May 9, 2013

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Spaghetti With Ragu

Ragu RecipesThis page contains ragu recipes. A thick Italian meat sauce that is delicious on pasta.


Microfiber Sofa

Removing Candle Wax From MicrofiberThis is a page about removing candle wax from microfiber. The texture of microfiber can make it difficult to remove candle wax spills.


bee on a flower

Keeping Bees AwayThis is a page about keeping bees away. It is very annoying to be plagued by bees whenever you try to sit outside, have a picnic, or engage in other outdoor activities.


elderly man with a gift

Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for a Nursing...A lovely thought, for you or as a group activity, is to bring Valentine's Day gifts to residents of a nursing home. This is a page about Valentine's Day gift ideas for a nursing home.


stack of towels

Making a Jacket from Towels?This page is about making a jacket from towels. A jacket made from terry cloth can be handy after swimming or bathing.


A woman ordering from a catalog.

Ordering an LTD Catalog?This is a page about ordering an LTD catalog. LTD Commodities is a merchandising company that allows the customer to buy now and pay later.


applying adhesive on a window

Removing Adhesive from Glass?This is a page about removing adhesive from glass. Tape, sticker, and other types of adhesive can be difficult to remove from glass.


Woman Deodorizing in Her Home

Deodorizing Your HomeThis is a page about deodorizing your home. Cooking, pets, and other activities in your home result in odors that can linger and leave it smelling anything but fresh and pleasant.


Duct Tape

Removing Duct Tape From Carpet?This is a page about removing duct tape from carpet. If you have used this popular tape to attach something such as a power cord, to your carpet, you may now be lamenting that decision. Duct tape and its residue can be difficult to remove from carpet.


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Using "La Salute E Nella Cotta" Terracotta Cookware?This is a page about using "La Salute E Nella Cotta" terracotta cookware. Terra cotta cookware is an excellent choice for many baking needs. It does require some special treatment, unlike typical glass and metal cookware.


Preserving Okra

Storing and Preserving OkraThis page is about storing and preserving okra. This southern vegetable does not keep for long, so you need to have a good way to preserve it.


Broken Porcelain Doll

Repairing Broken Porcelain Dolls and FigurinesThis is a page about repairing broken porcelain dolls and figurines. It is very sad when treasured porcelain dolls or figurines get chipped or broken. Sometimes if the damage is not too bad they can be fixed.


Garbage Disposal

Installing a Garbage Disposal?This page is about installing a garbage disposal. You may want to consult a plummer when tackling this installation.


Strawberries and Bananas

Shoney's Copycat Recipes?Who hasn't enjoyed a restaurant meal and then wished that they could make it at home. Shoney's strawberry and banana dessert is a popular recipe to recreate at home. Finding copycat recipes is the best way to get a dish very similar to the one you liked.



Canning RhubarbThis is a page about canning rhubarb. Excess rhubarb is easy to preserve by canning.


Making a Barrette Holder

Making a Barrette HolderThis is a page about making a barrette holder. A barrette holder is a great gift for a young girl; it is also a good craft to work on with your daughter.


Bird House

Keeping Bees Out of Bird Houses?This is a page about keeping bees out of bird houses. Bees and other insects are known build nests inside birdhouses.


chocolate cake

Bar One Cake Recipe?This page contains Bar One cake recipe. Make a scrumptious chocolate cake by including Bar One candy bars in the mix.


An old white refrigerator.

Turning an Old Refrigerator into an IceboxThis page is about turning an old refrigerator into an icebox. Once that refrigerator no longer cools on its own, ice can be used to keep it cool.


cat on carpet

Removing Cat Pee and Odor from CarpetThis is a page about removing cat pee and odor from carpet. When you kitty has an accident on the carpet it can be difficult to remove the pee and the odor.


aphids on a plant

Using Soaps and Detergents for Insect...This page is about using soaps and detergents for insect control on plants. Keeping insects from consuming your plants can sometimes be a challenge.


power outage kitchen

Cooking When the Power Goes OutThis is a page about cooking when the power goes out. Inclement weather often results in power outages. One inconvenience of the loss of power is that cooking may be impossible.


table damaged by cleaner

Fixing Wood Furniture Damaged by Household...Using the wrong cleaner on your wood furniture may result in damage to the finish and the wood below. This is a page about fixing wood furniture damaged by household cleaners.


Smooth Cooktop

Canning on a Smooth Cooktop?This is a page about canning on a smooth cooktop. There has been some controversy regarding the suitability of glass ceramic cooktops for canning foods.



Cleaning Sticky Residue from a Mirror?This is a page about cleaning sticky residue from a mirror. Cleaning sticky residue from a mirror can be trying.


Two younger travelers by a river.

Tips for Traveling GreenThis is a page about tips for traveling green. You can incorporate you attempts to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle into your vacation and travel plans.


Removing Adhesive

Removing AdhesiveThis is a page about removing adhesive. Trying to remove adhesive from various surfaces can be a process of trial and error.


Chow Chow Mix

Chow Chow Mix PhotosThis page contains chow chow mix photos. These wonderful mixed bred dogs can be a great companions.


roll of tape

Removing Tape Residue From Carpet?This is a page about removing tape residue from carpet. Tape that been used to attach something temporarily to carpet may leave a sticky residue when removed.


Beaded Ring

Making Jewelry RingsThis is a page about making jewelry rings. Using beading techniques or metalworking, you can make some great jewelry.


computer upgrade

Installing a TV Tuner Card?This is a page about installing a TV tuner card. You can watch TV on your computer by installing a tuner card.


Fabric Covered Container

Making a Fabric Covered ContainerThis is a page about making a fabric covered container. Covering a plain container with colorful fabric is a great way to make a pretty, useful addition to your home decor or to give as a gift.


Vinyl Name Tag Holder

Reuse Vinyl Name Tag HoldersThis is a page about how to reuse vinyl name tag holders. If you have attended a conference or meeting you may have gotten one of the vinyl name tags that clip to your clothing. Rather than tossing it in the trash when you get home you might look for creative ways to reuse it.


Computer Mouse

Cleaning a Computer Mouse?This is a page about cleaning a computer mouse. Keeping your computer mouse clean will help keep it working properly.


Squirrel Outside

Squirrels Damaging Outdoor Furniture?This is a page about squirrels damaging outdoor furniture. Squirrels may be cute and fun to watch at their antics, but there is no humor involved, when they start to shred and destroy your outdoor furniture cushions.


Heart Shaped Pillow

Heart Shaped Craft IdeasThis page contains heart shaped craft ideas. There are many craft projects that can be made in this lovable shape.


Using a Canoe

Using a CanoeThis page is about using a canoe. It's important to understand water safety before learning to use a canoe.


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Cleaning Sticky Residue from a Dry Erase Board?This is a page about cleaning sticky residue from a dry erase board. Often white boards are also used to hold notes and pieces of paper, attached with tape. Once those notes are removed the tape residue may be a problem.


Valentine's Day Heart

Making Valentine's Day CouponsA great idea for a Valentine's Day gift is to make a coupon book. It can contain a variety of coupons for things, such as a romantic dinner, a walk in the park, etc. This is a page about making Valentine's Day coupons.


dog on a car trip

Keeping Your Dog Safe on Car TripsThis page is about keeping your dog safe on car trips. Making sure your pets are cool, safe and secure is essential when they accompany you in the car.


Welbilt Bread Machine

Finding Welbilt Bread Machine ManualsThis is a page about finding Welbilt bread machine manuals. Whether you lost the manual or came upon a used bread machine at a good price, but without a manual, it can be frustrating not to have the reference manual.


Tea Tree Oil

Using Tea Tree Oil for DogsThis is a page about using tea tree oil for dogs. Many pet owners have found ways to use tea tree oil as a remedy for various pet aliments.


homemade toy canoe

Making a Toy CanoeThis is a page about making a toy canoe. Making a toy canoe is a good project to work on with your kids.



Cat lying in flower bed.

Taking Flower Bed LiterallyMy cat Annie seems to be taking flower bed literally!


strawberry shortcake

Strawberry ShortcakeAfter buying a huge flat of strawberries, I realized that I need to find a few ways to use them up. These shortcakes are so delicious, you will never want store bought ones again!


Perfume samples.

Perfume Samples for Scented LingerieI love lightly scented lingerie and socks so I will pull out the nice perfume scented paper samples in magazines and inserts mailed to me to fold into my lingerie drawers! I even add softener sheets or soap wrappers sometimes!


sliced kiwi

Canning Kiwi in a Hot Water BathKiwifruit is your first consideration when canning the kiwi. To check the fruit that you might want to can, you need to "sloop" the kiwi. Sloop is a word made up in the kiwi world for slicing and scooping.


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Freezing FigsI love fresh figs, but when there are too many to eat, a rare occurrence, I peel them, and cook down until I have a fruit syrup. Then I freeze it for future cooking/baking uses.



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Childcare Names?I'm opening a childcare center and I would like the name to contain my son's name. His name is Landyn. I can't think of any names that I think are catchy. Help!


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Freezing Figs?How do you freeze figs?


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Brinn's Porcelain Collectible Doll?I have a 1989 #619 of 12,000, Adelaide doll. It is new in the box, in the wrapping and unopened. I am looking for present value.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?Can someone please suggest a name for an interior design business?


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Will a Potted Hydrangea Bloom Again?I cut the flowers from my potted hydrangea for a flower arrangement. Is there any way I can get the plant to reflower?


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Name Ideas for Online Clothing Store?I'm planning to have an online clothing store, but I can't think of a name for it. Can you help me? Thanks a bunch!


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Hummel Figurines Ruined by Fire?My Hummel figurines were in a bad fire. Why did they look like there was only black smoke on them from a distance and still looked all together and OK, but when someone touched them, they all fell apart into cinders?Please answer my question.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?My Murray rider mower will not start. I bought a new battery and still had to jump off. What else can I try?


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Finding Free or Low Cost Furniture?With limited funds, 100.00 per month, that I have left after bills are paid, how can I get a bed and furniture for a one bedroom apartment in Georgia?I am on SSDI and have tried the social services, but to no avail.


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Maytag Washer Flashing Code F02?I have a Maytag front load washer. It is flashing F02 code what can I do?


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Interior Design Business Name?My name is Marissa, I need some ideas for an interior design business name, but also would like to include planning weddings, events, etc. Please help! I live in Michigan around many lakes.


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Container Gardening in Plastic Storage Boxes?The dirt in my small yard is quite hard and clay-like, so I thought I would try container gardening. I have several Rubbermaid storage boxes I thought I could use, but I want to make sure I do it successfully.


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Value of Old Encyclopedias?I am questioning the value of: 1939 Webster's Dictionary, good condition, 1926 Winstin's Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia, fair condition, 1948 Funk and Wagnall's new Standard Encyclopedia, good condition, and 1957 World Book Encyclopedia, good condition.


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Replacement Element for George Foreman Rotisserie?I need a replacement electric element.


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Selling Walnut Trees to a Mill?I have 2 black walnut trees that I'm interested in selling to a wood mill. How do I do that?


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Dog Scratching and Licking His Belly?My dog is a Rat Terrier/Red Heeler mix (white with reddish brown spots). He weighs about 22 lbs. He scratches and licks his "belly" and legs a lot. He eats some dry food, chicken in gravy and beef in gravy. Could this be an allergy to the canned chicken and/or beef.


Photo of puppy when a bit older.

What Breed is My Dog?I got my puppy a few weeks ago. My husband thinks she's a Husky/wolf mix. I know she's part Husky. Not sure what else.


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