July 11, 2011

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A girl painting a picture on the floor.

Displaying Children's ArtworkThis is a page about displaying children's artwork. Children often bring home artwork and craft projects from school, camps, and daycare. It can be a challenge for parents to know how to show off and store their precious creations.


A paper bag of groceries.

Saving Money on MealsFood is a constant weekly expense for all families. There are ways to cut costs with smart shopping techniques, frugal meal ideas, using leftovers, and more. This is a page for saving money on meals.


Person pulling starter cord on a red lawn mower.

Preventing Your Lawn Mower from Getting...This is a page about how to prevent your lawn mower from getting flooded. If you are having trouble starting your mower it best to not compound the issue by flooding the engine. It can be impossible to start your lawn mower if the engine becomes flooded.


A slice of watermelon in front of a full watermelon.

Selecting a Good WatermelonHave you found yourself in the produce section trying to remember how to tell if a watermelon is going to be sweet and tasty? Should you thump or check the stem end? A green melon can be a big disappointment.


Finding a Lost Relative, Genealogy Study

Finding a Lost RelativeWhether you are trying to locate a relative you have never met or attempting to reconnect with some one you have lost track of, finding a lost relative can be a daunting task. This is a page to finding a lost relative.


Fresh eggs from backyard chickens.

Raising Chickens for EggsThis is a page about raising chickens for eggs. Do you like the thought of farm fresh eggs from your own laying hens? They can be difficult to get depending on where you live. You can raise chickens for eggs in your own backyard and enjoy the same fresh egg experience.


Dirty tennis shoes.

Cleaning Tennis ShoesThis is a page to cleaning tennis and athletic shoes. Tennis shoes can easily become smelly when they are used often. Cleaning tennis shoes and athletic shoes without damaging them can be a real chore.


Flatbed computer scanner.

Scanning Photos Into Your ComputerThis is a page about scanning photos into your computer. We all have photos that were taken without a digital camera. A great way to preserve photos taken with a standard camera is to scan them into your computer.


Garden tools in disarray.

Organizing Garden ToolsThis is a page about organizing garden tools. Disorganized garden tools can quickly turn into a tangled mess. It is also nice to be able to find the right tool when you need it.


photo of a lawn mower mowing grass

Cleaning Your Lawn MowerThis is a page about cleaning your lawn mower. Keeping your mower clean helps prevent rust and prolongs its life. Cleaning your mower the wrong way may cause it not to start the next time you go to use it.


Teaching Children to Save Money, Child Saving Money

Teaching Children to Save MoneyThis is a page about teaching children to save money. Learning to save money is the best way to live frugally and be prepared for lean times all at once. Teaching children how to save money early in life, will pay them great dividends in the future.


Moving Day

Hiring MoversThis is a page to hiring movers. Hiring a mover to get to your new home is great way to make your move go smoothly. Knowing about potential pitfalls can be big help in finding the right mover.


Photo of several pumpkins.

Freezing PumpkinsThis is a page about freezing pumpkins. Freezing pumpkins allows you to use them as an ingredient throughout the year. When thawed, the pumpkin can be used in many recipes like pies and soups.


Teaching a Dog To Come

Teaching a Dog To ComeThis page is about teaching your dog to come. Getting your dog to come is one of the first things you need to teach your dog. Without dog training knowledge, it can be difficult to know what method to use.


Trimming Your Cat's Nails, An orange Persian cat having it's nails trimmed.

Trimming Your Cat's NailsThis is a page about trimming your cat's nails. A cat's nails need to be trimmed regularly. Whether you pay a groomer or the vet to trim them or do them at home, there are different techniques and safety concerns.


Photo of someone pumping gas.

Saving Money on GasThis is a page about saving money on gas. Rising gas prices are becoming a bigger burden on household budgets. There are a lot strategies to save money on gasoline.


A rug sitting on a wood floor.

Keeping Rugs From SlippingRoaming area or throw rugs can be annoying. Keeping them from slipping can be tricky depending on the surface they are on. This is a page about keeping rugs from slipping.


A lemon with the zest removed.

Lemon Zest Tips And TricksLemon zest is a great way to naturally add more lemon flavor to your recipes. There are many tools and techniques for getting all the yellow zest without the bitter white pith beneath. This is a page for lemon zest tips and tricks.


Lawn Mower blade being sharpened

Sharpening Your Lawn Mower BladeThis page is about sharpening your lawn mower blades.It can be very frustrating to watch your mower bend the grass over rather than actually cut it. Taking it in to have the blades sharpened can be costly.


Photo of blackberries on the vine.

Getting Rid of Blackberry BushesThis is a page about getting rid of blackberry bushes. Blackberry bushes can grow very quickly in spring and summer and are very invasive. Even though the berries are edible and tasty, the bushes are very difficult to get rid of.


photo of a black and white puppy

Choosing a PuppyTips for choosing a new puppy. If you make the decision to adopt a puppy, you are about start a fun adventure. There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing a new puppy.


Saving Money on Car Rentals, Neon Car Rental Sign

Saving Money on Car RentalsThis is a page about saving money on car rental. Renting a car is sometimes necessary when you are away from home or your car is being repaired. Finding ways to save on the this expense can be very handy.


Father teaching his son to drive

Teaching a Teen to DriveThis is a page on teaching your teen to drive. When it comes time to teach your teen to drive, it can be very nerve wracking. Knowing the steps to teaching someone to drive can make the whole experience go smoothly.



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Hush PuppiesHush puppies are about the fastest cornbread you can make on the spur of the moment, so for that reason, I use it a lot when we're having something like greens or baked beans.


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Sunday Morning BrunchLove the sausage and cheese in this recipe.


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Heavenly TartsThese are little stick shaped cookies. There is not an overabundance of sugar in this recipe.


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Arizona Mountain SoupRinse beans in 5 quart kettle. Combine beans and 3 cups water. Cover. Let stand overnight or bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer 2 minutes. Let stand 1 hour.


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Sweet Pepper Garlic and Cayenne Sauce with LinguiniCook linguini according to package directions until al dente and drain. Meanwhile, saute peppers, garlic, and cayenne in the olive oil in a large skillet or pot over medium heat.


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Cowboy BeansWe used to have these when we camped in the summer time. This recipe tells how to bake them in the oven, but we used to heat them over an open fire. Just mix and heat through. Yummy with hot dogs or burgers from the grill.


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Ground Beef Gravy over Mashed PotatoesThis is a good stand-by meal for us, which is easy and fairly quick to fix. Also really good on a cold winter night.



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Clean Windows With Coffee FiltersClean windows with coffee filters by saturating them with window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, or vinegar. They are durable and will not leave lint like a paper towels does.


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Disinfecting During Shopping And ErrandsI know many of us have shared stories on here about being paranoid about germs and wiping down our grocery baskets, then our hands after shopping, but here's a couple some of you may not always think about.


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Budget for Paying Off DebtFor all income that comes in, no matter how small, pay off the debt with 50%, and live off the rest. This works wonderfully and is wise. Our debt is going down, and one day, God willing, it will be paid off.


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Plant Tomatoes HorizontallyLocals in my area recommend planting tomatoes on their sides rather than vertically for better developed roots systems and healthier, stronger plants. I dug individual trenches for each plant, added fertilizer, compost and a few tablespoons of sugar.


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Set Max Bid For Online AuctionsWhen trying to get something via an online auction, it is best to set your max bid in your mind and stick to it. On eBay you can do a search, then save that search to alert you if any items get placed for bid that meet your criteria.


Beautiful Allium

Garden: Beautiful Allium!I'm not sure if it's because of all the rain we had, but I think my allium are especially bright and colorful this year!


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Safety Pin Socks TogetherTo prevent losing socks in washer and dryer, pin the pair together with safety pins.


Liquid Chalk in Muffin Tins

Liquid Sidewalk ChalkMake homemade liquid sidewalk chalk for your little ones to paint with outside.


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Free Beauty SamplesFree beauty samples are yours for the taking. You just have to know where to look! You can stock up by signing up for free samples online or doing it the old fashioned way: Visit all of the beauty counters at all of your local malls and go "shopping."


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Seed StartersI stopped using peat moss discs for seed starting many years ago. Instead, I save my eggshells throughout the year and fill them with my own homemade compost.


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Organizing Loose ChangeWe have a change jar sitting on the desk. When anyone finds change, of course they put it in the jar. After it gets about half full, our 12 year old daughter sorts it and puts it in gallon jars that are out of sight.


Yellow tiger lily

Garden: Tiger LilyThe tiger lily, like other lilies, symbolizes the feminine principle reflecting the qualities of mercy, compassion, kindness and unconditional love.


Black cat lounging on bed

Tony (Black Cat)Tony is 15 years old. He was adopted from a no-kill shelter near Boston about 14 1/2 years ago. At his age, he likes to eat good homemade food and snuggle up for cuddles. He's a great cat.


Small patio fountain

Courtyard FountainI have wanted a "water feature" for our courtyard ever since we bought this house, seven years ago. For our anniversary this month, my husband did all this! Isn't that romantic?


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Use X-14 For Removing Mold and MildewI went into my local neighborhood hardware store and the ever-helpful employees shared with me their favorite way of getting rid of the mold and mildew after scraping out the old caulk and replacing it with new caulk: X-14.


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Use Those Recipes You SaveI clip many recipes from magazines, newspapers, etc. The pile can get quite large, and I end up never even trying any of them. I've solved this and all it took was a clear 3 ring plastic page protector and a piece of colored paper.


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Donate Partial Spools of ThreadWhen the spool only has a little thread left on it, it is not worth putting on the sewing machine, as it will be gone after a few stitches. I save these almost empty spools and give them to my senior friends.


A plastic storage container covered with a white cloth and used as an outdoor table.

Patio Storage TableI store lots of things on the patio and throughout the house. We have a hundred year old house with no closets, so we have to get creative.


Dogs standing on afghan blanket

Spring AfghanI just finished this crocheted afghan, my first, and was taking some pictures to share with friends and family. My two little ones decided that a picture without them wasn't worth taking.


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Repainting Old FurniturePainting smaller pieces of furniture is a wonderful way to utilize left-over paint. Not only that, but paint actually protects the wood.


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Make Your Own Bouquet PreserverWhat is that magic stuff in the little packet that comes with flowers delivered by the florist? Just add a few drops of chlorine bleach and a teaspoon of sugar to a quart of water for a home-made equivalent. Mystery solved, money saved.


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Use Emery Particles for Pin CushionSewers will love this creative idea. You can buy emery particles for about $6.00 a cup and make your own needle and pin cushion to keep your needles and pins sharp.



Garden: Hollyhocks in the SummerVery beautiful flowers! I wish they bloomed all year round!


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Easy S'moresWe love making s'mores when camping or cooking out at home, but adjusted the "recipe" for a lighter s'more. Instead of using the regular ingredients of graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows, we use fudge striped cookies and marshmallows.


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Online AuctionsWhen bidding on eBay or other sites, always check the sellers rating. If below 97, I check I check the comments from other buyers before bidding.



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Breaker Keeps Tripping at Night?The breaker to our living room and patio has tripped twice at night. Once my husband just flipped it back on and it was fine. The next night it happened again and will not flip back on.


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Parade Float for a Veterinary Practice?Any ideas for a parade float for a veterinary hospital with the theme "Honoring Those Who Serve"?


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Freezing Pumpkins?Can you freeze whole pumpkins?


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Helping Hair Grow Faster and Healthier?I had really badly split ends, so the person cutting my hair said I should cut it up to my shoulders to get rid of them. So I did, and I really miss my long hair. How can I make it grow faster and healthier?


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Canning Squash and Cabbage?I'm interested in canning cabbage, as well as, zucchini and small squash. Any info would be appreciated.


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Using Borax and Boric Acid Around Children?I have a 17 month old daughter who has a heart defect, allergies to wheat and dairy, and is asthmatic. My landlord is currently wishing to send Rentokil to my home to treat woodworm. Rentokil wishs to use borax and boric acid.


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Keeping Bees and Wasps Out of Hummingbird Feeders?When I hang my hummers food trays, all I get is bees and wasps. What can I do? And no matter where I hang it, they come. Thank you.


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Making Milk into Curd Instantly?How milk can be made into curd instantly? Are there any easily available chemicals which are not harmful to health which can be added to milk to form curd instantly?


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Substituting Butter or Oil for Shortening?I am using gluten free Bisquick to make biscuits and it calls for 1/3 cup of shortening. Can I substitute butter or oil instead and if so what would be the equivalent measure?


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Removing Pumpkin Stains from Clothing?I made pumpkin soup and it spattered on my cotton shirt. How do I remove it?


puppy on front car seat, one ear trying to stand up

What Breed is My Puppy?I have a great puppy that I adopted from the shelter. There they told me that he was a Pit mix. However, I think he's a Great Dane/ Shepherd mix. His vet says he's a Lab/Pit mix. I would love to have his DNA tested, but I don't which company is the most accurate. Do you?


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Controlling Aphids on My Flowering Plums?I have flowering plums lining my driveway, and usually when I spray Ivory liquid in my sprayer, it controls the aphids, but not so this year. Is there a root treatment I can use?


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Winding the Bobbin on a Singer Touch-tronic 2005?I have just come into a Singer Touch-tronic 2005 and cannot fill the bobbin. Can you help?


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Choosing an Area Rug to Coordinate With My Living Room Colors?My living room has yellow walls, specifically Humble Gold by Sherwin Williams. It's a warm yellow. I have plaid curtains with dark yellow gold, burgundy, and a dark green. My couch has a cream colored couch cover. I have dark furniture, pictures, an ottoman, etc.


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Making a Water Bottle Cozy?Does anyone have a pattern for a water bottle cozy? My bottle "sweats" on my table. I have an idea, but would like to get other ideas.


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