October 1, 2013

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Potholder Loom

Other Uses for Pot Holder Loom?This page is about other uses for pot holder loom. This frame may have other uses besides weaving pot holders.


An orange cat sitting on a window sill.

Leaving a Cat Alone While on Vacation?This page is about leaving a cat while on vacation. There are ways to leave your cat safely and well fed while you are gone for a few days.


pumpkin oranges on plate

Making Pumpkin OrangesThis page is about making pumpkin oranges. It's easy to create some festive Halloween treats with oranges and celery.


Golden retriever puppy not feeling well.

Caring for a Dog After it Vomits?This page is about caring for a dog after it vomits. You should always consult your veterinarian to be sure you are giving your dog proper care.


Shady Woodland Garden

Creating a Shady Woodland Garden?This page is about creating a shady woodland garden. Planting trees and shrubs can help you create a sheltered garden space.


homemade dog biscuits.

Selling Homemade Pet Food and Treats?This page is about selling homemade pet food and treats. You need to have a good plan and know what permits and registrations are necessary to start any business.


Pineapple Chunks

Pineapple Pork Chop RecipesThis page contains pineapple pork chop recipes. The sweet taste of this fruit and meat are common in many kinds of dishes.


Cauliflower Casserole

Cauliflower Casserole RecipesA delicious vegetable that goes very well with cheese. This page contains cauliflower casserole recipes.


Keurig My K-cups

Keurig My K-cups ReviewsSingle cup coffee makers can be expensive because the coffee pods and cups, but some allow you to fix your own. This page contains Keurig my K-cups reviews.


Banana Ghosts

Making Banana GhostsThis page is about making banana ghosts. Halloween treats can be made with healthy ingredients.


A pet rat in a cage.

Choosing a Small PetThis page is about choosing a small pet. When you want a pet smaller than a cat or dog, you want to choose the best small animal for your situation.


Antique aircraft at an air show.

Attending Air ShowsThis page is about attending air shows. These amazing displays of US military jets are exciting to watch.


Brooms and Mops

Storing Brooms and MopsThis page is about storing brooms and mops. An untidy mess can develop in a utility closet or corner of the kitchen.


golden retriever

Remedies for Hot Spots on DogsThis page is about remedies for hot spots on dogs. It is best to consult with a veterinarian about your pet's health concerns.


Pet Cat

Pet Cat PhotosThis page contains pet cat photos. These beautiful feline companions are very photogenic.


Yucca Plants

Getting Rid of Yucca Plants?This page is about getting rid of yucca plants. These dessert plants can be a challenge to get rid of once established.



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Easy Greek Lemon Rice SoupI love Greek Lemon soup but don't always have the time to make it. This "shortened" version works great when the taste for the soup arises.


pumpkin orange

Pumpkin OrangesThese pumpkin oranges make a great healthy treat for Halloween and they are easy to put together!



Closeup of a Pom's face.

Chompers (Pomeranian)My little Pom was hanging out at the park with me while I was taking some pictures, and he pawed at my leg and looked up and I got this cute shot of him.


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Grow Plants for GiftsWhat do you do with all of those plant pots that you have stored? I have a windowsill in my basement bathroom that is great for growing plants.


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Removing Blueberry Stains from ClothingA blueberry stain is one of the easiest stains to see, and depending on the fabric, one of the most difficult to treat. This also applies to other deep red-colored fruit stains such as those made by cherries, grapes, blackberries, cranberries, and raspberries. T


pony in lightly snow covered field

All About Shetland PoniesPeople all over the world love the Shetland pony for its shaggy coat, long mane and tail, and muscular, round body. Considered highly intelligent and unusually strong for its small size, Shetland ponies have earned a reputation for being gentle, patient, and trustworthy with children.



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Getting a Free Laptop for Online School?I am looking for a organization that could assist me in getting a free laptop, for school. The library only gives me two hours a day, that is not giving me enough time. Also the library is closed on the weekend. Please help. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Value of Children's Britannica?Have a set of 12 Children's Britannica from 1960.Are they worth anything?


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Removing Ink from Clothing?I got a pen mark on my white jeans about fifteen minutes ago. I've been using my Tide to Go stick, but it isn't working. I'll be in school for almost eight more hours so I don't have use of many things. HELP!


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Keeping Neighbor's Cats Off Heat/AC Unit?When the weather cools, seldom a night passes without the bang or thud of the neighbor's stray cats (she feeds them, so they keep coming around) jumping onto my heater/gas pack unit which is outside my bedroom window.


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Painting Over Prepasted Wallboard?What type of paint do you use to paint over prepasted mobile home wall board?


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Sewing Machine Will Not Sew in Reverse?I have a Kenmore sewing machine, model #385.81524. It goes forward, but not in reverse.


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Homecoming Float Ideas?We are working on our homecoming float with the theme: "Mirror mirror on the wall, the knights are going to take the ball." I have a couple of ideas, but I'm wanting more input. Our school mascot is Knights. Everyone will be doing Cinderella type stuff, but I want to be original.


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Menu Ideas for a Retreat?Help! I have been put in charge of menu planning for an upcoming retreat we will be having at the beach in Oregon in January. The retreat is 3 days long and we will have access to 2 kitchens.


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Sewing Machine Slows Down?I have a Singer 2623 machine. It starts out running OK (not really fast), but then slows down and almost stops. What could the problem be? And can I fix it myself? I have cleaned it. When it does slows down then starts going a little faster the light on machine kinda blinks?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 15 in November and I'm not sure what do to. I've done pizza, shopping, Chinese, and sleepovers before. My friends think I should invite boys, but we have only come up with bowling.


Jack Russel lying on the bed.

House Training a 2 Year Old Dog?My Jack Russel was crate trained from 8 weeks until one year, then I moved and she has a porch with a basket/bed and a door constantly open to the garden so she can do her business whenever. She mainly does do it outside, but....


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Planning a Church Gathering for a Large Crowd?I am in charge of a large gathering (approx 200) to celebrate the 40th ordination of a minister. All Lutheran churches in the area are invited. The problem is we have limited space, probably for 120 people and quite a few elderly parishioners. What's the best solution for not enough seating?


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Bathing a Dog with Dawn?I heard Dawn was also good for giving pets a bath. I was wondering if I could give my Yorkie a bath using the green Dawn ultra antibacterial soap?


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 17 on October 25th and I have no idea what to do for a party. I don't want anything too expensive, but I have an unlimited budget. Ideas? The party will be boys/girls and the age range is from 16 to 20.


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Kenmore Fridge Freezer Not Freezing?I have a Kenmore fridge model# 461.90032. As the title of my question states, the freezer portion of the fridge is not freezing. It is cool, but not freezing. I was thinking that it might be low on freon. If someone can give me some insight that would be greatly appreciated!


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House Training an Adult Dog?How do you potty train a 4 yr. old Yorkie/Terrier mix? We have had her for about a yr. now and have tried everything. Help! She is the most stubborn dog I have ever had in my entire life, but I love her like my child.


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