June 17, 2012

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fried catfish

Recipes Using CatfishThis page contains recipes using catfish. Try some delicious catfish for dinner tonight.


Cake Dessert

Dessert Recipes Using CakeStale cake or one baked just for your new dessert can be used to create a delicious treat for the family. This page contains dessert recipes using cake.


A slice of banana cream pie on a plate with slices of fresh banana.

No Bake Pie RecipesThis page contains no bake pie recipes. A wonderful pie can be created without baking.


Rice Krispie Cereal Bar

Recipes Using Rice KrispiesThis page contains recipes using Rice Krispies. There are many recipes using Rice Krispies in addition to the traditional cereal and marshmallow treats.


A little girl blowing bubbles.

Removing Bubble Mixture Stains from Clothing?This page is about removing bubble mixture stains from clothing. Playing with bubbles can be so much fun, but sometimes you can get spots on your clothes.


Rhubarb Cake with Mint Garnish

Rhubarb Cake RecipesThis page contains rhubarb cake recipes. Not only is rhubarb delicious in strawberry and rhubarb pie, but you can use this versatile plant in many cake recipes.


Getting a scoop of chocolate ice cream from the container.

Ice Cream Pie RecipesThis page contains ice cream pie recipes. Choose your favorite flavor and make a tasty ice cream pie for dessert today.


Address labels on CD jewel cases.

Other Uses For Address LabelsThis is a page about other uses for address labels. Often we receive free address labels in the mail; rather than throwing them away repurpose them.


Woman Driving in Summer

Summer Driving TipsThis page contains summer driving tips. Although the road conditions and visibility are usually good, there are other things to keep in mind when driving in the summer.


Jigsaw Puzzle Tips

Jigsaw Puzzle Tips and TricksThis page contains jigsaw puzzle tips and tricks. Whatever your plans are for your completed puzzle, they usually take up some space and time before they are finished.


A mom planting flowers with her child.

Gardening With ChildrenThis page is about gardening with children. Growing food or flowers is a great way to teach children responsibility, patience and nurturing.


A leopard print memory foam mat used as a car seat cover.

Homemade Car Seat CoversThis is a page about homemade car seat covers. Looking for a way cover worn car seat upholstery or just a fun way to dress up your interior, homemade car seat covers might be the answer.


Bill Paying Tips and Tricks

Bill Paying Tips and TricksThis page contains bill paying tips and tricks. Being organized to pay bills on time can be a challenge.


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Home Remedies for RosaceaThis page is about home remedies for rosacea. After consulting with your doctor, caring for this skin disorder sometimes can be accomplished with some non prescription substances.


Brown eggs in a carton

Cooking With EggsThis is a page about cooking with eggs. Eggs are used in a lot of recipes.


Lemon and Lemon Juice

Cooking With Lemon JuiceThis page is about cooking with lemon juice. Lemon juice makes a great seasoning addition for many foods.


Bacon Cheeseburger With Fries

Bacon Cheeseburger RecipesThis page contains bacon cheeseburger recipes. Whether the ground meat is fried, broiled or grilled, this is delicious sandwich for lunch or dinner.


Asparagus Salad

Asparagus Salad RecipesThis page contains asparagus salad recipes. The edible spears of this garden favorite is wonderful in a variety of salads.


Pansies being pressed in a large book

Drying FlowersThis is a page about drying flowers. Save some of those beautiful flowers gracing your garden by drying them.


Celery Salad Recipes

Celery Salad RecipesThis page contains celery salad recipes. Celery is included in many kinds of recipes, but also is a wonderful main ingredient in salad.


Stack of Record Albums

Crafts Using Record Album SleevesThis page is contains crafts using record album sleeves. Old record album covers can be used in a variety of creative projects.


Pulled Back Curtain

Cleaning CurtainsThis is a page about cleaning curtains. Keeping your curtains clean can seem to be a daunting task. Many can not be simply tossed in the washer.


A box with packing peanuts in it

Saving Money on Packing MaterialsThis page is about saving money on packing materials. Safely packing the items you want to send or move, doesn't have to cost you anything.


Self Watering Planter With Basil

Making Self Watering PlantersThis is a page about making self watering planters. You can make useful self watering planters from recycled everyday materials found at home.


Cheesecake in pie pan.

Low-Fat Cheesecake RecipesThis page contains low-fat cheesecake recipes. The rich taste of cheesecake can be nearly duplicated with low-fat ingredients.


A pulled pork sandwich

Recipes Using PorkThis page contains recipes using pork. Many delicious main and side dishes can be prepared using pork.



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Copasetic's Cole SlawI was making cole slaw, and decided to try something a little different. I looked at a lot of recipes before deciding to create my own. Well, it was very good - my partner says it's the best ever!


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Bluebarb JamSince my name is Barb, I really like the name of this recipe. I really love the end product - a combination of blueberries and rhubarb. It is really delicious.


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Baked Stuffed French ToastThis is great for breakfast or any time!


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Sunshine JamThis is a recipe my sister used to make. I liked it so much, I asked for the recipe. It is very delicious, and beautiful too!



Yellowstone's Bear World peacock displaying his finery.

Peacock (Yellowstone Bear World, ID)While visiting Yellowstone Bear World I visited the petting zoo. This peacock put a fine show on for his three peahens as well as us visitors.


Cats asleep.

Dizzy and Tigger (Kitties)Dizzy and Tigger are 13 and 3 year old kitties. I've had Dizzy about 7 years, I got him from a friend. 3 1/2 years ago that same friend gave me a female that was supposed to be fixed, but wasn't, and they had babies.


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Treating Toenail Fungus Takes TimeAs ugly as the nail fungus looks, that isn't what you're curing. Any "cure" you use is getting at the root of the problem and that's the fungus itself. It lives under and around the nail, it gets stuck inside the nail, staining the nail!


Gift bag and card.

Soap Gift at the Gate (The Garden Gate)I had another surprise at the Garden Gate last week. Some kind person and her dog left this hand soap and a note tied to the arch over the garden gate. Such a treat for these old hands. And much appreciated. The hand made card was very cute too.GG Vi


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Costume Jewlery DisplayTake a small extension rod that will fit snugly between two moldings on the wall. Use S hooks to hang costume jewelry over the rods. I have 5 rods with various widths in between them to hang the different lengths, as well as bracelets.


Hummingbird at feeder.

Hummingbird (Arizona)A hummingbird flew to one of the hummingbird feeders at my house a few days ago, so I took a picture of it with one of my film cameras.


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Foot CareTo soften my feet I use white distilled vinegar. I fill a bucket with just enough hot water to cover my feet and one cup of vinegar microwaved for one minute. I soak them until the mixture has cooled. Then I use a pumice stone to exfoliate the rough spots and pat feet dry.


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Storing Corn on the Cob HoldersI purchased a travel plastic holder for bar soap. It holds all my corn on the cob holders nicely in one of my kitchen drawers.


Xena as a puppy.

XenaXena is two years old in these pictures except her baby picture after digging her first hole. She lives with me in the small town of Paris Ontario. Xena loves to run and be as free as I let her. She always checks in if she gets too far ahead. She is always on guard and very friendly with kids.


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Edging Made EasierAfter it rains a good rain, try edging. It is a whole lot easier for the shovel to go in and a heck of a lot easier to lift the excess out of the ground.


Split sky with clouds and blue half.

Split Sky (Strongsville, OH)We were driving and the sky was half clouds and half bright blue. It was so pretty I had to take a picture.


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Organizing SocksIn 44 years of being a wife and mother I can honestly say I have never lost socks in the wash. I taught husband and kids to fold socks together when they took them off. I only put pairs in the machine and always at the bottom of the machine.


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"Work" Your VacationMany camp grounds/state parks/national parks will have camp ground "hosts". The "hosts" work a set amount of hours a day, anywhere from 4-8 at the gate booth in exchange for free camping.


Windchime for Path Garden gate.

Wind Chime for The Path Garden GateLast Saturday two of the children that come to the Path Garden almost every day came with this wind chime. They told me they had gone to a yard sale in our neighborhood and when they saw it they thought they should buy it for the garden.


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Crochet Tube SocksFor socks that will fit just right, make a tube sock. They are easy. Measure the person's foot around just above the toes, then measure the length of the foot and add 4 inches.


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Easy Way to Give Your Dog a PillOne of my dogs takes a daily medication, and both are on flea and heartworm preventatives. Every time it was a struggle to get them to take their medicine until my husband had an idea. We insert the pills in a small piece of leftover or inexpensive cooked ground meat or tinned meat product.



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Value of Vintage Encyclopedias?How much are encyclopedias worth from the year 1949?


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Getting Rid of Wasps?How do I kill the wasps that are ruining my hostas, year after year? The only relief I have found is Sevin dust, which then takes away from their looks.


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Christie's Thousand Island Dressing?Does anyone have the recipe for Christie's San Antonio thousand island dressing? It was served over a wedge of iceberg lettuce. We often took home a pint of this and also the remoulade that was sold at that time.


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Setting Up a Aquaponics System?I am looking for information about aquaponics (not hydroponics) and any problems and solutions those who have put a system together have had. I am putting together a kitchen garden sized system using tilapia for the fish.


Eating Crystallized Honey?Can we eat honey which was kept in fridge, it is crystallised now?


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Riding Mower Won't Start?My Poulan riding mower cranks, but won't start. It is a model #27147 with a 13.5 Briggs engine. It is an older mower that a neighbor gave me, but there is no manual.


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What Kind of Snake is This?When my sister and I were looking around the backyard there was a snake coming towards us. It was brown and kinda black a tiny bit, with a yellowish-white belly. It was moving very slowly.


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Giving a Cat a Bath?It is hard to bathe my cat, so now what?


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Weeds Growing in Hydrangea?What can I put in my hydrangea to kill the dandelions and other weeds, but won't harm the hydrangea?


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Squash Rotting?What will stop my squash from rotting in early stage? After the bloom falls off, it starts rotting.


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Fixing Cable to Dead Man Handle on Mower?How do I fix the cable attached to the bottom of the mower to the dead man handle that keeps the mower running?


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Getting Rid of Flies Outside?We have a terrible problem with flies on the front porch. We tried hanging a large bug zapper, 2 fly strips, and 2 basil plants. The flies are still there. What can I do to make them go away for good? We have this problem every summer.


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