September 7, 2011

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Repairman working on a stove.

Repairing Versus Replacing AppliancesThis is a page about repairing versus replacing appliances. Appliances are expensive investments. Although appliance repairs can be quite costly, many times the repairs are still less than replacing the appliance.


Screws stored in a compartment tray.

Creative Storage IdeasThis is a page about creative storage ideas. Being organized is nice, however it is not always easy. Whether your items are odd sizes or you are working with a small space, sometimes you have to get creative to organizing things.


Woman Cleaning Her Kitchen

Creating a Cleaning ScheduleThis is a page about creating a cleaning schedule. Keeping the house clean is an on going task, especially if you have children in your home. Sticking to a cleaning schedule is the best way to keep your home clean and tidy.


Cleaning Candle Wax from Brass, Brass candleholder with candle wax on it.

Cleaning Candle Wax from BrassThis is a page about cleaning candle wax from brass. Brass candle holders are bound to get wax on them. Properly removing the wax buildup will ensure that you don't damage the finish.


Worm crawling on a stack of bookc.

Getting Rid of Bookworms?This is a page about getting rid of bookworms. The term bookworm is often used to refer to several types of beetles, worms, and lice that can damage books. These pests are often found in older or not well maintained books. If you are unfortunate enough to notice these literary destroyers in your collection, you will want to act quickly.


Melted candle wax on rug.

Removing Candle Wax from CarpetRemoving wax from carpet can be extremely difficult if you don't use the right method. With these tips, you will be able to remove the wax quickly and easily. This is a page about removing candle wax from carpet.


underside of Black Widow Spider

Getting Rid of Black Widow SpidersThis is a page about getting rid of black widow spiders. Many spiders are helpful to have in your garden. However, black widow spiders can be dangerous to have around your home and garden.


Cup of corn chowder with cheese and bacon on it.

Cream Soup Base RecipesThis page contains cream soup base recipes. Many recipes call for a can of cream soup, but this can add unwanted fat and salt to the finished dish. This base is easily made at home.


Salt and Herbs in Wooden Bowls

Homemade Facial ScrubsThis is a page about homemade facial scrubs. Facial scrubs are a great way to keep your skin looking nice and young. Store bought scrubs can be expensive though.


Peeled Pineapple

Peeling a PineappleThis is a page about peeling a pineapple. Pineapples can be difficult to peel, due to their prickly exterior. It is ideal to remove all the rough bits without wasting too much of the fruit.


Red Zippo lighter on a white background.

Cleaning a Zippo Lighter?This is a page to cleaning a Zippo lighter. Zippo lighters are not disposable so it is important to care for them properly. Cleaning your Zippo lighter will help keep it working well for many years.


Decorating with Area Rugs, Cleaning a Wool Area Rug, Wool area rug on a living room floor.

Cleaning a Wool Area RugThis is a page about cleaning a wool area rug. Periodic cleaning will ensure that your wool area rug remains beautiful for many years. Not all of the methods that are used on synthetic fiber rugs can be used on wool rugs.


Lanscaping around a swimming pool.

Landscaping Around Swimming PoolsThis is a page about landscaping around swimming pools. Landscaping around your pool can help create a beautiful escape in your own backyard. It can also provide shade to help cool you off.


A wasp's nest in the corner of a roof.

Keeping Wasps Away From Your HomeWasps can build a nest surprisingly quick around your home and be difficult to relocate. This is a page about keeping wasps away from your home.


Making a Jewelry Box

Making a Jewelry BoxThis is a page about making a jewelry box. It is easy for jewelry to get tangled and disorganized. A jewelry box is a perfect way to keep your jewelry tidy and safe. Making your own jewelry box a great thrifty way of accomplishing this as well.


Medication for a sick Golden Retriever puppy.

Giving Pills to DogsThis is a page about giving pills to dogs. Dogs may need medication for various reasons, but most dogs hate to take pills. Getting them to not spit out their pills can require some creativity.


A woman cleaning her face with skin toner.

Homemade Skin TonerThis is a page about homemade skin toner. Cleaning your face is important to maintaining a clear complexion but skin toners can be expensive to purchase. Making this cleaner at home can save you money.


Pink and red daisies in a clear glass vase.

Cleaning Buildup Inside a VaseThis is a page about removing buildup inside a vase. Buildup on your vase can be an unsightly part of your floral arrangement. Depending on what caused the buildup it can be tough to remove it, especially if the vase has a small opening.


Simple Things We Can Do To Save Energy, Piggy Bank and Electric cord

Simple Things We Can Do To Save EnergyThis is a page about simple things we can do to save energy. Saving energy is not only good for the planet but can also save you money each month. With a couple of simple changes you could reduce your monthly energy bill.


Selecting a Broker or Financial Planner, Happy Couple Talking With Financial Consultant

Selecting a Broker or Financial Planner?This is a page about selecting a broker or financial planner. Having a good financial planner or broker to consult with can be a valuable asset. Finding the right broker or financial planner for you can be a daunting task though.


Two girls in a witch and devil costumes.

Sizing Down a Costume for a ChildThis is a page about sizing down a costume for a child. Reusing costumes can save money. Sometimes it is necessary to make the costume smaller in order to use it again.


Alternative Uses for Wine, Wine being poured into a glass.

Alternative Uses for Wine?This is a page about alternative uses for wine. Many people enjoy having a glass of wine. Cooking with wine and using it to dye fabric are just a few of the ways you can use wine.



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Tangy Green Bean CasseroleSuper easy and inexpensive to make.


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Bowl Eggs (Microwave)When I asked my 9 year old grandson what he wanted for breakfast after he had spent the night with us, he said, " A bowl egg." Now it is a regular on the breakfast menu since it not only tastes good and takes very little time, the kids love it!


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Lemon Poppy Seed SconesI made this recipe twice for our bible study group and they went fast.


Beanpot style bowl filled with dip sitting on a tray surrounded by crackers.

Buffalo Chicken DipI have tried many buffalo chicken dip recipes, but this beats them all.


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Sour Cream Apple PieI'm so excited for apple season to get here so I can make this pie! Very good!


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ManicottiThis is a great Italian main dish the whole family will enjoy.


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Eggplant and Zucchini CasseroleWell worth the time to put this delicious summer vegetable casserole together. It makes a great luncheon dish with just crusty French bread and a light dessert.



Pumpkin pin

Autumn PinsCreate some adorable pins to wear during the autumn months in less than an hour. With just a few supplies and a little stitching and gluing, you can make several to sell or give as gifts. You can also make them as magnets or to add to a wreath.


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Lowering Water UsageThere is a rule in my home. "Do NOT flush the toilet for just urine." When someone has a BM then we flush, otherwise not. We put the toilet paper in the trash and take it out everyday. It really saves on the amount of water used.


Plastic bottle toilet paper holder hung sideways with leaf design embossed on it.

Storing Toilet PaperRinse and dry a 3 liter pop bottle. Then carefully cut off the top and bottom, near where the bottle starts to curve and there is flatness. Decorate in any way you choose to compliment your bathroom.


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Sewing TipsI used to do a lot of sewing and it was so hard to get the patterns back in the package, so just put them in a large baggie and it keeps them nice and neat.


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Make Thai Coffee from Leftover CoffeeI used to freeze the leftover coffee in an ice cube tray for iced coffee, which I still do. I developed a fondness for Thai coffee so I decided to make my own version of it and everyone seems to like it.


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Replacing Broken Stems on Cut FlowersYou can replace the stem of a flower that has broken off with a straw, the way florists sometimes do. This also works for the heads of artificial flowers. I just put a stem on a flower that I had scavenged off a wreath so I could put it in a ceramic vase the hubby gave me for my birthday.


Man About to Drive Dismantled RV

Photo: RV MotorMy neighbor could not take the RV to the junk yard so he took it apart and will drive it to the junk yard.


Painted 78 Record Hanging on the Wall

Painted Vinyl RecordThis was painted by a nifty 79 year old friend. It is a 78rpm record. The picture hook can be seen in the centre. The reverse is untouched and can still be played. Now, that's better than throwing old 78's in the bin!


Blue Tarragon Flower

Garden: Tarragon At SunsetMy husband, the gardener, is always giving me such gorgeous things to photograph! Here is one of my favorite flowers, the Tarragon. It's growing in a pot on my porch and gets watered daily. The flowers are quick to bloom and fade away.


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Non-Skid Computer Table Pad And Mouse PadIf you have a small computer table or desk; drape a furry blanket upside down over it, smooth side up; and place your computer there. This makes it hard to slide.


Sample size toiletry containers

Free Information About FreebiesSeveral websites gather all the free samples, coupons, and great offers. A few have a hidden agenda that makes their operation look a bit shady, but others are legitimate sites that are harmless free fun.


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Furniture Polish For DVDsSpray the disc with furniture polish then wipe with a soft cloth. This will clean and cover up scratches.


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Links: Free WiFi SpotsHere are a couple of links as to how and where to find wifi spots. Most of them are free.


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Saving Money At The Movie TheaterCall your theater or check online. There are two theaters in our town and one in a town about 40 miles away that all have a super deal on movies between 4:00 and 5:30. The tickets are only $5 for any movie playing during that time.


Boy Spraying Water on Cows

Cooling Off CowsThis is a picture of my great grandson in our yard this summer. He came with his brother for the day. They enjoy playing in the creek. He started watering my plants and then I guess he decided to cool the cows off.


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Baby Shampoo As Pet ShampooMy daughter recently moved and couldn't keep her little doggie. We have given her a new home with us. Her skin is sensitive so she had pet shampoo, and it was fairly expensive. When she ran out, I just bought baby shampoo.


Iris Bed in Path Garden

Iris Bed on the Path GardenWe are working to make a new iris bed on the "Path Garden". This spot was damaged some by the renters in the house next to this short wall. So we've decided to add some donated tiles to make it a home for bearded iris.


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My Frugal Life: A Life Without Financial WorriesWhen my husband and I first married, I didn't have any real sense about saving and/or spending wisely. I allowed my husband to assume control over finances because of his excellent upbringing.


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Use Chuck Roast for Stew MeatIt is much cheaper to use a chuck roast than packaged stew meat when you make a stew. It takes no time at all to cut the roast!


Boy and Girls Parading With Ducks

Photo: Let's Have a Parade!I snapped this cute picture one day when the kids had fed the ducks and were letting them exercise. I didn't realize what a treasure of a picture I had until later. I thought it was just the cutest scene of the kids and ducks "marching," as though in a parade.


Multicolored crocheted oval rug.

Crocheting a Rug Using PlarnI have several free patterns for crocheting rugs using plastic bags or plarn at my blog. I have attached one oval rug pattern link.


Chelsie the Puppy Looking at Camera

Chelsie (Great Dane/Pitbull)Chelsie is an 8 month old Great Dane/Pitt. I got Chelsie from a friend. She likes to play with our other dog and cats. She watches the birds likes to play catch. Chelsie is very lovable and likes to give lots of kisses.


Happy the Dog Sitting on the Living Room Floor

Happy (Mixed Breed)Happy is a 13 1/2 year old mixed breed. Happy was born in my bedroom closet when I lived in the Mojave Desert. Happy pretty much lays around now but he does like his daily walks. He takes me where he wants to go, not where I want to walk.


Bottle of Wal-Dryl and two hot dog pieces with pills inserted into holes made by mixer beater.

Make A Hot Dog Pill PocketI was advised to give Rosie 2 Benadryl a day. As soon as I find a way to sneak it to her with food, she figures it out and has learned to spit it out and then she runs off because she knows I'm going to give it to her anyway.


Two Large Bees Laying Dormant on Passion Flower

Passion Flowers And BeesThese passion flowers came up in one of our flowerbeds. As soon as the flowers began opening up, the bees became very "passionate" about them. They apparently have not left the flowers as we came to notice them on them in the dormant state when it was still dark out one morning.


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Use Vacuum For Cleaning A FreezerPut the hose on the exhaust end of a vacuum or shop vac and hang it midway down in the freezer and gently close the lid on the hose. The vacuum exhausts warm room temperature air into the freezer with no danger of warping the plastic.


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Use A Clipboard To Store PlacematsUse a clipboard for storing place mats. It will hold several and if you mount it to the wall, it could be a decorative item.


Photo of homemade pink curtains.

Upgrade Your Sewing: Basic CurtainsThis is a nice project for sewing simple curtains. The author includes helpful tips and step by step photos. It's a simple project and making your own curtains gives you tons of options to match your curtains to your decor.



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Cleaning Leather Furniture?My leather furniture has a lot of tiny scrapes and looks dingy. What do I use to bring it back to life again?


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Discontinued Wallpaper Border: Palm Breeze #75564 by Springmaid?I need to find wallpaper border by Springmaid for Walmart. It is Palm Breeze, #75564. There are bamboo and palm trees in beige, brown, and green.


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Choosing the Centerpiece When Making Wind Chimes?Where do you all find nifty centerpieces for your homemade wind chimes? I am so not creative, so beyond gluing a couple flat sticks together or old CDs drilled around the edge, I have no idea where to find these things. Thanks for any help!


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Hair Too Puffy?My hair is very puffy. When I straighten it, it gets puffy too. Everyday I have my hair in a pony tail because of my ugly hair. How can I get it to look not so puffy?


White fungus on plant stems.

White Fungus on Pitisporum Tobira...This summer one of my Pitisporum tobira plants began to show signs of drying. Then another one nearby started drying out so I decided to transplant it thinking there might be something wrong with the soil they were in.


Training Kittens to Use Litterbox?Why does my five-week-old litter of kittens (mom and kittens are kept in my bathroom) sometimes pee on the floor and sometimes in their litterbox?


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Buying Parts for a Used Washer Without Knowing the Model Number?I bought a used washer, but the model number had been removed. Does anyone know how I can get the serial number or model number so I can find parts for it?


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Freezing Marrow?Can I freeze marrows?


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"Frightly Fit" Halloween Float Ideas?I need some parade float ideas for Halloween. The theme is "Frightfully Fit'. Any ideas are great. Thanks.


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Hanging Outdoor Votive Holders?I bought a box of outdoor glass light fixtures several years ago. I have lost my instructions on wrapping wire around the lip and attaching more wire for a hangar. I would like to have visual as well as written instructions. Any web site suggestions are appreciated. Thanks


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Freezing Cabbage?Can I freeze cabbage?


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