September 8, 2011

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Make Your Own Seed Tapes

Homemade Seed TapesThis is a page about making homemade seed tapes. Seeds can be very small and can shift around during planting. Using a seed tape can help create straight even rows but they can be very expensive to purchase.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Black Widow Spider CostumeThis is a page about making a black widow spider costume. Black widow spider costumes are inexpensive and easy to make and can be a great spooky addition to any Halloween party.


Making Paper Daisies

Making Paper DaisiesThis is a page about making paper daisies. Making your own paper flowers is a great alternative to fresh cut flowers. Daisies make beautiful paper flowers. You can make them look real or cartoonish depending on the color and size you use.


Flea on a white background.

Eco-Friendly Flea RemediesThis is a page about eco-friendly flea remedies. Most flea remedies use harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals. There are some eco-friendly options that are safer for your pet and the environment.


House fly on a white surface.

Getting Rid of Flies at a Restaurant?This is a page about getting rid of flies at a restaurant. The food waste and garbage thrown out at restaurants can attract a lot of flies. Flies buzzing around your customers is certainly not good for business.


Credit Report on Table

Raising Your Credit ScoreYour credit score is important when applying for a loan or a line of credit. Although it can take awhile, there are ways to increase your credit score if you find that it's too low. This is a page about raising your credit score.


Making Paper Roses

Making Paper RosesThis is a page about making paper roses. Paper roses are a simple, yet elegant decoration. Using brightly color papers you can create a bouquet that never wilts.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Batman CostumeNearly every year, Batman is one of the most popular costumes. Making your own Batman costume is a lot of work but can very rewarding. This is a page about making your own Batman costume.


Various cheeses on a table.

How to Freeze CheeseWhether you bought cheese in bulk or have some left over, freezing it will keep it from molding and allow you to use it later. This is a page about freezing cheese.


A unique purse made from old men's neckties.

Making a Purse from NecktiesThis is a page about making a purse from men's neckties. Neckties are made from beautiful and interesting fabrics and are often available for little to no money.


Freezer full of frozen bags of food.

Cleaning a Smelly FreezerThis is a page about cleaning a smelly freezer. Cleaning the stench out of a freezer can be difficult especially if you have a lot of built up ice. With these tips you will have your freezer smelling fresh again.


Ecological Tips, Hands Holding Small Tree

Ecological TipsThis is a page about ecological tips. Everyone wants to help the environment and be better stewards of our planet but it's an overwhelming task. The little things that we can all do to live more ecologically are a great place to start.


Men's leather winter boots.

Removing Smoke Odor from Leather Boots?This is a page about removing smoke odors from leather boots. Removing smoke odor from leather boots can be difficult. You can't just run them through the washing machine.


Halloween cupcake with pumpkin decoration.

Halloween Cupcake IdeasThis is a page about Halloween cupcake ideas. Cupcakes are a great treat that can easily be decorated to fit any holiday. There are many ways to decorate cupcakes for Halloween.


Lawnmower mowing long grass.

Choosing the Best Lawnmower Height SettingThis is a page about choosing the best lawnmower height setting. Most lawnmowers have height adjustments to use when mowing your lawn. Manicured lawns tend to be cut shorter although the height of your grass can affect its health.


Young girl holding up a pink piggy bank

Helping Your Children Understand MoneyThis is a page about helping your children understand money. It is important to teach children about money from a young age. This way they will grow up knowing how to use money responsibly.


Plums growing on tree

Growing Plum Trees From PitsThis is a page about growing plum trees from pits. Now that you have enjoyed your plum, consider planting the "stone" (pit). Growing your own tree would allow you to enjoy plums more often.


Court Paperwork regarding a child support hearing.

Collecting Child SupportThis is a page about collecting child support. Child support can be difficult to collect, even after a court order awards it to the custodial parent.


Smiling Woman in Belly Dance Costume

Making a Belly Dancer CostumeThis is a page about making a belly dancer costume. Whether it's for Halloween, a costume party or for your belly dance troupe, belly dance costumes are very popular. They are relatively easy and inexpensive to put together and allow you to be creative while looking great at the same time.


Open chest freezer

Cleaning a Freezer After a Power OutageThis is a page about cleaning a freezer after a power outage. A power outage can leave your freezer full of spoiled food. It is important to clean out the freezer and remove any odors before putting new food in it.


Finding an Inexpensive Car, Blue Volkswagon Beetle parked by a building.

Finding an Inexpensive Car?This is a page about finding an inexpensive car. You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get a dependable car. There are numerous ways to find an inexpensive car.


Tin can lantern illuminated with a candle.

Making a Tin Punch LanternThis is a page about making a tin punch lantern. You can easily turn an empty tin can into a beautiful lantern. Simply punch a pattern into its surface and place a candle inside to illuminate it.


Taking a Disney Cruise

Taking a Disney Cruise?This is a page about taking a Disney cruise. A cruise can be very expensive, but there are ways to go on a memorable trip without stretching your vacation budget too far.


Vegatables being washed in a sink.

Homemade Vegetable Wash RecipesIt is important to wash your vegetables and remove any pesticides and dirt form their skin. Making your own vegetable wash is simple and affordable. This page contains homemade vegetable wash recipes.



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Prune BreadVery moist and yummy!


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Italian Salad DressingI like this better than any bottled Italian dressing.


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Fresh Blueberry CrispA fruit crisp is a baked fruit dessert with a sweet, crunchy topping. Quick and easy to put together, and you never have to worry too much about what to do with leftovers.


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ChiliA fall and winter favorite of our family.


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Chicken SpitA really good BBQ chicken dippin' sauce.


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Tater Tot CasseroleThey don't come any easier than this one!


A creamy fruit salad with oranges, cherries and pineapple.

Orange Cherry SaladThe orange salad my cousin sent me was a big hit. Today we tried it in pink. Yum, it was good too! And I'm sure it would be great with strawberries. Here is what we did.



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Use AAA Membership For DiscountsObviously, going to a matinee will save money, but those rarely work with our schedule. We happen to have an AAA membership. They sell discount movie tickets for nearly every theater in our area.


Woman in Black Widow Spider Costume

Making a Black Widow Spider CostumeThis site has super instructions for a black widow spider costume. The instructions are easy to follow, simply click on the instructions tab to see the step-by-step.


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Wash Disks In Soapy WaterWhen I have a dirty CD or DVD, I wait until I am going to wash a load of dishes. Then I hand wash the DVD or CD with my fingers in a sink full of new soapy dishwater that hasn't had any dishes added to it yet.


American Goldfinch Facing Camera on Birdfeeder

Wildlife: American GoldfinchI took these pictures looking out our French doors. The goldfinch seem to flock to this bird feeder.


Pink and Blue Panorama of Oregon Coast

Whiskey Run Beach (Oregon Coast)This is a panoramic shot of Whiskey Run Beach on the Oregon Coast. It's my definition of escape! The beach is where I go to clear my head and pink is my favorite color, only a couple reasons I like this shot.


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Safe Bathing for BabiesWhen my babies were able to sit up on their own (6 months), they enjoyed sitting in a laundry basket inside a regular tub. This kept their bath toys within reach and allowed them to hold onto the sides to keep their balance.


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Using a Back Scratcher to Retrieve Dropped ItemsI am not able to get down on my knees to retrieve something I dropped if it has ended up too far to just bend over and pick up. So one day I used my new back scratcher to bring the item closer to me.


Shani Sitting on Couch

Shani (Dog)This is Shani, we got her from Korea. We rescued her. She was very shy and timid at first but now she is very spunky. Maybe it's the Texas air. LOL


bread in wrapper that is twisted and folded down

Closing Bread Without Twist-TieGet rid of the annoying twist-ties used to close your bread bag. Simply twist the top of the plastic bread wrapper itself instead. I just hold the top and give the bread a quick twirl, then fold the wrapper back over the bread top.


Shira Belly Dancer in Blue Costume

Making a Belly Dancer CostumeHere is a great page with patterns, advice, tips and examples for all the steps in making your own belly dancer costume.


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Cut a Tube to Get All the Cream OutMy mother-in-law taught me this during our visit this summer. When you have a stiff tube of product such as shampoo, moisturizer, or sunscreen and there's too little cream left to squeeze out, you can cut the tube crosswise into two sections.


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Add Ramen To Prepackaged MealsI really like some of the prepackaged meal kits. I like to use them when I am in a hurry or just don't want to do a lot of cooking. The portions are too small for families, so just cook up several packages of ramen noodles ...


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Cuticle Trimmers To Clean A HairbrushI was having problems removing the hair that gets tangled in my hairbrush. I looked around for something small enough to cut through the tangled mess and found a extra pair of cuticle trimmers. I just ripped down the length of the brush and pulled out the hair.


Sock Cupcake with Cherry on top

Cupcake SocksI have seen these cute cupcake socks for sale several places and decided to try my hand at creating my own. This is quick and easy and it is a fun and unique way to give a pair or two of socks!


Girl Holding Hand and Walking with Great-Great Grand Father

Photo: 4th of July on the Farm (Henderson, IA)This is a photo of Lee and his great-great granddaughter, Hailey taken on the farm in Henderson, Iowa.


Watering Can Card

Garden Party InvitationWe are planning a surprise kitchen tea for a friend at the beginning of spring. The party will be held at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, and this invitation is just right to set the mood for such a party.


Pink and White Double Delight Rose

Garden: Double Delight RoseHere is my Double Delight Rose. It's the only rose in my garden that has an exquisite aroma, besides being so gorgeous.


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Prevent Blossom End Rot With EggshellsTo prevent blossom end rot, put an egg shell at the bottom of each hole when you are planing your fruiting veggies. For some reason they like and need a bit more calcium than many other veggies, and an egg shell does the trick.


An English garden in summer reflected in a pond.

English Garden In SummerOur English garden in Summer.


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Inexpensive Fall CenterpieceI love having centerpieces on my table. You can do it very inexpensively instead of paying outrageous prices but still go for the same look. Go to your yard, park, or along the side of the road, which is where I start. Look for pine cones. I love them and they are free.


Photo of a homemade batman costume.

Making a Batman CostumeThis page has a great information about making your own batman costume. It has detailed instructions for making the mask, boots, gloves, cape and chest plate.


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Frugal Eating From The WildGet acquainted with the "wild" ones. Lamb's quarters grow wherever the ground has been disturbed, including your vegetable garden. Ask any farmer what to look for or get a reference book.


Johanne Laying in the Grass

Johanne (American Staffordshire Terrier)Johanne is a 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. A friend of ours was moving to Hawaii and his dog had just had a litter of pups. When our friend came over, he had two pups for us to choose from and we could not decide, so we took in both.



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Empty Nest for the Holiday Season?I am finally able to be somewhat content with having an empty nest, but I dread the holiday season as the house is so quiet and I am lost at the thought of not having all my kids home! How can I make this an enjoyable season for my husband and I without busting the bank?


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Keeping the Water in Your Hot Tub Clean?What are the best household chemicals that I can use for my hot tub to keep the water clean?


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What is This Tan and Brown Striped Bug?I found this very tiny, thin, tan with a brown stripe bug in my drawer, on my bed, and in the shower. I don't know what it is. Can someone please help me? It is paler than tan but has a brown stripe in the middle. I think it has 4 legs, but I am not sure.


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Locating Planting Guides by State?I would like to know the planting guide for my location. Where can I find this information? Thanks.


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Cell Phone Went Through the Wash?Help! I just unloaded my washer and found my cell phone in a pants pocket. Is there any saving it, my whole life is in that thing?


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Free Clip Art Site?Can you suggest a specific Halloween clip art site which is free?


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Key Locked Inside of Murphy 20 Cedar Chest?My mom accidentally locked the key to her Murphy cedar chest inside the chest. The company has gone out of business, I believe in 2004. I have tried several methods to get in to no avail. Does anyone have an idea how to pick this lock or have an outlet for a key?


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Smelly Front Load Washer?How do I get rid of the moldy/musty smell in my front load washer? It smells like wet towels that have been sitting in the damp basement of an abandoned house! Please help.


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Peroxide Turned White Shirt Yellow?I used hydrogen peroxide to remove a stain from a white shirt and it turned the fabric yellow. How do I get it white again?


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Kitten Extremely Stubborn About Dry Nursing?I have a kitten about ten weeks old who is guaranteed to dry nurse me whenever I pick him up. I have tried telling him off firmly and blowing in his face.


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Matted Fur on a Long Haired Cat?I have a long haired cat who loves being brushed, but she has developed fur clumps on her back and near her hind legs. I don't want to have her shaved. Is there anything I can rub into the mats to loosen them? I was told that SeaBreeze works, but is it toxic to cats?


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Ink off Leather Sofa?My dog chewed an ink pen on my pearl leather sofa. It left deep spots. I have tried Ink Lift with no luck. What can I use to take the ink off?


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Buy Now Pay Later Sites That Ship to the Philippines?Does anyone know of a bill me later site here in the Philippines?


Old Marlboro cigarette sign.

Determining the Age of a Vintage Marlboro...Does anyone know anything about this sign? It is approx 30 inches high x 42 inches wide.Most of the vintage ones I have seen are red. Anybody know how old this might be?Thanks for your help.


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Price for Recycling Can Tabs?Does anyone know the average price per pound for can tabs?


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Shelf Life of Frozen Foods?How long can you keep meats, vegetables, natural lemon juice, and fruits in the freezer?


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Freezing Pattypan Squash?I would like to know step by step how to freeze pattypan squash.


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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?I need to paint my kitchen cabinets and I don't know what color to paint them. My kitchen is pretty small, and we don't have a lot of light. I love Italian, so I painted the walls a golden yellow color with faux brown on top of the gold.


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Harvesting Squash?When do I pick my squash?


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Possible Bed Bugs?I am not seeing anything biting, but I have bites. My daughter is not getting bitten nor is she itchy all day. What could this be? Why are they just biting me? She has a few bites, but not like I do. I checked everything and have thrown out the furniture.


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Removing a Red Wine Stain on Clothing?How can I remove a set in red wine stain on a shirt?


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Washer Started to Smoke and Stopped Spinning?My washer started to smoke and it stopped spinning; what do I do?


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House Training an Older Puppy?I just got an 18 month old mini-Dachshund who is not trained. I put him in a crate for overnight and he got out. I found him in my bed. Today, I will put him in the crate and watch him. He is thin and the crate has been secure for other dogs. Any suggestions?


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Trumpet Vine Pods?My trumpet vine has green banana shaped pods on it about 6 inches in length. Is this normal? The plant is about 3 years old and produces a few flowers each year. Sorry, I have no photo.


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Growing Morning Glories?When are we suppose to plant the morning glories? Do I transplant as soon as I see them coming up in the peat moss pots or after they are bigger?


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Discontinued Wallpaper: Laura Ashley Chinese Silk?I am looking for Laura Ashley, Chinese Silk pattern, wallpaper. The batch number is 64681/1.


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Freezing Turnips?Can you freeze turnips and what do you do to prepare them for the freezer?


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Getting Rid of Creeping Buttercup in a Lawn?I need help killing the creeping buttercup in my fescue lawn.


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