April 7, 2013

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Georgia Travel Photos and InformationThis page has tips, photos and information for traveling to Georgia.


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Making a Patchwork SkirtPatchwork is not just a quilting technique, you can make a wide variety of clothing items based on patchwork pieced fabric. This is a page about making a patchwork skirt.


Barley Salad

Barley Salad RecipesA healthy, filling salad can include cold, cooked grains. This page contains barley salad recipes.


Wild Rice Cakes

Wild Rice Patty RecipesThis page contains wild rice patty recipes. These crunchy fried patties make a delicious meat-free entree.


Pothos Vine

Caring for a Pothos Vine?This is a page about caring for a pothos vine. Pothos vines are a very easy to grow and care for houseplant. Your biggest challenge will be to keep it from taking over your house.


Washington DC Capital Building

Washington DC Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains Washington DC frugal travel guide. The capital of the United States has great museums and many historical monuments.


Screen Door

Making a Screen DoorThis page is about making a screen door. When your door is open and the bugs start flying, it is nice to keep them out of your home.


Whipped butter on a waffle.

Making Whipped Butter?This is a page about making whipped butter. You don't need to pay extra for whipped butter when it is easily made at home.


Chrome Faucet

Cleaning ChromeThis page is about cleaning chrome. Whether on a fixture, appliance, bike or auto this metal always looks best when its sparkling clean.


Hamburger Stew

Hamburger Stew RecipesThis page contains hamburger stew recipes. An inexpensive, nutritious main dish can be made with ground beef and vegetables.


Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos, and guides for traveling to Miami, Florida. Beaches, museums, aquariums, and proximity to the Everglades are a few of the things that draw tourists to this large southeastern city.


old dashboard

Fixing a Cracked Dashboard?This is a page about fixing a cracked dashboard. Exposure to sun and temperature variations can cause the dashboard in your car to crack. To save on expenses you can make the repairs yourself.


Lowering a Bed Frame

Lowering a Bed Frame?This page is about lowering a bed. Sometimes a bed may be too high for its user to easily get in and out.


Chest Freezer

Repairing a Gasket on a Chest Freezer?This page is about repairing a gasket on a chest freezer. If your freezer doesn't seal properly it may be time for a new gasket.



Making DollhousesThis page is about making dollhouses. Hours of fun can be had with a miniature house for dolls.



Getting Rid of CloverThis page is about getting rid of clover. Sometimes this legume is growing in your lawn or garden where you don't want it.


Printer Cartridges

Recycling Printer CartridgesThis page is about recycling printer cartridges. When you want to have your cartridge refilled or just make sure it is recycled.


cleaning silicone spray from tiles

Removing Silicone Spray?This is a page about removing silicone spray. Removing silicone spray from surfaces is easy enough if you use the right products.


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Removing Printed Clothing Labels?Many consumers were please when the scratchy clothing tags were replace with printed tags. However, sometimes as the printed tag degrades it can also be irritating. This is a page about removing printed clothing labels.


downloading a file

Deleting a Downloaded File?This page is about deleting a downloaded file. When you get rid of a file on your computer, you want to make sure all of it is gone.


Rabbit Soap Holder

Making a Rabbit Soap HolderThis page is about making a rabbit soap holder. A folded towel can be fashioned into a cute gift.


Worm Bin

Starting Worm Bin for Fish BaitThis page is about starting a worm bin for fish bail. When you are planning on lots of fishing, it's great to have worms readily available.


clothes dryer

Removing Fabric Dye from Dryer?This is a page about removing fabric dye from dryer.Some new clothing can actually leave dye stains in the dryer after their first washing.


Chow Chow Australian Shepherd

Chow Chow Australian Shepherd Mix PhotosThis page contains chow chow Australian shepherd photos. These mixed breed dogs make wonderful family pets.


a woman sewing

Altering Misses Size Pants Pattern to Petite?This page is about altering misses size pants pattern to petite. When your pattern is too big, there are ways to make it fit right.



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Baking Soda for Hard Water Spots on DishesA spoonful of baking soda in the dishwasher will get rid of hard water spots on glasses and dishes.



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Sharpening Hedge Trimmers?How do I sharpen my hedge trimmers?


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Kittens With Cold in Its Eye?My cat had kittens 2 weeks ago. One of the four has cold in their eye. I have tried using warm milk and it didn't work.


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Shopping for Greased Lightening Cleaner?Could someone please tell me where I can buy the product Greased Lightening as suggested for removing acrylic paint. Many thanks.


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13th Birthday Party Games?Can you suggest to me some pen and paper games for my daughter who will turn 13 yrs on 12th of this month. There are only nine girls invited at the party. Please answer me as soon as possible.


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Ideas for 14 Year Old Girls Sleep Over?I need some help on trying to find out what to do for my daughter's 14th birthday party. I am looking for ideas that's not going to overall cost an abundance of money. It's in one week. Please any ideas, I need help!


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Feeding a Nesting Finch?What are the foods I need to feed the finch while they are nesting and after the eggs have hatched?


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Catchy Name Ideas for Cleaning Business?I am starting up my own cleaning business and am wanting a trendy catchy name.


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Using Downy for Removing Dog Urine Smell?When applying the 50/50 Downy and water after the fact, how does one clean the mixture up off the floor?


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Removing Black Marker from Nightgown?Is it possible to get black marker out of a pure white hand-made nightgown? I finally found that perfect nightgown, it is pure white, hand-made, and it was a big splurge for myself, but I may have ruined it.


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Sharpening Hedge Trimmers?How do I sharpen my hedge trimmers?


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Kenmore Ultra Stitch 10 Won't Sew?I am half way through a quilt and the needle just stopped sewing. The foot pedal still works and the belt is still intact and the hand wheel and clutch knob still turn, but the needle just won't move.


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Gnats Coming Into the House Through Screens?What can I spray or rub on the screen to keeps these gnats from coming into my bedroom?! I don't want a trap that lures them in and then kills them, I want something that repels and keeps them off my screens and out of my room.


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Donating Greeting Cards?Does anyone know where I can donate used greeting cards?


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Removing Melted Plastic from Trex Deck?I have a heavy plastic container on my deck for cigarette butts. Somehow one of the butts did not go out and other butts started to burn. When I lifted the plastic container, the whole bottom was melted to the Trex deck.


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