September 4, 2013

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Photo of a pregnant woman's belly.

Tips for Expecting MomsYou can save money while growing your family. This page is about money saving tips for new moms.


Two color rugby shirt.

Clothing is Bleeding Onto ItselfWhen washing clothes, colors may bleed. This page is about clothing is bleeding onto itself.


Cat With Itchy Skin

Remedies for a Cat With Itchy Skin?Cats can suffer from excessive itchiness for a variety of reasons. This page is about remedies for cats with itchy skin.


A photo of the inside of a flower shop.

Flower Shop Name Ideas?This page contains flower shop name ideas. When choosing a business name you want to make it easy to remember.


Steam Iron

Steam Iron Not WorkingSteam irons stop working for a variety of reasons. This page provides solutions you can try at home to fix common problems.


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Air Conditioner Keeps Tripping Breaker?Electrical breakers are a safety device designed to keep your home and appliances safe in the event of electrical overloads. Air conditioning units are a common cause of a breaker tripping. This page is about when an AC unit trips the breaker.


Elderly man receiving a birthday gift

Nursing Home Gift IdeasThis page contains nursing home gift ideas. It is nice to give your friends and loved ones of all ages useful gifts.



Freezing Tomatillos?It is nice to find ways to enjoy this vegetable all year long. This page is about freezing tomatillos.


Dish Soap

Dish Soap Paint RecipesFor drawing temporary designs on windows or even sidewalks, this paint will be easy to clean. This page contains dish soap paint recipes.


Electrical Timers

Uses for Electrical TimersThis page is about uses for electrical timers. There are many ways timers can be used for safety, security, and convenience, as well as, to save on electricity.


Senior Citizens

Name Ideas for a Senior Citizen Group?Groups and clubs are a great way to get folks together for outings. This page provides suggestions for naming a senior citizen's group.


Flowers on a grave.

Financial Responsibility for Funeral CostsThis page is about financial responsibility for funeral costs. Planning for your funeral expenses helps reduce the stress on your loved ones in their time of grief.


A grasshopper on a pink flower.

Grasshoppers Eating Flowers?Grasshoppers are a garden pest that enjoy eating plants. This page is about preventing grasshoppers from eating flowers.


An old pit bull lab mix.

Homeopathic Remedies for Older AnimalsHealth care for older pets can get expensive. This page is about homeopathic remedies for older animals.


A girl wearing a homecoming dress.

Saying Yes to a Homecoming Dance...Homecoming is a memorable event. This page includes ways to respond to creative homecoming invitations.


Pumpkin Puree

What Does Puree Mean When Cooking?A puree is food that is blended, mashed, or strained until it is smooth. This page is about pureeing food.



Pierogi CasseroleIf you love pierogies as much as I do, then you will surely enjoy this easy casserole.


Banana Bread BarsThese delicious banana bread bars are from a recipe a Vietnamese friend of mine passed on to me.



Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

Easy Mini Raspberry CheesecakesI had extra cheesecake batter so I decided to make these mini cheesecakes. They turned out better than the regular cheesecake!


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Oven "Fried" Zucchini ParmesanThis might even convince some anti-vegie eaters to try them!


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Meatball Sandwich Casserole with Three CheesesThis is a casserole with garlic toast around the side and meatballs and three different kinds of cheeses on the inside with sauce.



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Keeping Cereal FreshTo save money on cereals, I purchase the huge bags of generic cereals when they are on sale CHEAP. To keep them fresh, I use my good old Foodsaver and extra canning jars.


growth charts

Homemade Growth ChartI wanted to have a growth chart that I could use from birth to adulthood for our kids. Many of the ones you can buy only go through 5 ft. tall.


Beautiful Red Marsh Mallow (Hibiscus Coccineus)

Beautiful Red Marsh Mallow (Hibiscus...I neglected this plant for several years by keeping it in a small pot with poor soil. It never bloomed. Last year I moved it to a larger pot with rich soil. As you can see, the plant is showing its appreciation.


Getting Good Tips Waiting Tables

Increase Tips When Waiting TablesThe best way to get good tips while waiting tables is to create a satisfying dining experience for your guests. The following 5 steps are generally accepted as universal.


Should You Join a Company's Reward Program?

Should You Join a Rewards Program?Many companies are now collecting reward points on their websites. You many have wondered if it's worth the time and effort to join these programs.



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13th Birthday Party?My daughter is turning 13 at the end of the month. She wants to have a sleepover, but the last two times it has been super chaotic and we got no sleep. She doesn't want it to be lame and she wants a co-ed party. Please help, I can't think of anything that isn't lame to her.


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Reattaching a Barbie Doll Leg?The doll's leg came off as a result of a vigorous pull. Nothing appears to be broken. How can I reattach it?


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Sweet 16 Party Ideas?My birthday is in November and I want to invite somewhere around 20 people. I don't want to make it a big thing and spend a lot of money, but I don't wanna just go to the movies or something either.


FIg tree stump with suckers.

Killing a Wild Fig Tree Stump?We had a wild fig tree which produced a lot of problems. It kept growing and destroying all nearby plants and its figs (not edible) made the area dirty and mice kept coming. We cut it down in winter and burned part of it near the cut down trunk. But it continues producing branches.


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Value of Porcelain Cabbage Patch Doll?I have a porcelain original Cabbage Patch doll. How do I find the value?


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Getting Rid of Centipedes in the Apartment?I recently moved to the first floor of the house I live in. Every single night I'm killing a centipede on my ceiling or wall! It's absolutely disgusting. I can't even sleep in my bedroom. I never had this problem when I lived upstairs.


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Choosing a Softball Bat?I have seen many people using the ASA softball bats to play softball. Are these the best bats for the game?


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Ideas for 14th Birthday?I'm turning 14 in 6 days and don't know what to do! I'm not super girly, but I'm looking to have a good time with 3-5 of my girlfriends and my boyfriend. What can I do?


Mark on shirt.

Iron Marks On Polyester T-shirt?I bought a polyester t-shirt and by mistake ironed it, now there is a shiny patch on it. Please suggest a way how to remove that patch.


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Finding a Lost Relative?My boyfriend has a daughter who was born in 1982. For some reason he lost contact with her when she was 14 years old. My boyfriend said that she had lived with her mom in San Diego, CA before she moved to Seattle, Washington.


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HHO Generator Doesn't Improve Mileage?I have installed several hho generators. They all produce gas, but I don't get any better mpg.If you can help, I would appreciate any advice.


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Re-coloring Hair?I recently colored my hair at home and it's not the color I wanted. I'm very anxious to get it to the color I want so I'm wondering how long I should wait to re-color it.


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Dog Started Peeing in House?Recently my Chow is peeing in the house because of other dog's in heat. What could I do to stop this from going on?


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RR Retirement/Social Security and Child Support Payments?I receive railroad retirement and Social Security. Child support is directly sent to the mother for my 2 children. Since her passing they are now being taken care of by their older sister who is named guardian....


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Cleaning Inside of Glass on Oven Door?Do you know the best and quickest way to clean an oven glass door on the inside?


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Cleaning Stove Drip Pans?I am looking for an easy way to clean stove top drip pans.


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Potty Pad Trained Dog Pooping on Floor?Why has my dog, a 2 year old Yorkie, started going poop nowhere near his designated potty pads? He has done well before, but has recently decided to go poo anywhere he pleases.


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Value of Traditions Porcelain Doll?I have a 26 inch Traditions Paulette porcelain doll ID # is x260703. I can't find the price anywhere. It's in the original box, has been opened, but her arms are still wrapped and I have the certificate of authenticity. Any help?


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Gift for Boyfriend's Birthday?I been with my handsome, black boyfriend for almost 4 years. He's turning 35. He is a basketball coach. I what to give him something special. Any clue?


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Eagles Versus Knights Float Theme Ideas?I need to a theme for a homecoming float for first graders. We are the Eagles and we are playing the Knights. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Cream colored dog in sweater lying on couch.

Previous House Broken Chihuahua Pom Pooing...I have a 6 year old Chihuahua Pom. I have had her since she was 2 weeks old. Recently we introduced her to a our baby and a rescue puppy full blooded Chihuahua.


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Spin Cycle Not Working?The spin cycle does not work on my machine. It washes and rinses fine, but will not spin.


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Curtain Style and Color?My daughter has two walls that are dark orange, and two walls light beige. Her furniture is dark brown leather, and her carpet is light beige. She has one large window in the dining room area and two sets of French doors across the room where the living room area is.


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Picking a Pineapple?Will another pineapple grow after you pick one off a plant?


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Canning Peach Cobbler Filling?I usually make peach cobbler filling and freeze it. We have downsized and I no longer have a big freezer. This year I decided to can it.


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Using Cornstarch in Glass Cleaner?How does cornstarch help make the glass cleaner streak free?


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Warriors vs. Bulldogs Homecoming Float Ideas?My class doesn't even have an idea of what to do for our homecoming float, and it is due in like 4 days! Our homecoming theme is "A Wild Night". Somebody please help me. SOS!


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Cats Spraying House and Shrubs?How do I discourage male cats from spraying my home and my shrubs?


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Cleaning Porcelain Dolls?How do I clean my porcelain angel praying hands, arms move, and the clothes do not come off. It is a musical doll.


Hand holding a black kitten.

New Kitten and Resident Cat Don't Always Get Along?I have been reading these posts looking for suggestions and such. I am currently fostering a 12wk old kitten who was found outside my sister's job, motionless, at about 5wks of age.


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Kitten Lonely While Owner at Work?My son and I bought kittens in February, one from a shelter and one from a breeder. They have been like siblings for 6 months. Now my son and the shelter kitten moved out.


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