March 28, 2013

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A rain barrel hooked up to a down spout.

Frugal Gardening TipsThis is a page about frugal gardening tips. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful and bountiful garden.


Blind Dog

Caring for a Blind Dog?This is a page about caring for a blind dog. With patience and special techniques you can successfully train and care for a blind dog.


Book Purse

Making a Book PurseThis is a page about making a book purse. The hardcover of an old, discarded book can be used to make a unique purse.


Pink Sewing Pattern Weight

Making Sewing Pattern WeightsThis is a page about making sewing pattern weights. Some seamstresses choose to not pin the pattern pieces to the fabric, but rather to use weights to hold them in place.


Making a Toilet Planter

Making a Toilet PlanterThis is a page about making a toilet planter. You can easily recycle an old toilet into an artsy garden planter.


washing machine

Maytag Washer Error CodesYour washer has stopped working and is flashing a code on the display. This is a page about Maytag washer error codes.


cooking oil

Stretching Butter With OilThis is a page about stretching butter with oil. There are butter spreads on the market that combine butter with various types of oil, such as olive oil. You can save some money by making your own blended spread.


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Banana Split Cake RecipesThis page contains banana split cake recipes. Enjoy the delicious flavor of a banana split in this favorite dessert that can be made in several different ways.


woman with nice skin

Making and Storing Homemade Facial PeelsThis is a page about making and storing homemade facial peels. Many people prefer to make their own facial products at home.


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Coronation Chicken RecipesThis page contains coronation chicken recipes. This delicious dish made with leftover chicken and mango is said to have been created for Queen Elizabeth's coronation, hence the name.


Crystal Decanter

Using Lead CrystalThis is a page about using lead crystal. The lead used in the making of lead crystal can be leached out by the contents in a decanter.


Fruit Cocktail Cake Recipes

Fruit Cocktail Cake RecipesThis page contains fruit cocktail cake recipes. For a delicious mixed fruit flavor, make a fruit cocktail cake for your next event or dinner.



Removing Adhesive from Plexiglass?This is a page about removing adhesive from Plexiglas. With the proper products and care you can remove stubborn adhesive from Plexiglass without damaging the surface.



Starching JeansThis is a page about starching jeans. If you prefer a more dressy causal look to your jeans for certain occasions, try starching them.


Liquid Hand Soap

Stretching Liquid Hand SoapThis is a page about stretching liquid hand soap. Stretching the liquid hand soap you use is one way to cut household expenses.


Cell Phone Batteries

Saving Money on Cell Phone BatteriesThis is a page about saving money on cell phone batteries. Replacing the battery in your cell phone can be costly.


Quinceanera Ideas

Quinceanera Ideas?This is a page about quinceanera ideas. Planning and celebrating her quinceanera is an important time in a young girl's life.


School Bulletin Board

School Bulletin Board IdeasThis is a page about school bulletin board ideas. Teachers and others who work or volunteer at schools often have to design bulletin boards.


Cooking a Whole Chicken

Cooking a Whole ChickenMany recipes using chicken call for certain parts, such as the breast or thigh. However, at times you may wish to prepare an entire chicken.



Uses for Carpet Padding?This is a page about uses for carpet padding. When you pull up your carpet or install new, you may have leftover padding.


Colorful Quilt

Making a Quilt Staging WallThis is a page about making a quilt staging wall. A staging wall is very handy for designing and completing your quilt.


Painted Pot Holders

Making Painted Pot HoldersThis is a page about making painted pot holders. Inexpensive potholders can be dressed up for your own home or gift giving, by painting them with decorative designs.


Mouse Pad

Cleaning a Mouse PadThis is a page about cleaning a mouse pad. Rather than spending money on a new mouse pad, try cleaning the one you have.


newly painted walls

Finding Moisture Resistant Interior Paint?This is a page about finding moisture resistant interior paint. Certain areas of a home such as the bathroom or basement are best painted with a product designed for humid areas.



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Use Placemats For Clean Refrigerator ShelvesTo keep my refrigerator clean, I put washable placemats on each shelf. I also change them out to different bright happy colors as the mood strikes me.


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Reusing TowelsWhen my bath towels start looking worn or shabby I cut them into 4 pieces, hem them, and use them for dish towels. When these have served their purpose, I cut a notch in them and use these for rags.


Double Decker Flight (Swans)

Double Decker Flight (Swans)This photo was taken on a damp grey day after a rain. My boots were stuck in the mud so deep that I was unsure if I would be able to take a step without leaving the boots behind. Every step I took, they took.


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Teaching a Cat Not to BiteI learned through trial and error a couple things to help your kitty stop biting you during play.


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Glass Cleaner From Leftover DrinksPour all your leftover alcoholic drinks that your guests did not finish into one big spray can. Add water and use it instead of Windex.


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Freeze Eye Pencils for Sharp TipsIf you put your eyebrow pencil in the freezer for a few minutes prior to using, you always make super sharp tips and cleaner lines while it is frozen.


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Use Electric Cooker As "Crockpot"Before you contemplate buying a crockpot, check out the smallest ring on your electric cooker. I found out that my past two cookers were usable this way by reading the information that came with the contraption. I didn't trust it to start with so I stayed in all day just to make sure.


spout on mason jar

Salt Spout Mason JarDon't throw that empty salt container away. You can remove the top with the spout and cut it down to fit inside a mason jar ring! Now you can put all kind of things in the jar and easily pour out the amount you want.



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Dog Scared of Laminate Floor?I have a 9 month old Bullmastiff and for the last month or 2 he has been scared to walk on my laminate floor. He is so scared that he won't even come out of his crate in the morning to go outside, he will just hold it.


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Ashton Drake Collections Doll?How much is my Ashton Drake baby doll worth? It is from the newborn nursery collection and includes certificate of birth and hospital bracelet. It is a weighted doll; still in the box.


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Coloring Your Hair After a Perm?If you've had a perm done 8 weeks ago can you put a color in your hair? If so what would be the best way to go about doing it?


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Skyrim Birthday Ideas?My son is having his 16th birthday in a couple of of weeks, and I want to do a Skyrim themed party. Any ideas on decorations? I am thinking of making him a PS3 controller cake. I am having a hard time finding anything on the internet. Any ideas and help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?What do bed bug bites look like and how to I get rid of bedbugs?


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Eating Stew Left in Crockpot Over Night?The stew in my slow-cooker was just finishing cooking when I went to bed at 10:00 pm. It was way too hot to put in the refrigerator. I left it covered on the counter and refrigerated it at 7:30 in the morning. Is it still OK to eat?


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Tips of Plant Leaves Turning Brown?My one plant has yellow leaves and then they are brown on the tips of the leaves. What does this mean? Too much water or not enough?


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Refreshing Dry Erase Markers?My Expo Dry Erase markers are not old, but one just dried up and the lid was on it. Is there anything you can do to "rewet" them?


Doll in ruffly dress.

Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll with this information on its neck: Lois McCall Hildd, copyright 1986, J.D.K. Jr. 1914 gesgeson, N1070, NODIEN 16 Germany. the hands, elbows, knees and ankles are all jointed.


Finch nest.

Zebra Finch Has Laid Eggs?I have two zebra finches one male (Micky) and one female (Minny). I recently learned that they have babies in the nest. They have laid eggs before and the babies died and also they have lost eggs.


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Finding A Birthday Party Venue in Philly or Montgomery County?I am planning my wife's 55th birthday party. Where can I find a nice reasonable place to have it? My preference is Philly or Montgomery county. I need an oldies dj, 50 plus. I guess we can do our own food catering unless a package can be presented to me for all-inclusive party. Thank you.


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2 Liter Bottle Easter Basket?I am trying to find a pattern for an Easter basket made from a 2 liter bottle. The handles and ears are cut from the bottle. Holes are punched in plastic so you can crochet around the bottle. The bunny face is a large pom pom.


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Gift for Boyfriend's 25th Birthday?My boyfriend is having his 25th birthday on June 8th. I want to do something very exciting, different, and very romantic for him, but not so expensive. Please suggest something.


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Repairing a Broken Glider Chair?The back and seat of my glider goes back too far, almost like a regular rocker. The chair does not sit up straight.


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Determining Eligibility for Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My sister and I were 12 and 17, when our father passed away. That was 16 years ago. He was 41 years old at the time. I'm not sure when he became a US citizen, but it must of been at least 5 years prior to his death.


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Using a Curling Iron?When you wrap your hair in the curling iron is the curling iron on? Or off?


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Keeping Dogs Off Furniture?I have 2 large dogs that shed terribly and I can't keep them off the couch. They leave so much hair behind on my beige couch that no one sits on it now. Help!


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Making a Mosquito Trap?Do you put pepper inside the container?


Dog in box.

Previously House Trained Dog Backsliding?My year old Havenese has been potty trained for a month now and she just today pooped in front of the house door. Every time I bring her out she sometimes won't go.


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