May 31, 2013

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Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information and PhotosThe diminutive and glamorous Yorkshire Terrier is a very compact dog with a long, silky coat and a lively and ostentatious personality. Originally developed by the working class to control rats in mines and cotton mills, today the Yorkshire Terrier enjoys popularity as a beloved companion and show dog.


fat beagle

Putting a Dog on a Diet?This is a page about putting a dog on a diet. Dogs may need to be put on a special diet in order to lose weight.


painted formica countertops

Painting a Formica CountertopThis is a page about painting a Formica countertop. Painting your old, outdated Formica countertops is a great way to update your kitchen.


Electric Knife

Using an Electric KnifeThis is a page about using an electric knife. An electric knife can be a very useful kitchen tool, one that you may use daily.


Dishwasher Rack Toy Wagon

Making a Toy Wagon from a Dishwasher RackThis is a page about making a toy wagon from a dishwasher rack. It is fun and creative to make toys from household items.



Puggle PhotosThis page contains information and photos about the Puggle breed. This popular dog is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle and is known for its great personality and appearance.


A nicely decorated wedding reception.

Name Ideas for a Party Decorating Business?This is a page about name ideas for a party decorating business. If you enjoy planning and decorating for a party, perhaps you may enjoy having your own business specializing in party decorating.


Making Metal Flowers

Making Metal Flowers?This is a page about making metal flowers. Metal flowers can be used either in the garden or inside your home as a unique addition to your decor.


Bichon Frise Puppy

Bichon Frise Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Bichon Frise breed information and photos. These fluffy, friendly, white dogs make great companions for all family members.


Air Filter

Cleaning an Air Purifier FilterThis is a page about cleaning an air purifier filter. Your air purifier does a great job of cleaning the air in your home. To keep it working properly you will need to clean it as well.


Rescued Dog

Introducing a Rescued Dog to Resident Pets?This is a page about introducing a rescued dog to resident pets. Introducing a new pet to the resident pets should always be done with care and patience. This is perhaps even more true of a new rescue pet who may have special issues resulting from abuse, neglect, or abandonment.


Clothes Dryer

Cleaning a Dryer Vent?This is a page about cleaning a dryer vent. Keeping your dryer vent clean not only helps it work more efficiently, but can help prevent a fire.


Black Pine Snake

Identifying Black SnakesThis is a page about identifying black snakes. Identifying a snake you have seen in your backyard or out hiking can be difficult.


Border Collie

Border Collie Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Border Collie breed information and photos.The Border Collie is a medium sized, athletic dog bred to herd and control livestock, particularly sheep.



Making Wax Crayon Quilt BlocksThis is a page about making wax crayon quilt blocks. Inexpensive wax crayons can be used to decorate fabric that can then be made into unique quilt blocks.


An architect working on plans.

Name Ideas for an Architecture Firm?This is a page about name ideas for an architecture firm. Choosing a name for your business is an important step toward building a business presence and a clientele base.


Pet chicken in the backyard.

Pet Chickens Information and PhotosThis is a page about pet chickens information and photos. Keeping chickens as pets has become more popular as many urban households have begun to raise backyard chickens as pets and for the eggs.


small bedroom

Finding Replacement Controls for a Heated...This is a page about finding replacement controls for a heated mattress pad. It can be very frustrating to find replacement controls for a variety of electric household products.


Girl with red curly hair.

Managing Curly Hair?This is a page about managing curly hair. Despite the envy many people have of someone with curly hair, it can be a challenge to manage and style.


Pom Pom Caterpillar

Making a Pom Pom CaterpillarThis is a page about making a pom pom caterpillar. Craft pom poms can be used in so many projects, especially those for children.


Energy Efficient Furnace

Energy Efficient Home Heating OptionsThis is a page about energy efficient home heating options. Heating is the largest energy expense in your home, accounting for between 35-70 percent of your costs.


Aggressive dog bearing it's teeth and growling.

Dog is Aggressive Towards Children?This is a page about when dog is aggressive towards children. Aggression is a common and serious behavioral problem seen in dogs. Having a dog that exhibits aggression towards a child is disturbing.


Alarm Clock

Buying an Alarm Clock?This is a page about buying an alarm clock. There are many sizes, shapes, and options available when purchasing an alarm clock.


Pregnant Cat

Giving Medication to a Pregnant Cat?This is a page about giving medication to a pregnant cat.Just as with pregnant women, great care must be taken when considering medicating a pregnant cat.


Mrs. Claus Costume

Making a Mrs. Claus Costume?This is a page about making a Mrs. Claus costume. Don't let Santa monopolize Christmas every year, make yourself a Mrs. Claus costume and join in on the fun.



Cockatiel Information and PhotosThis is a page about cockatiel information and photos. These small parrots, native to Australia, are generally considered to make good pets. Proper handling can result in a gregarious, very tame bird.


wild mouse

Keeping Mice Out of a Dryer Vent?This is a page about keeping mice out of a dryer vent. Mice can enter your home through very small holes. You don't want your dryer vent to become a thoroughfare for these pesky rodents.



Heart Shaped Milk Ice Cubes

Heart Shaped Milk Ice CubesIt is so easy to make mini ice cubes and you can make them any flavor.


Leprechaun Trap CakeMany kids have an opportunity to make a leprechaun trap at school when they are young.


Shamrock Tortilla Chips

Shamrock Tortilla ChipsSt. Patrick's day is right around the corner and green shamrock chips are a great snack to make for the holiday.


Heart shaped pot holder.

Heart Shaped PotholderThese heart shaped potholders are easy to make and can easily be customized for your kitchen.



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Name for Cleaning Business?I am trying to start a cleaning business, for elderly clients and I live in an area where people have a lot of summer houses and condos in Michigan. I kind of wanted the name to use my name, but I'm drawing a blank. I want like a catchy alliteration. Can some one please help?


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Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party?My daughter is turning 13 in October and I don't know what we should do for her. Please answer.


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Older Female Cat Hisses at New Kittens?My first female cat had a brother that was killed. They both got on really well. She is now 2 and a half and I have 2 female kittens, that are sisters, living with us. They are about 6 months old and they were abandoned.


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Filing Notes?I write notes constantly, when it becomes overbearing, I throw them in a shoe box. I seldom get back to it when I need to as it is too time consuming.


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Value of 1890 Appleton Encyclopedias?I have a set of Appleton encyclopedias from 1890. Was inquiring about their worth and finding any potential buyers.


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Introducing a Month Old Puppy to Resident Cat?We have a 2 year old cat whom we've had since she was about 3-4 months old. she was rescued, and has always been very skittish and afraid of everything. When we have company over, even for an entire weekend, our cat will hide the whole time only coming out to eat during the night.


Undeveloped grapes on stems.

Grapes Don't Develop On Vine?I have had grape vines for many years in my back yard. I got lots of good Concord grapes. But the last few years, something is not right. The vines, leaves, and growth is just right. The grapes start out fine and all of a sudden this happens.


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Using Frozen Blueberries Instead of Fresh for Baking?I am planning on making a cake recipe that calls for fresh blueberries. I have a big bag of frozen ones and would prefer to use them up.


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Wheat Free Bread Machine Recipe?I am trying to give up wheat and I need a good bread maker recipe for wheat free bread. I love oatmeal bread, so oatmeal flour is a definite possibility. The cost of bread at the health food store is out of my reach on a regular basis.


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Growing Garlic Near Potatoes?I just read that potatoes and garlic are not best friends. I just planted potatoes about 2-3 feet from winter garlic. Do I need to move them? The garlic will be harvested early July.


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Making My Own Gel Boo Boo Packs?I know there is a way to make gel, aka boo boo, packs, but I do not remember the recipe. Do any of you know it?


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Female Cat and Kitten Fighting?I have a 7 month old female kitten and a 5 year old female cat and a 6 year old male cat. There is no problem with the male, but the girls fight. The 5 year old stalks and fights with the kitten, the kitten fights back growls then hides. Any tips?


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Where Can I Get Kleen Glo?Is Kleen Glo available in Duncan BC?


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Getting Caterpillars Out of My House?For the last couple weeks I've been finding brown colored and some green caterpillars in my kitchen mostly and in my bathroom. I'm finding at least 5 to 10 a day, what can I do to keep them away?


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Qualifying for SSI?I have a daughter that has cerebral palsy and receives SSI. Can my 2 year old who was just diagnosed with autism apply for SSI?


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Bobbin or Bobbin Case Not Working or Jammed?My friend has a Singer 1030 Creative Fashion sewing machine and the bobbin or case isn't moving at all?


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Manual for Welbilt ABM4400 Bread Machine?How and where do I find a manual for a Welbilt ABM4400 bread machine?


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MTD Will Not Stop Moving?I have a 97 MTD seven speed that does everything, but it will not stop everytime you push on the clutch/brake. I have adjusted the brake, but that did not help. Can anyone help?


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