February 26, 2012

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Morning Glory Growing SlowlyThis page is about morning glory growing slowly. Morning glory is generally a very fast growing plant.


Hazelnut trees growing in Oregon.

Growing Hazelnut Trees?This is a page about growing hazelnut trees. Hazelnut trees are a small shrub like tree that is a good source of tasty, crunchy nuts.


Field of Pumpkins

Growing PumpkinsThis is a page about growing pumpkins. Pumpkins are very easy to grow and then fun to eat and decorate.


growing sweet potatoes

Growing Sweet PotatoesThis page is about growing sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are an important root crop around the world, but do not tolerate frost.


growing snap dragons from seed

Growing Flowers from SeedThis is a page about growing flowers from seed. An inexpensive way to grow flowers is to grow them from seed.


Advent Calendar made from cotton bags with trees.

Making an Advent CalendarThis is a page about making an advent calendar. There are many commercial advent calendars you can buy to count down the days until Christmas, but why not make one yourself.


collecting seeds from flowers

Collecting Seeds from Your FlowersThis is a page about collecting seeds from your flowers. If you have decided to begin collecting seeds from your flowers for next season, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Plump Avocado Seed Rooting into Jar

Growing an Avocado from a PitThis page is about growing an avocado from seed. A fun and rewarding indoor project can be starting an avocado pit.


growing food in a greenhouse

Growing Vegetables in a GreenhouseThis is a page about growing vegetables in a greenhouse. You can get a head start on your garden or grow vegetables year round in a greenhouse.


A woman stand in a room built using recycled windows.

Building with Recycled WindowsThis page is about building with recycled windows. Fitting recycled windows to your project can prove challenging, but can save you a lot of money.


Painted Window Panes

Crafts Using Old WindowsOld windows can be reused for a variety of craft projects. This page is about crafts using old windows.


Purple Morning Glory

Growing Morning GloryThis page is about growing morning glory. Morning glory is the name applied to many species of flowering plants that are suitable for different garden applications.


supporting cucumbers

Supporting Cucumber VinesThis is a page about supporting cucumber vines. There are a number of reasons you may wish to consider supporting or staking your cucumber vines.


Growing a Red Osier Dogwood

Growing a Red Osier Dogwood?This is a page about growing a red osier dogwood. The red osier dogwood is a small tree that grows well in wet locations.


Photo of a cumber on the vine.

Growing CucumbersCucumbers are a good addition to any vegetable garden. This is a page about growing cucumbers.


growing plants in rock walls

Growing Plants in Rock Walls?This is a page about growing plants in rock walls. Adding plants to your rock wall can create a beautiful, cascading effect.


Morning glory flowers in a hanging basket.

Growing Morning Glory in ContainersThis page is about growing morning glory in containers. Morning glory is easy to grow and does well in planters.


Xmas centerpiece.

Christmas Centerpiece IdeasThis page contains Christmas centerpiece ideas. Every holiday dinner can be enhanced by a beautiful centerpiece.


A cute dog with a leather leash.

Jack Russell Terrier Breed InformationWhen choosing a dog it is a good idea to do some research on the breeds you are considering. This page contains breed information about the Jack Russell Terrier.


growing watermelon

Growing WatermelonsThis is a page about growing watermelons. When the hot days of summer arrive who can resist a sweet, juicy, homegrown watermelon.


Garden Window Ideas

Garden Window IdeasThis page is about garden window ideas. Creating a window space for an indoor garden can give you flowers, fresh herbs and greens year round.



Growing WisteriaThis is a page about growing wisteria. Wisteria with its beautiful, fragrant purple or white clusters of flowers can add a special beauty to your garden.


Cookie in a jar mix.

Making Jar Cookie MixesThis is a page about making jar cookie mixes. Cookies in a jar are a fun to make and fun to receive gift for many occasions.


Gardening Indoors

Gardening IndoorsThis is a page about gardening indoors. If you don't have the outside space for a garden or want to garden through out the winter, consider gardening indoors.


giant pumpkin

How to Grow Giant PumpkinsThis is a page about growing giant pumpkins. Growing giant pumpkins is fun for young and old alike.


crack willow tree

Fast Growing Tree IdeasThis page contains fast growing tree ideas. Sometimes when landscaping we would like to add some fast growing trees to the design.


Growing Morning Glory from Cuttings

Growing Morning Glory from CuttingsThis page is about growing morning glory from cuttings. This hardy plant can give you a burst of color as a cut flower or in containers.


lupine in yard

Growing LupineThis is a page about growing lupine. Lupine produce beautiful flowers on tall spikes making them a good background choice for your flower garden.


Bottlecap Christmas tree magnets.

Making Recycled Christmas DecorationsThis is a page about making recycled Christmas decorations. Make Christmas decorations by recycling items you have on hand.



Growing a PlumbagoThis is a page about growing a plumbago. This fast growing, drought tolerant, flowering plant will attract birds and butterflies to your garden.


old windows greenhouse

Using Old Windows to Build a GreenhouseThis page is about using old windows to build a greenhouse or cold frame. A great way to recycle windows is to use them to make a greenhouse.


Homemade birdseed wreath.

Making a Birdseed WreathThis is a page about making a birdseed wreath. A fun tradition to add to your Christmas festivities is to provide the local wildlife with these easy to make wreaths.


growing a cherry tree from a pit.

Starting a Cherry Tree from a PitThis is a page about starting a cherry tree from a pit. When considering starting a fruit tree, such as a cherry from the pit, there are some tips and considerations to keep in mind.


Gerbera Daisy

Growing Gerbera DaisiesThis is a page about growing gerbera daisies. Gerbera daisies are a beautiful perennial garden plant in warm areas and also work well as a potted plant, to grow indoors or bring in from the cold.



wall frames

Picture Frame Wall ArtOver the last few months, I bought a handful of interesting picture frames from second hand stores. I then spray painted them various colors and hung them on the wall in our dining room to add some texture to a large blank wall.


Tux- a black and white tuxedo cat.

Tux (Cat)Tux is 3 and a black and white tuxedo cat. He loves to go hunting and brings home kills to share with the family. My cousin Bonnie's family in Houma, LA will never starve.


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Leap Year CocktailSince Leap Year only comes around every four years, I try to make something that can only be quartered like quesadilla or something with only four ingredients.


Sushi Cake

Sushi CakeI made this birthday cake for a friend's daughter. I love working with fondant and really enjoyed making this cake. I made the inside of the sushi rolls with rice crispies and then covered them in fondant.


Closeup of Chewy.

Chewy (Pomeranian/Dachshund)Chewy is 2 years old and a Pomeranian/Dachshund. We got him in Dec 2009, he was such a tiny little dog with HUGE ears! Chewy loves to play with his "brother," Mason.



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Buying Dawn Dish Liquid Original in Australia?Where can I buy Dawn dish liquid in Australia, Queensland?


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Removing Hanger Shoulder Bumps on Sweater?I have two brand-new cardigans, 65% rayon/35% nylon, which I've had hanging on padded hangers for a month. Now that I'd like to wear them, they both have "bumps" on the shoulders from the hanger ends. How can I get them out?


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Adding Vegetables to Homemade Dog Food?I was watching your videos on how to make your own dog food, but unless I'm crazy, I didn't see anything about the types of vegetables to use in the dog food. Can you suggest what can be used?


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Repairing a Burn Hole in Microsuede Sofa?How do I fix a burn mark on my micro suede sofa?


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Discontinued Wallpaper: Waverly English Ivy #554092?I would like to purchase the discontinued wallpaper: Waverly English Ivy pattern # 554092. Do anyone know of a supplier or source?


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Treating Dog's Anal Gland Problems?Is there any home remedy to treat anal glands? My dog, an 8 year old Doxie, has the problem. She licks herself a lot and she has been to the vet several times. It is getting costly, but she is so relieved after the vet treats her.


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Homemade Shower Cleaner?I'm searching for a safe and effective shower cleaner that will remove pink and black mold from my shower. The only commercial one I have found to be effective is Tilex, but the fumes from the chemicals are very strong. I've used a basic vinegar solution, but no luck.


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Kitchen Faucet Won't Turn at Base?My kitchen faucet will not turn at the base. I have very hard water. Can vinegar loosen it?


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Shopping for Small Terra Cotta Pots?I'm looking to buy different sizes of terra cotta pots, I need mostly smaller (4 inch), but I'm needing lots. I've browsed the thrift stores, but no luck. Any suggestions?


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Coping with Adult Child's Divorce?My daughter called to tell me she has left her husband of 19 years. She did not mention divorce, but tells me she will not go back. They have a 16 year old son who has mental problems and has been in and out of hospitals for several years.


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Poulan Riding Lawn Mower 18.5 Won't Start?My mower just died. It will turn over, has gas, and a good battery. Any suggestions?


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Homemade Rug Cleaner?I have a beige rug that has some stains. Does anyone know the best homemade cleaning product for this, if anything?


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Water Not Getting to Ice Maker?I have a side by side water and ice in door Kitchenaid refrigerator. The water comes through door, but no water is being supplied to the ice maker. The ice maker seems to be working because it does it cycles, but obviously no water so it will not make ice.


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Substituting a Square Pan for a Round One in Cooking?If the recipe calls for a square pan, can you use a round pan, the same size?


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Selling Homemade Items Online?Does anyone sell homemade items online? If so, I need some advice from you. I need to supplement my low income and want to sell online, but don't know how to go about it. Is there a book for beginners or just some advice you can give me as to the cheapest way to get started?


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Removing Odors from Clothes?My husband works in the oil field, and I can't get the smell out of his clothes. I need something that works well please!


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Removing Rust Stains from Cotton Fabric?How do I remove rust from cotton pants?


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Adding Songs to iPod Nano?I have bought an iPod Nano. I tried to add songs and pictures to it by the copy paste method. The songs are already in my laptop. When on my laptop I see my work, it looks OK, but I am unable to find it in Nano memory. What's going on? How can I add songs to my Nano? Please help.


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Faxing with Magic Jack Plus?Can you tell me exactly what I need to plug into in order for me to send a fax with my Magic Jack?


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Using Upholstery Thread in a Bobbin?Can you use upholstery thread in the bobbin? I did and the underside of material is loopy. I tried adjusting the tension, but it didn't get any better. I have a Brother sewing machine, model XL-3022.


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Cucumbers Bitter?My cucumbers the past two years have been very bitter. Any suggestions?


Antique sewing machine.

Information on Winselmann Antique...I have a 1867 approximate, Winselmann treadle coffin top sewing machine that was made in Germany. I am not sure if it was ever imported to Canada. There is no info available on the internet for this machine.


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Cleaning Carpet with Awesome Cleaner?How much Awesome cleaner should I use in a carpet cleaning machine?


Brass headboard.

Identifying the Maker of a Brass Bed?Can someone help me identify this brass/iron bed? The bed headboard and footboard are vintage, maybe antique. I have scoured the internet and have yet to find anything remotely looking like this design.


Circuit breaker panel.

Buying the Correct Circuit Breaker?How do I know which breaker will work for my house? It's from the early 70s. The main hot wire is loose, the screw to tighten it is striped, and the light keeps dimming.


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New Leather Belt Smells Too Strong?I just bought a new belt for my daughter last week. It had a rather strong smell of leather to it. She hates the smell, but loves the belt. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to remove that gross smell?


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