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Homemade Facial Scrubs

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Facial scrubs are a great way to keep your skin looking nice and young. Store bought scrubs can be expensive though. This is a guide about homemade facial scrubs.


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August 10, 2011

Baking soda can be used as a facial scrub for oily skin either alone on a damp washcloth or with a little soap. It leaves skin soft and smooth.

To make a salt or sugar scrub for dry skin, fill a small jar with salt or sugar. Add baby oil or vegetable oil until the salt or sugar is moistened. Massage about a teaspoon of it over your face or other areas with your fingers, then rinse with warm water. Towel off any excess.

For portable face-cleansing, fill a cosmetic jar with large cotton balls or gauze pads. Mix together in equal amounts rubbing alcohol and water. In place of water you can use green tea, a herbal tea made from chamomile or lavender (soothing), or rosemary (refreshing). The alcohol keeps it from spoiling. Add a few drops of baby oil or vegetable oil if your skin is dry. Put enough of this mixture in the jar of cotton to wet it thoroughly. Screw cap on well, so it won't dry out.


By Jennifer from Gilbertsville , NY

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Just mix 2 parts oats with 2 parts honey and mix it together in a blender. Then massage it into your face and rinse well. It leaves your skin nice and clean feeling. It helps get rid of all the dead skin. About two tablespoons of honey and oats works well for one use.

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I am into skincare using kitchen supplies and it states there is nothing better for skin than oats and honey so natural so yes I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing. Helen x

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I also love equal parts olive oil and sugar. Just a dab in your hand is enough for your face or elbows and heels. The places that seem to get the roughest.

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This is a guide about making a sea salt facial scrub. The combination of salt and oil create a wonderful exfoliating and moisturizing scrub.

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This is a guide about using baking soda as a facial scrub. Make a simple and effective facial scrub with baking soda.

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This is a guide about oatmeal facial scrubs. A homemade facial can save you money and leave your skin feeling wonderful.

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This page contains recipes for homemade sugar scrubs. Sugar works as a great base for an exfoliator. Exfoliation is an important step to keeping your skin looking young and vibrant.

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June 16, 2009

I have tried so many facial scrubs and either they didn't work or they were too expensive. Does anyone out their have a simple recipe for a facial scrub? One with not too many ingredients. Thanks.


By annette barton from Del City, OK


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I have 2 for you:

#1) Mix finely ground Cornmeal with Vinegar (apple cider works best) I was told about this from an older women who ran a modeling agency in the 1950's.

#2) Sugar (that's it, plain old Sugar!) Sugar works great, but I would stay away from it if you're prone to acne or fungus because it can cause bacteria or fungus to grow if it's not washed off completely.

I like either of these because they have no dangerous oils to slip on when showering, but you can add baby oil to sugar (or salt) if you like for added moisturizing. For even more moisturizing you can add a mashed up avocado.

* On your body you can use table salt as well as sugar. Sugar or Salt make wonderful exfoliating scrubs to use right before using a self-tanner cream. My daughter swears by plain Sugar & always scrubs her legs & body before applying self tanner. (she keeps an empty asprin bottle filled with sugar in her shower) This why her self-tanner goes on smoothly & evenly. Pay close attention to your knees, elbows & heals & scrub them well! (Don't use salt if you have a cut or open wound!)

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Just add a little bit of baking soda to your facial cleanser. it gently exfoliates without damaging your skin.

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June 17, 20090 found this helpful
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Equal parts sugar and virgin olive oil. There is nothing cheaper or easier to make. It's wonderful!!

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A gentle scrub is baking soda. If you want acne to be fixed, try uncoated aspirin (usually can find at dollar stores), a few in the hand with a few drops of warm water.


Rub on your face. If you have time, use some honey (preferably local and fresh) with a few aspirin (dilute with a drop or two of water to dissolve), rub on face and leave around 10 minutes, wash off. Smooth and clean!

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June 18, 20090 found this helpful
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Brown Sugar Facial Scrub

1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
1/2 cup sweet almond oil*
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1 tablespoon ground oatmeal
1 teaspoon nutmeg
Large pinch calendula petals*

Mix all together and put in jar with tight lid.

* Found in health food stores.

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Depending on what you want to do with scrub and how sensitive your skin is. I made this one for a spa day for the women in my family a few years ago.


Oatmeal Smoother
1/2 cup ground oatmeal.(easy to do, just put non-instant oatmeal in a blender or food processor and process until ground)
1/2 cup powdered milk
Mix this dry mixture together. Store in zip bag, jar or tin. Can be used daily. TO USE:Mix 2 tsp of dry mix with 2 tsp water to make a paste. Stir until smooth paste is formed. Massage onto face and throat. Rinse. If you want to exfoliate, add some coarse salt or ground almonds to the mixture. SOURCE: "The Herbal Body Book" by Stephanie Tourles

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June 18, 20090 found this helpful
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I have used used coffee grains ( from the same morining) mixed with my moisterizer and it actually wakes my face up as well. Got that from here one day last year.

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June 22, 20090 found this helpful
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Kitty litter it is clay. Just add water and put on face.

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Make a paste of baking soda, oats/oatmeal, water and cinnamon optional for pleasant scent. Scrub your face with this. Not too many ingredients, not too expensive. Dab some lemon juice on a cotton ball for a nice refreshing toner afterward.


Moisturize as usual.

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Buy the cheapest rough scratchy terrycloth washcloths you can find, put any kind of soap or cleanser on them, and scrub away. Terrycloth is gentler than loofah and is reusable over and over and over.

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Cetaphil liquid facial soap + baking soda. I use it in the shower and scrub all over my face and neck... smooth and very soft skin afterwards.

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January 9, 2016

I really need a face scrub because before I go to bed I want to feel refreshed and ready for the next day. Does anyone have a DIY face scrub without lemon, grapefruit, lime, or oranges, basically no citrus fruits or veggies? Thanks for all the suggestions. My face is really sensitive so can you suggest face scrubs that are kind to sensitive skin?

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September 7, 20140 found this helpful

Which is good, using salt or sugar, as a facial scrub?

By Vila

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July 25, 20120 found this helpful

How do you make homemade facial scrub?

By Karen from Lakeville, MA

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September 8, 20120 found this helpful

If you use baby oil in a facial scrub recipe, won't your face be oily from the baby oil?

By Bob

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June 16, 20090 found this helpful

Does anyone have a recipe for a homemade facial skin exfoliant?

By Susan from Liverpool, UK


Homemade Facial Scrubs

A great exfoliant is sugar, seriously. Just mix it in with your cleaner. You can use it on your face or any other part of your body. I use it on my bikini line to prevent in-grown hairs. It works great and is gentle enough to use anywhere and it's very cheap. (06/09/2009)

By Liz

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Yogurt Face Mask

  • 1 tsp. natural yogurt (not non-fat or low fat)
  • 1 tsp. runny honey (heat up hard honey to smooth up)

Mix together, apply to the face, let it set for 15 minutes then wash off with warm, soft water.

By Jennifer

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Do not use sugar, if candida is an issue, it will get worse or start a problem. You can use salt or ground up oatmeal as a scrub, then use a 10% solution of white vinegar as an astringent. It's a mild alphy-hydroxy and helps to peel off dead skin. You may see your skin peeling as time goes on, then when you wash, it gets rid of it. (06/11/2009)

By christine M. Thayer

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June 9, 20090 found this helpful

I would like to make a facial scrub similar to St. Ives. Their scrub is too coarse for my skin, I need something with smaller grit. What can I use? I have heard of using ground almond shell. Is this okay, what else is there to use? I like to make mine up enough to use for a month or so at a time. Please help.

Judith from Lincoln City, OR


Homemade Facial Scrubs

I read in my magazine that this helps your face:
-1 Egg White
-1 TBS Honey
-1-3 TBS Finely Chopped Oats

Whisk the egg white and honey together in a bowl, then add a TBS of finely chopped oats until it forms a paste. If it is still runny, then add more oats. Relax for 10 minutes, then wash off. (12/13/2008)

By Shydragonfly

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Baking soda is great for clearing up blackheads. Rinse your face with warm water and then apply the baking soda mixed with some water to make a paste. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off. The oat scrub someone else posted is excellent. And if you want something just a little stronger, add a touch of cornmeal. I often just use a little corn meal mixed in my palm with some of my regular face wash. (12/14/2008)

By Beth

Homemade Facial Scrubs

You might like Burt's Bees products. It's organic and it really helps black/white heads, and dried skin. There are masks too. It's great and really works! (12/14/2008)

By aschlee

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Ground shells actually have sharp edges, and although you cannot see the damage without a strong magnifying glass, it will be there. More natural products, such a salt and sugar, work well. If you want to buy a product instead of making it, my favorite is Avon Clearskin Cleansing Scrub. It invigorates the skin, smells strongly of peppermint (yum!), and I really notice that my skin is much smoother after using it. (12/28/2008)

By Cathy from Townsville, QLD

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Well, I am an Esthetician so I'm a pretty good expert on this problem. Don't use scrubs that contain oats, nuts, or anything that could be jagged and damage your skin. Baking soda and water is really good and you could use it more often because it's not rough. I would suggest not to exfoliate more than 2x/wk. If you have oily skin, this could make it worse because your skin is having to overcompensate for the "loss" of oil, therefore producing more. A mild exfoliate such as baking soda or salt would do just fine. (12/30/2008)

By Alicia

Homemade Facial Scrubs

I have tried this face wash, toner, and moisturizer kit called AcneFree. I tried it once at night, and in the morning, my face looked SO much better. I used it twice a day (once in the morning, once at night) and in a week, my face looked incredible. Problem is, stop using it, and your face could get worse than it was before. But once it's cleared, use it once a day, once every other day, and your face will look fantastic. It could make your face dry out, so I recommend using a moisturizer or a homemade honey-oat mask after you use it. Hope it helps! :D (01/05/2009)

By Lo

Homemade Facial Scrubs

If you are having really bad acne, please look into the possibility of food allergies and intestinal candida (yeast). A good naturopathic doctor can help you find out more about what to do for these conditions. Many people have food allergies and don't even know it because they're symptoms are skin related (i.e. eczema, rashes, and acne). Acne drugs will only put a band-aid on the problem and create a better environment for yeast to grow in your intestines. My acne has been much better since going off wheat, it's totally worth it. (02/06/2009)

By Nicky

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Reply to Judith from Lincoln City, OR:
From a reliable source in the dermatological field, the use of any type of seed or pit product, no matter how finely ground, actually scratches the skin surface and should not be used. St. Ives Peach and Apricot scrubs were 2 examples of exfoliates to avoid, even if advertised for "sensitive" skin. Your surface skin is still being scratched. Just a bit of info I heard from a dermatologist worth passing along. (03/09/2009)

By Luann DeLuca

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December 11, 20080 found this helpful

A friend and I were having a conversation on problems teens have with their skin. She said one of her school classmates made a facial scrub with table salt and water. It was inexpensive and gave her smooth, acne free skin.

By Terri from NV


Homemade Facial Scrubs

I tried a lot of things and I mean a lot. I even tried pro active and it did not work for me. What I am using right now is giving me quick results and it's natural also.

1) Mix 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon of honey. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes then wash off with luke warm water. Do this 4 times a week.

2) Then wash clean face with baking soda. Mix some baking soda with a bit of water till it makes a paste like form and rub for 3 minutes. Wash off with luke warm water. Do this 2 times, 1 in the morning and the other at night.

I have been doing this for 4 days now, and it is giving me great results. My face looks better, of course I still have some acne but it is going away. Keep doing this and it will help your face a lot. (12/09/2008)

By karen

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Baking soda and water are really great for black heads, especially in the ears.

By Cassandra Connecticut

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November 28, 20080 found this helpful

I am looking for some homemade facial scrub recipes.



Homemade Facial Scrubs

Try a tablespoon or so of dry oatmeal mixed with a bit of warm water. Wet your face and gently rub in. (05/06/2004)

By gayle

Homemade Facial Scrubs

Egg and Honey face Mask

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 squirts of honey
  • 4 pinches of flour

  • Let sit for about 15 min. and get firm. Makes your face feel soft and touchable

    Nicolle from Wisconsin. (05/08/2004)

    By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Along with oatmeal, use honey instead of water and use a couple of teaspoons of granulated sugar. Great for exfoliating and the honey makes your face smooth (05/11/2004)

    By jessie

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Here are the requested facial scrubs plus a few others.


  • 2 cups sea salt -- finely ground
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 2 Tablespoons light oil
  • 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 6 drops essential oil (scented quality oils)

  • Mix all together and cut out with decorative cookie cutters. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. Do not over bake. Allow to cool completely and store in decorative containers. Place on tag: Use 1-2 "cookies" per bath. Turn lights low and relax.


  • 1/2 c Epsom salt
  • 1/2 c Baking soda
  • 1/2 c Borax
  • 2 drops Food coloring
  • 40 drops Scented oil
  • Mix together and put in a pretty bottle.



  • 1 c Dried orange and lemon peel
  • 1 c Cooked oatmeal
  • 1 c Blanched almonds

  • Cream

  • 1/2 c Uncooked oatmeal
  • 1 T Honey
  • 1 T Cider vinegar
  • 1 t Ground almonds

  • ** Only for firm, young, resilient skin. If your skin feels especially fragile, use one of the gentle fruit masks such as APPLE MASK FOR NORMAL SKIN or STRAWBERRY FRUIT MASK instead.

    Oatmeal Citrus Scrubbing Grains:

    Place peels, oats, and almonds in food processor and whirl until mixture is a fine powder. Store in an attractive container near the bathroom sink and use a tiny portion as needed.

    To Use: Place as bit in the palm of your hand and moisten with a few drops of warm water. Rub paste onto face with a gentle circular and upward motions. Rinse with tepid water and pat dry.

    IDEA: Consider storing this scrub in one of the big shakers meant for the kitchen and keep it handy at the bathroom sink.

    Oatmeal Honey Scrubbing Cream:

    Combine all in a glass or enamel bowl.

    To Use: Steam face or lay warm washcloth on face for 1 min. Apply mixture to your face being cardful to avoid the sensitive area around eyes. Let dry on skin completely. If your skin is young and firm, you can gently rub dried mixture off with a clean terry washcloth or towel. Lean over sink and rub face in brisk but gentle circles with the cloth. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and apply one of the FRESH FACIAL CREAMS.



    Avocado Honey Mask

  • 1 lg Avocado
  • 1 T Honey

  • Peel and slice avocado. Puree with honey. Pat it gently to the face and continue patting until the mask feels extremely tacky to the touch. Relax and leave the mask on 20-30 mins. Rinse with warm water.

    Herbal Astringent for Oily Skin

  • 1 ounce Chamomile
  • 3 Tablespoons Witch hazel
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cider vinegar
  • 1 ounce Peppermint extract
  • 8 ounces Water
  • Few drops of peppermint extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon Boric acid -- optional

  • Boil chamomile, witch hazel, vinegar, peppermint and water. Cool and strain. Add remaining ingredients in a spray bottle and shake. Keep refrigerated.


    Dissolving Bath Oil

  • 1/4 c Sweet almond oil
  • 24 dr Fragrance oil concentrate
  • 2 T Gum arabic
  • 2 c Distilled water

  • The gum arabic acts to blend oil and water so it doesn't separate in the tub.



    General info. and some Recipes

  • 1 Cup Oatmeal
  • Tablespoon of Herbs
  • 1 Drop essential oil

  • Mix oatmeal, herbs and oil and fill bath bags with mixture. Oatmeal is used because it is a natural skin softener and cleanser.

    STIMULATING BATHS: basil, bay, calendula, citronella, fennel horseradish roots, lavender, lemon verbena, lovage root, marjoram, mint, nettle, pine needles, queen of the meadow, sage, rosemary, savory,thyme, vetiver root.

    SOOTHING BATHS: catnip, chamomile, comfrey, elder, primrose, hyssop, jasmine, juniper berries, lemon balm, linden flowers, marshmallow root, melilot, mullein, passionflower flowers, roses, slippery elm inner bark, tansy, violet, Valerian root, vervain (whole plant).



    2 oz Apricot kernel oil

  • 1 oz Sunflower oil
  • 1 oz Jojoba oil
  • 1 oz Rice bran or oat bran
  • 6 Drops essential oil of Lavender or rosemary

  • Heat plant oils together. Mix in bran and essential oils. Stand on a large towel and gently rub mixture into the skin in small, circular motions. Work from the toes to the neck, avoiding the face. Rinse in a lukewarm shower, without soap. Give a blast of cold water and towel dry.


    Honey and Almond Scrub

  • 1/2 Cold cream -- small jar
  • 1 Tablespoon Honey
  • Slivered almonds

  • Whirl slivered almonds in a blender until they're as fine as freshly ground pepper. Mix with cold cream and add honey. Keep refrigerated.

    By Kathleen Bennett

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Hi! Just plain old baking soda is perfect. It's the least expensive & works great. Just wet fingertips, dip them into a container of baking soda, then gently scrub face. I never use soap on my face anymore [gave me bad case of rosacea, even with real mild soap]. The baking soda is all I ever use now & my complexion is better than has ever been in my life. [Arm & Hammer has a good website,
    and this is one of the uses they have listed for the baking soda] (02/28/2005)

    By auntdarween

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    a local spa told me to use plain white or brown sugar.
    It works great! (03/11/2005)

    By Susan

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    This works so good it made a big difference in my life.
    Now get oatmeal and cook it until it gets really soft then mix it with egg water lemonjuice toothpaste honey and your good to go make sure you stir it so its really soft. (05/15/2005)

    By nitopoly

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    This isnt for a face, but great for arms and legs!
    Mix sugar with your body wash and rub away in the shower! Works great for taking off dead skin! Try it on feet! (05/18/2005)

    By Melanie Lynn

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Hi Debbie--I use a site that is incredible. It is pioneer thinking. Just put it in the search box and you will get any kind of recipe you need--scrubs, cleansers, moisturizers, etc. Hope this helps--Carolyn (06/13/2005)

    By carolyn

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I have used sugar and olive oil. Be careful, the sugar is really sharp. Don't rub to hard. This is also wonderful for hands and feet. (08/05/2005)

    By valery

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I heard if you mix coarse sea salt, baby oil and vanilla extract it will work. It's for your body (11/12/2005)

    By luv2shop001

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Take brown sugar, baby oil, olive oil, mis together and scrubb on feet (02/17/2006)

    By face bob

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    A simple way 2 cleanse a girl'z face is mixing water, oatmeal (uncooked) and some honey. Mix until thik smooth onto face for 15 mins and ''voila''! a smooth face! (02/22/2006)

    By hugit

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    This is the best way to cure acne. You put 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of olive oil, 1 tsp. of lemon juice, 1 cup of instant oatmeal and last but not least 1 cup of water. This cures so fast that when you wake up all your acne will be gone. Try it i swear you wont regret it! (02/24/2006)

    By Blanka

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Beat one egg until a little foamy the put in a little olive oil.

    By jessica

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Try equal parts of honey and cornmeal, mixed thoroughly. Your face will feel very smooth and will radiate. For something faster, pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar in hand and mix in some cetaphil. Massage gently in circular motion to create creamy foam on face, then rinse. These are my favorite recipes and I know they will work for you. (07/13/2006)

    By Jane

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    If you wake up with huge pimple, try dabbing some toothpaste on it for about 15 minutes, then wipe it off. It will reduce the redness and swelling. If that doesn't help as much as you would like it to, try leaving a thin layer of it on the skin (layered under oil free make-up, of course) all day. (07/13/2006)

    By Lauren

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    My 12 year old daughter gets acne off and on. The doctor told her to use dove bar soap 2x daily. 1 in the am. 1 in the pm. Do not use any more than that. Within 2 days they were drying up. She looked so much better now. Whenever she has a breakout she uses the dove bar and it clears right up. (07/13/2006)

    By vanessa warren

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Just plain sugar and olive oil works great! (08/03/2006)

    By donaldo

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I need a cheap and easy to make at home facial mask please!
    thanx, muchlove; Justine...[L] (09/04/2006)

    By Justine

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    If you want soft clean skin, try spreading a thin layer of mayo on your face. After 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water. The salt and oil in the mayo removes dirt and softens skin. But it doesn't overdry or make your face oily. Totally awesome! (09/18/2006)

    By Elle

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I just used sugar and honey. Very nice. (03/03/2007)

    By Nen

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I have been using this one for years.
    1 Tablespoon honey
    1 tablespoon lemon juice
    1 1/2 tsp sweet almond oil
    granulated white sugar (how much depends on how "rough" you want the scrub to be)

    I also add a couple of drops of lemon oil (food grade) for scent. This is great for blackheads (the almond oil is very light) and dry skin as well. Honestly, I don't even measure I just "eyeball" it. (03/27/2007)

    By Marianne

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I have the perfect scrub to tighten pores and make skin smooth and soft.
    all you need to do is put half a teaspoon of dried rosmery in a bowl and mix with two teaspoons of sugar then add two table spoons of milk and then mix and wait about one minute to two minutes and it will turn to foam. Put on face with circular motion all over keep it there for three minutes and then wash off with cold water and pat with towel till dry. It will work because i tried it. You will love it! (04/01/2007)

    By michaela

    Homemade Facial Scrubs (and tips).

    The best way to help keep your face soft, fresh and healthy is to take care by washing every morning and every night.

    Gently rub sugar mixed with water onto face before going to bed remember to wash it off. you will get best results if you put on an aloe vera OR exfoliate cream on every morning. keep eating vegetables and a lot of iron and exercise regularly. take a hot bath to relieve stress because that can be one reason why your face is all dry or lumpy and not up to complete standards. hope this works. i've started and i'm sure it will help. ps try going for walks with friends socializing is a good way to reliave stress which can cause break outs or dry unmanageable skin. bye! (04/01/2007)

    By michaela

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    (quote)Post By Blanka (Guest Post) (02/24/2006)

    This is the best way to cure acne. You put 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of olive oil, 1 tsp. of lemon juice, 1 cup of instant oatmeal and last but not least 1 cup of water. This cures so fast that when you wake up all your acne will be gone. Try it I swear you wont regret it! (/quote)

    Hey, I am thinking of trying this. But can someone please tell me if you use cooked or uncooked oatmeal for this. It would really help. Thanks. Btw, anyone got anymore homemade facial recipes to get rid of acne? Thanks. :) (04/03/2007)

    By Stephanie

    HELP! Homemade Facial Scrubs???

    I have tried so many things to get rid of pimples. I mostly used natural things like honey, yogurt, etc. but instead my face became worse. I know that stomach problems are connected with your facial appearance. I am trying to get rid of my pimples (they are all over my face, but they are not that serious, tho, it is impossible to get rid of them). do you know any remedies which could work quickly on my face? I have steamed my face, made scrubs, done many things which could help me but still nothing worked - I even tried Benzaknin anti-acne cream. HELP! (04/07/2007)

    By Aika

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Hey everyone. I am 17 and I used to have very bad acne. Although my skin isn't perfect yet, let me just tell you about the 2 products that have made about a 90% improvement, and huge difference in my skin. The first product I used, and am still using, is St. Ives Apricot Face Wash (Blemish & Blackhead Control), which I use everyday. (It clears up blemishes and acne so fast you won't believe it). The second product is a scrub which I currently use about 3-4 times a week; it is called Clearasil Daily Acne Control Blackhead Clearing Scrub. (It will help exfoliate your skin, and therefore cure acne as well as prevent new acne blemishes from coming back)

    Also, if your not completely satisfied with those, I recommend using Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque about once a week.

    But remember, after you use any of these products, make sure you apply a good moisturizer, so that your skin doesn't become dry.

    Please consider using some of these products, because trust me, you will see a difference in your skin, and your acne will be barely there in no time. Good luck! :) (04/11/2007)

    By Kelly

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Hmmm. You could always try mixing sea salt with extra virgin olive oil then applying it to your face. I've never tried it, but I do know people who have and think it's great. :) (04/13/2007)

    By Nicole

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Mix Baking soda with facial cleanser is a mild exfoliator. You can also put almond husk into blender and make them as fine as you wish and mix it with cleanser. (04/29/2007)

    By Jessie

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    1 slice ripe pineapple or 1 tablespoon fresh pineapple juice
    Rub the fruit or juice onto your face and allow to set until dry. Rinse with warm water. It works great! (05/09/2007)

    By courtney

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    None of this will cure acne. There is only one answer to this pure and simple. ACUTANE. (05/09/2007)

    By Ashley

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Ok. To the poster that said Acutane is the only way to cure acne, I agree that it works, but I have a friend who used it and broke out in rashes almost everywhere on her body. Also, when you use it, you can't be in the sun and you have to change your diet a lot. You will probably lose like 10 pounds. My friend did. A simpler way to get rid of acne is to get your dermatologist to prescribe you some kind of cream or something. (06/15/2007)

    By Kennally

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    For a facial scrub for acne, you need to start with a touch of clay. Rhassoul is the best, but bentonite is easily obtained. Add finely ground oatmeal, rosemary herb, and sea kelp. Then a couple of drops of rosemary essential oil. Add enough witch hazel or apple cider vinegar to make a paste, and scrub over face. Allow to set for a few minutes or until it feels dry, then apply a warm facial cloth to face then wipe off. Three times a week maximum use. Follow with a moisturizer. (07/24/2007)

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    You should try mixing 1/4 cup of brown sugar, and 1 tablespoon of milk

    and scrub away. (07/25/2007)

    By Emily

    re:dead skin cells

    Any one who give a recipie how 2 get rid of dead skin cells. (08/01/2007)

    By faisal hayat

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    hi im 15. my friend and i love doing homemade spa night. its her birthday this weekend and i found a good recipe to "sloth off dead skin cells" its a fruit cleanser: 1 apricot, 1 avacado, 1/2 medium cucumber, 1 cup of red or green grapes, 1/2 papaya, 1 cup strawberries. wash your face with this. blend it all together to form a liquid. This is also for normal to oily skin and just rinse it off with warm water. it can last for about a week if you refrigerate it. hope this helps good luck! (08/10/2007)

    By Jill

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Just get brown sugar, olive oil, and vanilla essence and mix together. Scrub it on you face/hands/wherever, rub in and then wash off. It tastes really good. Yum
    GO VANOLIVE! (08/29/2007)

    By Izjojen

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    This is a really quick and easy home-made scrub that works like a dream!

    You'll need:
    * Honey (I use Manuka)
    * Plain white/brown sugar
    * A small bit of milk
    * Tiny drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    1) Mix the ingredients in a small bowl
    2) Apply to cleansed, damp face.
    3) Scrub face gently in circular motions
    4) Rinse with warm water and splash with cool water to close pores.
    5) Moisturize (I use plain olive oil)

    This 'routine' leaves my face so nice and smooth! Try it! (09/01/2007)

    By Trish

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I'm 16, and I've always had horrible acne. Recently I made this facial scrub and I found that it helps a lot:

    2 tbsp ground uncooked oatmeal
    1 tbsp olive oil (or another oil like jojoba, or even emu)
    1 tbsp lemon juice
    1 tbsp brown sugar
    Liberal drizzle of honey

    Try wearing this one in a hot shower - the steam helps to open your pores while the honey moisturizes your face.

    Another helpful 'mask':

    Grate a chunk of cucumber and leave the gratings in the fridge for a while. Later put the gratings/juice on your face and lay down for 10 minutes. The cucumber gratings help soothe inflamed pimples.

    Hope these help!
    Ariena xo (09/18/2007)

    By Ariena

    this is the best facial that i have ever had

    Oh my gosh, I made the most wonderful facial scrub ever! You mix powdered sugar, a little bit of milk, and just a bit of tomato juice (this is used to add color it is optional). Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. It left my skin so soft. To make it even better, make sure that it is cold when you apply it to your face. I hope that you like it! (09/23/2007)

    By maegan

    Warnings about Homemade Facial Scrubs

    This is just for anyone who is considering trying the recepies that involve mixing anything with a cleanser. TRY IT ON THE INSIDE OR YOUR FOREARM FIRST! These may work great, but the additional ingredients may not react well to the original cleanser. You should do this with any new product: it ensures that you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients. If you do get a rash, it's less embarrassing for it to be on your wrist than your arm! (09/24/2007)

    By Lissa

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I just made a scrub with sugar, honey and a squeeze of lemon juice, smoothed it on, and it worked really well. My face is so much smoother, and I put on some suda creme, anti bacterial moisturizer to make sure its not too dried out. Awesome, give it a go. xx (10/03/2007)

    By Becki

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Ok, These are simple solutions for Acne. I had really bad skin as a teenager and these tips changed my skin.

    1) Keep your hair off your face when you go to bed

    2) Once or Twice a week beat an EGG WHITE into a foam and put on your face right away and let it dry and then wipe with a warm washcloth. It will pull out all of the impurities and you may have a few really little pimples the next day but that means they're going away. If you use the whole egg, the yellow part and all, it will be more of a moisturizing effect. The white pulls out the clogs gently.

    3) If you get a breakout or you feel that you always have a few bumps, lightly rub Tea Tree Oil on the areas with a Q-tip or cotton. Be careful though. You just need enough to coat it. Your skin shouldn't look wet or it will make your eyes sting from the smell.

    4) Steaming your face with Tea Tree Oil is also amazing. I like doing it after I use the egg white mask.

    I'm not an expert but I've tried tons and these work great. The miracle over the counter product is Clearasil Vanishing Treatment. It works better than all the expensive stuff.

    I also wouldn't use Olive Oil on my skin if I had or tend to get breakouts because for people who have chronic acne it would make it worse. (10/06/2007)

    By Andrea

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I have a free website where I post recipes for natural facial scrubs, masks and other beauty treatments a lot like the ones posted here. One recipe I've used a lot with fantastic results is the yeast & lemon juice facial. You just mix a bit of active dry yeast and some fresh lemon juice, enough to make a paste. Spread the paste on your face and allow it to dry, then rinse with a warm washcloth.

    This recipe exfoliates, clears pores, and dries acne without drying out your skin. If you have pimples that are particularly stubborn, you can apply a bit of the yeast and lemon juice mixture to the problem area and leave it on overnight. It's worked great for me and my girlfriends! Check out my website for other ideas like these! (10/06/2007)

    By Heidi

    RE: Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I love this one! Leaves skin soft and radiant!Mix half a teaspoon sea salt and half a teaspoon virgin olive oil! Apply to your face until the mixing bowl is empty. Scrub gently all over and then focus on problem areas! Skin and hands will be soft and smooth! (10/10/2007)

    By Tbabe

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I just kind of guessed, but I used:

    about a tbsp of honey (if you use this for face and hands together you might want a little more)
    A splash of milk
    enough sugar to make it desired thickness

    I know that's a little vague, but that's what I did. My skin is super soft :)

    A word of caution though, if you have sensitive skin, you should be really careful with home remedies because you don't know what will irritate already super sensitive skin.

    Good luck :) (11/01/2007)

    By Ashley

    Homemade Facial masks

    This is a great face mask.
    3 tsp of multani mitti
    2 tsp o glycerine
    2 tsp of rose water n
    juice of 1 tamato

    mix it up n apply on ur face.leave it 4 a few min n wash it. (11/06/2007)

    By priya

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    1/2 of baby powder
    1/4 of water and clears it all up i did it my face loocs better then Jessica simpson's on the T.V comercail (11/08/2007)

    By Bobby

    Homemade Facial Scrubs For Acne

    I have bad acne and I am tired of getting made fun of. Do you have anything for me? (11/12/2007)

    By Kaira

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice and then add about 2-3 tablespoons of sugar or enough to give it a scrub like consistency.

    Apply to face, scrub gently for a couple of minutes. Wash off with warm water. (11/16/2007)

    By habren

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    i need a simple to make scrub or mask for my face thats works quickly. I have blotchy red cheeks, with little bumps, and a huge blackhead on my nose! Please give suggestions! (11/23/2007)

    By fay

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Mash up three big strawberries and leave for up to 20 mins then wash off with rose water. (11/24/2007)

    By Aleya

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    hello .. well here is a facial scrub i have never used but you may want to try it ....
    go to

    I have bad acne and have recently started using
    Biore facial tissues and they work really well
    they are great to get dirt off of your face as well as make-up...clears pores for the night

    I would also reccomend using St Ives apricot scrub it works well and is fast.
    If anyone has any other ideas for homemade scrubs please post! Thanks. (12/08/2007)

    By A

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Make a paste from a little oatmeal and water. Apply to face and allow to dry. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth.
    Mash 1/2 banana and add 1 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons sour cream. Apply to face and let set for about 10 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth.Two tablespoons of cornmeal mixed with enough water to make a thick paste makes a great inexpensive facial mask. Gently apply to face and wash off.

    In a food processor or blender, combine 1/2 cucumber, 1 tablespoon yogurt, a few strawberries, and 1 teaspoon honey. Apply to face and allow to dry. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth. Grind 1 tablespoon almonds into a fine meal in a blender or food processor. Mix almond meal together with 1 tablespoon honey and 1 egg white. Apply to face and let set for about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth.

    To loosen blackheads, combine equal parts baking soda and water in your hand and rub gently on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Mash half of an avocado and apply to entire face. Let set for about 20 minutes and then gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth.

    Soak 1 cup dried apricots in water until softened. Puree in blender or food processor with 2 tablespoons skim milk powder. Apply to face and let set about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth. Puree 1/2 peeled, sliced cucumber in a blender or food processor and add 1 tablespoon yogurt. Apply to face and let set about 20 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth.

    Crush a handful of strawberries and mix well with 1 teaspoon honey. Apply to face and let set for about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth. Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons honey, the juice from 1/2 of a lemon, and 1 small carton plain yogurt. Stir in 1 whipped egg white. Apply to face and let set about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth. (12/28/2007)

    By Alexis

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Not all food products are appropriate for facial application on everyone. Just like everyone has different types of skin (oily, dry, etc), they may get different reaction. Most likely, the oatmeal or honey had some other ingredients in them, which basically meant you were rubbing fat on your face - which would certainly cause you to break out.

    It's very important to use as natural ingredients as possible. Plain oatmeal and old fashioned honey are great on the skin. But if it's full of sugar and oils, it's only for eating :P

    And just want to say what a great site this is. I'm tired of wasting money on chemically-saturated products. =) (01/17/2008)

    By Person

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Today I just rubbed honey on my face and rinsed with luke-warm water, honey is anti-bacterial and great as a face cleanser! My pores feel great and my pimples get smaller every day, try it! (01/22/2008)

    By Meghan.

    good for face

    Mix 1 cup of orange juice in two tablespoon flour and sugar/white or brown mix it well and apply it on your face and leave it for atleast 15 mins use it in your daliy routine. In a few days your skin would be smooth and glow like princess's skin does. It really works trust me. I used to have really bad skin but know I have a princess's skin. (02/20/2008)

    By angelica

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I don't have much acne.. but then I do get it in spurts, so I had a friend recommend a scrub: 1 tsp baisin (type of flour), 1 tsp of honey, and a squirt of lemon juice.

    u scrub it onto ur face and wash it off wit warm water.. trust me it helps even over night.
    Another thing is if you have blemishes apply heat from your hair straightner onto a towel and then apply it to your blemish, and it will reduce dramatically in size. :) (03/02/2008)

    By wiseone

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I tried oatmeal and a pinch of sugar and some milk it worked a little bit.
    It worked fine but it had a hard time sticking, but it might not work. (03/07/2008)

    By Brittany

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I needed to ex foliate in a major way. in a mortar and pestle I mixed ground coffee and avocados. scrubbed lightly. left it on for 10 minutes. My skin feels amazing! The caffeine in the coffee is good for circulation, the avocado soothes and moistens. Rinse with warm water and apply light facial cream....amazing! (04/01/2008)

    By Lorna.

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Oats, bit of milk (if it's too runny, put it in the microwave for 15 secs), bicarb or baking soda, vinegar and distilled (liquid) witch hazel (if you have any, if not, won't make much difference).

    Don't worry if it stings, it HAS got vinegar so it's acid but not harmful AT ALL, doesn't smell bad either. It should feel tight on your face. Leave for however long you're comfortable with (even 5 mins is enough time)
    Hope that helps! (04/02/2008)

    By sarah

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I am a student at a skin care college and am looking for natural, inexpensive masks, cleansers, scrubs and toners. Some of these are really great, however, I wouldn't suggest using copious amounts of olive oil on your face. It's great for your body but Olive Oil is to heavy for your facial pores and can cause them to clog. It could also leave your skin feeling greasy.

    Acutane works because it's a chemical. It is considered a LAST resort for people with the WORST kind of acne. The acne you talk about on here is all surface blemishes. Acutane is meant for people who develop CYSTS, not just pimples.

    Also, be careful with oatmeal. The oatmeal you find in skin care products is NOT the same as what you buy on the shelves at the super market. You can't commerically purchase medicinal grade oatmeal. Sorry guys =)

    Ground up almonds and plain yogurt are really good for people with dry skin. It's a light scrub and hydrates really well. Just crush up a few almonds, mix and gently rub onto face. Rinse with warm water. Tone and splash with cold water.

    Cucumber and plain yogurt is really good for normal to oily skin. Puree cucumber and mix until slightly green. Rub over face and rinse with warm water and tone/cold water rinse Hope that's even a little helpful?

    ALSO. Large blackheads and white heads SHOULD be removed from your skin. DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN. You could seriously damage your skin, but leaving them in could stretch your pores. Try looking into local spas and going in for just a steam and extraction.


    By Lynn.

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Most of the time blackheads and breakouts follow a stressful phase in life or just generally when we don't watch our diet. Loads of green vegetables help to keep our internal systems in check and loads of fresh juice keep those blackheads away.

    Over the years I have tried and highly recommend the following for acne:

    1. Drink loads of water; if you can't drink water just as water them add a slice of lemon, orange, peach, or even apple to flavour the water. Water helps to flush out the toxins, good for skin and very good in aiding weight loss.

    2. For evening- simple routine, pierce a 1000mg Vit E capsule and apply to the affected areas. leave overnight. Wash off in the morning and apply a layer of honey and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off and apply a milk based face cream or mosituriser. This is good to break the cycle of new breakouts, a guranteed 2 week window to experience a very amazing transformation.

    3. There are certain spices that heat up the body. Cinnamon, cloves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, onions, masala, black pepper are in this category. Go easy on spices to curb new breakouts and bouts of acne.

    4. Add equal amounts of crushed celery and cucumber to grated apple and mix in some lemon zest. This acts as a cleanser. Leave for 10 minutes and wash off. Then add crushed green grapes, grated orange rind, honey and vitamin E or Apricot oil and mix. Smear over the infected areas and other potential areas and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off and apply a very thin layer of face cream. This should be done 3 times a week only.

    You must supplement this routine with routine from number 2.

    4. Eat loads of fruits rich in antioxidants.

    5. For removing acne scars use the juice of I lemon with juice of equal amount of ginger and youghurt. Apply to scars for 35-40 minutes only daily for 2 weeks and then 4 times a week thereafter. (04/22/2008)

    By Aeshwena

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Tthe best face pack as well as toner is cucumber juice. Use it daily on your face. It brighten your complexion too. (04/28/2008)

    By moumita

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    First of all, a little background is required. I have had consistently annoying acne since I was 12. One big memory was in health in jr. high when all the "friends" I thought I had made fun of me when we studied how to take care of our bodies. Every time the teacher mentioned "severe acne" I got several looks. I've tried everything in normal retail stores, Physicians Choice products, retinol, acutane, differin, wow endless products. All have had little lasting effects.

    The only things that have worked for long term results are 1. Airbonne products: the Acne line and the Intelligence line. They were convincing enough for me to begin selling the products. 2. What worked pretty well before starting Arbonne was a few products I bought from a natural foods store. The wash was Desert Essence.

    Thoroughly Clean Face Wash (with teatree oil and awapuhi). Follow that with Queen Helene's Oatmeal Honey scrub and Rachel Perry's toner for oily skin. Rachel Perry has a huge line of products that I'm sure are all fabulous. At any rate, I wanted something different tonight, so I made a scrub of a couple Tablespoons brown sugar, some honey, some vanilla, and some evoo. Added a little water for perfect consistency.

    Waited a few minutes and rubbed in then washed off. Then I whisked an egg white until it was pretty fluffy. Applied that and let it dry. Wow does it tighten! Lastly, I steamed my face with some added tea tree oil and it was the perfect combination. My skin is slightly red, but I know that's due to a good deep cleaning. Tomorrow I'll be beautiful! Thanks everyone for your tips, combined they made a great home spa night for me. =) my_baby_girl22 AT (05/04/2008)

    By Joelle

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    If you're looking for something quick, I always apply milk and honey for dry skin, and milk and lemon juice for oily skin. It works perfectly well. (05/05/2008)

    By hi

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Whatever scrub you do use, don't scrub hard, be gentle with the skin on your face. Rubbing harder won't make things better, it will make things worse.

    Also consider the fabric softener you are using on your washcloth & towels, it could be adding to the problem. If you use baking soda & vinegar in your rinse water, your washcloths and towels won't have added chemicals to them, making them much better for your sensitive skin. Be aware of the ingredients in your shampoo/conditioner and other skin products, quite a few of them contribute to skin breakouts.

    Sugar & milk (sometimes buttermilk) is a great scrub. Following it up with a honey mask helps clear things up. (05/09/2008)

    By Summer's Mum

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    I have always had pretty clear skin, besides the few blemishes every now and then. I am pregnant and now have an oily nose and chin, a dry forehead and lots of pimples. I am looking for a natural skin care routine that I can use everyday with ingredients found in the home. I don't have things like rose water, herbs and such. Please help :) My email address is katybug8604 AT Thanks so much! (05/14/2008)

    By Katie

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    None of this will cure acne. There is only one answer to this pure and simple. ACUTANE. Just be careful,it can cause birth defects. Yes it does work but should be the last resort unless your acne is VERY severe!

    You can get more info here: (07/18/2008)

    By Brynn

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    This is totally an amazing website. I got a lot of great ideas off of it. I'm thirteen and I have acne all the time. I'd really love for it to go away. If anybody could like give me feedback that'd be great. I'm one of those people who have tried basically everything.

    By the way, for those of you considering to use toothpaste on a difficult pimple. Make sure it's not colored, but toothpaste does work great. One time I had a really bad pimple and I put toothpaste on it. My pimple and the skin around it turned blue! The blue go under my skin so I had to wait until that skin came up to the surface. I peeled the dry skin off (I know gross!) and just like that my pimple was gone. So in conclusion, don't use colored toothpaste. (08/02/2008)


    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    This is my favourite facial scrub recipe: Milk, Sugar, Honey, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It works great and leaves your skin smooth and glowing. (08/14/2008)

    By lorii

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Baking soda and water. (08/18/2008)

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Love this site! I have tried a lot of things for my acne, from prescription drugs to all natural products. I currently use a tomato soap (burts bees), and the tomato toner. For a facial scrub I use baking soda and water. All of the natural home treatments are awesome, just always use all natural or organic ingredients. For a deep hair conditioner mix 1 cup olive oil with 1 cup boiling water. Let cool, massage into hair and scalp and wrap in a warm towel. Awesome and inexpensive treatment, leaves hair incredibly soft for week. (08/18/2008)

    By cades

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    For acne I used a motar and pistol crushed almonds and added a bit of milk. Don't make the paste liquidy just enough which will be half a teaspoon and you only need about 8 almonds. then you scrub your face with it. it works as a facial scrub and also to remove acne , and scars. it did on me.

    They say that people with acne have excessively oily skin, acne arises when human oil is produced and clogs the skin that's what causes acne. Removing your natural oil gives you more acne cause your skin then produces more oil. When you replenish acne skin with oil such as the oil from almonds, you are basically reducing the amount of human oil your skin produces and therefore reduce acne. (09/11/2008)

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    So I just got done tryout out some of these and I'm really anxious to see how they work. I actually put two of the remedies together (I put the almonds, honey, sugar, milk and evoo all in a blender) and my skin feels a lot softer!

    But I was reading a comment left about ACUTANE and I took it about a year and a half ago and it's honestly the only thing that's ever been able to clear my skin up! It took over two years to get the "OK!" to take it (you have to go through a lot of processes and try a lot of other stuff out first) but I strongly recommend it to any other teenager out there. The only downfall is super chapped lips (so keep lip balm with you at all times!)

    I'm now a senior in high school, a member of the varsity cheer team and was just crowned Homecoming Queen. I honestly don't think I would have the confidence I have today if it wasn't for ACUTANE. No, I'm not a seller for this but if you don't believe me, look it up yourself. The results are remarkable. (10/15/2008)

    By KaitlynV

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    You can just use a gentle foot scrub on your face, then use a moisturizer to prevent dryness. (10/15/2008)

    By m

    Homemade Facial Scrubs

    Awesome. I'm gonna try everything. (11/16/2008)

    By gabby

    Facial Scrubs for bumps

    Hi, my name is Danielle and I am here to help you on how to get rid of bumps. Here are the things you will need 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 2 spoons of sugar, 2 1/2 spoon honey, and 1 cup water. Mix ingredients together and there you have it. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash off, and your face is smooth as a baby's bottom. (11/22/2008)

    By Lil Danny

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