March 25, 2013

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Microfiber Towel

Uses for Microfiber TowelsThis is a page about uses for microfiber towels. Microfiber towels have a great many uses around the home.


Porcelain Figurine

Cleaning Smoke Residue From Ceramic and...This is a page about cleaning smoke residue from ceramic and porcelain figurines. A house fire or smokey fireplace can wreak havoc on your treasured figurines.


Tuna Dip

Tuna Dip RecipesThis page contains tuna dip recipes. Tuna dip is a tasty accompaniment to breads, crackers, or a veggie platter.


Homemade Butter

Making Homemade ButterThis page is about making homemade butter. This delicious spread can be made at home with heavy cream.


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Turbo Cooker RecipesThis page contains turbo cooker recipes. A countertop convection oven that can cook a wide variety of foods.


sewing machine

Attaching a Zipper Foot?This is a page about attaching a zipper foot. How the sewing feet attach may vary a bit from machine to machine. Without a manual it can be confusing.


California King Bed

Buying Sheets for a California King BedThis is a page about buying sheets for a California king bed. Sheets for a California king bed can be very pricey, as it is not a common size.


A man looking at his cell phone.

Blocking Calls on a Cell PhoneThis is a page about blocking calls on a cell phone. Getting unwanted or repeat wrong numbers on your cell phone can be very annoying, especially if you don't have unlimited minutes on your plan.


stacks of books

Removing Ink from Book Pages?This is a page about removing ink from book pages. Removing ink from paper, without damage, can be very difficult if not impossible.


San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains San Francisco California frugal travel guide. Travel can be expensive, but there are a number of thrifty ways to enjoy your visit once you arrive.


quilting fabric

Calculating Quilt Yardage?This is a page about calculating quilt yardage. Before starting your quilt you might want to calculate the yardage needed for the various components, such as blocks and borders.


Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies Treat Tips and TricksThis page contains rice crispie treat tips and tricks. A ready made cereal that can be used for some quick, inexpensive treats.


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Oatmeal Cookie Bar RecipesThis page contains oatmeal cookie bar recipes. By adding any number of inclusions or layers you can make delicious oatmeal cookie bars.


Cleaning With Rags

Cleaning With RagsThis page is about cleaning with rags. Old clothing and towels can make excellent cleaning cloths.


Comcast Xfinity Truck

Comcast Xfinity Triple Play Reviews?This is a page about Comcast Xfinity triple play reviews. Cable and internet service providers love to offer bundled services to their customers.


Boy With Thoughtful Gift

Thoughtful Gift IdeasThis page contains thoughtful gift ideas. A gift does not have to be expensive or large to be meaningful.



Snap Brownie RecipesThis page contains snap brownie recipes. These are not your everyday brownie.


Opening a Stuck Drawer

Opening a Stuck DrawerThis is a page about opening a stuck drawer. Depending on the access available to the drawer, fixing a stuck drawer can be easy or difficult.


Inground Pool

Cleaning an Inground PoolThis page is about cleaning an inground pool. It is important to clean your pool properly to protect the swimmer's health.


A cat biting its owners finger.

Training a Cat Not to BiteThis is a page about training a cat not to bite. It is not pleasant to have a pet cat that insists on biting you.



Pink Stains in Sinks and Bathtubs?This page is about pink stains in sinks and bathtubs. Removing rust stains from sinks and tubs can be difficult.


Ice Cream Square

Ice Cream Squares RecipesThis page contains ice cream squares recipes. Ice cream squares can be made in different flavors for a sweet, cold treat.


Worm Tea

Making and Storing Worm Tea?This is a page about making and storing worm tea. Worm tea is a great natural fertilizer you can make at home.


Covering a Tabletop With Pennies

Covering a Tabletop With PenniesThis page is about covering a tabletop with pennies. An attractive finish to a table can be these coins.


LCD TV Screen

Cleaning a TV ScreenThis is a page about cleaning a TV screen. Oops, your child just used permanent marker to draw on the TV screen.


newly renovated kitchen

Renovations With the Best Return on...This is a page about renovations with the best return on investment. Deciding which renovations to make before selling your home can be confusing.


Making Button Necklaces

Making Button NecklacesThis is a page about making button necklaces. Buttons can be used in making fun jewelry.


kids fighting

Keeping Kids From FightingThis page is about keeping kids from fighting. Whether good or bad, attention is always given when children choose to bicker.


Canadice Lake, New York Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Region, New York Frugal Travel GuideThis page is about Finger Lakes region, New York frugal travel guide. This area offers a year round variety of thrifty recreational opportunities.


Antipasto Wrap

Antipasto Wrap RecipesThis page contains antipasto wrap recipes. Antipasto wraps can be made using a variety of the typical foods found in a traditional Italian antipasto course.


older dog

Using Dog DiapersThis page is about using dog diapers. An elderly dog sometimes can not control its bladder very well.


Sheet Cake

Sheet Cake RecipesThis page contains sheet cake recipes. Sheet cakes are easier to make than layer cakes and travel easily for parties and potluck dinners.


Person painting an egg made of polystyrene

How to Paint StyrofoamThe rough porous surface of Styrofoam can make it a challenge to paint. This is a page about how to paint Styrofoam.



Muffin Tin Lasagna

Muffin Tin LasagnaThese muffin tin lasagnas are so yummy. They make great small portions that can easily be frozen and reheated too.


French Toast Casserole

Overnight French Toast CasseroleThe best part in making this delicious breakfast is that it is prepared in advance.



Tan dog on rug.

Daisy (Mini Pin Chihuahua Mix)Given as a gift from a friend.



Clawfoot tub with peeling paint.

Resealing a Claw Foot Tub?After stripping the tub, I have read that it should be resealed. What is the right product for this and where do I get it?


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Bathroom Wall Color?My husband does not like the beige walls in his bathroom. We wish to retain the dark brown shower curtain and bath set. The sink and tub are kind of a creamy off white. The toilet is white. The floor tile is a mottled beige. What wall color would you suggest?


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Removing Paint from Screen on Security Door?I have a "security screen door" that has been painted a couple of times over the last 10 years. I want to paint it again, but would like to remove the existing paint first.


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Table Runner for a Round Table?How wide should a runner be for a 60 inch round table?


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Making Liquid Shampoo from Bar Soap?I use an herbal organic bar soap for my hair and I want to convert it to liquid version. Is there anyway I can do that?


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Bleach Turned Substance Pink?Is there any substance that turns pink when brought in contact with the household bleach? Thanks.


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Making Facial Tissue Flowers?How do I make Kleenex tissue carnations?


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Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a hand painted porcelain doll from Menie Inc. Her name is Mandy. There were 5,000 pieces issued world wide. It is a Chinese doll with a panda bear.


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Removing Label from Plastic Bakery Containers?How do I remove the label from hard plastic fresh pie and cake containers that are purchased in the bakery section of stores?


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Weight Watcher's Plan from the 80s?I am looking for the Weight Watchers plan from the 80s, where it told you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack and how much to eat. Nothing has worked for me, but this plan, and I need to go back on it. Any help would be great!


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Makeup Storage Advice?It's everywhere! Makeup storage in a female house is a problem. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Avocado Tree Losing Leaves?My tree is about three years old and is flowering right now, but is losing leaves from the top down. I have not watered much during the wet months. Is this normal?


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Automatic Garage Door Has Malfunctioned?I own a Genie Excelerator garage door opener. After closing the door with the car remote the door came down rather fast and now neither the remote nor the wall unit will operate the door.


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Significance of Snails on Outside of House?What does having snails on the outside of the house indicate?


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Making Lavender Water?I've searched this page several times and cannot find a recipe for lavender water. Can someone help?


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?I have an almost 12 year old daughter and she seems to want to do more expensive stuff. What should I do?


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Inexpensive Fix for Old Dark Paneling?I have ugly, cheap, old paneling. I am looking for something really inexpensive to do with it. It is also too dark.


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Rich's Frozen Dinner Rolls?Where can I find Rich's frozen dinner rolls in the Wilmington, Delaware area?


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Removing Chemical Odor from New Shirt?I have a white crochet shirt I purchased that has a very strong chemical smell that I can't seem to wash out.


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Using a Microwave With Burnt Food Odor?Is it harmful to keep using a microwave when food has been burnt and you keep smelling the fumes?


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Value of 1977 Childcraft Set?Is a 1977 Childcraft book set worth any money?


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Shopping for a Roxton Seat Support Spring?Where can I get the spring which is a 3/16 inch diameter coated spring and formed in a loop 12 inches in diameter?


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Making a Crochet Beaded Pearl Necklace?My mother made me a necklace back in the '60s or early '70s. It was a rope of "pearls" long enough to wrap 2 or 3 times around my neck, fastened together at the ends, no clasp or fastener.


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