February 21, 2012

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Cleaning the Bathroom Without Toxins

Cleaning the Bathroom Without Toxic ChemicalsThis is a page about cleaning the bathroom without toxic chemicals. Green cleaners are an alternative to using the commercial bathroom cleaners that warn about using them in a poorly ventilated space, like the bathroom.


Pot roast with potatoes and carrots.

Pot Roast RecipesEven cheaper cuts of meat come out moist and tender when cooked as a pot roast. This page contains pot roast recipes.


Caring for a Bearded Dragon

Caring for a Bearded DragonThis is a page about caring for a bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are a popular pet due to their calm nature and relatively easy care requirements.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning TipsThis page contains estate planning tips. It's important to plan your estate so your loved ones can carry out your wishes.


furnace air filter

Reusing Air Cleaner FiltersThis is a page about reusing air cleaner filters. Replacing air cleaner filters can get quite expensive or difficult if you have an older model.


Jigsaw Puzzles

Storing PuzzlesThis is a page about storing puzzles. Storing puzzles so as not to lose the pieces can be challenging.


A bowl of potato soup.

Freezing SoupThis is a page about freezing soup. When making soup it is often convenient to prepare a large batch, including some to freeze for future meals.


Reusing Candle Jars for Spices

Reusing Candle JarsThis is a page about reusing candle jars. Once the candle is burned down, the jar that it came in can be used for a variety of things around the home.


Photo of young volunteers.

Volunteering in Your CommunityThis is a page about volunteering in your community. Volunteering in your community is a good way to help others and feel good about yourself as well.


Parmesan Cheese Container

Uses for Parmesan Cheese ContainersThis is a page about uses for Parmesan cheese containers. Give your cheese containers a second chance at life.


cake balls

Cake Ball RecipesThis page contains cake ball recipes. Whether you are salvaging a crumbly cake or just creating bite size cake pieces, cake balls are a treat.


Shaving Supplies

Homemade Aftershave LotionThis is a page about homemade aftershave lotion. Eliminate the harsh chemicals sometimes used in aftershave lotions by making your own.


A Woman Canning

Reusing Canning JarsThis is a page about reusing canning jars. If you do a lot of canning you will want to reuse the jars next season.


Reusing Envelopes, Stack of Envelopes

Reusing EnvelopesThis is a page about reusing envelopes. We often have a stack of envelopes from bills and advertising; reuse them rather than discarding.


A garden bed made from an old blue bed.

Make a Garden "Bed" Out of an Old Bed FrameThis page is about how to make a garden "bed" out of an old bed frame. A bed frame can make a defined raised garden space, and look cute, too.


A trunk for putting congratulations card into at a wedding.

Making a Card Box for Your WeddingThis is a page about making a card box for your wedding. Create your own lovely card box to use at the wedding reception.


house fire

Making a Fire Escape Plan for Your FamilyThis page is about making a fire escape plan for your family. It is important to have a escape plan so that everyone knows what to do in case of a fire in your home.


Family Making Flower Beds

Making a Flower BedThis is a page about making a flower bed. Setting up a beautiful successful flower bed is the result of prior planning.


Egg Shell Candles

Making Egg Shell CandlesThis is a page about making egg shell candles. Egg shells are a perfect mold or container for making petite decorative candles.


Making a Green Roof

Making a Green RoofThis is a page about making a green roof. Planting a green roof can help save on heating and cooling expenses.


Hot Tea

Cooling Down Hot DrinksThis is a page about cooling down hot drinks. There are ways to cool down a hot drink that will not result in a watered down version of itself.


Beautiful Swan

Decorating a Pond for a WeddingThis is a page about decorating a pond for a wedding. Decorating the pond at your outdoor wedding venue can enhance the overall beauty of the event.


Man cleaning the oven.

Calibrating an Electric OvenThis page is about calibrating an electric oven. To make sure your foods cook and bake perfectly, it is important to check that the temperature of your oven matches what you set it at.


A fire burning in a fireplace.

Fireplace TipsThis page contains fireplace tips. A beautiful, mood setting, and productive fire can be easily achieved by following a few simple tips.


Puppy sniffing piddle pad.

Saving Money on Piddle PadsThis page is about saving money on piddle pads. Piddle pads can be great for puppy training and dogs that need to be indoors for long periods of time, although they can be expensive.


Installing Tile

Installing Tile?This is a page about installing tile. Save money on your next home remodeling project by installing the tile yourself.


Reuse Slinky As Note Holder on your desk.

How to Reuse a SlinkyThis is a page about how to reuse a Slinky. The Slinky is a fun toy but it get's easily tangled and might be tempting to throw away. However, you can find other uses around the house for that neat coil of metal.


floppy disk pen holder

Uses for Old Floppy DisksThis page contains uses for floppy disks. There are some ways to recycle those outdated floppy disks to make something useful.



Freezing LeeksLeeks are a good candidate for freezing for future use, just follow a few simple steps to clean and prepare them first. This is a page about freezing leeks.


Altoids and Other Mint Tins

Uses for Altoid Candy or Mint TinsThis is a page about uses for Altoid candy or mint tins. Altoid tins beg to be reused for crafts or storage.


Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs RecipesSurprise your family or friends with these tasty puffed pastries. This page contains cream puffs recipes.


A scrapbook with photos and supplies.

Scrapbooking Tips and TricksThis page contains scrapbooking tips and tricks. Scrapbooking is a fun activity to incorporate into your photo and memory albums.


multicolored flowerbed on a lawn

Preventing Weeds in Flower BedsThis is a page about preventing weeds in flower beds. Don't let your beautiful flower bed be overrun by weeds.


Homemade Heart Gift Boxes

Homemade Gift BoxesThis page contains ideas for homemade gift boxes. Gift boxes for all occasions can be created from a variety of materials.


Recycled Paper Envelope Finished

Making Recycling FunThis is a page about making recycling fun. Recycling is an important task that we all need to do but sometimes it can feel like a chore. Turing recycling into a game or a challenge of some sort can certainly make it easier.


Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

Making a Picture Frame Jewelry HolderThere are many creative ideas for making your own jewelry holder; using a picture frame provides a tangle free solution. This is a page about making a picture frame jewelry holder.


Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Without DyeDecorating eggs without dye can be a fun challenge. This page is about Easter egg decorating ideas without dye.


sourdough starter

Sourdough Starter RecipesThis page contains sourdough starter recipes. With the right sourdough starter you too can bake this delicious bread at home.


Installer Pavers

Making a Paving Stone Patio?This is a page about making a paving stone patio. A custom paving stone patio lends a traditional or creative look to your landscape.


Installing a New Window

Hiring Someone to Replace Your WindowsThis is a page about hiring someone to replace your windows. Knowing how to find the best person to install your windows can save money and guarantee a good outcome for your improvement project.


Uses for Old Cameras, old camera

Uses for Old CamerasThis is a page about uses for old cameras. From craft projects to funky art photos, there are many ways to use an old camera.


A white pet rat being held in a hand.

Caring for a Pet RatRats are intelligent and, if well cared, for make great pets. This is a page about caring for a pet rat.


Damaged Quilt

Repairing Vintage QuiltsThis is a page about repairing vintage quilts. Whether a family heirloom or a antique shop find, vintage quilts often require some repair.


Lipton French Onion Soup

Making Lipton Onion Soup Mix (Copycat)This page contains copycat recipes for making Lipton onion soup mix. By making your own dry onion soup mix, you can save money and reduce the preservatives in your diet.


Green Scarf

Organizing ScarvesScarves are colorful wardrobe accessories that sometimes defy our best organizational attempts. This is a page about organizing scarves.


Stained Glass Suncatcher

Stained Glass Sun CatcherThis is a page about making a stained glass sun catcher. A sun catcher can add lovely burst of color to a room and it's a really fun craft project to make also.


Girl Holding Seedlings

Preparing Your Garden for SpringThis is a page about preparing your garden for spring. Planning and work in the depths of winter will pay off with less weeds and bigger plants during the growing season.


Baby Bottle Feeding

Bottle Feeding Your BabyThis is a page about bottle feeding your baby. Many parents' schedules and preferences make bottle feeding their baby the best choice for their family.


Recycling Car Batteries, old battery

Recycling Car BatteriesThis is a page about recycling car batteries. Car batteries are full of toxins that you don't want around your home or in a landfill. So it is very important to recycle them properly.


Pressure Washing a House

Pressure Washing Your HouseThis is a page about pressure washing your house. Pressure washing your house must be done properly to prevent damage.


duct tape wallet

Making a Duct Tape WalletThis is a page about making a duct tape wallet. Duct tape has gained a new market with the crafter, including children.


Making Your Own Envelopes

Making Your Own EnvelopesThis is a page about making your own envelopes. The envelope you use to mail a letter or card can be just as creative and fun as what you put in the envelope.


Cheese Fondue

Fondue RecipesTraditionally fondue contains sharp cheese and wine, additional varieties include chocolate and other dipping sauces. This page contains fondue recipes.



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Supper On a Bread SliceLove this because it's very easy to make and relatively quick to fix. This is also very kid friendly and tastes great!


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Research Prices and Reviews While ShoppingI like to use my phone when I am at thrift stores or yard sales. I sometimes find products that sound like a great bargain, but having my smartphone allows me to look up the actual price of the item as well as reviews.


Bentley, a pekinese, on the patio outside with a girl.

In Memory Of Bentley (Pekingese)Bentley was 11 years old and a Pekingese. We went to our local pet store and got Bentley when he was 4 months old. Bentley just passed away this past November, but he was my ever faithful companion.


cat being brushed

Tips For Grooming CatsStart grooming as soon as you get your cat. Start slowly to see how kitty responds. If he or she is skittish, do it frequently in short time periods until kitty responds better.



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Homemade Sock Protectors?Does anyone know the measurements to make sock protectors?


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Removing Facial Hair?Does anyone have a safe and effective treatment for hair removal for chin and upper lip hair? I use a Finish Touch razor, but it is temporary and the chin hair is stubborn to get rid of. Thank you.


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Getting a Diminished Car Appraisal?We need a diminished value appraisal for our automobile. We live in Tampa, FL.


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Making Ginger Beer?I want to make ginger beer to drink, it's a well known remedy. You make it by putting a teaspoon of yeast, sugar, and ginger in a jar with some water and then for 1 week you have to feed the plant in the jar with 1 teaspoon ginger and sugar.


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Dehydrating Garlic?How do you prepare the garlic for the dehydrator? Are the skins left on? Do you slice the cloves? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Dragon graphic.

Teapot Cozy Designs?I'd like a frog one and maybe a dragon's head one, anybody up for it or know where can get a pattern for one or both of these?


Three ring notebook binder.

Removing Rings for a Binder for Reuse?Is there a safe way to remove and be able to reuse, the rings from binder note books? I want to use them to make other things, upcycle crazy! In looking at the set up, it looks like knuckle busting and cuts will attack...


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Traveling to Georgia and South Carolina?My husband and I would like to take a quick trip to Atlanta, Savannah, and the Charleston area, and I mean quick. We are from the Chicago area so we need to consider driving time.


Rosette maker.

Shopping for a Rosette Maker?I'm trying to locate what I call a rosette maker. It consists of a flat disk, 66mm diameter with a raised edge approx 2mm on both sides of the disc and two separate rings that actually fit over the raised edge of the bottom disk. I use it to make perfect circles from pleated ribbon.


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Eliminating Mice?Will moth balls help get rid of mice? My cat is too large to get in the space where the mice are getting in behind my cabinets. I could drop moth balls down there. Maybe the smell of the balls would deter the mice.


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Making a Recycled CD Notepad?I love this idea, but, it calls for a drill to make holes for the rings, is there a way to bypass this? A different way to sew them together, etc.?


Cat tree in process of being built.

Making a Cat Scratching Post?To put the sisal rope on the tube, do you staple or nail it at the top and bottom or do you use a glue gun? If so, is it special glue and do you just use the glue on the top and bottom of the pole? Or all underneath the rope? I would love to know what is used. Thanks.


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Itchy Scalp After Coloring?I have never had an issue with itchy scalp until I had my hair colored at a different shop other than my normal gal. I don't have dandruff, never did, and I'm shampooing with the same stuff I've used for years.


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Dog Has Odor Even After Bathing?I have tried several products and none of them do the job. I want sound advice as I have spent enough money and none of the products work. I only get temporary results.


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One Year Old Pit Still Chewing?My Pit is basically a year old. Today I decided to give her a test and not crate her; I was only gone for an hour and she chewed the window sill. I have two other full-grown dogs here as well, they are 5 and 7 year old Labs. Why is she still chewing and how do I correct this issue of my dog?


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Making Dr. Seuss Jewelry?I am wondering if anyone has ideas for an easy jewelry craft to do with a large group of Girl Scouts at our annual sleepover. Our theme is Dr. Seuss and I am in charge of the craft. I have some ideas, but can not find what I need.


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Solution for Limp Blouses?My blouses (some cotton and some a combination) have all lost their shape and vitality. Is there anything I can use to whip them back into shape?


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30th Birthday Party Invitations and Decoration Ideas?I am having a 30th birthday party for my daughter. She owns 2 dance studios and loves purple. I am trying to find nice eco friendly seeded invites. Any ideas for invites and decorations?


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Homemade Sewing Gifts?I know I am a little early, but better early than late. I am trying to think of ideas for what I can make as little gifts to give to friends. I have made mug covers, mug mats, and now I am stuck. All ideas are welcome.


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Cheap or Free Computer Software Training?My part time job wants me to get more computer training in both Word Perfect and Excel. They also want me to get letter formatting training. I'm a deaf older lady that has a little over 2 years to work before I can go off SSDI and collect social security.


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