June 23, 2012

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Alternatives to Paper Napkins

Alternatives to Paper NapkinsThis is a page about alternatives to paper napkins. There are green alternatives to paper napkins that reduce waste and can save you money over time.


Cleaning Hair Bows

Cleaning Hair BowsThis is a page about cleaning hair bows. Hair bows can often be cleaned using a little bit of care to keep they looking like new.


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Baked Rice RecipesThis page contains baked rice recipes. Rice combined with your favorite herbs and spices can be prepared in the oven as a great side dish or vegetarian main dish.


Drop of tree sap on bark

Removing Tree SapTree sap can get on anything from clothing to your car. This is a page about removing tree sap.


Pork Chop and Potato

Pork Chop Potato RecipesThis page contains pork chop potato recipes. Pork chops and potatoes just seem to go well together.


Keeping Cool on Car Trips

Keeping Cool on Road TripsThis is a page about keeping cool on road trips. There are ways to keep cool on road trips that don't involve running your car air conditioner all of the time.


Freezing Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Casserole RecipesAdd this American favorite to pasta, potatoes, etc. to make a delicious casserole that will soon become a family favorite. This page contains hot dog casserole recipes.


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Lime Fluff RecipesThis page contains lime fluff recipes. There are a variety of ways to make this refreshing citrus flavored dessert.


Photo of an onion harvest.

Harvesting Onions?This is a page about harvesting onions. Once you have planted and tended the onions in your garden the final step is harvesting at the proper time.


Basement brick wall and window edge.

Getting Rid of a Musty Smell in the BasementBasements are notorious for developing musty smells. This is a page about getting rid of a musty smell in the basement.


stuffed beef roll

Stuffed Beef Roll RecipesThis page contains stuffed beef roll recipes. These slow simmered beef steaks stuffed with your favorite filling are sure to please.


Stuffed Acorn Squash

Stuffed Acorn Squash RecipesThis page contains stuffed acorn squash recipes. This winter squash is delicious when baked with a tasty stuffing in the center.


Meat Pie Recipes

Meat Pie RecipesLess expensive cuts of meat or steak can be used to make a delicious meat pie. This page contains meat pie recipes.


A woman with swimmers ear.

Treating and Preventing Swimmers EarThis is a page about treating and preventing swimmers ear. Swimmers ear is a painful infection of the outer ear canal.


Licensing Your Pet

Licensing Your PetQuestioning the need to license your pet? There a number of good reasons to do so. This is a page about licensing your pet.



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Favorite Applesauce CakeThis makes a wonderful, moist cake suitable for any occasion!


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Cold Shrimp SaladThis is one of my favorites. I love shrimp and the combination of ingredients is just great together. Love the Chinese noodles!


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English Steak and Kidney PieGreat old recipe! Makes a very hearty meal.


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Baked RiceThis is great as a side dish alone, but also with a little chicken or beef mixed in as well.


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Sweet Potato FluffThis is a favorite of my oldest daughter. She loves anything to do with sweet potatoes and the sweeter the flavor of the recipe, the more she likes it.


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Best Ever Chicken BreastsThis recipe is very tasty and easy to make. Also pretty economical.


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Carrot SaladThis salad has an outstanding dressing!


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Hot Dog CasseroleThis is one the kids will love!


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Lime FluffThis is one that my step mom loves.


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Peanut CrispiesThis is a super easy, kid friendly snack.



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Decorating Your Yard For Your WeddingIf you have a pond, use Japanese floating candles. They are pretty lit up with the glowing light through the shade.


Black and white kitty.

Canned Cat Food for Urinary Tract HealthPrescription wet canned cat food for a urinary diet is not very interesting to my cat. Our cat Patches' veterinarian granted that the second best alternative is to have a high-quality canned food, that is "no dry".


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Prevent and Treating Swimmers EarAnyone who has ever had swimmers ear knows how painful it is. Put equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol into a small bottle with a dropper lid. Close, and shake gently.


Petunias in galvanized calf feeding pail.

Galvanized Pail Flower GardensI keep my eyes open for any old galvanized buckets, tubs, and pails that I can use in my garden. This one was once a "calf-a-teria" complete with rubber udder where the hole is at the bottom.


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Keeping Cool in the CarKeep cool in the car with homemade air conditioning. Use a wet towel, wrung out, around your shoulders and neck to stay cool.



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Getting Rid of Tiny Microscopic Bugs?My daughter is having the same problem with tiny microscopic bugs. She says they eat the soles of her shoes, are in her clothing, her hair ties, on her skin, in drawers, and even on the animals. She said some are black and tiny like flea poop. Some she described sound like clover mites can anyone help?


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Cleaning Gas Stove Burner?I guess I had the flame too high on the burner. Now it's black and brown. I have used the things suggested, but cannot get it off. Can someone help me. Thanks.


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Cleaning with Vinegar?What scent can I add to vinegar base solution to make it smell better?


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Using Pesticides on a Vegetable Garden?Should you apply Sevin dust before or after watering and fertilizing a vegetable garden?


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Giving a Kitty Medication?Does anyone know how to administer cat oral medication to a very uncooperative cat? I have tried the back corner of her mouth and all I get is claw marks from very self manicured sharp claws?


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Getting Rid of Musty Smell in Basement?How do I get rid of a musty smell in the basement?


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Shelf Life of Refrigerated Eggs?How long will eggs last when refrigerated?


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Cooking with Baby Cucumbers?What are some ways in which to cook with baby cucumbers and when growing them how big should they grow to?


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Tomato Leaves Curling and Drying Up?My tomato plants get small brown spots on the lower leaves, then a little hole. Then the leaves curl up and get dry. They do not get better. This started on 6-17-12.


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Refrigerator Odor?How do I eliminate a smelly odor in my frig?


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Tiny White Biting Bugs?I have tiny white, lint like, airborne biting bugs. What are they and how do I get rid of them?


Plant with green and purple leaves.

What is This Plant?I know it's not a wandering Jew (more succulent). It seems to be some type of bush.


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Baby Zebra Finch Seems Too Small?I think my baby zebra finch is undersized. I have a baby zebra finch in the nest, it is fully feathered, but looks tiny and I am not sure how old the baby is. Can anybody help me?


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