July 14, 2014

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man kneeling to lay lawn sod

Laying Sod for a New LawnLaying sod is a quick way to add a lawn to your home. This is a page about laying sod for a new lawn.


Hummingbird Feeder

Using Hummingbird FeedersThis is a page about using hummingbird feeders. Making sure your feeders are free of insects and clean are important for the hummingbirds.


Canned Beans

Using Canned Beans in a Crockpot?This is a page about using canned beans in a Crockpot. Some cooks are concerned about using canned beans in slow cooker recipes.


Can't Sleep Jokes

Can't Sleep JokesThis is a page about can't sleep jokes. Difficulty sleeping is a good topic for a joke or two.


Steamed Mixed Vegetables

Making Steamed Mixed VeggiesThis is a page about making steamed mixed veggies. Making steamed mixed veggies is quick and easy.


Mocha Pie

Mocha Pie RecipesThe combination of chocolate and coffee flavors make a delicious cream pie. This page contains mocha pie recipes.


Sleigh Bed

Choosing Bedding for a Sleigh Bed?This is a page about choosing bedding for a sleigh bed. It can be difficult to use some types of bedding with bed frames that include side rails in addition to the head and foot boards.


Canceling Cable and Phone Service

Advice on Canceling Cable and Phone...This is a page about advice on canceling cable and phone service. Deciding to cut your cable and phone service is one way to save on expenses, or an option to seeking other service providers.


Pink Tulle

Hanging Tulle From the CeilingThis is a page about hanging tulle from the ceiling. Tulle is often used in decorating for weddings and other special occasions.


Acai Berries

Using Acai BerryA berry that contains more calcium than comparable amounts of milk, and more antioxidants than blueberries. This is a page about using acai berry.



Decorating With FeathersThis is a page about decorating with feathers. You can be bold and creative decorating your home with lovely bird feathers of all kinds.


Vinyl Couches

Removing Ink on VinylThis is a page about removing ink on vinyl. Whenever removing ink from a surface you want to make sure that the fix doesn't create a bigger problem.


Pet Bird Seed

Saving Money on Pet Bird SeedPet food can be expensive to buy. This is a page about saving money on pet bird seed.


Mold from Growing on House Siding

Keeping Mold from Growing on House Siding?Humid climates and natural disasters can lead to mold growth on the siding of your home. This is a page about keeping mold from growing on house siding.



Identifying the Breed of Your Cat?This is a page about identifying the breed of your cat. Some many of us own mixed breed cats that we have rescued from shelters and off the street. Identifying your pet's breed can be tricky.


Dog Calcium Supplement

Homemade Calcium Supplement for DogsThis is a page about homemade calcium supplement for dogs. Domesticated dogs can benefit from calcium being added to their diet.


Waverly Wallpaper

Finding Discontinued Waverly Wallpaper?This is a page about finding discontinued Waverly wallpaper. It is so frustrating to finally get to a wallpapering project only to discover you don't have enough rolls. Similarly, finding discontinued wallpaper for repairs can be nearly impossible.


Paying Taxes

Paying TaxesThis is a page about paying taxes. Whatever your tax liability is for, you want to make sure you are ready to pay it on time.


Texas Brownie

Texas Brownie RecipesThis page contains Texas brownie recipes. These brownies, also known as a Texas sheet cake, are a chocoholic's dream come true.


Woman Working Out

Monthly ResolutionsThis is a page about monthly resolutions. Year's resolutions are often not kept. Try working on a smaller scale and improve your success.


Painted Glass Ornament

Painting Glass OrnamentsThis is a page about painting glass ornaments. Painting glass Christmas ornaments can become a tradition in you household. They are great as gifts too.



Refinishing a BathtubThis is a page about refinishing a bathtub. An old porcelain cast iron tub might be given a new finish and an extended useful life.


French Doors

Inexpensive French Doors to Replace Sliding Glass...This is a page about inexpensive French doors to replace sliding glass door. French doors lend a bit of elegance and charm to a room.


Man With Sore Tonsils

Home Remedies for Sore TonsilsThis is a page about home remedies for sore tonsils. Some conditions related to your tonsils can be effectively treated at home, particularly recurring ones for which you have already spoken to a doctor or minor irritations.


wing chair

Covering a Wing Chair?This is a page about covering a wing chair. The unique styling can make it difficult to cover a wing back chair, either to protect the upholstery or cover some damaged areas.



Fireman's Banquet DecorationsThis is a page about fireman's banquet decorations. Decorating for a fireman's banquet can be great fun and help make this event honoring these first responders memorable.


Family Eating Together Using Placemats

Keeping Your Tablecloth and Placemats CleanAlthough intended to help keep the table clean, you probably would also like to keep your tablecloth and placemats clean. This is a page about keeping your tablecloth and placemats clean.


Pen Ink on Paper

Removing Pen Ink From Paper?This is a page about removing pen ink from paper. It can be difficult to remove ink from any kind of paper.


Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol Stain on Wood FurnitureThis is a page about isopropyl alcohol stain on wood furniture. Alcohol spills on wood furniture can damage the finish.


Four Purple Tulips

Flower MeaningsThis is a page about flower meanings. Many flowers traditionally have a specific meaning that they convey when given as a gift.


three scouts

Cub Scout Banquet DecorationsThis is a page about Cub Scout banquet decorations. Honor your scouts with fun decorations to make their banquet memorable.


Winter Ice

Winter Ice PhotosThis is a page about winter ice photos. When outside winter temperatures huddle around freezing, interesting ice can develop.


Shredded Paper

Making Shredded Paper for CraftsThis is a page about making shredded paper for crafts. If you ever need shredded paper for crafts, there are some quick easy ways to make the amount you need.


Black Ant

Natural Ant DeterrentsThis is a page about natural ant deterrents. You want to use insect control products that are safe for pets and people to be around.


Woman Cleaning Her Floor

Tips for Cleaning FloorsThis is a page about tips for cleaning floors. With so many flooring types available, it can be confusing as to the best way to clean your floor.



Tardis Solar Garden Lights

Tardis Solar Garden LightsFor all the Doctor Who fans out there, you need these awesome tardis solar lights in you garden. Check out this video and learn how easy they are to make.


No-Bake Eclair Cake

No-Bake Eclair CakeThis no-bake eclair cake is fantastic! It's the perfect dish to bring to a potluck. Learn how easy it is to make with this video.


White Cheddar Au Gratin Potatoes

White Cheddar Au Gratin PotatoesThese creamy au gratin potatoes are a great side dish and are easy to make. This video shows you the steps to making this delicious dish.


Button Bulletin Board Pins

Button Bulletin Board PinsThese button pins are a great way to spiff up a bulletin board. Check out this video and learn how simple they are to make.


Mason Jar Snack Container

Mason Jar Snack ContainerThis mason jar snack container is super cute and a great way to reuse. Check out this video and learn how to make your own snack container.


Photo Mat Refrigerator Frames

Photo Mat Refrigerator FramesThese fridge frames are a great way to make your refrigerator look organized. These frames are inexpensive to make and hold up better than the store bought variety.


Making a Terrarium

Making a TerrariumTerrariums are fun to put together and easy to maintain. Check out this video on how to set up a terrarium.



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Frozen Mocha PieGreat summertime treat!


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Creamy Chicken FettuccineI love this recipe!


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Banana Cherry Spinach SmoothieAn ice cream smoothie blended with fruits and veggies.


Thai Peanut Chicken

Thai Peanut ChickenIf you like the spicy peanut butter flavor of Chicken Satay, you'll love Thai Peanut Chicken. Since this is a crock-pot meal, you can prep it in the morning, making it perfect for busy days, or hot summer days when you want to avoid using the oven.



chickens in coop

Treating a Chicken With HeatstrokeFirst off, if your chicken is suffering from heat stroke, its comb and waddles will be scarlet red and they will start panting really hard. Often they will fall over or keep sitting down and panting. They will be staggering like they're drunk.


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Cucumber Peel to Deter AntsI use a peeled strip from a cucumber, the green skin. Lay it down where they are. It works even when dried up. Does not harm pets or children.


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Easy Camping FirestartersMy son used to be in Boy Scouts and they loved to make a fire at night during the summer. For fire starters, we took the cardboard from toilet paper and taped one end shut. Then he filled the tube up with dryer lint and taped the end shut.


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Butterfly Net As Bug CatcherNo photo, but a great tip. Use a dollar store butterfly net to cover the bug, then use your shoe. No bug spray needed.


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Cleaning Stained Plastic BowlsTo clean stains out of bowls, leave bowl sitting with white vinegar in it. Leave it for a few days, then rinse and wipe out.


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Sago Palm Plants Toxic to DogsI was just about to buy a sago palm, but now I won't since Sampson 2 still chews on everything. They are toxic to dogs.


Hummingbird Feeder With Bees

Protecting Hummingbird FeedersI have been reading about a variety of ideas for keeping ants, etc., out of hummingbird feeders. I have cared for hummingbirds for over 30 years and I've tried just about everything out there.


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Pay Off Property Taxes EarlyI am unemployed and work part time jobs off and on during year. So I have starting paying off taxes during the year. Working at the tax office, I found out you can pay your taxes early.


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Easier Cleaning of S'mores SkewersIf you invested in the metal skewers for your s'mores, or just for roasting marshmallows, here's an idea for you:




Name Ideas for Agency Working With...I've recently started an early intervention agency named Pee Dee Kids. We provide in-home family training for children ages birth to three with developmental delays. I need help coming up with a slogan. Any suggestions?


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Value of a Great Lakes Lawn Mower?I have a Great Lakes lawn mower. What is it worth? It has cast iron wheels and a wooden handle. It is in very good shape.


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?I'm interested in opening a small in-home daycare and would like the name to have a Christian based title or meaning. Any suggestions?


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Removing Permanent Pen from Leather Car Interior?How do I remove permanent pen from leather car interior?


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Removing Moth Ball Smell from a Fur Jacket?I have a fur jacket that has been handed down to me, but it smells of moth balls. How can I get rid of the smell?


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Cross Stitch Pattern for William and Mary College?I am looking for a William and Mary College cross stitch pattern any suggestions?


Value of a Geppeddo Baseball Player Doll?What is the value of a Geppeddo male baseball player?


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Value of Granville House Doll?I have a Granville House doll number 3249. How much is it worth?


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Selling a Tree?I have a very large ash tree on my property and was told that there are companies out there that would want to buy this tree.


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Discontinued Graham and Brown Super Fresco?Where can I buy Graham and Brown Super Fresco paintable textured vinyl pattern no. 19049, batch c?


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Maytag Error Codes E1 and F6?I have a Maytag front load washer 3000 series. It will not start and error codes E1 and F6 flash on the screen.


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Alphabetizing in Excel?How do I alphabetize files in Excel?


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Macaroni Loaf Recipe?My mom, who is 85, and I were talking about food that you remember making and/or eating. She recalled one macaroni loaf from the 60s or 70s. It was easy, quick, and cheap to make. It had Campbell's vegetable soup and a cheese sauce over it.


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Cassia Tree Sending Up Suckers Everywhere?Suckers of my cassia tree are springing up all over the yard including between cracks in sidewalk, what to do?


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Back Child Support and SSDI?I'm owed $46,000 in child support. My ex was approved for SSDI and backpay. He just started receiving checks.There was a judgement made for so much to be paid to me for back child support out of each check. He will also get back pay for 3 years, will I receive that also to pay off what he owes?


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