ of water, sodium bicarbonate (inactive ingredients) and aluminum chloride (12%) (active-ingredient). There are zero perfumes and it truly does the job of keeping me from sweating and not staining any of my clothes. I really hope that this helps someone out there. (09/20/2008)

By Chase

What to do About Armpit Odor

A good way of getting rid of smelly armpits sweat is to change your diet. I have that problem too no matter what kind of deodorant I used I still smelled horrible. It turns out that it's because I wasn't eating right at all. What you need to do is that you need to cut the red meat out, or not eat too often, stay away from junk food, and dairy stuff because they cause toxins.

What you eat will make you smell. So, if you are not eating right than start eating right. You wont have the problem of a smell ever again in just a few weeks. I don't believe in those deodorants that say they will get rid of the smell. Eat right and you will be free from smell. I did and now I don't smell anymore. Just try a healthy diet and you won't regret it. (10/19/2008)


What to do About Armpit Odor

To all:

I am sorry to hear that more than half of the world has the terrible armpit sweating and armpit odor problem, but I might be able to help all of you out!! I was told by my doctor that sweat doesn't smell, but bacteria on the skin does when it comes in contact with sweat. My doctor prescribed the following for me and it helps a lot.

  1. Clindymicin Pledgets -Clindamycin is an antibiotic. Clindamycin topical prevents bacteria from growing on the skin.
  2. HyperCare (Dab bottle) - Help Reduce or Eliminate Hyperhidrosis of the palms and soles. It also helps reduce or eliminate wetness on handshakes, underarm stains or body odor
  3. Wash under arm area with Safeguard soap or any other type of anti-bacterial soap.

Good Luck! (10/24/2008)

By Redd.

Herbal and Natural Solution for Armpit Odor

  1. Buy baking soda powder.
  2. Buy ginger powder from grocery store.
  3. Buy green tea power (not green tea leaves, Google where to buy green tea powder.

Mix those powders with a ratio as follows:
97% + 1.5% + 1.5%

If you sweat a lot, and don't like the light color of green tea and ginger powder showing on the t-shirt; buy essential oil (refined oil) in those Soap & Body stores, you will be able to find colorless ginger and green tea oil concentration. Then, use 100% baking soda powder mixed with a few few drops of these refined oils.)

Put these absolutely natural and herbal solutions under your armpit three times a day when you have time. Make sure you wipe the old powder away and put new powder on.

DO NOT ever use anything that contains alum. Alum, although it is a natural crystal stone, and acts as anti-sweating agent, contains aluminum. This chemical makes people's brain become dull (stupid) if a person's body has too much of it. (12/17/2008)

By Chinese Medicine

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Use Febreze, Lysol, and acetone! The acetone sterilizes, and the Lysol/Febreze make it smell good.

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