August 4, 2013

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Compost bin full of vegetable waste from a kitchen.

Removing Odors From a Compost Bin?This is a page about removing odors from a compost bin. A compost pile or bin that is composting properly will produce minimal odor. However, for those times when the process is not working perfectly, you will want to find ways to reduce the odor.


Daytime view of Mount Katahdin.

Mount Katahdin, Maine Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos, and guides for traveling to Mount Katahdin, Maine. Mount Katahdin, the highest point in Maine, is located in Baxter State Park. Located at the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail it is a popular destination for hikers and backpackers.


Mail Tips

Mail Tips and TricksThis page contains mail tips and tricks. There are ways to make mailing easier and faster.


Blueberry Crisp

Blueberry Crisp RecipesThis page contains blueberry crisp recipes. Quick and easy to put together, a baked fruit dessert with a sweet, crunchy topping.


Ink cartridges inside of a printer.

Preventing an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out?This is a page about preventing an ink cartridge from drying out. The ink in your printer cartridge can dry out before it is used up.


Vinyl Chair

Painting Vinyl Upholstered Furniture?This page is about painting vinyl upholstered furniture. Determine whether your vinyl fabric can be painted to prolong its use.


Person looking at circuit breakers.

Lights Not Working?This is a page about lights not working. Tracking down the cause of your overhead lights not working can be a frustrating process.


Loveseat Arm

Re-Fluff Sofa and Loveseat Arms?This is a page about re-fluff sofa and loveseat arms. Furniture wears differently, sometimes the couch still looks good overall and is comfortable, but the stuffing in the arms has become flat over time.


A bottle of hydrogen peroxide, great to use to remove blood stains.

Removing Blood Stains from Clothing and FabricIf treated before before they set blood stains can generally be removed. This is a page about removing blood stains from clothing and fabric.


Shasta Daisies

Growing Shasta DaisyThis is a page about growing Shasta daisy. These pretty white and yellow flowers are a great addition to your garden. They are easy to grow in sun or partial shade and tolerant of varying soil and moisture conditions.


An orange cat in heat.

How Often Can a Cat be in Heat?This is a page about "how often can a cat be in heat?". While dogs usually only go into heat twice a year, cats can go into heat more frequently.


Coach Purse

Stain Proofing a Coach Purse?This is a page about stain proofing a Coach purse. Once you have decided to invest in a Coach purse, you will want to do whatever you can to keep it clean and great looking.


Photo of a furniture spring isolated on white.

Repairing Couch Springs?Over time the springs in your couch can break or become compressed resulting in a sagging couch. You can buy a new couch, or perhaps you can save a lot of money and simply repair the worn springs. This is a page about repairing couch springs.


Wedding Decorations

Reusing Wedding DecorationsThis page is about reusing wedding decorations. When planning your wedding you may want to decorate with things you can later use in your home.


hair dryer

Caring for Hair Care AppliancesThis is a page about caring for hair care appliances. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hair care appliances, such as curling irons and blow dryers will keep them working well and perhaps extend their life.


Flip-Flop Party Invitations

Making a Flip-Flop Party InvitationsThis page is about making a flip-flop party invitation. When the weather is warm, its a great time for a picnic party at the beach.


A woman watering a houseplant.

Identifying a HouseplantMany of us have picked up a houseplant at the store that was not labeled or have been given one as a gift. However, knowing what type of plant you have will help you ensure that you are giving it the best care. This is a page about identifying a houseplant.


Latex Gloves

Uses for Latex GlovesThis is a page about uses for latex gloves. Latex gloves have many uses around your home.


An office with modern interior design.

Brand Name Ideas for Interior Design Products?This is a page about brand name ideas for interior design products. Choosing a brand name for your interior design products is a very important part of setting up your business.


A coffee maker in the kitchen.

Removing a Coffee Stain on a Wall?This is a page about removing a coffee stain on a wall. Coffee can spatter onto the wall in your kitchen leaving an unsightly stain.


Cordless Stick Vacuums

Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviews?This is a page about cordless stick vacuums reviews. For some cleaning jobs a cordless stick vac is the perfect tool. Choosing the best one for the money will help ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.


Smooth Stove Top

Cleaning Stains on a Smooth Stove TopThis is a page about cleaning stains on a smooth stove top. Smooth top or ceramic stoves are generally easier to clean than the traditional electric range top. They do, however, have their own cleaning challenges.


Burnt Incandescent Bulb

Incandescent Bulbs Burning Out Quickly?This is a page about incandescent bulbs burning out quickly. Light bulbs have a projected lifespan. If they seem to be burning out too quickly you may need to do some sleuthing to determine the cause.


lace close up

Lace Shaping?This is a page about lace shaping. Lace shaping is an heirloom sewing technique using French insertion lace to adorn clothing and other fabric projects.


Crochet hook and pink yard.

Crochet Business Name Ideas?This is a page about crochet business name ideas. Starting your own crochet business is exciting, you get to do what you love and make money at the same time. A catchy or memorable name can help draw customers.


Bombay Cat

Bombay Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Bombay breed information and photos. These beautiful black cats, with their distinctive copper eyes, are intelligent, affectionate cats who are a good choice for most families, including those with children.


Lace Garter Belt

Buying a Garter Belt?This is a page about buying a garter belt. With the rising popularity of panty hose the garter belt moved from the popular market to the specialty one. However, there are times when you need a plain utilitarian garter belt.


Bookcase Doll House

Making a Bookcase Doll HouseThis is a page about making a bookcase doll house. With a few simple tools, some decorative paper or wallpaper samples, paint, and other bits and pieces you can turn an old or inexpensive, new bookcase into a clever doll house for your child.


Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Cockatoo is Scratching Itself?This is a page about cockatoo is scratching itself. If your cockatoo is scratching too frequently you probably need to determine the reason for this behavior. You can either do some investigatory work yourself or schedule a trip to the vet.


Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie RecipesBlueberry pie is a popular summer fruit pie. This page contains blueberry pie recipes.


Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Slogan Ideas?This page contains beauty salon slogan ideas. Creating an inviting portrait of your business facilities can attract more customers.



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Grooming Difficult DogsMy Shiba has always been difficult to bathe. She hates water. As a puppy, I would hold a Buda bone between my knees for her to chew while I brushed her. It made grooming 1000 times easier. As an adult, I reward her with her favorite goody after brushing.



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Freelance Crochet Business Name?I'm going to start a crochet business. I do mostly amigurumi and some hats, and other accessories. I'm looking for something cute and kinda quirky.


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Asking Mom to Let You Shave Your Legs?My mom has talked to me about growing up, but I am embarrassed and I need something to make her notice, but it never comes out of my mouth! My leg hair is getting darker and more noticeable! Please help me.


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Hydrangea Not Blooming?I have had my blue mophead hydrangea for two years. Last year I transplanted it in my yard, facing the west, and it seemed like the western exposure was too strong, because the leaves were turning brown, so I moved it to the southwest side of my home. It has lots of healthy dark green leaves, but still no blooms.


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Free Plastic Canvas Barbie Castle Pattern?I am looking for the Barbie dream castle plastic canvas pattern for free. Does anyone know where I can find one?


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Recipe for Cheese and Green Onion Bread?Near Colorado Springs there was (is?) a bakery that had a cheese bread with sliced green onion; it was baked in a round pan. The cheese was in chunks not shredded. I found a bakery in my area that knew the recipe and he said that his family called it spaghetti bread because it went great with spaghetti.


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Dog Pees and Poops When We Go To Work?We got our 2 year old Chiweenie last year from a high kill shelter that didn't know what he had previously been through. He's proven to be very attached to my mother and I, but scared of my stepfather and younger brother.


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Activities at Wrightsville Beach North Carolina?Anyone have recommendations for food or activities at Wrightsville Beach, NC in August?


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Value of Compton's Encyclopedias?I have a full set, in very good condition. I also have year books ending in 1999. Some of the year books are still wrapped in plastic.Are they worth anything?


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Processing Fruit in a Nutribullet?I need to know if a banana needs to be peeled before using? Does an orange need to be peeled? I would assume an avocado needs to be peeled and the pit removed. Also, what about lemons and limes? There was nothing I could find in the books to say.


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Value of a Vintage Penna Lawn Push Mower?I bought this Penna Lawn, push mower about 40 years ago. It was brand new then, but covered with dust. The mower shop owner was quite old. He said that he had had it in stock for ages. I passed it on to my son today. Any idea of it's value?


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Job Ideas for Teens?I'm 13 years old and I'm looking for a way to make money. But the thing is that I live in a pretty bad neighborhood so babysitting and dog walking won't work for me. I need to find a way to make money, but how? Please help.


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Advice About Spaying a Cat in Heat?How often can a cat be in season? I took my cat in as a stray not knowing at the time that she was pregnant. 5 weeks later she had 7 beautiful kittens.


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