July 12, 2011

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Clean Car Interior

Keeping the Inside of Your Car CleanIf you have kids, clutter, crumbs and spills can get out of hand in your car quickly. Keeping your car clean will help prevent odors from forming and protect the value of your vehicle. This is a page about keeping the inside of your car clean.


Celery new growth

Growing CeleryMany of us love crunchy celery stalks plain or with peanut butter. They are also an important ingredient in many recipes. Have you thought of growing your own celery?


A paper invitation leaning up against two cupcakes.

Saving Money on Birthday InvitationsThis is a page about saving money on birthday invitations. Invitations are important when planning a party. However they don't need to be a huge part of the expense.


Photo of three star shaped mylar balloons.

Reusing Mylar BalloonsThis is a page about new uses for mylar balloons. Mylar balloons are made of durable material and are usually bright and colorful. There are lots of ways to recycle them into something new.


Hand cleaning leaves out of rain gutters 2

Cleaning Gutters and DownspoutsThis page is about cleaning gutters and downspouts. Dirty gutters can cause improper drainage that can flood basements and ultimately cost you a lot of time and money. Knowing how to safely clean out your gutters and downspouts is an important skill to have.


Cans of Food in a Pantry

Organizing Your PantryThis page is about organizing a pantry. Finding things in an unorganized pantry can be frustrating. A well organized pantry can save you money by decreasing unneeded shopping trips.


Photo of a back pack, colored pencils, paper and other school supplies.

Saving Money on School SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on school supplies. Every year, the list of school supplies seems to get longer. There are ways to minimize the expense of school supplies while still getting everything your child needs.


Post it note that says clean your room on it.

Getting Kids to Keep Their Rooms CleanThis is a page to getting kids to keep their rooms clean. The perennial issue of getting children to keep their room clean is a challenge for every parent.


Colorful gift bags.

Organizing Gift BagsThis is a page about organizing gift bags. Reusing gift bags is a great way to save money. Finding a way to organize them will help keep them in good condition and make it easier to find the right bag to use for a certain occasion.


Bathing the Family Dog

Giving a Dog a BathThis is a page about giving a dog a bath. Dog owners love to have their favorite pets looking and smelling good. Bathing your dog at home is an excellent way to save money on pet grooming.


Mancured Hand Holding Flower petals

Saving Money on Acrylic NailsThis is a page on saving money on acrylic nails. Acrylic nails can make your hands look beautiful but they can be expensive to upkeep. Most acrylic nails need to be filled once every 2-4 weeks. This constant expense can really drain one's budget.


A heaping bowl of dry dog kibble.

Saving Money on Dog FoodThis is a page for saving money on dog food. Whether you buy in bulk or make it from scratch, every dog needs to eat quality dog food every day.


Cleaning Laminate Flooring, Red dry mop cleaning laminate floors

Cleaning Laminate FlooringLaminate floors can easily get water damaged. Knowing how to clean your laminate flooring, can keep it looking new for many years. This is a page on cleaning laminate flooring.


Saving Money on Carpet, Installing Carpet

Saving Money on CarpetThis is a page about saving money on carpet. Getting new carpet installed is a wonderful way to spruce up your living space but can be an expensive proposition. Even a small discount per square foot can add up to a big savings.


Barbie in pink top and jean shorts

Cleaning Barbie ClothesThis is a page about cleaning Barbie clothes. Even Barbie needs to wash her clothes sometimes. Given their size it can be a bit tricky to wash them.


Black slug in the grass

Keeping Slugs Out of Your GardenThis is a page about keeping slugs out of your garden. If you live where slugs are prevalent you know the destruction they can cause. They can quickly consume plants and ruin your garden.


Tree trimmer up in a tree, cutting it down.

Saving Money on Tree RemovalThis is a page to saving money on tree removal. Removing trees yourself is not always an option. However, it can be very expensive to have someone come do it for you.


photo of ants eating a scrap of onion

Getting Rid of Ants in the KitchenHave ants taken up residence in your home? The kitchen can be a challenging place to get rid of ants since there are so many sources of food. This is a page about getting rid of ants in your kitchen.


Trimming Your Dog's Nails, A person using dog nail trimmers.

Trimming Your Dog's NailsThis is a page about trimming your dog's nails. Trimming your dogs nails should be a regular part of your dog's grooming. If you choose to do it yourself, it is important to learn the proper way to trim them.


An oversized dog collar on a puppy.

Buying the Right Sized Dog CollarThis is a page for buying the right sized dog collar. Dog collars come in many sizes and designs. Make sure to get the correct one to ensure the safety of your pet.


Girl in a grey school uniform.

Saving Money on School UniformsThis is a page about saving money on school uniforms. Uniforms make getting your kids ready for school easier, but they can be quite pricey. There are options out there that can ease the financial burden on parents when it comes to buying uniforms.


A woman shopping at a warehouse store.

Getting the Most Out of Your Costco (or Sam's...This is a page to getting the most out of your warehouse membership, such as Costco or Sam's Club. Warehouse stores can save you a lot of money, but the cost can really add up at checkout. Be sure you are buying the products and services that will actually save you money.


Oil painting of house and fields.

Cleaning Oil PaintingsThis is a page about cleaning oil paintings. Keeping artwork looking nice is important, since for many of us, it is a focal point in our home. However not all artwork can be cleaned in the same way.


A sewing machine foot with pink thread sewing pink fabric.

Learning How to SewThis is a page to get you started on learning to sew. Do you need new curtains or an outfit that doesn't look like everyone else's? Perhaps you are wishing you knew how to sew and make your own beautiful clothing and decorative home accessories, not to mention toys for the kids.


A mother showing her son how to crack an egg.

Teaching Kids to CookThis is a page about teaching kids to cook. Basic cooking skills are essential for every child to learn. Not only can they make their own meals and snacks, they can also help with meals for the entire family.


Selling Clothing on eBay, Blue Evening Dress

Selling Clothing on eBay?This is a page on selling clothing on eBay. Selling clothing on eBay can be an easy way to bring in some extra income. It is important to know how to present your item and what titles and keywords to use in order to be successful.


Polishing Leather Shoes

Polishing Leather ShoesThis is a page to polishing leather shoes. Keeping your leather shoes clean and polished not only makes them look nicer but helps extend their lifetime as well.


Pile of split firewood.

Saving Money on FirewoodThis is a page about saving money on firewood. Finding a good deal on firewood is helpful, especially if you use a lot of it to warm your home.


Photo of a bamboo floor.

Cleaning Bamboo FlooringThis is a page about cleaning bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a beautiful and sustainable choice for flooring. Proper cleaning methods will help it look its best.


Quit Smoking

Quitting SmokingSmokers everywhere know that it is in their best interest to quit, but some just haven't found the right way for them to get it done. Here are some success stories to help you on your quest to quit. This is a page about quitting smoking.


Storing Out of Season Clothing, Stack of folded sweaters in different colors

Storing Out of Season ClothingThis page is about storing out of season clothing. Out of season clothing can take up a lot of space in your dresser drawers. Storing seasonally inappropriate clothing can help free up space, and make the current season's clothing more accessible.



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Mother's Chicken SaladEasy to prepare and simple ingredients make this a favorite salad for any day all year long. Create a delicious sandwich to eat with soup, or use it as the main attraction on a luncheon plate and call in the troops.


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Potato PieQuick and easy to fix.


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Pineapple SauceA great dessert sauce. Serve with pudding or over frozen desserts. I think it would be good over pound/bundt cake too ;-)


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Apple CrispAnother family favorite!


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Ham Tahitian SupperGreat main dish! Love the pineapple in it!


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Swedish MeatballsA very nice change from spaghetti and meatballs. Nutmeg can be substituted for the mace if you don't have it. You may also add a dash of cardamom to the meatballs or the sauce.


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Fresh Spinach SaladLove this because of the fresh spinach!


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Spaghetti Sauce TipsLast year I tried the Mrs. Wages packet for pasta sauce, pizza sauce, and ketchup. They were fantastic, especially the ketchup. I put them in my crock pot and just let them go for a couple of days till they are the thickness I like.


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Blackberry WineIn a clean 10-gallon crock jar or plastic bottled water jar, add the sugar. Heat water to 100 degrees F then add to the sugar. Dissolve thoroughly.


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Orange MuffinsGreat for breakfast! Grease 18 muffin cups or line with paper baking cups. Set aside. If using raisins, place them in a food processor bowl.



Recycle Cake Pan for Storage

Recycle Cake Pan For StorageI scarfed these cake containers from my grandson's recent party. For this one, I now keep all my articles and magazines to read during quiet time, commercials, or any time I have some time to read.


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Season a Cast Iron SkilletI rotate my 3 cast iron skillets and Dutch Oven and bake a batch of corn bread to keep them in top shape.


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Camping In a Travel TrailerFor 3-4 years our whole family camped in a travel trailer exclusively. It was fun to prepare an entire meal of home-made lasagne perhaps, complete with china and silverware, and watch the other campers enviously eat hot dogs over campfires.


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Use the School Supplies You HaveInstead of going out to buy new coloring utensils for the school year, grab that big box of crayons from under the bed. You can find a crayon sharpener just laying about and sharpen some of the main colors needed.


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Add Cake Trimmings To Frosted Middle LayerWhen making cake frosting and filling, set aside a portion of it for the filling. When you have to level your cake layers, just make the trimmings into crumbs and add them to the filling portion.


People in water and on beach.

Beach (Destin, FL)These photos were taken in the beautiful beach town of Destin, Florida in June 2011. Our family took a mini-vacation to Destin to visit the beaches. We now have found our yearly vacation spot.


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Cleaning SocksThe reason most socks are white is because dye weakens fibers so white socks are stronger, I've been told. There is nothing better than the scrub board for getting them clean.


Before You Commit on eBayBe sure to check the person's rating. EBay gets feedback from their buyers on each vendor and it goes to a percentage. Vendors can be barred by having a low percentage of happy customers.


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Try Pawn Shops For a WiiMy children have pestered me for a Wii game system ever since they came out. This past Christmas, when I had them all make a list of things they wanted, a Wii system was at the top of all their lists.


Hanging shoe holder with yarn

Yarn Storage TipsI previously submitted an idea about using oversized shoe bags from thrift shops to store yarn. You can get the kind that are for shoes that are upright and usually clear plastic.


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Product Review: Dawn Hand Renewal With Olay BeautyWhen Dawn Dish detergent came out with their Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty, I put the liquid soap in my regular hand soap dispensers. Within one to two weeks, my hands had significantly improved from the dryness.


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Removing Mats From a Cat or DogTake a comb and put it teeth down between the mat and the animal's skin, then cut the mat away. Then brush the remaining hair out. This keeps you from clipping the skin on your pet.


A polished set of silverware

Polishing SilverIn a small pot (the pot's size depends on what you're cleaning), place water to where it will cover the item being cleaned. Add 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt, and a capful of white vinegar.


Congainers of lettuce placed on small garden table.

Banish Slugs from Your GardenEvery year, time and energy are required to pick slugs off the broccoli and lettuces, and every year we try different things to keep those slugs away - with very limited success.


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Don't Lose Socks In The WashIf you place the socks at the bottom of the wash load, they are less likely to be thrown over the top of the washer and pumped out with the water. I read this tip somewhere years ago, and I have raised three kids and a husband using it with very few lost socks!


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Mark Top of Comforter For Easy Bed MakingI often get mixed up which direction my comforter goes since it has a large floral pattern and the width and length are closer than on a twin comforter. To solve this problem, I pinned a safety pin on the two underside corners that lay at the head of my bed.


Dog portrait 1

Collage Baby GiftCollages are so much fun and easy to create. I made these two puppy dog collages for my daughter's friend, who is expecting a baby boy. I used her nursery colors of blue and brown for my inspiration.


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Free Home Weatherization Programs for Energy EfficiencyCheck with your power company, your county, state, and nonprofit organizations to see if there are any free weatherization programs available. I did and had my house completely weatherized for free.


Pink petaled flowers with yellow middles.

Garden: Flowers in My YardI love taking pictures of anything in nature. These are flowers that are in my yard. As they bloom, I hurry and take their picture before they disappear for the year. I hope you like them.


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Bag Those Socks!I bought the net type washing bags for lingerie and delicate things. Each person in the family has a sock bag. The dirty socks are put in each person's bag, then I wash them and dry them in the bag.


A photo of a young buck in the forest.

Wildlife: Young Buck (Tiburon, CA)While we were vacationing in Tiburon, an early morning "peeper" caught our eye. We matched eyes with this young buck for what seemed like minutes. This was our last day of vacation. What a great way to remember our trip!


White rat with black face on the back of a couch

Bandit (Rat)Bandit is a 1 year old rat, who we bought at the pet store. She loves to run around on the couch and in the bathroom. She likes climbing all over me. She is very friendly.


2 small dogs kissing

Frankie (Schnauzer Mix) and Belle (Pit...These two pups, Frankie a Schnauzer mix and Belle a Pit Bull mix, shared a wonderful, playful bond. They were always seen expressing their devotion to one another.


Canning jar with peanut butter jar lid on it

Plastic Lids On Canning JarsI use peanut butter lids on regular canning jars for everyday storage. They don't rust if used in the refrigerator, and keep food fresh on the counter. I use them for non-food storage as well; such as band-aids with ointment.


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Cleaning Laptops and Tower ComputersThe best way to clean your laptop or tower keyboard is to turn it over and shake the dust out of it then run the vacuum brush over it. If you have sticky keyboards, you can simply clean them with a damp cloth and small toothbrush.


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Buy Spices in the Hispanic Foods SectionThe prices of some of the herbs and spices are getting way out of my budget. I started reusing my spice bottles and buying the herbs and spices in the plastic packets in the Hispanic section of the store.


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Tea Tree Oil For Mold And MildewAll natural tea tree oil is the absolute best treatment for mold and mildew. Mix 10-20 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray on to surface and you're done.


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Storing Yarn in Zip Top BagsI keep my supplies of knitting and crochet yarn in the large click zip bags usually used for food storage. I write the ply and date on the white label, and because they are see through I do not have any trouble seeing what is inside, making it easy to select what I need.


Folded Paper Flower Box Final

Folded Paper Flower BoxThis simply folded paper box is ideal as a gift box for flowers on special occasions.


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Reusing Mylar BalloonsI have a few ideas for the shiny metallic-looking Mylar balloons that would otherwise go to a landfill: Cut them into one long continuous strip about 1/2 inch wide, and use them to crochet throw rugs, place mats, etc.


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Label Sewing Patterns with Specific Size InformationI make a lot of clothes and swimsuits for my three girls. I trace the patterns in the size I need onto other paper. I have found it extremely helpful to label these papers with my daughters' names, the year I made that size, and my daughters' measurements.


A lace chandelier in front of a window with sheer curtains.

Lace "Chandelier"I have a love of old linens, lace, etc., and came up with a unique way to display them. I took a wire hanging basket and attached lace around each basket.



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Getting Rid of Fleas in the House?While on vacation our house became infested with fleas. We don't have any animals that live at our house. What is the best method to getting rid of them? I am kind of scared of all the toxic bombs, but understand it may be necessary.


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Coupons for Troops?I would like the address for coupons for troops. Thank you.


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Keeping Lettuce from "Rusting"?How do you keep lettuce from "rusting" in the frig and for how long?


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Buying a Sprinkler for a Narrow Lawn Strip?I need a lawn sprinkler that will water a narrow piece of my yard next to the street. I need it to be able just to water about a 32 inch wide area without watering the street. Any ideas?


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Cauliflower Turning Purple?I am growing vegetables in an outside garden. My cauliflower is growing, but it is starting to turn purple on top before it is completely full. What can I do or is this normal?


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Address for Expired Coupons for Military Families?Can someone give me the address to send expired coupons to the military families? I have moved and lost my contact. Many thanks.


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Shopping for Mrs. Stewart's Bluing?I need to find a location for Mrs. Stewart's bluing in Waco, Texas.


Ice Forming on the Side and Bottom of Ice Maker Bucket?I have a KitchenAid side by side refrigerator. Ice is forming on the side and bottom of the ice bucket, preventing the freezer door from closing properly. Also, the cube dispenser has begun dispensing a mixture of frost and cubes.


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Caring for a Roly Poly?If a Roly Poly is having a baby how do you take care of it?


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Keeping Weeds From Growing Between Pavers?How do I keep weeds from growing between block paving?


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Tomatoes Turning Black on the Bottom?Not all my tomatoes have black on the bottom, but enough to be concerned. What do you think the problem is? Should I just pick the ones that have the black on the bottom or let them grow out as they get bigger? Thank you.


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Pages Too Big for Computer Screen?How do I make a page fit the computer screen: they are too big?


EMS Mail Returned "Not Deliverable as Addressed"?The International Service Center in New York, NY (USPS), has returned my item to the sender on July 10, 2011 because it could not be delivered as addressed. What does, "it could not be delivered as addressed" mean?


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How is Parvo Transmitted?Can an adult dog with up to date shots carry and give Parvo to a puppy who has just had its puppy shots? I had a Border Collie puppy that died of Parvo, and I wondered how it got it.


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Freezing Fresh Dill?Can you freeze dill? My dill is ready for pickles, but the cucumbers aren't. Will it still have the same taste as with fresh dill for pickles?


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Keeping a Tom Cat from Spraying?I have a ten month old tom cat that has just started "spraying". He's going to the vet's on Thursday to be neutered, but in the meantime how do I stop him from doing this and how do I get rid of that awful smell?


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Growing Onions?After I have removed the dirt around the onion bulb, do I step on the tops of the onions so the bulbs get bigger and not the neck of the greens?


Yorkie lying on rug.

Training an Aggressive Yorkie?We have an 18 month old Yorkie. She has become very aggressive and bites when she has something she shouldn't have and at times when you try to pick her up. It is getting worse. She had professional obedience training as a pup, and I still reinforce that training, but to no avail.


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Best Time for Watering Plants and Trees?When is the best time to water vegetables, a flower garden, and young trees?


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Growing and Fertilizing Pumpkins?How many flowers do I leave on my pumpkin vine and do I help them to fertilise using a paintbrush?


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Removing Melted Plastic from Smooth Top Range?A spatula melted on my smooth top range. How do I get the melted plastic off?


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Legitimate Jobs as a Mystery Shopper?Does anyone know of a legitimate "mystery shopper" website? I would like to do this but am scared of getting scammed.


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Growing Sunflowers?The plant has two or more sucker flowers heads. Should I cut them out or trim the bottom leaves?


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When Should Girls Start Shaving Their Legs?At what age should girls start shaving their legs?


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Removing Musty Smell from a Bed?Can anyone provide a remedy to get rid of a musty, mildew smell on an old bed?


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Tying Up the Leaves on Cauliflower?When the heads begin to form, do I then tie the leaves together over it or do I wait?


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Removing Static Electricity from New Furniture?How do I get static electricity out of new furniture? It's awful.


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AC Keeps Tripping Breaker?I just got home from vacation. When I flipped the AC back on I noticed no cool air was circulating. I found the breaker had tripped off. After flipping the breaker back on within 3 minutes it trips off again and continues to do so each time.


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Remedy for Thin Brittle Nails?What can I do to make my nails stronger and grow faster? I got my nails done for my sister's wedding. I didn't want to go because I knew it would damage my nails, but I went. And now I'm facing the consequences.


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Improving the Look of Kitchen Floor Tile?We are doing a kitchen remodel and are stuck because our kitchen has ugly 8 inch tiles that belong in a bathroom at best. Ripping them out is out of our budget. What else can we do to disguise them?


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Potty Training a Four Year Old?I have a 4 year old and he starts school in September, but he can't stop wetting himself. I tell him everyday, every couple of hours, and I even tell his nursery teachers. I've been to the doctor's and everything seems normal.


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Painting a Refrigerator?Is there a way to paint a white refrigerator red?


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Taking a Cutting from a Lilac Bush?How do you take a cutting from a lilac bush and transplant it to another city?


Seal point Siamese cat on blue cat tree.

Removing Cat Pee Odor from Carpet?My cat who is being treated for a UTI is adamant that he will continue to pee on the carpet in the same area rather than use his litter box. I've use peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda in past, but I am out of it at home. Does anyone know if rubbing alcohol will discourage him?


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Cleaning a Stainless Steel Stove?I am wanting to find a way to clean the top and outside of my stainless steel gas stove. I have tried soapy water like the instructions say or just a wet wash cloth, but it always leaves water spots or smudges. Please help me. Thanks.


A stack of hats that need to be organized.

Suggestions for Hanging Hats on the Wall?I have a bunch of hats that I don't want to get rid of and I don't want them to get ruined. But, I am finding it difficult to find a place for them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could hang them on the wall?


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Prepping Cupboards for Painting?I am considering painting my kitchen cupboards. They have been in my home for over 40 years and although they have been cleaned on the occasional spring cleaning, I know that they have a lot of grease and dirt build up on them.


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Tomatoes Blooming But Not Producing Fruit?I have very healthy looking tomato plants with plenty of flowers, but have yet too see any fruit. It is the middle of July and do not understand why my tomatoes are not producing any fruit yet. The plants are all very healthy looking. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Paint Color Advice for Kitchen and Adjoining Living Room?I have a dark counter top and light wood cabinets. I need some advice on what to paint the walls. I live in an apartment so the living room and kitchen are connected. On one wall in the kitchen is where the appliances, sink, and cabinets are.


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Removing Bat Poop Stains from a Deck?We had bats roosting in the tree near our pool deck. The tree is now gone but the deck is stained with bat poop. Any ideas to remove it would be appreciated.


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