April 5, 2013

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Tortilla Casserole

Tortilla Casserole RecipesThis page contains tortilla casserole recipes. Create a delicious main dish casserole using tortillas and your favorite fillings.


shovel with dirt

Finding Free Fill Dirt for the GardenThis is a page about finding free fill dirt for the garden. The cost of preparing a garden can be reduced in a variety of ways, including finding a source for free fill dirt.


Little girl at her princess themed birthday party.

Planning a Princess Theme PartyThis is a page about planning a princess theme party. Princess themed parties are fun for all ages.


Sweetgum Tree

Transplanting a Sweetgum Tree?This is a page about transplanting a sweet gum tree. Many trees, even quite mature ones, can be transplanted if appropriate care and techniques are used.


Cooking Oil Spritzer

Cleaning a Cooking Oil Spritzer?This is a page about cleaning a cooking oil spritzer. Using a cooking oil spritzer is convenient and allows you to choose the oil you use for cooking, but if it is not properly cleaned it may not work well.


Persian Cat

Persian Cat Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Persian cat breed information and photos. These long haired beauties are an old breed, originating in the middle east.


Pasta Side Dish

Pasta Side Dish RecipesWe often think of pasta as a main course, but there are many great pasta side dish recipes.


Toasty Halibut Tortillas

Toasty Halibut Tortillas RecipeThis page features a recipe for making halibut tostadas. It's a tasty and healthier alternative to eating tostada with red meat.


Fingernails are Clear

Why Are the Tips of My Fingernails Clear?This is a page about when the tips of your fingernails are clear. Typically the tips of your fingernails are an opaque white, but not always.



Preventing Mineral Deposits in a ToiletMineral deposits in the toilet not only create an unsightly ring in the bowl, they can also cause problems if they disrupt normal flow of water into and out of the tank. This is a page about preventing mineral deposits in a toilet.


Angel Hair Pasta

Angel Hair Pasta RecipesThis page contains angel hair pasta recipes. Delicate angel hair pasta is a favorite for use in preparing many dishes.



Improving Boxed Brownie MixesThis is a page about improving boxed brownie mixes. Boxed brownie mixes are convenient to use and often inexpensive to buy. You can doctor up these basic mixes with additions to improve their taste.


Fresh Pears

Fresh Pear Cake RecipesThis page contains fresh pear cake recipes. When they are in season fresh pears are delicious when baked into a cake.


Casserole Dish

Freezing Pampered Chef Casserole Dishes?This is a page about freezing Pampered Chef casserole dishes. Many cooks like to freeze a casserole to heat and serve later. You will need to use freezer safe dishes to do this.


Buying a New Car

Buying a New CarThis is a page about buying a new car. Buying a new car is an important and likely expensive decision.


Organic Food

Buying Organic FoodThis is a page about buying organic food. The appeal of organic foods has been growing among consumers over time, however the higher price still remains a deterrent for some.


Laminate Flooring and Pets

Advice About Laminate Flooring and Pets?This page contains advice about laminate flooring and pets. When deciding to install new flooring one consideration is its suitability if there are pets in your home.


Pet Friendly Flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring?This is a page about pet friendly flooring. Certain types of flooring lend themselves to pets in the home better than others.


Fixing a Shower Door Latch

Fixing a Shower Door Latch?This is a page about fixing a shower door latch. It can be costly to replace an entire shower door just because the latch is broken.


"Stationary" vs "Stationery"

"Stationary" vs "Stationery" - Grammar TipsMany words in the English language with very similar spellings are commonly confused. There are some easy tips that can help you remember the difference. This is a page about "stationary" vs "stationery" - grammar tips.


Candles for Odor Removal

Using Candles for Odor RemovalThis is a page about using candles for odor removal. There are many products on the market that are sold to help remove unpleasant odors from our homes.


Frozen Vegetables

Recipes Using Frozen VegetablesThis page contains recipes using frozen vegetables. Using frozen vegetables in your recipes not only makes them quicker to prepare, but also adds another serving of veggies to your day.


installing tile

Removing Grout From Tiles?This is a page about removing grout from tiles. When doing a tile job one of the common problems is grout that is not properly cleaned off of the tile before it dries.


Seafood Casserole

Seafood Casserole RecipesPlan your next casserole around the seafood or seafood combination of your choice. This page contains seafood casserole recipes.



upclose of nest

Nature in a JarOne of the things both my kids and I enjoy are the things we find in nature. From feathers to birds nest and everything in between. I wanted to find a way to preserve these items for us to enjoy for a long time.


Gidget and Numi in crate.

Gidget and Numi Share a Quiet MomentI was pet sitting for my daughter's dog, Gidget. Our cat Numi, spent a day and a half trying to get Gidget to play with him. After lots of rubbing and head bumping he resorted to sharing her crate as a last ditch effort.



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What Does RTOA Mean When Someone is Released From Custody?In Riverside California, when you are released from custody, what do the initials RTOA mean? Is it "being releases to another agency" maybe?


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Keeping Sand in a Fishpond Clean?How do you keep sand in a fish pond clean, so that it doesn't turn green?


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Blending Whole Lemons Including Peels?Can one blend a whole lemon, both juice and back together, to drink? Is the lemon oil edible (the oil from the peel)?


Princess Diana doll.

Value of a Princess Diana Doll?I would like to know how much my Princess Diana doll is worth. She is wearing her blue dress with her blue diamond earrings and necklace.


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Range Burners Not Lighting?The burners don't come out and I also can't seem to lift the stovetop up to get to them.


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Repairing a Built-in Fast Fill Electric Pump (Intex)?My air mattress is leaking air, but I can't find a hole anywhere! I think it may be the built-in pump. I can hear a hard piece sliding around inside my air bed, and thinking maybe the pump broke off inside?


Boxer looking puppy on bed.

What Breed is My Dog?I've had this puppy for a few months and I see that she has Boxer characteristics, but she seams like she's mixed with another breed like Pit Bull or something. Can anyone offer a suggestion?


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Dog Rolled in Cow Poop?Recently we were at the lake walking around and running my lab dog. A cow pasture was near and he found some cow poop and rolled in it (very fresh) really good. I got home and gave him a good bath outside.


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Getting Rid of Sand Fleas?I just moved into a new place with my 2 cats a few days ago and noticed these very tiny fleas on my ankles and that my cats are really bathing themselves. They are not very quick as I was able to kill a couple.


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Removing Ink from Leather Car Interior?I had my Jeep serviced and when I got home I noticed a blue ink line on the driver's door. Knowing it would do no good to ask if he did it I decided to try to clean it myself.


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Daycare Name Ideas?I'm starting my own daycare and need a name. I like owls, moon, and stars. I was thinking Hoots and Toots (owls and laughing and trains tooting horns). I liked how it rhymes. Any other ideas?


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13th Birthday Party Sleepover Ideas?My daughter Hannah is turning 13 on August 7 and she wants to have a sleepover, but she wants to have it on Mission Beach. I said that was okay because she asked so far in advance, but I have no idea what to do because her and her friends are super girly. What should I do?


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Cleaning Dust on Norfolk Pine?I have forced air heat. My pine has a lot of dust on the needles. What is the best way to clean the plant?


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Using a Hound Brush?I am going to purchase a hound brush from drsfostersmith.com. They are also known as the Hound Mitt or the Hound Glove. Do any of you use one and do any of you like it?


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Natural Remedy for Weeds in My Lawn?I need to kill weeds that are coming up in my lawn. I have centipede grass and would like to use something that will not kill the grass and not hurt the environment.


Two dogs in back of car.

What Breed is My Puppy?I am just looking for some guesses. She is four months old. The little grey one.


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Removing Nail Polish off Coats Dried in Dryer?Unfortunately all of my children's coats were washed and dried along with pink nail polish. Is there something I can put in the wash to quickly get the polish out of all the coats?


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Cleaning Sharpie Off Laptop Screen and Touchpad?My 4yr old sister put brown Sharpie on my movable mouse that's built in my laptop and on my screen. Please help!


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Removing Candle Soot from Ceiling?The ceiling (white) and painted walls beneath the edge of the ceiling are marked with the blackish soot from burning scented candles. What is the best way to remove the soot without making it a blackish sooty mess?


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